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Speaking on CNN’s State of the Union, the father of slain journalist Alison Parker announced that “they messed with the wrong family.” Wait. What? Who is this they of which Mr. Parker speaks? The man responsible for his daughter’s life is dead. As far as we know, he wasn’t part of a criminal conspiracy. And the aggressors are: “NRA supporters and lawmakers who voted against passing stricter gun laws.” As you know doubt know, Alison’s killer passed a background check when he purchased his firearm. He had not been adjudicated mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution. So what gun control law could have saved his daughter? Parker said . . .

“that there should be some kind of protocol established” to keep mentally disturbed people from getting ahold of firearms. Parker told CNN that Gabrielle Giffords’ anti-gun org Americans for Responsible Solutions and billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety have both reached out to exploit his bereavement. Parker’s remarks also reveal that the UT grad, former actor and current banking industry taken acquisition manager was in favor of new gun control measures before his daughter was shot. Sadly, his efforts will now receive national prominence.

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  1. I feel bad for him, but his emotional state right now wants to make him blame something – however illogical it may be. There is no easy answer, but to make 99.99% of sane people pay for the mistakes of the mentally ill is not the logical solution.

    • He’s become the predator himself. In his current state of mind, he has targeted all of us, and if he doesn’t get his way, he’ll advocate for genocide because it’s the only path left to him… This man has gone off the deep end and he has consciously decided to never come back from it. He was merely weak, now he is broken, and this completely upside-down and backwards society will gleefully carry out his commands.

      • +1

        Sorry for his loss, but try and deprive me of my civil rights and he became my foe. Now he can take his pain and loss roll it up in a little ball put it in his pipe and smoke it. I’ve done him no harm and I will not be punished for a crime I did not commit.

        • I agree, but I think he should take his pain and fold it until it is all sharp corners then shove it up his @$$

        • William
          Well said. I ask how will the unarmed government officials come and take our guns? I wonder what he would have done if she had been killed by someone who fell asleep at the wheel of a car? Wait a minute should MADD be going after car manufactures and beer companies?

      • This poor man must be suffering incredible grief, and I pity him. I cannot begin to understand his sorrow. That said, he is acting very wickedly, by blaming the NRA and all of us for the actions of a deranged lunatic.

        This man is messing with the wrong people. We’ve been slandered and demonized for too long. We won’t sit back and take it any longer. Now, we will speak up and tell the truth. Our gun laws do little to no good, and we will not permit any more to be passed. We have given up miles, and will now not go one inch further.

        The murderer was a liberal Democrat, a back man, and a homosexual. What would people think if this father blamed all homosexuals, all black people, or all Democrats for the actions of a madman? People wouldn’t put up with that sort of nonsense. Democrats, black people, and homosexuals are not guilty pf this crime (neither are we). The murderer is guilty, and he has already gone to his doom.

      • I’m not a conspiracy guy. (Oswald killed Kennedy and J.E. Ray killed Dr. King and had no help getting to Europe.) But RedsilverJ’s observations are interesting. It starts with neither camera showing shell casing being ejected from the (Glock 19?).
        It continues with the fact that Mr. Parker was an actor. And a banker. If he’d been a Republican, those would be the first two things mentioned. Watch and decide

        • At the frame rate and ability to resolve (fine, fast) motion of the cameras involved it’s not at all implausible that the ejected shall casings wouldn’t be visible leaving the firearm. No conspiracy theory required.

          It’s sort of like complaints about the security cameras not “seeing” the plane that hit the Pentagon on 9/11. People are expecting something that pushes or exceeds the ordinary capabilities of the equipment then shouting “conspiracy!” based on their notions of what the camera SHOULD see.

    • Every bereaved parent falls into the same trap as all the previous ones. Immediately jump into a Gun-control mode and doomed to fail like every other parent.

      Imagine if he went on CNN and said….

      …I want to have a “common sense” discussion on how the predominate leftist ideology of America is reducing the values of this country and creates narcissistic people who feel it’s OK to take out innocent people when they want to commit suicide.

      That might possible help matters.
      Instead he elects to take the same worn and discredited path to nowhere.

      • In the mental state he’s currently in, buying a gun is the last thing he should be doing.

        Especially as he’s no friend of the 2A and will use the FFL he buys from against us.

        Wherever he lives, it may be a good idea to warn the FFLs in the area he may be darkening their doors.

    • My sympathy for him completely evaporated as soon as he got in front of a camera. No father I’ve ever met would do that. I don’t even have any empathy for him.

  2. What desperately sad, mis-directed anger. But I understand. In 2015 America, it’s impossible for anyone’s anger to be directed against a psychotic, virulently racist black man. So where does it all go?

    Why, to the only socially acceptable target of hatred: white males.

  3. What a scumbag. His daughters body wasn’t even cold yet and he was rattling off an anti rights agenda.

    Like everyone else here, I’m so tired of every time something happens, we are being told we are responsible for this.

    He can take his agenda and shove it. I don’t feel bad for him at all. He’s not acting like a grieving parent, he’s acting like a future career leftist politician.

  4. Angry black man child shot my daughter, so now I’m gonna….do what? News flash crazy mental retard splattered his moms brains in her bed, THEN offed six adults who realized that conversation and flesh does F all nothing stopping a 556. PROCEEDED into classrooms and repeatedly murder an addition 20 CHILDREN and the entire Congress sat on their collective asses and did ABSOLUTELY nothing cause five million well informed voters told their elected representatives don’t play that boohoo or you’re over the mortar tube.

    Now big dad gonna open up a can of whoop ass on the Constitution. See you in hell.

  5. According to that jackalope, I’m the enemy. So the only feeling I have for him is contempt. “They” took on the wrong family? Holy crap, have you ever seen such hubris from one bitter, little man? All hail the grandeur of Parker, the man who’s going to save the world!

      • Yes sir , I was giving him a pass at first , figuring he was grieving and confused , but now I realize he was JUST CONFUSED . If this man had any common sense he would be on every station that would have him telling people to be cautious , aware of their surroundings and ARMED .

        • I still give him a pass because of his grief. I just ca’t give a pass to the skewed media that are using him in his time of grief.

    • Ralph; you keep using that word “hubris.” I do not think you know what it means. You should look it up, there’s probably a picture of you next to the definition.

    • This, +1000. I was actually pretty struck by the report of her death; most of the time, in all honesty, reports of someone I have absolutely no knowledge of, and no emotional connection to, being killed do not strike me deeply on a personal level. OTOH, I do try to understand and sympathize with someone else’s loss. In this case, I’m coming to question just how deeply Dad was struck, to immediately start playing politics with this tragedy. I may have been more honestly grieved than he was.

  6. Yes, we all recognize who the victims are here – but apparently – not all of us know who the perpetrator is.

    It’s not the gun any more than it’s the fault of spoons that people are obese.

    One thing is clear to me. I wish the media and politicians would stop taking advantage of this guy. The more he talks the more ridiculous he sounds and the more sympathy I feel for him in part due to how pathetic it’s getting for this agenda push.

    • I’m so sick and tired of the spoon being blamed for obesity. It’s the carbonated beverages fault. Get it straight. /Sarc

  7. I doubt he’ll even be a fart in the wind. The incident will be as insignificant as the mostly forgotten LaFayette theater, DC Navy Yard, and Vegas Walmart, in spite of VLF’s intentions to be memorial. The public moves on. It’s Shark week and school is starting.

    But just for the record:
    VLF background check passed – CHECK
    VLF Cooling off period 51 days – CHECK
    VLF round count 8 shots fired. Alison dead on first 3 – CHECK
    VLF weapon of choice not an assault rifle – CHECK.

    Hopefully Father Parker milks Bloomie and other saps for Clinton Foundation style money to enrich his own personal life like the Giffords have. Other than that sit down next to the Sandy Hook parents, you are irrelevant.

    • Actually, the round count was close to 15. If you watch the shooters video, you can verify this. He actually chased Parker and continued to.shoot her after she fell further down that wooden corridor.

        • She was killed by a head shot.

          The first three were torso hits.

          She ran, he pursued her and shot her in the head,

      • It seemed like only 8 because of a pause after the 8th shot. Plenty of time for a fresh mag if needed.

        This guy wont get much play because the shooter was black and gay.

        If anything more people will want a firearm to protect himself or herself. I think people are starting to realize that background checks are all that they are made out to be and a bad guy will get a gun no matter what. The terrorists in France help prove that.

  8. And I imagine Giffords and Bloomberg jumped for joy when they saw this TV-ready grieving dad, no indoctrination necessary. That’s fundraising gold.

  9. He was being interviewed Friday, I think, and said he was now going to have to get a gun after spouting off that there need to be more gun laws and it was now his life’s mission. Reporter asked why and he said people would probably be coming after him and his family because of his position.. Then he said that people should not be able to strap an AK 47 on their hip. He clearly has no idea what he is talking about.
    Maybe he should be committed somewhere for awhile.

    • The man is filled with misplaced rage and on a rampage of bind hate. He’s the definition of a Democrat… They don’t need to indoctrinate him, he’s the model they use to indoctrinate others.

    • ” Reporter asked why and he said people would probably be coming after him and his family because of his position..”

      WE American citizens show great restraint and mercy towards the statist lemmings, even to OUR own peril.

    • @CCDWGuy: Let’s see, he has proven he is insane with his rants. Probably misdirected grief. But he wants to go buy a gun to protect himself from the “Gun Nuts” and he also wants to make sure that mentally unstable people (like him) can’t get guns. Is there anything in his rants that sounds like anything close to logic?

  10. He’s acting and talking like a mentally unstable person.
    I think he should be on some lists. So he can’t go places or buy things. Maybe he should just be institutionalized.

    • Agreed. The rational thing to do would be to post his picture in local gun shops with the caption “MENTALLY UNSTABLE.”

  11. So the national news media conducts a coordinated, long term propaganda effort to demonize manufacturers and owners of firearms. They repeat the most absurd lies one can imagine and insist they are based on legimate research. They make money hand over fist by covering tragedies that are committed with firearms. They make the vile little perpetrators famous and cover every detail of their lives and actions. Finally it happens, one of their own uses a gun to kill two other propagandists and calls it a response to the killing in Charlston.

    The irony here is that the media makes a significant contribution to creating new killers by publicising the actions of past killers and making them famous. Now journalists/anti civil rights propagandists are cooling to room temperature in a cycle they are instrumental in perpetuating.

    • They can’t vilify this killer too much, he’s black, gay, and an Obama voter.
      I had wondered why they were focusing so much on the victims this time around, and it’s because of what the guy represents; the voter base the Dims want to cater to.

        • Maybe he’ll turn out to be a “white” black man. BTW, recall those three hoods who shot that exchange student in, what, Oklahoma? Because they were “bored”? Recall how the media said it was two blacks and a white at first, or a “group of black and white teenagers”? because one of the mothers, a white woman, was interviewed first. Then the pictures came out, and it was clear that the “white” youth was of exactly the same racial make-up as our first black President, white mom and black dad. And the whole story dried up off the media vine right there.

  12. I thought this was interesting (aside from the typical anti-gun slant typical for the DM); how Tim Gardner’s comments about guns are juxtaposed with the diatribe of Ms. Parker’s father.

    “While the father of Alison Parker has been widespread interviews advocating stricter gun control laws, Mr Gardner told Fox News that he doesn’t think the gun was the issue in the attack against his wife.

    ‘He was bound and determined to try to make a name for himself on live TV because he failed at it so many times,’ Mr Gardner said. ‘So no, I don’t blame the gun, I blame the guy that was holding the gun.’

    Mr Gardner says if he was barred from getting a gun, Flanagan could have killed with a knife or machete.

  13. “They messed with the wrong family.”

    WTF is they??? Flanagan killed his daughter – no one else. Who is they? Black people? Gay people? Democrats? Crazy people? All gun owners? NRA members (even though Flanagan wasn’t an NRA member)? Gun owners who registered their guns and underwent a background check?

    Now he is just embarrassing himself. Can’t believe the media is running his delusions nationwide. They have no shame.

  14. Blue on blue violence. A BLM terrorist executed the daughter of a totalitarian leftist, so law abiding white conservatives must turn over their guns and beg the Glorious Socialist Democratic Party for forgiveness. Or just tell them to go f*ck themselves , whichever works better.

    • Charles Ray
      I obviously see your are not Ray Charles, because you are not blind to what is coming.

      ” Or just tell them to go f*ck themselves”

      The statist get their rocks off by forcing innocent American citizens to their knees, which is more rapey than masturbatory.

  15. Alison Paekers retarded father should be blaming (in order of culpability):
    1. Other violent retards
    2. Democrats and socialists (being redundant here)
    3. Blacks that think that the world owes them everything (being very redundant here)
    4. Himself for raising a daughter that preferred to be a sacrificial lamb instead of taking responsibility for her life.

  16. I’m sorry for his loss, but there is no “they”. This was the act of one individual with grandiose self image and little respect for the lives of others.

  17. Old gabby, astronut and blummy will love nothing more than dancing in the deep blood of the deceased in order to raise money to pay their employees and associated bills.

  18. I’m guessing that he already is lining up management and public relations staff at this moment and is trying to book on all the morning estrogen shows and MSNBC.

    I’m just guessing, of course.

    • He’s probably in talks to get a weekend show on MSNBC by the end of next week. It’ll be called Mr. Parker’s Neighboorhood.

  19. Instead of being upset and angry at the man that killed his daughter, he’s upset with people that didn’t kill his daughter because they didn’t want any more of their 2A rights taken away for things they didn’t do.

    Instead of coming together over the killings, he immediately goes to dividing people just like Barry from Chicago. I’m surprised the father hasn’t spouted #blacklivesmatter yet, but maybe that’ll come in a few days.

    You know that a person is irrational when he blames innocent people’s beliefs for his daughter’s death and not the actually killer.

  20. He repeats the same drivel about background checks even though the murderer passed the required background check.

    The mother is no better; in an interview she said “..if you have children, can you look your child in the eye and say ‘We are willing to allow you to be collateral damage in order to keep what some people perceive as their constitutional rights'”.

    So many things wrong with that statement.

    • “if you have children, can you look your child in the eye and say ‘We are willing to allow you to be collateral damage in order to keep what some people perceive as their constitutional rights’”

      I believe in, and have staked my freedom(life) on Constitutional carry as recognized by the Supreme Law, which is protected from emotional legislators.
      Carrying a gun everywhere I go ensures my children, and any other innocent around will never be collateral damage.

    • I wonder what other constitutional rights they consider “perceptive”??

      I held off from piling on him the other day, out of respect accorded to a grief stricken parent, but that ship has now sailed… A year from now he’ll be as irrelevant as Richard Ramirez, taking up a third of a TV screen for a five minute segment on a network that nobody watches.

      Enjoy your 15 minutes Andy, and let us all know whether you decide to go with a 9MM or .45ACP. We can’t wait…

      • The man, grief stricken or not, is clearly operating with a diminished mental capacity. Therefore there’s a 99% chance he’ll pick 9mm….

  21. He’s already described his enemy: legitimate gun owners, gun rights advocates and the NRA. While I would offer my condolences if I could, I will not allow my legitimate usage of firearms to be victimized by his loss.

  22. Mr. Parker, stop being a stooge for the liberal media and go get your house on order. The media don’t give a rat’s ass about your family or your loss, they’re just parading you around as the sensationalistic flavor of the minute and they’ll drop you faster than a hot iron plate when the next story comes along.

    Sorry for your loss sir, but you need a reality check. Go be with your family, grieve with them, and tell the media to go piss up a rope if they don’t leave you alone.

  23. I live about a hundred miles from the tragedy in Virginia and have been exposed to this loss more than most. The father is a liberal left wing democrat that has unsuccessfully run for political office before. He is friends with the nut job we have for a governor and he and their ilk will milk this tragedy for all it is worth. The father was milking his daughter’s death with his long winded blasting of guns on the day of the shooting. Nothing regarding guns could have stopped what happened because he would have found another way if he didn’t have a gun.

    • My best friends wife “Kin Folk” are from Virginia, great people. I like to see the government take their firearms. I have and do know hill people and they never miss, one shot one kill. Can we put this to sleep and put someone in the Presidents office that will say “sorry for your loss now shut up, get a gun and defend yourself.”

  24. In his righteous indignation, he pretends that he needs a gun to protect himself from the very people that have told him and his daughter that they should protect themselves…

    He knows that he’s figuring it out too late… He knows that it’s his fault… He can’t accept it so he blames the very people who have been trying to get through to him and help him this whole time… It our fault that we could get through his thick skull sooner?

    I recognize his grief and how it can twist his mind, but he can still go fuck himself. His actions are proof that he knows full well what he’s doing and that he is wrong.

  25. Another Blood Dancer…already being groomed by the Elite Who Know Whats Best for the Little People,
    and making vague threats against ‘the other’, the “they” who dare to disagree with them.

    He is just as gullible as the parents of the Aurora victim, who got talked into “suing someone, anyone” by Brady, and left holding the bag on attorney fees when he loses.

    How is the StateRunMedia, who fan the flames of anger and hate for the wounded low info voters,
    to characterize other law abiding citizens as “they” who “have messed with the wrong family”,
    any different than than Obama, who characterize those who differ on principals as “bitter clingers”, “domestic terrorists” or “crazy”?

    (that was a rhetorical question)-

    Of course CNN is no different – (and Jake Tapper, I hope somehow this little comment makes it to you, because you make a choice everyday, and you have made your choice now- reporting this way…)
    The leftwing media, CNN most prominent among them IS culpable in this man’s daughters death, for contributing to the unrealistic anger, paranoia and racial animosity of people like Vester,

    and I suspect that MOST of them know it- but the NY bureau chiefs would rather mislead, and misinform, and create more Vesters, in search of Nielson ratings, and clicks and loyalty to the Progressive Narrative. And the talking heads and eager to rise young reporters, like poor Allison Parker, are the victims of that “ends justify the means” mentality, in their perversion of the truth.

    Fanning the flames and making it about the gun, is not going to bring your daughter back, its only going to put more daughters and sons at risk for more mentally unhinged to copycat the same.

  26. from his LinkedIn profile (sadly, we are connected 3rd on the site): “I am a talent aquisition magician for the banking industry. Needle-in-the-haystack searches are my specialty. I find the right fit and don’t waste my candidates’ or my client’s time. ”

    Let me help you out Andy. . . . YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME AND YOUR MAGIC SHOW. Nothing to see here. Nothing you advocate for now with your anger would have made a difference. If you want to be angry, be angry at the liberal trial whores that make billions suing corporations that made prior employers afraid to report the numbnut who killed your baby. Be angry at the liberal medical profession that have made seeking mental health treatment such a problem. Be angry at the politicians who scream about doing something to help stop criminals but deep down, they know they lie because the problem is no where near the magnitude they make it out to be.

    You are a pawn in the real world game of life for a bored billionaire and a former corporate shill from the Missouri Ozarks turned social climber vis-à-vis marrying other peoples’ rich husbands. Eventually you will figure this out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    • ” If you want to be angry, be angry at the liberal trial whores that make billions suing corporations that made prior employers afraid to report the numbnut who killed your baby.”

      Damn, Dirk.

      That was AWESOME!


  27. Truly sad what grief will do to people. He now thinks he has blood feud with every NRA member in the country. I think it is time for him to get a psych evaluation, because it sure looks like he is going to go postal of the first guy he sees with an NRA ball cap.

  28. “they messed with the wrong family.”

    They give him the script from some cheesy low budget action movie to read from or something?

  29. Here’s a link to his company, he’s a bit full of himself before his daughter was murdered.

    Have to wonder if he’s so anti 2A is that he is looking to get funded by bloomy as his poster dad and head hunt for him professionally. If so that is pretty sick to try to make money off his daughter’s death.

  30. Well I did see some mention of the killer being a Demoncrat so I guess that statistically made him mentally defective…

  31. And … another thing: These anti-gun advocates always state “… and nothing’s been done!” Plenty has been done, from the New York SAFE Act to gun confiscation and hand-gun bans in California. Lot’s of anti-gun legislation has been pushed through at state levels. So … are they lying on purpose or by accident?!!

  32. Yeah whatever. He’s not the only person to lose a child. How many have lost children to tobacco?
    I’d bet money that Bloombag is throwing money his way now.
    It is going to go away, it is going to get put on the back burner and nothing is going to change because it’s MENTAL illness. Flanagan had a screw loose and nothing except proper mental health care would have stopped his rampage.
    It’s just that simple.

  33. I lost any sympathy a few hours after his kid was murdered. AND I mentioned this wasn’t going away-killed on camera live. Is this loose-cannon pop going to scream “hate crime” anytime soon? Nice illumination of THIS nutjob Dirk-it’s almost like he was “chosen” by some higher(or lower) power. Arrogant doesn’t begin to describe this azzwhole…

  34. ” ‘that there should be some kind of protocol established’ to keep mentally disturbed people from getting ahold of firearms.”

    So what he’s REALLY saying is that we need a more comprehensive way of diagnosing mental illness before it becomes a problem. No, I’m sure he won’t admit that that would be enough but that’s all he’s really saying. If the shooter in this case had had some kind of record of mental illness, then maybe he would have been denied his purchase.

    • That may be what he means, problem is that requires money, time, considerable effort on the part of politicians with very few photo ops, a complete reworking (if not tear down and rebuild) of the medical system and social services across the county etc. etc. That’s all hard so lets just ban guns, sure that will cost more than the former in just police overtime to come collect all the existing guns and will lead to a lot of bloodshed, but think of all the photo ops.

  35. I was willing to give this tool the benefit of the doubt because of his grief. No more. He’s just another asshole like kapo bloomberg, shannon and that lot.

  36. Can I take his statement as a threat? Should his emotional outburst and terroristic threats disqualify him from being allowed to own guns? Should he be added to NICS?

    Either way, his dead daughter doesn’t trump my constitutional rights any more than my friend who died because of a drunk driver trump his rights to drink alcohol.

  37. I wonder what Parker’s political positions were before the shooting.
    Knowing the liberal media, it would not surprise me that both the Father and the Daughter were fairly Leftist leaning, while another Leftist killed the Daughter. Isn’t Marxist Leninism fun?

  38. Dead is dead. A tragedy none the less. Does it really matter if it was a gun, a knife, sword, chainsaw or car? You must separate the tool from actor.

  39. Ah, the anti-gun position that is constant: They don’t know how separate the good guys from the bad. Nor do they understand that bad people are the root of the problem, not guns. Which is why their agenda is failing.

    Good guys have guns.
    Bad guys have guns.

    Take away the guns and you have:

    Good guys
    Bad guys

    Bad guys will create violence and bloodshed with any means necessary. Gun or no gun.

    Even if all guns disappeared tomorrow there would still be murder, rape, violence, etc. And since there is no way to predict when a person may “go bad”, you’re just going to deal with the fact that that is reality. The only solace there is is most of these spree killers off themselves in the process.

    Shit happens. What you should do is ensure other people don’t suffer the same fate, and you do that by allowing them the means and opportunity of the best self-defense currently available. And that just happens to be a firearm.

  40. He was a Progressive before his adult embryo was murdered by a nut case, he is a Progressive now, and he will be a Progressive until the end. You have to expect Progressives to exploit the death of their own children for their cause. I know the kind. I have a few relatives who are cool aid drinking Progressives too who would sacrifice their children for the sake of ideology. For some reason only God knows why, Progressives want to conquer free people, and they will use any means necessary to do it. Be prepared, for we have a long, tough fight ahead of us.

  41. That’s an awful lot of irratIonal, misplaced rage. It’s kind of scary how much the victims father resembles, emotionally speaking, the man who killed his daughter.

  42. Who is he at war with? The killer is dead. Why not focus on what made the killer the vengeful nut job he was? This wasn’t a random shooting of people the killer did not know. What magical laws would have prevented this? The killer harbored this grudge for a long time and managed to stay under the radar until the very last minute.

  43. I feel for him, its horrible, I’d find almost any behavior understandable in his situation, this included. But he’s having a grandiose, misdirected crusade. Of course the media and the antis are going to encourage and enable it.

    • I mean, I doubt he’ll become the next Brady. This seems like an ill-conceived emotional thing thus I expect it to be short-lived. But if he does become some kind of anti-gun figurehead, he’s going to have to face the fact: The gun owning public enjoys being the gun owning public. Respect and empathize though we might, if he keeps waving his tragedy, I dread the thought of being callous, but we’re not going to turn in the guns and weep along with him.

  44. My daughter’s name was Alison….stabbed 44 times…

    I know who murdered her and their location on this day.

    Justice does not come from publicity and self importance.

    Maybe patience is my only virtue….

    I have no respect for this man….

    • To bad Charlie Bronson is no longer in business , you might want to do a you tube search on Gary Plauche and consider justice in a new light .
      I lost my own daughter in 2007 in a flash flood and it was and is LIFE ALTERING and I have often wondered to myself just how incredibly difficult it would be to be in your shoes . I pray God gives you the answers you seek and comforts you and your daughters loved ones . God bless you !

  45. Can’t he just go and hate crazy gay black Obama supporters like everyone else would under his circumstances?

    That nut job went all “blacklivesmatter” and shot two people and your just worried about the gun? What would you have done had he stabbed them? Started a crusade against wusthof-trident?

  46. Mr Parker,

    You are confusing vengeance for justice. Justice is when you punish the guilty. Tyranny is when you punish the innocent. Unfortunately the guilty is now beyond any earthly justice. Taking revenge on those innocent of the crime will not solve the problem and bring back your daughter.

    Flanagan was an insider who knew how to get maximum exposure. He knew how to play the system. The same system is now playing you for it’s own needs.

    Nothing would have stopped Flanagan. He bought the guns legally and passed the background checks. Background checks are only as good as the data they contain. We are always wise after the event but unless there is an incident to require reporting, there is nothing to perform the background check against.

    The death of a child is a tragedy but the blame is in the murderer, not the object used.

  47. Some brain scratchers from an email I just read today:

    “We are advised not to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics. But the media and our govt. demands we judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.”

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  48. Bloomberg, McCauliffe (the definition of a useless politician), and company and even more so the terrified media are exploiting this man. Somewhere between anger and bargaining – unfortunately with the video there was no time for denial.

    The media will completely shut down the husband of the woman who was shot and survived for daring to say that the gun was not the issue.

    My daughter is one year younger than Allison. I will be gently discussing her getting a handgun and a CCW permit after this horrible incident. That is the lesson here.

  49. I can’t imagine the loss these families are dealing with and sincerely hope the father here is still in shock.
    Otherwise the idea of someone using their child’s death to further their own partisan political goals is too awful to contemplate.

  50. Uncool of MSM to promote the man, obviously going through grieving process. Most uncool of Everytown, Bloomberg’s to call him and immediately do all they can to profit from the loss of his daughter. Despicable use for political gains. Time will tell if Dad figures it out and how many people tell him what is being done to him.

    But truly, don’t be mad at me. I’d of shot the asshole to save your daughter if I could have, this Dad must understand.

  51. “that there should be some kind of protocol established” to keep mentally disturbed people from getting ahold of firearms.

    We are not talking about the schizophrenic, people who can no longer maintain a grip on normalcy with brains that no longer function properly. We are talking about people with properly functioning rational minds who have chosen, willfully, to abdicate those duties in favor of emotionally satisfying rhetoric. They know what they believe is not acceptable to outsiders. This killer was not in a gun store spouting off about white oppression and taking revenge.

    There is no screen you can widely implement that would catch guys like this unless it ended up denying far more regular people gun ownership. And the data is clear, a safe society requires erring to the side of allowing regular folks buy guns.

  52. Nobody ever brings up the fact that the ACLU in the mid-1980’s managed to completely decimate the ability to commit or retain mentally ill people in institutions. Even if every single individual wishing to purchase a firearm could be accurately evaluated for mental stability (an impossibility), without repeal of Regan signed laws instigated by ACLU and passed by Congress, that is never going to happen. A better approach I think would be to begin mandatory firearm instruction for junior high school or high school students along with their driver’s education classes.

  53. Sorry. I hit pause and stopped watching at, “Mark Kelly.”
    No matter how good the vacation brochure, a trip to Syria is still going to Syria.

  54. Seems he’s just exploiting his daughter’s murder to wedge in some face time on T.V.
    He’s slapping together some kind of facsimile of fame, that which escaped him in his six year failed career as an actor over thirty years ago, and his two year stint as a current affairs pundit a decade ago. Now he has fifteen minutes on a platform to advance his failed ideas while drawing attention to himself.

    I guess the Aborigines were right. The camera does capture your soul.

  55. Dear Mr. Parker,

    I can not begin to understand the emotions you are feeling right now, the loss of a child is a terrible thing to have to deal with.

    You should take some time and work through this, take care of the grieving process. Right now you are just lashing out at anyone and everyone and saying stuff that you may regret later. You may not have noticed, and I am not blaming you because you have a lot going on, but there are many people around you right now that don’t care about your loss and are just using you. They are exploiting your loss and exploiting your emotional state. These people are not your friends, they are not here to help you, they are not going to help you in any way.

  56. The father is to blame for his daughters death. He obviously didnt teach her situational awareness. She stood there babbling away while the shooter strode up to within 3 feet, pulled out a gun, pointed it at her for around 10 seconds, then lowered it, then obviously annoyed she didnt notice him started shooting. Only then did she drop her mic and run. A little situational awareness and she might be alive today. The father is has alot more responsibility than the NRA or any other illusionary “theys.”

    • To be fair, there is a lot going on during a live remote. There’s only a cameraman and the reporter. The reporter has a producer in the earpiece, interacting with interviewee, trying to keep that relevant, trying to time it right for handoffs back and forth.

      Very easy to get in a bubble where you wouldn’t know someone was drawing down on you until it was far too late.

      • The interview involved 3 people on an empty boardwalk. Giving the cameraman a pass because he had his face in a viewfinder, neither the reporter or the old lady being interviewed noticed a big black guy striding up purposefully to within 3 foot of them, pulling out a gun and pointing it at them. Was this reporter in such a bubble she would do a report on traffic standing out in the middle of a busy street? Then her father would blame GM if she got run over? Sorry, her situational awareness sucked. And her parents are A holes who can bugger off with their commie pablum. Her death was no excuse for her whacked out libtard father to blame law abiding gun owners and the Constitution. He is a disgrace.

        • Fred, Were this to be some sort of scenario that required ‘situational awareness’ I would not disagree with you at all. Reporting from Iraq, the Southside of Chicago, North STL, you had better be hyper vigilant – part of the report.

          But doing a fluff piece at a frakkin’ water park? Nobody is going to be focused on the insanely tiny odds of some disgruntled ex-emp attack, any more than they are about getting killed by a lightening strike on a sunny day. I understand your point, and maybe it could have been different but I promise, do a live radio remote (let alone TV). Like cooking a good meal, painting a house well, or smacking a ball with a bat, people who are trying to do it well tend to focus on the task at hand. Ignoring everything that doesn’t immediately pertain to the job at hand.

          No excuses, I’m just pointing out the reality.

        • 16V , like commuters on a plane after 9/11 , the next reporter doing the fluff piece that isn’t paying attention won’t get a pass from me .

  57. This guy and his wife are a double decker shortbus of fail. Robert left off this gem that the mom dropped in one of the CNN articles:

    “If you are a parent, if you are a mother, if you have children — how can you look your child in the eye and say we are willing to allow you to be collateral damage in order to keep what some people perceive to be their constitutional rights?”

  58. Take out the references to guns, and redo it so his daughter died of a stroke. His statements would make about as much sense.

  59. If I was him and that scumbag was still alive I’d find that guy and kill him myself.
    I feel bad for him but Gun control isn’t the answer obviously. It takes a human to aim and fire a gun.

  60. Without question I cannot feel the pain this father endures. As a father of a young lady, I can only imagine. What I am about to say is in no way intended to downplay or distract from this fathers grief. However, in all circumstances we must maintain common sense. I have difficulty grasping America’s rational of blaming humans for the death of two shot lions while blaming guns for the death of two humans shot by a deviant with a history of an uncontrolled temper.


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