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Remington has been shipping subsonic 300 AAC Blackout ammunition in their Express Rifle branding with a fairly high price tag and a relatively low rate of production. Now comes the news that Big Green has shifted production over to their high-volume and lower-price UMC brand of ammunition, offering a 220 grain OTM projectile designed for subsonic flight in a 300 Blackout gun. The rounds are shipping to distributors now, 20 rounds per box, 200 per case, with a projected street price of around $17.99/20 rounds. For comparison, the previous Express Rifle run of ammo was somewhere between $19 and $24 per 20 rounds and disappeared quickly. Look for the UMC to do the same.

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  1. Remington’s UMC pistol ammo was the worst crap I ever saw. Every head was set at a different height. Would’nt touch UMC again.

    • I never had a problem with UMC. It’s always worked better for me than the Herters / CCI Blaser / Tula class of ammo. The worst I’ve ever used a Freedom Munitions reloads – 7 failures to ignite the primer despite good strikes in a box of 50 rounds.

    • everyone needs to try in my area .38 ammo if you can find it (you normally can’t) will cost you $25-30. i checked freedoms ammo and and they had .38 (500rds) and with shipping it came out to $16.20 per 50rds. their ammo looks cleaner than factory ammo and every bullet is set at the perfect hight.

  2. Also, I call BS on the price tag of $18.00. The LGS will add at least $5 – $15 to the price tag. I have seen 20 rounds going for $40. Frak that.

  3. The priceing is consistant with other heavy weight bullet/ammo, but why bother with expensive jacketed bullets in a subsonic load, to keep those with a FA 300 and giant wallet happy?

    • Oh, .22lr gets shipped. It is then sold by the general scumbags who run LGS’s to their buddies – who then mark it up 300% and sell it on Armslist. If it makes it to Wally World, there’s a different group of war profiteers who line up there every morning, buy their limit, then mark it up 300% and put it on Armslist.

      The days of grabbing a couple of bricks of .22lr anytime, anywhere you want to go plink are over. Unlikely to return in the next 5 years, if ever. Between the flexibility of the cartridge, its price point, and its compactness, the looming increase in taxes on ammo, not to mention background checks and having to buy it from a scalper, most guys I know want at least 5K rounds of the stuff in their stash. Not to mention if you want to do something wacky like actually go shoot some.

      There’s 12ga, deer rifle rounds, 5.56 (not bulk) and even .45 ACP aplenty in stores in my metro because there’s only so much of that folks will invest in. Everybody I know who shoots 5.56 has stashed a few cans by now, and much like .50BMG – if things really go sideways, you’ll always be able to source that materiel.

      9mm and .22lr? They could triple production and not meet demand for the foreseeable future.

      • You win the award for depressing post of the day. I am starting to see .22lr and 9 mm back on the shelves at reasonable prices. Which is a good thing, because that’s all I own outside of a single Chinese Type 53.

        • I wanna visit where you live. There hasn’t been a single round of .22lr or 9mm on a store shelf here for forever. The vultures are waiting everyday, and I just don’t have a few hours to stand around a Wal-Mart early in the AM.

          Glad to hear some places aren’t as cut-throat.

  4. Got 3 boxes at Midway the other day. This is the first time I’ve been able to buy non-reloads off the interweb that wasn’t $2 a round after shipping.

  5. If, after 2008, and all the Obama exposes, one was not prepared for 2012 then one is living in an alternate universe or suffering from severe Normalcy Bias.
    Believe me folks it gets worse from here on out.

    • Jesus H. Christ can not get one simple f’n post not blaming Obama for something. Hell, Cheney shot someone in the face and got away with it. Bush got good American Soldiers killed over lies and WMDs (talk about misinformation). I think that ups anything that Obama has done.

      • Want to blame Feinstein or Bloomberg instead? How about Lanza and Holmes? Lawful gun owners are paying for past crimes. It’s kinda like how my insurance for a 1000cc sport bike is so high – all the idiots crashing jacks up my insurance costs even though I’ve never had a claim.

        • Your sportbike insurance coverage has risen?
          What’s funny is I’ve rode sportbikes since 18, now early 40s mostly gsxr 750s and 1000s. Current bikes are gsxr 1000, 2005 and a 2009 and my insurance premiums on both have dropped dramatically over the last 5 years. But when I decided to insure my 4×4 suburban I almost never drive on public roads they wanted a fortune! Insurance much like the gun control folks are schizophrenic.

  6. I’ve had all sorts of problems with bullet set back in Remington ammo and avoid it whenever possible. That being said, I’m sure I’ll buy it if I see it. I’ve had a 300 blk rifle for a few years now and it’s the least shot gun due to ammo hoarding and supply and demand pricing.

  7. Bought a few boxes at 16. 99$ a box. On 4/7/16. Works great from my bolt gun, hits hard and flat at 100 yards!


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