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Not everyone who reads this site is a fan of Fox News. I get that. Fox’s “Interrupter-in-Chief’,” for example, is decidedly squidgy on gun rights. While Billious Bill O’Reilly may sit astride Fox like a cantankerous colossus, there’s plenty of firearms-freedom loving commentators down at the sharp end.  Check out this clip of Dana Loesch giving Nomiki Konst what for. Ann Coulter takes no prisoners, gun rights wise. But the endlessly sardonic Greg Gutfeld is the best – least strident yet most passionate – of the bunch. This particular clip is remarkable only in that Gutfeld turns to Geraldo and says . . .

Screw you. In the main, Gutfeld puts forth the pro-gun position with clarity and conviction. Back in April, Gutfeld said this about Detroit’s increasing reliance on armed self-defense. “No matter how hard the establishment media tries, they can’t convince good people how bad guns are when they’re in the rights hands. Perhaps the media misses the big point. They do their theorizing from the fish bowl of a well-protected studio and travel to and from work at reasonable hours through tony neighborhoods in secure vehicles. The fine people of Detroit don’t have that luxury, they realize any argument against arming yourself is full of holes, which is not the way they’d like to end up being.” Our pithy pro-gun hero of the day.

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  1. I do like Greg Gutfeld. He’s a feisty little s#it, and half the time I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, but he certainly put that a$$hole Geraldo in his place.

  2. I am a fan of GG. I also watch O’Reilly nightly but spend most of my time yelling at him-AND …that’s my extent of FOX watching. Fox is unique for it’s broad range of rabid right,center moderates and unapologetic lefties(like geraldo,juan and colmes). And the new Greg G show is tonight at 9central-thanks for reminding me!

    • I was thinking the same thing. His way of “winning” arguments is by talking over everyone else. Is he just on there as the village idiot?

      • Hey man, “fair and balanced”.

        Unfortunately for Fox finding someone from the media left that can carry on a calm and logical debate is a Herculean task. They’re left with GR (JR) and his lot.

        For example MS Nomiki Konst started out sounding rational but in less than 20 seconds put her foot in her mouth when she said states with lax firearms laws have the highest number of homicides. Vermont, with what any reasonable person could call ‘relaxed gun laws’, has one of the lowest firearms related homicide rates in the country.

  3. Geraldo is a hypocrite. He took an armed bodyguard to Baltimore; the bodyguard was arrested for carrying without a permit. Why does Geraldo need a bodyguard? Because he is a member of the elite; he deserves a bodyguard; he just can’t afford a retired cop who can carry anywhere without a permit from each State.

    Why doesn’t Geraldo carry his own gun? He got a NYC carry permit. Because he pulled a gun on someone prematurely; he lost his nerve. So, because Geraldo doesn’t trust Geraldo to carry responsibly he doesn’t trust anyone else to carry responsibly either.

  4. Obama without his armed security! Shock! Horror! Perish the thought!

    The masses? Their name says it all, they’re not important. No guns for them.

    Geraldo. The dictionary definition of a brown nosing sycophant, licking the feet (and other body parts) of his masters.

  5. I like Gutfeld a lot. He is very quick and funny. He says things I wish I could think of. He doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and he says what is on his mind.

  6. I like Gutfeld. I loathe Rivera. I am not a regular watcher of Fox News, but when I land on it, Rivera is usually what makes me change the channel. Rivera adds nothing to their brand, I am surprised he has not been retired yet.

  7. my favorite part was when geraldo started hollering about abortion, like he didnt know how dead babies were relevant to the conversation, after mentioning them 90 seconds prior. my wife thinks so much garbage comes out of his mouth in a never ending stream that he just isnt capable of keeping it all straight.

    also, his son is going to be a merchant mariner. which IS relevant to this discussion. somehow.

    • Background checks, Baby!! Lots and lots of expensive, time consuming, and difficult to pass background checks. That’s what they want.

      I’d like to see every control implemented against gun purchasers applied to voting. Mandatory state issued ID, paid for by applicant, after passing a civics test, so you know how government actually works, and can therefore exercise your right to vote responsibly. Drug problem? Multiple DUI’s? Misdemeanor Domestic Battery Conviction? No vote for you!!

      • “I’d like to see every control implemented against gun purchasers applied to voting. ”

        I couldn’t agree more.

      • The most important thing to note about EVERYTHING Geraldo recommended in regards to the Second Amendment is the simple phrase, “…shall not be infringed.” If he truly believes the things he is suggesting then he also truly believes that the 2A MUST be either amended or repealed, and if you can amend or repeal the 2A, what prevents amending or repealing any of the other amendments in the Bill of Rights?

        And by the way…the Second Amendment (nor any of the Bill of Rights) does not “give” us a right, it demands that the government recognize and not interfere with rights that already exist. Repealing the Second Amendment does not and can not remove the right to keep and bear arms, only the ability of the government to attempt to punish it subjects (formerly citizens) for exercising the right.

        As far as amending or repealing the Second Amendment, how exactly does that not in and of itself violate “…shall not be infringed.”?

  8. Sheriff David Clarke would make an *outstanding* Attorney General of the United States if we win the White House…

  9. Jareldo, has come down with Alzheimer’s in the last 10 years. How old is he now? He needs to retire before someone puts him out of misery.

    • Let’s hope if he gets taken out, it’s because he’s not paying attention and talking to his armed security idiot and steps in front of a speeding taxi.
      Oh, that would just break my ——– heart!

  10. Just looked it up. Geraldo is 72 yrs old. No wonder he’s lost it. Fox needs to retire him, he’s too old to be trying to rock the boat.

  11. Gutfeld is great, Bowling has a New Jersey carry permit based on what he has said. Geraldo yells all the time because he does not have point to make so covers it with emotion. what a jerk.

  12. I did like him. Did. Then after the train attack in France he said some stuff on the Five. I can’t recall exactly how it went, it started pretty good, but then he somehow came to the conclusion that we should become a surveillance state for safety and stop whining about it, even though that’s not what stopped the train thing.

    • Found it:

      On “The Five” today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to the thwarted terror attack on a train in France and called for a recommitment to national security.

      Gutfeld blamed the government for not tracking and stopping the gunman, who was on three terror watch lists, before he attempted to carry out his attack.

      Gutfeld said that in the modern world, anyone can become a terrorist, so we must rely upon increased surveillance.

      “Given that terrorists are innocent of crimes until they commit them, that means our only offense is a great defense,” Gutfeld said. “It’s time we shake the [Edward] Snowden hangover, and recommit to national security.”

      “As long as we allow our security to be dictated by rats, then we’ll need to rely on the kindness of strangers on a train.”

      • Hmm, that is interesting. Even though I’d never vote for Trump, I did at least not care about much he said. Then he mentioned Snowden and execution or something, now I care about what he said.

      • Greg is always awesome and on point. Until he starts talking about Snowden and the 4th Amendment. Than he goes all Statist and Police state.

        • Yep. I happen to enjoy the entire bill of rights, not just a cherry-picked few.
          If law enforcement has to work a smidge harder to track terrorists without stomping on the 4th, 5th amendment or other basic rights, then they’d better knuckle down.
          We don’t toss out rights merely because the government finds them inconvenient. Not even in the name of “national security”.

      • “then we’ll need to rely on the kindness of strangers on a train.”

        I’m one of those strangers on the train. And I’m well-armed. So, yeah.

  13. I record “the five” then watch it with a gin and tonic in hand.

    I’m happy that they put Kimberly Guildoyle at the end in a profile view……

    • It’s known as the “leg” chair. I believe Gutfeld perfected its use on his late-night “Redeye” show. Guilfoyle is its ideal occupant.

  14. Geraldo is a Law School Graduate.

    That means he took a class on Constitutional Law.
    Yet he said it with his own words on his Facebook Page a while back that the
    2nd Amendment GRANTS THE RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

    Another word he used instead of GRANT was CONFER.
    A law school graduate.


    It simply says the Federal government has not been GRANTED the power to interfere with the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

    The federal government is FORBIDDEN to interfere with the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

    That’s all.

    Gerald is nothing but a blow hard.

    • It [Second Amendment] simply says the Federal government has not been GRANTED the power to interfere with the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

      Actually, I disagree. The Second Amendment does not prohibit only the federal government from infringing on our right to keep and bear arms. Rather, the Second Amendment prevents ANY AND ALL government entities from infringing — federal, state, legislative, executive, judiciary.

      While the First Amendment specifically limits United States Congress (“Congress shall make no law …”), the Second Amendment limitation is not isolated to Congress. This is hugely significant and I don’t know why people have never mentioned this before.

      And remember the Tenth Amendment?

      The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

      The Second Amendment AND the Tenth Amendment mean that States cannot legally infringe our right to keep and bear arms because the Second Amendment prohibits ALL governmental entities from infringing. And what the United States Constitution prohibits to the states cannot be reserved to the states. The Second Amend prohibits infringement — thus the States do NOT have the power to infringe.

      Unfortunately, our legislatures, executives, and courts missed the memo.

      • It”s actually the 14th Amendment that makes the Bill of Rights apply to the states. The Bill of Rights as incorporated in 1787 only applied to the Federal Government.

        • Actually, no. Because of the wording of the 2nd and the fundamental nature of the constitution, the 14th is not needed for it to restrict state authority.

          The constitution is not just a document that defines our federal government and assigns it powers, it is also a contract between constituent states. In fact, these two aspects are really the same thing, you can’t have a member state in a federation that hasn’t’ agreed to the structure of the federal government.

          So by being in the United States, every state, original or later addition, has agreed that “shall not be infringed” was the law of the land long before the 14th amendment came to pass. Since the language is not limited to federal power and is instead an absolute statement, it applies to all levels of government.

          Strictly speaking of course.

          But then the reason I didn’t want to go to law school is that helping friends study for law school gave me the impression that half of law school is learning to accept the ways law has been twisted away from what laws actually mean and say.

          Just listen to “Handel on the Law” when a caller has some complaint against a government of some municipality. He usually says “yeah, you have a case. But good luck winning it.”

      • From a more practical perspective not specifically related to the Amendment itself, it seems only logical that if the Founding Fathers thought a natural and civil right such as the right to keep and bear arms was so important that they needed an amendment to their new constitution specifically prohibiting the infringement of that right, how could it be construed that they also meant, “But the states can do any damn thing they want in this matter.”?

        It’s either a natural right to be protected against (all) government infringement, or it’s not. It makes no sense to prohibit one government entity from infringing on a right while allowing ANY other government entity to ignore or legislate out of existence that same right.

  15. Rivera is an upper class asshat who has nothing cogent or logical to contribute; let’s just make “The Five”, “The Four” and be done with it.

  16. Simple solutions: Geraldo can put his money where his mouth is and give up his armed guard(s). If guns are no good for protection, then Geraldo doesn’t need them. I care not one whit for his screaming.

    And if we blame guns for suicides, then we also need to start blaming sleeping pills, bridges, carbon monoxide, razor blades, short swords, etc.

    I’ll put my money where my mouth is by carrying a gun to protect myself and my family.

  17. Anybody else have trouble getting through the first 30 seconds without feeling an overpowering desire to shut Whoraldo off?

  18. Go ahead, amend the 2A. But before you do, just remember If you sow the seeds of storm, be prepared to reap the whirlwinds.

    The government estimates that 1/3 of Americans are gun owners. That is over 100 million of us. There are total, 4.5 million federal employees, military, LEO, bureaucrats and all.

    If EVERY federal employee was sent out onto the streets to confiscate guns, and HALF of US gun owners put up a fight, federal employees would be outnumbered 110 to 1. Yes, there really is a rifle behind every blade of grass.

    That fight would be over in 2 days.

    Kick that hornets nest, I dare you.

    • Amend and repeal to your hearts content. We will not lose our arms or our rights but instead gain motivation and unity.

    • You didn’t factor in most in the USMC, some in the rest of DoD are very pro 2A, same with LEO’s, then a large number of the rest federal employees that are not required to be armed in their official duties are firearm owners.

      If an order/directive were issued, cell towers would be overloaded friends calling friends to give them a heads up. And most would say, you want us to do what?!?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY???? They also take an oath much like the one the military take, most understand they can not do anything illegal, OK some, well maybe a few understand it.

      Everyone thinks we have the same mindset as Australia, here is how a friend from down under explained it to me, we fought to win our independence with England, when England saw the handwriting on the wall that Australia was going to fight for theirs, England said OK, you’re free.

      Our right to bear arms comes from fighting for it not given then taken back like there.

  19. Geraldo Rivera: Guns For Me, But Not For Thee

    by AWR Hawkins 1 Mar 2015

    On Friday, Breitbart News reported that Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera said “far too many” Americans own guns legally. Months early, on August 28, he said the 2nd Amendment was “blind and stupid.”

    However, if we back up just a bit further — to December 31, 2001 — we find the following AP headline: “Geraldo Packs Gun and a TV Camera.”

    The AP story is about “Rivera’s decision to bring a gun into a war zone.” Something they say Rivera did while reporting near Tora Bora, Afghanistan, and something which made other journalists wary of being near Rivera.

    For example, the AP quotes correspondent Peter Arnett as saying: “If the word gets out that a journalist is carrying a gun, it makes it more difficult for everyone.” He suggested that carrying a gun changes the landscape for wartime journalists by giving enemy soldiers cause to “look at reporters, particularly American reporters, as some kind of opponent.”

    Knowledge of Rivera’s wartime gun-totting came via his own admission a week before the AP story ran. It happened on Fox News, where Rivera said, “If they’re going to get us, it’s going to be in a gun fight.” An anchor followed up on the question by asking Rivera if he was carrying a gun and he responded by “nodding yes.”

    It appears that a gun is a good thing to have when Rivera’s life is on the line but when the lives of average Americans are on the line — as they are everyday in the cities and towns of America — a gun is just another reminder of the “blind and stupid” 2nd Amendment.

  20. OK, help me out.

    Wikipedia (that bastion of all things true in the internets) says that Jerry was an NYPD investigator, back in the day. Curious if that’s a sworn position of some sort? God forbid … is he a former LEO?

  21. Part of me wanted Gutfeld to lunge across that table and pistol whip Geritol with a GP100, but deep down I know that you just can’t knock the stupid out of people like that, no matter how hard you try.

  22. Geraldo was put in his place and I’m sure he despises it. They’d never dream of getting rid of their armed bodyguards. Not a ridiculous argument, it’s the cold hard truth about self-defense. Geraldo’s rant sounded like the typical uninformed and fact skewing Bloomberg’s.

    Are bodyguards in place to protect him from us, the lawful 2A supporting citizens? Of course not! Well guess what Geraldo, we are in the same position you are. And this was dictated by the good Sheriff.

  23. I’ll have to check the video clip when I get back from China. The China version of Net Neutrality means the internet speed sux for everyone.
    I use a VPN connection to get by banned content firewall. But interestingly enough, TTAG is not yet blocked, so even without VPN I can access.
    No gun rights here. Onl;y cops and criminals have guns. Corruption rules the day and the ruling Commies only pretend to crack down on corruption when it helps consolidate power. Sort like when Obama sent the DOJ after Manendez because he went off the Democrat reservation.

  24. We have to take a much simpler tact here. Use this instead of a shouting match, insults, and statistics …

    Gun grabber:
    People use firearms in too many violent crimes, therefore we have to take away firearms from all people.

    Do you (gun grabber) agree that violent criminals commit too many sexual assaults against women?

    Gun grabber:

    Men commit too many sexual assaults, therefore we have to castrate all men.

    Gun grabber:
    blah blah blah …

    Final response:
    We (gun rights advocates) will publicly embrace laws to take away firearms from all people when you (gun grabbers) will publicly embrace laws to forcibly castrate all males.

    This little exchange really illustrates how their position is an insult to our human dignity. It is wrong to forcibly castrate men who have attacked no one. It is wrong to prohibit someone from owning personal property when that someone has not attacked anyone. Whether the personal property is an umbrella, asthma inhaler, cell phone, or firearm doesn’t matter.

    Speaking of cell phone, you can use that as well. Too many people use cell phones to record child pornography, rapes, and snuff videos. Therefore we must eliminate all cell phones capable of recording video. Or we must limit cell phones to only being able to record 7 seconds of video. And we must require background checks before purchasing cell phones. Same idea. Same comparison. Only this comparison uses an object that almost everyone finds useful/desirable.

    • Your “modest proposal” highlights the flaw in the gun-haters viewpoint. They can only see guns as “evil”, and are blind to the duality of firearms, even though they recognize the duality in sex, which may be an expression of love and pleasure, or hatred and defilement.

  25. Greg Gutfeld is one of the best on Fox News. His response to GR’s disinformed, overly broad bloviation about “gun violence” is a good call for “Gun Hero of the Day”. Thanks!

  26. The most telling part of that whole exchange, for me, was Geraldo had his term “babies’ thrown back at him. He used that term in a calculated hyperbolic way, and then immediately acted like Gutfeld was the one being hyperbolic or dodging the issue when he threw the term back at him. Either Geraldo wasn’t even paying attention to his own language, or he willfully pretended that he hadn’t used the term and that it was Gutfeld sinking to that level – what a cretin.

  27. Wow, Geraldo is very passionate. A dumbass but very passionate. I have a solution to the gun ( so called problem) Why not provide more Education about Firearms Safety and Use. Lets teach our Kid’s the proper use of a Firearm and how its a great responsibility, just like Voting or Driving a car. We teach kid’s how bad it is to smoke and drink. Why not teach them responsibility with a gun or anything that might inflict injury. I was brought up to respect a firearm and I was taught to respect my fellow man. We need parents to teach their kids right from wrong, and we need to use the School system to reinforce these ethics. Both my son and my daughter know how a firearm functions, they are not gun enthusiasts but they respect others who are. and they have respect for life itself. Unarmed Peasants are easy to control…..


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