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An obviously suspicious transaction by a would-be mass shooter. CHARGE DECLINED (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
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Our morally superior betters in the media and among the fabulist grifters who run America’s Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex aren’t showing it, but behind the scenes, they’re panicked by photos like the one above.

That’s Stephanie the Suburban Soccer Mom dipping into her savings to buy a pistol, a shotgun, a case, and plenty of ammunition as a national emergency is declared and cities nationwide empty their jails. And the gun buying surge hasn’t slowed down much in recent weeks.

Imagine it being your job to tell her — and hundreds of thousands (millions?) of other middle-of-the-roaders —  that having a firearm in her home is simply too dangerous a proposition for the average American family to consider.

Good luck with that.

What is far more likely, and what many “preppers” fear the most, is a societal breakdown that causes other citizens to become the biggest danger. That can happen during a civil war, an invasion, a natural disaster, or a pandemic.

This is not meant to scare you. I’m optimistic. I believe that times of crisis can, and usually do, bring out the best in people. But there’s certainly some chance of violent disruption, especially on a local level. One percent? One-tenth percent? Five percent? Who knows?

As B.J. Campbell of Open Source Defense has written, those living in floodplains face a similar calculus. The “100-year flood” is one that has a 1% chance of occurring in any given year, which equates to a 26% chance that a flood will happen within the time of a 30-year mortgage. If your house is in the zone, you should probably have flood insurance.

A society-disrupting event where a gun might be useful, if not needed, might be a 1,000-year event, whatever the cause. A 0.1% chance of it happening in any given year equates to a 92.3% chance it doesn’t occur within an 80-year lifespan. That, of course, leaves a 7.7% chance it does.

Of course, there are more things to consider than this simple math. This is not a time to simply say, “Checkmate, gun grabbers.” But the personal choice of whether to have a gun should change with the times and the situation. Some people will have a new view of the possible dangers in the world, and that will have to be weighed against the risks of owning a gun.

– Trevor Burrus in COVID-19 could change the gun control debate for a generation

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  1. Some people will have a new view of the possible dangers in the world, and that will have to be weighed against the risks of owning a gun.

    …and many people may, just may, realize a key danger in this world is Governments that can virtually imprison us and abrogate our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected liberties and rights by decree without peaceable recourse in the name of “public health and safety” concerns. This is being demonstrated daily in the majority of the “United States of America” right now. That awakening may be one of the best things to come out of the Chinese Virus fiasco.

    • “…Governments that can virtually imprison us and abrogate our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected liberties and rights by decree without peaceable recourse in the name of “public health and safety” concerns.”

      Seeing a taste of that right now in Michigan :

      “Lockdown-Backlash Begins: Angry Crowd Surrounds Capitol, Demands Michigan Governor Reopen Economy”

      The natives are getting restless, and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is fantasizing about national office :

      “Michigan Gov. Whitmer: I’m Fortunate To Have My Name Considered” For Vice President”

      Not surprising, isn’t it? 🙂

      • I watched News Coverage of the protest in Lansing yesterday. I don’t know if Michiginians like being referred to as Wolverines, but it reminded me of when General George Armstrong Custer urged the Michigan Union Cavalry to charge and route J.E.B. Stewart’s Confederate Cavalry in the great Battle of Gettysburg by shouting “C’mon you Wolverines!” as he led their charge. You Michiginians…you Wolverines…set a great example for the rest of us yesterday. Thank-you and God Bless you!

        • Wolverines are the mascot for University of Michigan; Michigan State are the Spartans. But Wolverines also brings to mind Red Dawn, not at all an unworthy parallel though our enemy this go is not the USSR; it still is a communist-cultured virus.

        • Let me stop you right there…
          The only people who say “Michiganians” are people from outside Michigan and people on the west side who have too much Chicago in their blood.
          We are MICHIGANDERS… except for the hardcore Ted Nugent fans, who prefer to be known as Michiganiacs.

          And you if you try to call somebody who has MSU in their family instead of UofM a Wolverine, that Spartan is likely to punch you in the throat.
          (go blue, screw ohio state)

        • Yeah. I grew up 30 miles south of Monroe. My ancestors were in Cobbs’ Legion under Stuart. One GGUncle was killed during their rear guard charge protecting the 120 stolen Yankee
          wagons where Custer’s horse was shot from under him. He took a private’s horse. Almost got him that day. Sitting Bull would have thanked Stuart. If you ever read his book, My Life on the Plains, it’s almost like he had a split personality. On July 3rd, Custer led a charge where his men ran into a fence and Confederates picked off the Yankees off
          their horses over the other side If the fence and took them prisoner. That was near Hunterstown. Custer was way too impulsive just as he was in 1876.
          There is no glory in war-which is why we have the 2A as a hopeful deterrent.

        • I’m not following the news closely these days, but I did catch a report from some outlet or another. Apparently they saw one car with a confederate flag, so the whole gathering was about racism or something. Good reminder of why I stopped following the news closely.

      • They just put her in last year. Already there is talk of a recall. She has clearly showed her authoritarian streak

        • This is good news for Michigan, such a bad taste in the people’s mouth from a Democrat bodes well for the presidential election…

        • We have alcohol “Your papers, please” wanna-be Nazi news today :

          “Before Monday afternoon, liquor stores in counties across Ohio were overflowing — with Pennsylvanians.

          “It’s mind-boggling,” Linda Johnson, the manager of the liquor store at Devine Shop and Save in Hubbard, a small town just five minutes from the border, said around noon on Monday. “95 percent of our customers are from Pennsylvania.”

          Yet at 3 p.m., an announcement from Columbus ended the party. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine ordered that liquor stores in the six Ohio counties closest to Pennsylvania — Ashtabula, Trumbull, Mahoning, Columbiana, Jefferson and Belmont — can only sell liquor to customers with Ohio IDs.”

        • Geoff PR,

          Many people are quick to say that liquor stores should be non-essential.

          Let me say this. Last night I wrapped up three really long days (about 14 hours each day) of intense paperwork/calculations. To say that I was mentally fried is an understatement. I honest-to-God NEEDED a stiff cocktail or two to unwind/de-stress after all that. Seriously. Not being able to unwind/de-stress would have legitimately resulted in deteriorated physical and mental status.

          From that perspective, liquor was a significant item that assisted in helping me maintain positive/good overall health and feelings.

        • “Many people are quick to say that liquor stores should be non-essential.”

          Since it’s estimated about 10 percent of people have a problem with alcohol, the cops and the hospitals don’t need the aggravation of drunks going through withdrawal, so the smart thing to do is keep the sauce flowing…

        • Geoff. In my area the stores that sell liqour also sell all sorts of things. Food. TP. Etc. To shut them would be to add stress on the already crowded and harried supermarkets.

          I don’t drink. But closing liqour stores in my area would be a bad call.

      • She just made sure that Michigan will be firmly in the Trump camp come November.

        People subject to the Democrats petty tyranny won’t forget on election day.

        • And I Thank her. A true Communist Liberal showing her true colors. I hate to say it but I know just how you feel, I look forward to polishing off a good cold beer when I get off work. It only needs to be one but that seems to take the blade off the sword for today’s work.

        • She just made sure that Michigan will be firmly in the Trump camp come November.

          Unless this chump Michigan Congressman Justin Amash actually does try to run against Trump as an Independent, he could draw enough votes away from Trump to give Michigan to whoever winds up running as the Dem candidate… Amash WAS a Republican and was the only Republican Congressman to vote FOR Trumps impeachment….

      • They had better be very careful of little ‘surprises’ being hidden in these *massive* bills being passed…

        • Yep. Definitely NOT a time to “pass it so we can find out what’s in it”. There was a guy named Johnny B who claimed on YouTube that Pelosi was trying to add the text of HR5717 to the next Relief Bill {which would be a disaster of epic magnitude for POTG}, however, his claim was never verified. Initially, this fellow said it was reported by the National Association of Gun Rights, but their website had no such article posted, and neither did anyone else I could find.
          Reported by A Delorable in the TTAG article:

          YouTube Johnny B’s video:

    • Gun Control will always be the Lefties agenda. It’s one of the eight big plays in their play book. Can’t control armed citizens to make them subservient subjects. Watched three one-hour documentaries on Hitler, Stalin, and Mao this afternoon while “COVID-19 sheltering.” Demonstrated how absence of guns in the hands of the Little Peeps were important to their reigns of terror. “World Leaders agree. Gun Control is Effective…signed: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, OBummer, Butto O’Dork, Pochantas, Bolshevik Bernie, Mini Mikey Bloomers, Where-Am-I Joey, Ditzy Diane, Nutty Nancy, NucU Swallowswell, Love-the-Big-One Buttswigler,….. It’s in their DNA. Moms Demand Action are Useful Idiots for disarming the Little Peeps. Wonder what their demands will be should American disarmament eventually result in American genocide?

  2. Stephanie, please don’t buy firearms in a big box store. Go to a gun show, or guns America/gunbroker / armslist / buds / etc.

    • No gun shows being held right now. Online sales might be okay, if you can find an FFL willing to do business right now.

      • Thats what I’m finding out now. My regular FFL isn’t doing any business in his house and the stores won’t take a gun in. If I want to buy what they have left on the shelf they will sell it to me. one store asked 50 dollars for the FFL services, about double what it should be.

        So we have gun purchase limitations right now as a result. Fortunately I’m good with my current inventory.

        • Wow so now we can’t buy guns & ammo from a “big box”? Pretty sure Cabela’s supports my 2A right’s AND employs a LOT of locals. Ditto for Shoot Point Blank…where I can shoot my AR & my shotgun and buy guns& ammo affordably! My “local” gunshop SUX…

        • Provided Cabelas has what you want and doesn’t charge a lot for it. Or if your OK with all that.

          I’m interested in a particular pistol none of the stores carry. I only found it online.

        • Cabelas forbids even there firearms sales people from carrying. One manager told me it was because it would make there employees a target in a shooting. After that I never purchased from Cabelas again.

        • “Double what it should be.”

          Nice to know you don’t value their time. Time taken from customers actually buying from them.

        • Double what it was last month more like it.
          They don’t value my business now or in the future that’s ok with me. Any business doubling fees or prices won’t get any money from me

    • Tim-I go to the employee owned big box store and pay more over a smaller one because of their warranty. I bought a lemon of a cmmg 5.7 banshee, and I had to send it back. Cmmg said the 5.7 is hard to make reliable in an ar15 design, which was a lie to cover up their magazine well issues, that they corrected by making their own magazine. The box store took the gun back and refunded my money after 5 months of me trying to get it to be considered safe as a pdw. I asked what would have happened while I was in the smaller gun store, and they would have made me deal with cmmg, who already ied about the defect.

  3. This is not a time to simply say, “Checkmate, gun grabbers.

    It is absolutely not the time to jab that stick in the gun-grabbers eye cause they are not letting this slow them down, Brother Black Face/KKK in Virginia has signed a stupid number of bills passed by his Nazi Corps in Va. and there are hundreds more making their way through State and Federal committees and legislatures while you are supposedly distracted by the Commie Flu… Question, How high is the confidence level that the cops won’t follow orders of confiscation after watching State and local police tromp all over peoples freedom of Religion, right to assemble and freedom of speech and expression? And that’s just one weekend… The Constitution has been shredded and no matter how well intentioned it is not acceptable from any level of government…

  4. RE: risks, odds and chances, whether it be a 100-year flood plain or chances of societal breakdown, another way to look at it is that all odds are 50%: either a thing will happen or it won’t.

    • The most useful thing I learned at Harvard Business School was, the odds don’t matter if you can’t afford the stakes.

    • When it comes to odds on a lot of things, I go with the zero vs. greater-than-zero calculation. To wit: My chances (at my age) of defending myself without a firearm from an attacker are zero. My chances of defending myself with a firearm are greater than zero. Ergo, carry a firearm.

    • I bet you think you have a 50% chance of winning the lottery, because by that logic, you’re either going to win, or you arent.

  5. The America that most of us on TTAG grew up with teaches hard work, honesty and respect to our fellow man. At its best it taught the beatitudes. It also very importantly taught self reliance.
    Many Americans raised in the last 50 years have not experienced any true hardships nor are they self reliant. The best thing that can come out of this is Americans realizing they are in charge of their life. Guns are a tool that ultimately allows freedom and responsibility. “An armed society is a polite society.”

    • Well said. I would add to that by saying many Americans will come out of this realizing their responsibility for themselves. Many others, however, will continue to fall further into the mindset that Government is their benefactor. We will see a deepening schism between the two camps over the coming years.

  6. RE: stats, odds and chances. Whether it be a 100-year flood or societal breakdown, another way to look at it is that all odds are 50%: either a thing will happen or it won’t.

  7. ‘The Bill of Rights, as you well know, protects Americans’ rights — enshrines their right to practice their religion as they see fit and to congregate together to assemble peacefully,” Tucker Carlson said. “By what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights in issuing this order? How do you have the power to do that?”

    “That’s above my pay grade, Tucker,” NJ Gov. Murphy responded. “I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this”

    It’s okay to nonchalantly toss the Bill of Rights into the can when you have good intentions??

    • Saw that and while it’s not the entire interview which i thought showed the Gov to be acting very responsibly it contradicted his statement that he doesn’t go to the mens room without consulting attorneys.
      In matters of religion, guns, and general freedom it seems the governor is outranked somehow.

      • Outranked…by whom?

        I’m starting to think it’s time we summarily disemployed a few dozen of these rat bastards and reset their notions of who does the hiring and firing around here.

      • Looks like he’s outranked by the people pulling his strings with dollars attached. He won’t dare go against the real money.

  8. It’s not just the huge number of new gun owners, it’s that the anti-freedom crowd are really coming out of the closet. They’ll have a hard time making some of their classic arguments in the future.

  9. Women especially have to get over that yuck/fear factor in owning firearms. As it is an equalizer. Of course proper training in the safety, handling and legal use of firearms is vitally important. As the aphorism goes: God created man. Sam Colt made them equal.

    • “Women especially have to get over that yuck/fear factor in owning firearms.”

      Any sane woman will have no problem doing that if they fear their children are in danger. We need to exploit that…

      • Women have the added fear of rape to motivate them into gun ownership. Men worry about being robbed, beaten or killed. Women put rape in front of that list.

        • Most women are fearful. Yet when their loved ones are in danger they become a mama bear and would do anything to save those they love. We have to ask them, “Do you want harsh words or a gun when the bad man is about to kill your child?” “Do you want to see your grandchildren?” “Do you want to see them grow up?” “Do you want to grow old with your husband?” Most women aren’t as concerned for themselves as they should be and are not inclined to do violence. But if we couch it in terms where we engage the emotions they would have in those situations it’s easier for them to see the logic of owning and using guns.

  10. Our “morally superior betters” who think there is zero downside to late term abortion (to the baby or the mother or society) so they run a campaign to normalize it and shout your abortion – express on social media how proud you are of your abortion.

    These people also think it’s great to have highly sexualized drag queens read propaganda stories to young children. As if that indoctrination isn’t enough, then they encourage young boys to emulate adult drag queens. This somehow proves that you’re a good person because you’re so tolerant. They have to go out of their way to prove they’re good people because they don’t understand true morality.

    • Ever notice that no “apocalypse/breakdown/TEOTWAWKI” movies show any drag queens or people fumbling over which pronoun to use when addressing someone? Nonsense like that typically falls off the table when our minds are re-focused on what’s important.

      • In other words, the Party of Immorality hasn’t been focusing on what’s really important. Maybe the rest of America will finally wake up to the spell they’ve been put under from 90% of the media, celebrities, and academia, which are all just propaganda pushers for the DNC. Notice how these miscreants automatically defend the WHO and China, even after this mess.

  11. It’s a mixed bag out there of incompetence, hijacking a crisis for a completely unrelated political agenda, and very sound advice on how to save lives during a pandemic.

    All orders, executive orders, decrees and commands are unconstitutional. That doesn’t mean the advice is bad, it is very good advice where it is truly about the disease. Obviously, tying the disease into gun control wet dreams is dishonest as hell.

    What is missing is the concept of leadership. In a time of war and national peril Americans have shown that they can be lead to do the right things without the need of monarchical, tyrannical edicts from on high. This is where leaders at every level have failed us. First in not comprehending what to do as the science and intel were telling them early on, and second to inspire and lead without trampling upon the Bill of Rights.

    I’m pleased we are winning more on the pro-gun side than we are losing on the anti-gun side. I hope in the end, we will win many more of these stupid, distracting from what we need to be doing in a pandemic, hoplophobic side shows.

    I do not believe in societal breakdown, that is not demonstrated by history. The long trend of civilization is towards its growth, its survival against many challenges. This current challenge will continue, ebb and flow, surge and retreat, until we have a vaccine and proven anti-viral treatments. Civilized society will experience many difficulties, adapt in a perfectly chaotic human fashion, advance and recover and grow anyway.

    Because that is human history, the long term mcro trend away from chaos and violence, not towards it.

    And now, large numbers of Americans have more firearms and ammunition to help them feel and be secure in this natural drive.

    • @enuf – well reasoned and well stated. I agree except that with the massive influx of those who do not share our culture and are infesting our country with their third-world cultures and ideologies, I do think some period of national violence is inevitable. Ultimately it will be for the cause of restored order, but without some level of cleansing, we are not going to survive. Marxism must be eliminated from our society, or at least severely weakened, or we are not going to survive as a country.

      BTW: there will never be a vaccine for this virus. There is no cure for the common cold. There will be something marketed as a cure for COVID19 but will simply be an excuse to mark all human beings for tracking.

      • Sometimes the flu vaccine is supposedly only 15% effective. Even then, some people would just little to no symptoms without a vaccine at all. I quit taking it over a decade ago, when I caught the flu after getting the vaccine.

    • This is why I believe someone hijacks enuf’s username from time to time. The above comment was very well stated, as is often the case with him. But sometimes absolutely crap is posted under the same name, crap that doesn’t even match the same writing style.

  12. We can now officially end the argument that no one ever needs a gun and that the authorities will always protect you. Also gone in the notion that the 2nd amendment was about hunting for food. Tack on the myth busting fact it’s really hard to buy a gun in some states and near impossible in some cities.

    Release the criminals from jail so you don’t have to pay for their covid19 treatment and you have a recipe for trouble.

    • Something tells me that the release of prisoners isn’t about C-19. Creating another new crisis will fit in with their agenda. “To fight a new surge in crimes, we need to take away some more of your civil rights. You won’t mind, if it make your town safer.”

      • Part of it certainly is about the disease, and concerns about subsequent lawsuits.

        Some guy gets arrested on a BS charge, gets a bad case of the disease, survives with a few hundred grand in Bill’s and then beats the charge and the municipality is shutting themselves. Rise and repeat a dozen times for a big city, roll that into a class action… yeah, they’re concerned about that kind of thing. I mean, the pols are all lawyers FFS.

    • The author mentions a 1,000 society disrupting event. I agree with your point and I don’t think the 1,000 year event is the problem. A local lack of lawlessness is more likely than all of society collapsing. We’ve seen the local issues before. Rodney King riots, Katrina, any weekend in Chicago, etc. There are a few stories coming out of NYC lately too.

      Any politician or government official that restricts rights during a local event should be tried as an accessory to every crime committed during that time if the victim was unable to protect themselves through no fault of their own. For example, Ray Nagin, aka prisoner number 32751-034, should be held accountable for incidents resulting from his gun seizure after Katrina. It would be really good if he were convicted after serving his sentence for fraud and other charges so he could not serve them concurrently.

  13. For some it might be instructional to watch the available video of what went on outside the 1968 Democratic Convention.

    For others it might be eye opening to learn that even with that shit on TV the police/military response had the support of 58% of the country two days later.

    There are multiple forms of lawlessness to be concerned about. Some of which may actually be rather popular.

    • As I recall that was the democrat party VS the residue of the sixties which is today’s insane socialist democRat Party.

      • Your recollection is incorrect and even if it were correct it still wouldn’t be justification for the police state. A police state going after people you don’t like will eventually be turned against you, probably with majority support of your own countrymen.

        Marines on libbo in Austrailia saw that shit on the news and thought it was a Soviet crackdown in Eastern Europe until the announcer said it was in Chicago. That speaks volumes if you’re willing to listen.

        And Wisconsin just extended it’s “Stay at Home” order until May 26. How long are people going to listen and what are the powers that be going to do when people stop listening/complying?

        1968 wasn’t just a watershed year in American politics, interestingly similar to 2020 is many ways, there were riots in the street and military deployed all over the country. It wasn’t a good situation at all and going back down that road is something we should try to avoid.

        I made a comment yesterday about a “California Stategic Hamlet Program”. Maybe some people here get that reference. Either way, I was only half joking.

    • “Gentlemen, get the thing straight once and for all – the policeman isn’t there to create disorder, the policeman is there to preserve disorder.”

      — Richard Daley on the 1968 Democrat Convention Police Riot

  14. I once experienced a 500 year flood. It was breathtaking! One memory is a partially filled 5,000 gallon fuel oil tank hitting a very old bridge at maybe 5-10 MPH, shaking it, then diving under the bridge, and popping up like a big cork on the downstream side. And the bridge survived. This Covid-19 event is equivalent to that 500 year flood.

    These big events certainly change lots of attitudes in the short term, but that flood was in 1985 and as time passed and life continued memories faded. As a field geologist I worked outside as a professional observer and, in places where I was familiar, marveled in the changes but realized others did not even notice. As the years passed an increasing number of younger people hadn’t experienced the life changing event at all.

    The bottom line is, although it appears “things will never be the same” we cannot sit on our laurels assuming that the gun control argument has been made for all times.

  15. Never Fails…First thing a gun control zealot does when cornered is play the race card. That’s right, Americans who are Defending The Second Amendment of The Constitution of The United States are called Racists and Nazis. Slandering and libeling those who stand for freedom shows how misled and history illiterate Gun Control zealots are. Gun Control Is Clearly Rooted In Racism. That’s Chiseled.

    Until Gun Control is seen as being synonymous with slavery, segregation, lynching, the KKK, Jim Crow, Eugenics and other race based atrocities belonging to the democRat Party your freedom is not secure. If any cornered Gun Control zealot wants to see a racist and a nazi all they have to do is look in a mirror.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • Debbie:
      Like you said, the democrats are the party of slavery and the KKK. I’m an OFWG, but I have some friendly advice for my co-patriots of other races:
      1. Buy a gun and learn how to use it.
      2. Remember: There is no such thing as a free lunch.
      3. So: Quit voting for Democrats. They claim to be your friends, but they’re playing you for suckers.

  16. I think a lot of people have a really hard time with the thought that they are in charge of their own safety and security. I believe they are scared and insecure at the thought that their police and elected officials can not protect them. For many, packing hit can help alleviate those fears. And it’s true, you can protect yourself, your loved ones, and your stuff.

    • Around the same time that the Party of Hypocrites treat the credible allegations against Joe Biden the same as the flimsy allegations against Justice Kavanaugh. In other words, don’t hold your breath.

  17. 2017 seasonal flu deaths — 80,000.

    WuFlu deaths so far — just under 30,000 so far. Not counting the economy and the Bill of Rights.

  18. Good for stephanie and the probably millions of others buying their first gun recently but I really wish these people would realize danger that requires you to have a gun is unpredictable. Owning and carrying a gun should be like owning and wearing a belt or pair of pants…it should be considered normal and the people who dont do it will be considered weird.

  19. I am not surprised.

    Remember the Black Lives matter movement, and how it sowed distrust in law enforcement, and thus called into question law enforcement’s ability to enforce “common sense”, “sensible” gun legislation in an even-handed manner?

  20. I may have missed it in this exceptional blog, but right along with watching the ‘gun grab’, we need to be paying AS close attention to illegal ammo laws. So, I think we really need to be viewing this holistically, not ‘just’ guns: look at what CA is trying to do to Cali’s ability to buy ammunition.

    The Left sees this is as an ‘easier’ path to eliminating 2nd Amendment rights because, as globalists, it’s largely how Europe has disarmed it’s population.

    I worked in Italy for several years, and they are a perfect example; you can own just about any firearm you can afford. Getting ammunition? Really difficult.

    So, ammo laws exist at both the federal and state levels, allowing states to further control gun ammunition by instituting more regulations and laws to restrict the ammunition as THEY deem appropriate.

    An this is the sleight of hand nobody is talking about….

    Cheers –

  21. The statistic that having a gun in the home supposedly makes it more dangerous is oversimplified anyway. Imagine saying that people who drive sports cars are statistically a lot more likely to get into a car accident. But then if it is determined that this is solely due to the behavior of sports car drivers and not the cars themselves, then driving a sports car does not statistically increase the risk for YOU yourself at all. You might drive a Lamborghini everyday to work and never have an accident. Same with a gun. If homes with guns in them have a statistically higher chance of negligent discharges and accidental shootings of people, that doesn’t mean that there is any higher such risk for a gun in YOUR home, because such things occur again due to faulty human behavior. If 99 out of every 100 gun owners end up shooting themselves at some point and it is shown that this is due to lack of gun safety adherence, then your owning a gun means nothing regarding whether you will shoot yourself. As long as you adhere to gun safety practices, you will be fine. As such, it isn’t the gun that is more dangerous in the home, it is the people that can be.

    So telling someone that bringing a gun into your home statistically makes it where you yourself or a family member are more likely to be shot with said gun then using it to defend yourself is at best oversimplified, at worst completely meaningless.

  22. Let’s apply all the same restrictions to the gun grabbers on their first amendment rights as they do on our 2nd! Such as age restrictions, mental, drug, fingerprinting, state, county, city as well as federal checks as well as permits required and last but not least speech free zones! After all it does not say the 1st amendment cannot be infringed!!!


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