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Valentine's Day gift suggestion courtesy The Rosenberg, TX Police Department

“Men… remember Valentines Day is about one week away…why not the gift of safety?” asks the Rosenberg Texas Police Department’s Facebook page. “Women…tag or share with the one who needs a little nudge in the right gift giving direction…” Three-hundred and fifty-two comments later – minus a few less-than-enthralled gun control advocates – and I think we have a winner! The Rosenberg Texas Police Department [click here for their Facebook home page]. “The sales manager at Tactical Firearms in Katy agrees with the police department’s message,” reports. “‘In Texas, guns make great gifts,’ says Colin Van Dyke . . . Van Dyke thinks firearms as a present would be on-target, as long as she knows what she’s doing. ‘That’s a great idea as long as safety is first, because there’s nothing more dangerous than a complete novice with a firearm.'” Except maybe a rapist with a firearm. Which is why our name is The Truth About Guns and we approve of Rosenberg’s message.

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    • Plz explain why texas is not gun friendly, sorry we don’t cater to open carry political activist! Like I said in the past I still see no reason why we need to legalize open carry, myself and thousands of texans would still conceal carry! I am sorry if I offended you but I really want to hear why we should have open carry!!??

        • I have nothing against open carry guys, carry anyway you want. I just don’t get the Texas isn’t gun friendly state comment. Move to CT, NY, CA and Colorado if you don’t agree. The gun culture in Texas is exploding right now, just this past year we past a lot of new gun laws. What other states did that after Newtown besides a few. Expect to see Texas change many more in the future. We still want constitutional carry here!!!!!!

        • Jay,
          I take umbrage at you lumping Colorado in with the likes of CA, NY and CT. We’re going through some sort of identity crisis I agree, but a (stupid) mag limit does not a SAFE act make.

      • On principle if nothing else. I personally don’t open carry because I don’t like the attention, but if it doesn’t bother someone else, then let them have at it. No one is being hurt by it. I have lived in Georgia and Virginia, both of which have open carry and society has not digressed into chaos. As I have said many times before, laws should only address violations of other people’s property. Someone open carrying doesn’t violate anyone’s rights. It may offend your sensibilities, but your feelings and sensibilities aren’t protected by the Constitution, nor should they be.

      • I’m not going to get into another OC vs. CC debate, but I will say this: open carry, just like concealed carry, HARMS NO ONE. It is simply a different method of carrying a weapon for self-defense. The only difference whether or not a bit of clothing is in front of or behind the weapon.

        What I’d like to hear from you is why you think the government should have the power to prohibit open carry.

      • Because you don’t really love Liberty. Go back to Constitutional School.


        Any questions?

        • Yeah, one: how’s it working out for you?

          Because they ARE infringed. And they will continue to be infringed until you and many others do something about it. You could go all outlaw or you could try and convince people to stop supporting anti-gun politicians. I guarantee you typing “Shall not be infringed” a bunch of times does dick-all for that.

      • Because carrying under a government license is exercising a privilege. A privilege does not equal a right. If a state only recognizes a privilege to keep and/or bear arms and prohibits the right then that state does not protect the right to keep and bear arms.

        It’s not really rocket surgery to figure out… 😉

  1. The wife has been hinting around about a Glock 42. What better Valentine gift than that. Basic black, none of that pink pistol crap for her. Guns and roses for the lady of the house.

    • I’d like for you to elaborate on how you intend to make that happen, so I might perhaps learn and make it happen for myself. There ARE no G42s, just like there are no G30Ss.

  2. I gave my wife a Pink Sig mosquito for valentines days with a pink range bag and pink ear pro, speaking of which you should go like the pic of her first time shooting in the can can contest……

  3. I bought my wife a Taurus 1911 ( I’m not rich and that’s the one I could afford) just because she wanted one and gave her my glock 19. I’d rather her have her own and be comfortable with them than to wait for one “special” day.

  4. I like the response they left on the FBook to a comment

    Rosenberg Police Department Duke Clermont…encourage a constitutional right? Of course we would…in fact we took an oath to protect it.
    60 · February 6 at 10:41pm



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