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Golden State Governor Gavin Newsom has imposed all manner of fresh new gun control laws upon that state’s residents. Yet even with every imaginable rights-restricting law on the books, California has seen four high-profile “mass shootings” in the last month.

Impossible you say, given how political hacks assure us that more gun control will end so-called “gun violence?” It’s true.

From Law Enforcement Today:

On Sunday, four people were killed and six more wounded in Fresno when armed assailants sneaked into the backyard of a home and fired into crowd that had come for a football party.

On the day before, five family members were killed and another hospitalized in an apparent murder-suicide shooting in San Diego.

Earlier that week on Thursday, a 16-year-old Saugus High School student in Santa Clarita shot five classmates, killing two of them, before turning the gun on himself.

And just last month, five people were killed and several more injured on Halloween when a house party at a rented mansion in the tony bedroom community of Orinda erupted in gunfire.

At the Fresno murder spree, nobody following the law at the party had a gun to shoot back.  And the killers escaped. Ditto for the Orinda event.

California doesn’t permit 16-year-olds to buy guns. Or take them to school. Someone once told me the Golden State has a law against shooting people and murder, but that did nothing to stop a loser from taking a gun to class and killing people.

As for murder-suicides, nothing deters a would-be murderer like knowing his or her intended target might shoot back.

Law Enforcement Today looks at all manner of data from Gavin Newsom’s utopian paradise and what they found does not paint a pretty picture about the effectiveness of gun control in controlling crime.

From LET:

In a state that has adopted so many laws and practices pertaining to putting an end to gun violence, you’d think that California would lead the country in diminishing gun related deaths.

Yet, that’s just not the case, and what’s adding fuel to the proverbial fire of the gun control debate is that California has been host three mass shootings in a span of just four days.

The recent deadly shootings are reigniting the debate, but statistics show Californians are less likely to be killed by guns than people in most other U.S. states.

But that doesn’t mean California is all good, because while the state as a whole appears to be showing better numbers, three of the state’s cities make the list of the top 25 most dangerous cities in the United States.

Considering there’s a total of over 19,000 cities and towns in the United Sates, that’s not exactly a great claim to fame.

Yes, a lot of dangerous cities is no claim to fame. Neither are imposing every conceivable gun control law on the law-abiding citizens.

After all, gun control disarms victims, not criminals.

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  1. No cheers for the dumbasses that run Kalifornia. There couldnt have been 4 mass shootings happen there.
    The Gubbiner says it cant happen with more and more laws that don’t address criminals. Just laws making law abiding folks want to be a crook.

  2. These are not mass public shootings and falling into the anti-gun definitions gives them power. A mass public shooting is an individual walking into a public space and murdering people with a gun, with other connection to criminal activity….so 2 gang members shooting up a football party is not a mass public shooting. A family murder suicide is not a mass public shooting…..the anti-gunners use these attacks to lie about the frequency of public mass shootings to scare uninformed people into giving them the power to ban and confiscate guns……..You guys should know better. A real mass public shooter is a different crime from gang members shooting up a party….they are dealt with differently as crimes. Normal, uninformed Americans fall for the lie that we have over 300 mass shootings this year…that is a lie. Mother Jones, the left wing, anti-gun news org. has a real, mass public shooting data base…in 2018 there were 12 mass public shootings, with a total of 93 people killed. Knives killed over 1,500, Bicycles were involved in 345 deaths….that is why anti-gunners lie and include every gang shooting….12 is too low a number to stampede uninformed Americans…you should stop helping them..

    • Yeah, I also hate when PotG use the misleading terms of the anti-Rights crowd and the Lame Stream Media. It only seems to serve by misinforming people who don’t have the knowledge base to know better.

    • 2a, am I confused, or weren’t you trying to say “with *NO* other connection to criminal activity”? Or “without”, or whatever?

    • @2aguy
      I agree. I can’t understand why constitution supporters use the language of the gun haters. A modern sporting rifle is not an assault weapon, which in itself is a term invented to scare the ignorant public. A standard 30 round AR magazine isn’t high capacity, but the 10 round mags are low capacity.
      To those who are doing so, STOP using the language of the anti-constitutionalists.

    • You can define it anyway you want, chief. The point is still valid. Gun control disarms law-abiding citizens, not criminals. Fuck your definitions.

  3. Leftards being mentally ill as they are,do not comprehend the gun control/gun safety while un Constitutional is also a failure,however if they enact just one more infringement,it will be different.
    That does sound like the definition of crazy/mental illness

  4. Still waiting for .CA to execute some of these murderers but that will have to wait because Newsome overruled the voters on that one. Meanwhile it’s permitted to steal 950 dollars of merchandise and face no consequences.
    Nice place.

  5. 1. 1999: Bill Clinton is encouraging criminals to commit crimes to build support for new gun laws. “By not prosecuting and enforcing the laws that are there — we’re talking about felons and possession of guns, violent juveniles, gang members in possession of guns, drug dealers in possession of guns — they’re making a decision to let the blood flow on the streets… and they’re getting people killed every day,” LaPierre said on Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes on November 15, 1999.

    2. 2000: No, really, Clinton is letting criminals kill people to get the public to support gun control.

    Now change the name to Gov Newsom, from Clinton and the year to 2019. History is repeating itself.

  6. Gavin, the aider and abettor should be proud. This can along with his pardoned felons committing more crime. Jackass. For those who don’t know, he pardoned a couple of felons 2 or 3 months ago so they couldn’t be deported. Jackass isn’t strong enough &^%@@$^^ SOB is better.

  7. California continues to lead the nation in mass shootings over every other “lax” gun law state. Their stupid laws haven’t even made a dent. They can’t even drop the number of shootings below Texas or Florida. It’s laughable, gun control is completely discredited and they still keep trying.

    • They aren’t stupid, only devious. They know that these “laws” will only make things worse so they can enact more laws until there is no more Second Amendment ( death by a thousand cuts ). The whole idea is for enough ignorant people to want to give up their rights in exchange for safety. We see how that worked out in Hitler’s Germany. Was only peaceful for the dead.

    • They don’t care about crime, it is simply the excuse. They want totalitarian control of all the nation, and that won’t work with an armed populace.

  8. Most of the criminals were not caught so we do not know where they got their guns. Chances are they were illegal guns smuggled in from other States that had lax gun laws. Without uniform Federal Laws States with tough laws are rendered impotent when guns are available from States with lax laws.

    In the case of the kid who shot his classmates his mother is at fault for not obeying California safe storage law which would have kept the .45 he used locked up. Lock his mother up and throw the key away to make an example of her to the rest of the idiots that let loaded firearms laying around the house when they have kids.

    In the murder suicide we as of yet do not know if the man who killed his family was in possession of a legal gun or not. If he was prohibited did the gun come from out of state or perhaps it was a ghost gun?

    Making blanket statements that California gun laws do not work in all instances is false. No laws are perfect and work 100 per cent of the time so should we do away with laws against , rape, murder and theft just because the laws do not always prevent people from committing crime. What should be compared is yearly tallies which show which cities or states have the most crime and where did the weapons come from when the laws failed. And most of the time it all goes right back to a lack of Uniform Federal Laws.

    And as far as money for mental health Trump and the Republicans went all out to destroy the National Health Care Act and had nothing to replace it with and although they failed to completely destroy the NHCA they did indeed succeed in reducing the number of people able to get health care by up to 30 million by weakening the NHCA. It was an inhumane uncivilized act that even the German Nazi’s did not do in WWII and today in civilized countries taking away peoples health care would be labeled a criminal act.

    Republicans are the best friends the Gun Banners could ever hope to get. The hypocrites scream we need more mental health care to prevent gun violence and then they take away peoples health care or reduce their benefits so they can give themselves 2 trillion in tax breaks which of course they claimed they could afford. You cannot get people who are more depraved and greedy.

    The Gun owner is actually caught between both of the political parties, one of which wants to ban all guns and the other party is too cheap to fund any programs or to corrupt to pass any new Federal laws to prevent gun violence which only fuels the fire for more calls to ban all guns. Of course the law abiding gun owner gets all the blame and with the Blue Wave in 2020 a certainty as proven in the most recent landslide elections all Gun Owners will be living on borrowed time in 2020. With now Blue Virginia now getting ready to ban almost everything its just a harbinger of what is to come in 2020.

    And do not kid yourself the corrupt power mad Courts will bless it all just as they have always done when it comes to banning guns. They never met a gun ban law they did not love. In the last two years zero gun ban laws were overturned by the courts. If that does not convince you then you are living on drugs or in a fantasy world or hanging out on this forum too much where reality is akin to the Wonderful World Of OZ.

  9. “Without uniform Federal Laws States with tough laws are rendered impotent when guns are available from States with lax laws.”

    And here I thought that it was illegal for California residents to purchase a handgun out of state and transport it into Cali themselves, without going through a licensed dealer.

  10. CA gung grabbing politicians and civilians won’t stop their States civilian disarmament drive until every form of firearms are banned. At that point they will finally have to blame the guns in criminal hands while simultaneously writting laws to ban all types of knives. The Stringent U.K. gun control has not limited violence: over 43,000 blade weapon attacks recorded so far in 2019. Don’t ask, you know its illegal for U.K. Subjects to carry knives to defend themselves. ANTI GUN UTOPIA AWAITS!

  11. “Gun Control Utopia California Sees Four ‘Mass Shootings’ in Single Month”
    Good. Great.
    I hope they have Ten Mass Shootings the next month.
    The voter of California have brought it on themselves.
    They want to surrender their right to defend themselves in the
    mass shooting situations?
    That’s on their heads.
    The same goes for all the other ant-gun states.

    • “I hope they have Ten Mass Shootings the next month.”

      TTAG is not the place for idiots like you to be openly advocating for innocents to die, especially so you can smugly sit on your redneck porch while others clean up the blood.

      Don’t forget that 40% of the CA vote here went to the Republican candidate John Cox instead of Newsom last November. That’s 2 out of every 5 voters who did NOT vote for this Democrat insanity.

      You clearly have no clue what you’re talking about.

  12. They should do like Chicago, blame it all on lax gun laws/enforcement of neighboring states. Nevada comes to mind. Yep it’s all Nevada’s fault. Or, it could be blamed on the federalies.

  13. “At the Fresno murder spree, nobody following the law at the party had a gun to shoot back.”

    Go ahead and educate us on the specific law(s) that prevent people from arming themselves. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…


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