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They’re coming for your modern sporting firearms again. State Senator Gary Farmer (D-District 34) has introduced SB 370, a bill to ban commonly-owned firearms in the state of Florida.

Florida state senator Gary Farmer
Florida State Senator Gary Farmer (image By Internet.User – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0)

SB 370 is modeled after the Clinton “assault weapon” and “high capacity” magazine ban, but the new bill adds several additional anti-gun provisions.

Predictably, SB 370 bans the sale of a lengthy list of semi-automatic firearms, guns that are naturally mislabeled as “assault weapons.” It also bans the sale of similar firearms that have design features that Sen. Farmer finds especially objectionable such as pistol grips, threaded barrels, and folding or “telescoping” stocks…as well as the parts needed to assemble semi-automatic firearms.

An anti-gun attorney general will surely interpret the ban on the sale of parts to mean that a person couldn’t even buy spare parts to repair a firearm that is already owned.

SB 370 also bans the sale of certain defined semi-automatic handguns and includes broad, far-reaching language which specifically includes some .22 caliber rimfire weapons.

Finally, SB 370 labels any magazine that holds more than 10 cartridges as a “large capacity magazine” and outlaws those as well.

Some of the firearms targeted by SB 370 (image courtesy Luis Valdes)

Turning Rights into Privileges

If you already own one of the listed firearms, Sen. Farmer will allow you to keep it, but only if you comply with several conditions.

First, you can never sell the firearm to another Florida resident. And you can only continue to own it if you apply for and receive a “CERTIFICATE OF POSSESSION OF ASSAULT WEAPON.”  A gun owner will need a separate “CERTIFICATE OF POSSESSION OF ASSAULT WEAPON” for each firearm and magazine.

For this privilege, the gun owner must provide a thumb print as well as other personally identifying information, including detailed information about the firearm(s) and magazine(s). SB 370 also has very strict rules about when and where someone can possess a so-called “assault weapon” or “LCM.”

In a classic divide and conquer maneuver, Sen. Farmer will allow licensed manufacturers to continue to manufacture “assault weapons” and LCMs in the Sunshine State for sale to law enforcement agencies or out-of-state buyers.

When we see this type of legislation, it always exempts law enforcement. SB 370 is no different. It appears that by virtue of their employment, law enforcement officers will, of course, be able to purchase weapons that are banned for sale to other law-abiding, tax-paying Floridians.

SB 370 is a wish list of the radical left gun banners.


Luis Valdes is the Florida Director for Gun Owners of America. 

Click here to demand that FL Senate President Wilton Simpson block this bill from reaching committee.


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  1. Sounds like he read California’s law. I wonder if he left room in his definition that allows possession of “featureless” rifles, such as the M1 Garand and Carbine, and specifically configured ARs. Or is he going after all of them from time immemorial?

    • Maryland already outlawed the M1A with an exception for the M1 Garand. But an AR-10 can be purchased as any other (bolt/lever action) long gun. Here is a link to an old TTAG post. Md. stepped on their own petard with the “Colt AR–15, CAR–15, and all imitations except Colt AR–15 Sporter H–BAR rifle”. Giving preference to a single manufacturer is against the law so of course AR-15s are still sold here.

    • With the Leftists now going full-court-press against all things conservative and Constitutional, look for CA-style nonsense to be introduced in blue states everywhere.

        • Yup. I have plenty of guns, ammo, and gear. Have some replacements parts, but have been ordering extra pins, springs, kits, etc. Most sites are out of stock on much of the more common items (parts for AR, Glock, etc.).

          Get them now, while you can. Get it all. Because if things are shut off by E.O., ATF decree, or whatever, it might be years before we can have our court challenges succeed to reverse them and open up the avenues again.

          C’mon, Trump…invoke that IA. Turn those 15K+ Guardsmen around to face inward toward the Capitol, contain the traitors, and go in for arrests…

  2. So…this will apply to cops as well…right? Farmer’s private security as well…right?
    How about let people have what they want…and prosecute actual gun crimes and criminals?
    How about not letting them out with probation only? Or without having to pay bail?
    Who is paying this guy? Soros or Bloomberg? Find the MONEY!!!

    • George Soros has many attorney generals all over the states pain spent billions of dollars to get Marxist Attorney General elected they won’t prosecute antifa rbl and The Prostitute Christian Americans

      • You say that but if they do it in any way like other states they’ll make you pay a ‘processing’ fee for every paper.

        • “…they’ll make you pay a ‘processing’ fee for every paper.”

          That can be attacked in court as a tax on a civil right.

          We need to sue, sue, sue, and keep feeding the pipeline all the way up…

  3. No one needs semi-auto anything. If you can’t do it manually, it shouldn’t be done.

    Yes, even that.

    • Don’t worry fudd. They will eventually come for your sniper rifle and assault lever action.

      • “Don’t worry fudd. They will eventually come for your sniper rifle and assault lever action.”

        Sorry to see you missed that so badly.

      • “…Fudd”

        Sam loves to play devil’s advocate, mixed with a double-shot of sarcasm, Southern Cross… 🙂

        • But there is still the point of those who think because they only have “good guns” and no “bad guns” that they won’t be among the victims. Their time will come eventually.

          The gun banners will shift the goalposts of what is good or bad. It is they use vague imprecise terms such as ‘assault weapon”.

          • “But there is still the point of those who think because they only have “good guns” and no “bad guns” that they won’t be among the victims. ”

            Sam I Am thinks people should be able to buy and possess whatever weapons they can afford.

          • “All mine are good guns. I have not had to make one sit in the corner in years.”

            You are blessed. My peashooter just stares back empty eyed, when I tell it what to do; defiant SOB.

          • “Terribles twos or teen?”

            Refuses to answer personal questions, like where it’s been and who it knows.

    • Sam, I am impelled to feel sympathy for your spouse/significant other. If he/she/it has to rely on “manual”? U R doin’ it rong. Otherwise, nice sarc.

      • You misapprehend. Why would you conclude I was thinking along those lines? My, my, the trash that must pass through your head, all by itself.

    • You don’t have the right to make that descision, nor are you the arbiter of truth. These rifles are called sport rifles forna reason. Yes, they are used for protection, but the second ammendment wasnt written for hunting, it was written to ensure citizens were properly and legally armed to defend themselves against a tyrannical government, and we are swiftly approaching those times. If you want to take a radical left stance, and justify the trampling of our constitutional rights, that’s your prerogative, but you will be the first one to run to someone’s house who has the ability to defend themselves. When law enforcement stops protecting and defending the constitution and civil right, we have a constitutional duty to defend ourselves from them, because at that point they are enimies of the constitutional republic, and no different than nazis. So you go ahead and comply with anti constitutional edicts, in the hope that you get a pat on your head, while the rest of us defend our constitution for the sake of childrens children.

  4. Just another child molester day dreaming cunt from Broward County ‘cept now THIS Bitch wants EVERY rifle, pistol, magazine AND spare part I own.. Asshole even wants my little 22 semi-auto rifle… I predict no vote … It will never get to the floor but this closet tube skinner can go home and say “hey, I tried”… Clown is the Senate minority leader and worked for Kommie Morgan & Morgan, big supporters of Hildabeast AND Creepy Uncle Joe….

    • A crude way of putting it, but accurate.

      We could have been stuck with him in 2016.

      For those unaware, Gillum was found in a motel room with a male prostitute and amphetamine. Then he did the Leftist thing and checked himself into rehab…

  5. Florida heads in the wrong direction. Again. Also, water is wet.
    On a somewhat related note… Reported plans for armed protests in many state capitols on inauguration day. What could go wrong? Odds are good that one of them will turn into a shit show.

    Waving your guns around and bringing 2A back to the forefront the second the other side controls everything is a great idea, right?

    Had some hope the POTG would let the dems focus on other things for the first 100 days, but instead they seem intent on making sure the other side can do something “big” right away. Why give people like Gary Farmer the ammo he needs to get this crap pushed through?

    • No 2A supporter is attending these “rallies” because everybody with half a brain knows they are FBI/ATF false flag operations.

      Nobody I shoot with has seen a flyer, and none of the state 2A groups had even heard about it until the FBI put out the alert. Also, the flyers scream Soviet style propaganda (red and black with diagonal lettering).

      It’s been all over the airwaves. People know not to attend.

      • Exactly. The Official Narrative will be that the 15,000 activated Guardsman and added security stopped an intended 2A rally, or coup, or insurrection, or whatever.

        Even though 50 State capitol protests ain’t happening and no one heard anything beforehand, Victory will be claimed for stopping the evil gun-nut Trumpers and democracy was saved.

        Cue the applause…..and the nausea.

        • That’s possible of course, but probably not what CNN, et al are hoping for.They are vultures hoping for some road kill. Blood in the streets gets a lot more attention and press than a garden party. If it all goes smoothly, it will only be on the front page for a day or 2, but if it does become a shitshow, it’s good for at least a month of headlines. $$$

        • Wouldn’t it be a Patriot’s dream if all those Guardsmen (now reported by the D.C. Metro Police Chief as being increased to 20K) being positioned around the Capitol complex are actually Trump’s final chess play, to implement the Insurrection Act per Trump’s order and contain the traitors within the building for arrest, and keep any Leftists from interfering?

          One can fantasize…

        • I can see CNN is playing this out like the “Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults”

          For the younguns that was a nothing show by Geraldo Rivera. They played it up for weeks and like the supposed brouhaha in the capitols it came to nothing.

          • “For the younguns that was a nothing show by Geraldo Rivera. They played it up for weeks and like the supposed brouhaha in the capitols it came to nothing.”

            Not totally “nothing”. We got to see and hear Jerry Rivers sing a few lines of the song, “Chicago” to fill in the last 90sec of the show.

    • Incorrect. Florida is actually heading more to the right.

      Leftist dreams of a blue Florida are not panning out, precisely due to the Cuban population stance against communism.

      Don’t believe me? Check out the leftist news media’s coverage on the topic. It’s so dire to them they’re telling democrats to stop spending money in Florida and redirect it to Georgia.

      • “Leftist dreams of a blue Florida are not panning out, precisely due to the Cuban population stance against communism.”

        True, but one or two mass shootings and that dynamic could easily change.

        I hope they try a ballot initiative. Rules for those were changed and now it takes more than 50 percent to pass one…

      • Georgia lured in the left with cheap houses. Atlanta was always a liberal hotspot now it’s spread like cancer to the whole state.
        The Carolinas are turning too. This is what migration does.
        I thought Florida would turn with the PR and new Yorkers moving there but maybe just maybe they learned a lesson.

        • I thought Florida would turn with the PR and new Yorkers moving there

          That was my concern as well when PR refugees were given the vote here but they have overwhelmingly proven to be a reliable conservative vote.. Unfortunately many NY transplants have not proven that they’ve changed significantly….

    • “Had some hope the POTG would let the dems focus on other things for the first 100 days, but instead they seem intent on making sure the other side can do something “big” right away.”

      Just like Mohammedan terrorists need no provocation, neither do the anti-gun mafia. They got the power. That is all the justification they need. Wave a gun, don’t wave a gun; makes no difference. The media will say you did, anyway. POTG could go live in underground bunkers, and the anti-2A forces would still pursue us as undesirables (deplorables). Stop with the self-guilting.

      • The good news is, they are gonna be focusing on other things first. If we can slow-walk them, we have a decent shot at flipping the house in 2022.

        What we must do is eat up as much time as possible with the debate process…

  6. There is one sure way to put a stop to these gun grabbing ass—es, take their power from them, remove the asshol– from office. Citizen’s put them in citizens can take them out, impeach all the GUN Grabbers, pass laws that prevents anyone from violating are even speaking, or thinking of corruption of America’s Constitution, in order to serve in any public or political offices you must accept ALL and up Hold the Constitutes of America, the rights to freedom of the people, free speech, to bare arms, to Carrie, go were they wish, to uphold all the Amendments that were put into the constitution by our forefathers many,many years ago, and any attempts to change the Constitutes is a terrorist theate to this great nation and punishable by death within 36 hrs of conviction with no exceptions, murders,child rapist, falsifying evidents that would or could impact this countries well being, must be treated in the same manner, .

  7. If I were able to e-mail the honorable Gun Control Pervert gary farmer democRat Flordia I would ask gary why praytell would you want to drag around a very sick agenda that dropped out of the behinds of racists and nazis? Now gary if and I mean if you can answer that question you might have a podium otherwise you can stfu.

  8. Well, law enforcement won’t be able to afford them, if they also get defunded.

    Well, maybe the democrats will finally lose some of the minority vote. The NFAC seems to be fond of AR-15’s, and a lot of people in general are buying guns in record numbers.

    The silver lining of gun control bills is that it is largely a losing issue for democrats. Personally, gun control is one of my only reasons for voting Republican. Any Republican who votes for gun control (or Republican-appointed judge that declines to hear a 2nd amendment case) makes me wonder why I bothered voting Republican.

    • “The silver lining of gun control bills is that it is largely a losing issue for democrats.”

      That’s only true with the filibuster intact.

      Someone please correct me if I’m on this – Is it true they only need a majority to turn PR into the 51st state?

      • The U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives would need to approve the statehood admission by a two-thirds majority vote. After Congressional approval of an initiative the people of PR would vote for statehood, if a majority is achieved it would then go to POTUS who would issue a proclamation declaring PR a state.. There was a non-binding initiative on the ballot in PR in 2017 which passed with an overwhelming majority but I think they would need a redo if passed in Congress… Fortunately DC is a whole nuther level of stupid and would require a Constitutional amendment before the Dems could drop that turd in the water…

        • PR wants to be a State to tap our wallets but they don’t want the taxes and other pitfalls that come with it. They rejected it several times until a few hurricanes wiped out what socialism didn’t destroy on its own.

          I’ve new neighbors from PR across the street. They have good stories to tell and voted R. AOC is an example of what killed their homeland.

          As to DC they have been trying for statehood for a long time. At less than 4 square miles it’s a joke.

        • Actually, the Constitution says very little about the process for creating new states, or converting territories into states. Congress is free to determine the internal process for creating an “Enabling Act” for the President to sign. Where the constitution is silent about legislation, the processes are left entirely to Congress. So, a simple one vote majority in both houses can be used to “pass” and Enabling Act, and send it to the President. With filibuster subjected to a one vote majority, the Dims can run wild for the next two years.

          The Dims hate elections, and one way to do away with elections is to create new states that are sure to adhere to the Leftist agenda. We can have elections, but the outcomes are predetermined, making elections useless.

        • DC is not a joke in the least. Remember, a state gets two senators. DC plus PR is four permanent democrat senators. Welcome to a one party country, and they can, and are quite clearly going to, ram anything they want down our throats. Mid terms will be useless. Not sure how people don’t think next week is Pearl Harbor and no one seems to care.

      • “Someone please correct me if I’m on this – Is it true they only need a majority to turn PR into the 51st state?”

        Yes. Same for DC.

        • Sam,

          TOTALLY not correct. Please, do better. D.C. requires a Constitutional Amendment (and we all know what that requires); unfortunately, PR could be done with a majority vote (and look for the Harris/Biden Administration to tee that up early on).

          • Do you have a definitive reference for DC statehood vote? I cannot find one, but did locate this, which references a constitutional amendment being necessary, and formal consent by Maryland. The means of making DC a state is not simple, with potential for making Dims argue that low population states should not have the same electoral power as larger states, yet seem to be pushing to give a minuscule population three electoral votes in favor of the Dims.

        • Yes. Same for DC

          No, Article I, Section 8 provides explicitly for a national capital that would not be part of a state nor treated as a state, but rather a unique enclave under the exclusive authority of Congress — a neutral “district” in which representatives of all the states could meet on an equal footing to conduct the nation’s business. DC statehood requires a Constitutional Amendment… NOT GONNA HAPPEN….

          • Apparently some smarties got together and created a plan to make DC a few square blocks, and the rest of the district a new state, which doesn’t seem to require amending the constitution (but Maryland would be required to agree to carving part of their stated (granted for the original DC) off in order to create real estate for a new state. If that is a valid mechanism, then a new state would seem not to require a constitutional amendment.

            • Apparently some smarties got together and created a plan to make DC a few square blocks, and the rest of the district a new state, which doesn’t seem to require amending the constitution

              HR51 (aka 51 for 51)? Not so fast…. Congress cannot change the status of the capital district simply by redefining it. Washington, D.C.’s one-of-a-kind standing in the federal system is spelled out in the Constitution Article I, Section 8; the only way to modify that standing is to modify the Constitution. The plain meaning of Article I is that “the Seat of Government of the United States” comprises all the land supplied for that purpose. H.R. 51 would turn it instead into exactly what the Framers rejected — an island of government buildings, with perhaps a few hundred residents, enveloped within a state. Originally the land set aside for DC was a part of Maryland and any OTHER use of that land would not only require a Constitutional amendment which has already been opposed by a majority of states but would also involve years of litigation with Maryland…

              • It is not actually indisputably clear that the boundaries of DC cannot be re-defined by Congress. If I were “they”, I would declare DC a four block square, wrest the remainder from Maryland, and add DC to the number of states. Let the courts try to sort it out, knowing the courts like to dodge any case that can be declared “political” rather than “legal”. By the time constitutionalists could get the SC to overturn DC statehood, there would be so much legislation signed into law that the constitutionalists could never unravel it.

  9. So they introduce in Florida a lite version of the federal law that is going to be passed by April?

    It doesn’t seem to call for the door to door confiscation and the mandated execution without trial of every single United States citizen that resists along with Biden declaring guns a public health crisis which would not just ban the ownership of these guns mandating people to turn them in but the indefinite suspension of the sale of firearms and ammunition in the United States. All with SCOTUS’s rubber stamp.

    • It doesn’t seem to call for the door to door confiscation

      Nope, just good old fashioned fun and games style harmless suppression of Constitutionally guaranteed natural rights of self protection, man goooood times…. They get tanks, full auto rifles and rocket launchers, We get rocks and sticks (until they outlaw the possession of rocks and sticks)….. Thank you sir, may I have another?..

      • The thumbprint, inventory, and storage of all that data just screams confiscation. They pretend it’s so even Broward County Sherrifs can instantly solve a mass shooting with that information but it’s all about inventory.

        Somehow the registration of guns is supposed to be a thing that stops a person from committing crimes.

  10. I lost em boys, ever damned one of them. The guy that drug my boat out to the river said I was nuts, but I wanted to know just how much she’d hold. Had about two inches of freeboard, went back to get the parts for the Perpetual Neutrino Fusion Blomb and a big ole forked log comes drifting down and caught my boat head-on. Snapped that rope like a banjo string, down the river she went. I run along the bank for aways but tripped in a pile of trash, noticed somebody throwed away a half can of beer, so I just sat there drinking, and watched it all go down. Sht happens.

        • To the best of my knowledge I have no knowledge, all that’s top secret hush hush.

          Got it.. Wink wink…. Nudge, nudge…. ALL went down with the ship… Understood..

    • Maybe the anti-gun Left has a point – we POTG seem to have a terrible propensity to improperly use our watercraft. I am amazed at the number of of boating accidents I read about at various sites like TTAG . . . and of course they always involve the loss of guns (since we never go anywhere without our guns).

      Perhaps they are right, and only the gummint should have guns . . . because the gummint NEVER screws up, do they???

      • Perhaps they are right, and only the gummint should have guns

        No that only implies that GUN OWNERS should not have boats…

  11. I know this can’t happen but it would be great if every time bill like this come up, gun manufacturers would release a statement that if it becomes law they will no longer sell weapons to that states police.

    • The Federal Gov probably supply them, and the refusers will be held for Treason, court-martialed( don’t matter) and publicly executed.

    • they will no longer sell weapons to that states police.

      Then that states police will say okay, no problem and start buying from European manufacturers (many already do).. This isn’t the 1800s we now have nearly instantaneous global marketing…

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  13. Nevermind CCW holders who went through background checks and 100 plus dollars in class fees to prove they are law abiding. Maybe the answer is to be deputized so they are effectively surrounded by LEO.

  14. Need to demand an answer as to why he thinks law enforcement need “weapons of war” “designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible”, as these villains are always proclaiming when pushing for “assault weapon” bans.

    Does he believe that killing as many people as quickly as possible is a legitimate role for law enforcement?????

  15. Not going to happen, not with a majority of Conservatives in the State House and State Senate plus a Conservative Governor. This idiot is just trying to make his District Democrats happy. These firearms are NOT modern ‘Assault weapons’ as one would be a fool to go up against any modern, or even semi-organized military style force. These are all Semi-Auto firearms and to be effective today they need automatic type firearms. Unless you apply for and pay for a license from the US Government for $200 per Firearm AND the Magazine(s) AND are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars each, then you won’t be getting any of those.

  16. What about:
    On January 4, 2021, Rep Sheila Jackson Lee introduced HR 127 to the House of Representatives. The bill’s official title is: “To provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition.” Democrats started their push for gun control even before the Georgia runoff, and the Washington DC debacle.

  17. Apparently, the population in the Fort Lauderdale area will vote for any communist POS. Still, we need to get rid of this idiot, Farmer, before he manages to do some real harm.

  18. They do this shit because they can. They are accountable to NO ONE. Until that changes, nothing else will.

  19. Sounds to me like the Democrats want to find out what the 2nd. Amendment is really for.
    Excerpt from the Declaration of Independence.
    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

  20. Gang, do not fret. The Democrats have a small minority in both houses and there is zero chance Governor DeSantis would sign this garbage. They have brought up similar measures for twenty years now only to whine when it is tabled and not even voted on. They do this for the publicity exploiting the ignorant public and glorifying mass shootings as an excuse to attack the 2nd Amendment. We have been putting up with this garbage down here for decades and it just fades away after the initial headlines.

  21. well damn wheres enuf to tell us he’s so glad that Trump lost because he was such a threat to the republic, or miner 69er to remind us that its totally actually the republicans that are anti-gun and not to believe our lying eyes and ears?

  22. What really bothers me about all this is the sheer stupidity and MIA of the NRA to address the obvious solution to this whole snarl. I think the number of hunters who use a an AR platform to hunt can be figuratively counted on one hand, so it’s futile to try to assign this weapon as a “hunting rifle”. It is damn fun and very cheap to shoot and gives those who need it, a chance to play Soldier of Fortune. It is an excellent weapon for self defense with readily available ammo, low recoil and ease of operation for any one.
    The problem is it has been misused by criminals, crazies and those who have small reproductive organs. If the NRA stepped up and promoted rigorous standards for the possession, use and continued production of this firearm, the gun-grabbers would leave it alone. But NOOO! Bigmouth, pocket padding Wayne LaPierre can’t see the handwriting on the wall that with his present course the Second Amendment WILL become modified due to it’s first phrase -“A well regulated militia …”. The NRA was instrumental in the limited possession of automatic weapons (Browning Automatic Rifle etc.), with the 1938 Gun Control Act.
    So where the *uck are they now? If they keep this up we will end up like other countries where firearms are banned. Check this out

  23. THEY dont have to ban guns, THEY are just gonna make everything so expensive only the elites will have them.

    Vacations? No more sweaty unwashed masses filling planes and cruise ships to seedy tropical islands.

    Trucks and SUVs? Gas will be 8.00 a gallon in 2 years. Those 65K Silverados will be worthless when you try to trade on a Tesla.

    Houses and land? You will be priced out and forced into a tenement.

    Guns and ammo? No more mag dumps when a round of .223 costs 4.00 and a Taurus G2 costs 1000.00 with the new Reperations Tax.

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