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“Under the current Republican-dominated political narrative, gun enthusiasts have not engaged in nearly as much panic buying as they did in previous cycles, following mass shootings or in the aftermath of heightened Democrat party rhetoric on tightening gun ownership laws,” analyst Scott Stember said in a note.

“While the lion’s share of industry players prefer not to run their businesses based on politically-fueled surge activity,” he said, many are “prepared to pick up the pace from a production standpoint, if rhetoric in the upcoming election cycle starts to heat up and creates a new lift in demand by way of panic buying.”

– Felice Maranz in Gun Firms May ‘Pick Up the Pace’ as Election Nears, Analyst Says

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  1. Don’t panic buy, buy right now while ammo and bang sticks are dirt cheap! PSA ar-15 upper/lower for around $350 before s&h, .45acp for 25 cents a round shipped, .22lr for 3 cents a round. Optics for 25% off on Primary Arms. Etc…

    • Forget the term “panic” buying! Panic implies some kind of senseless, desperate, last ditch insanity. The left has made their intentions clear, and purchasers in these conditions are making a clear-eyed, reasoned, and sensible decision to be ready. Call it “preparedness” buying?

      • Preparedness.

        Yes, this is the correct term. Starting in 2016, after our then-Governor Moonbeam Brown signed our now-infamous “ammo registration” bill into law (which was implemented last year), I started buying extra every time I went to the ammo counter. Stockpiling to prepare for the coming deadline.

        This is the same reason why I’ve built/purchased/stored all my guns and ammo, because here in CA the Leftards in Sacramento have managed to increasingly tighten the noose around ammunition (now requires a background check which 20% of law-abiding people cannot pass due to technicalities), transfers (starting in 2014, all family transfers of long guns – even heirlooms – must be registered), and now 80% frames (starting in 2025, because everyone knows that only criminals want to build their own guns off the radar, right)?

        Preparedness. Because Leftards.

    • Hell yeah buy it! I gonna have to find another part time job and watch less nascar and live pd on tv, I wanna buy mo guns before the communists and the libtards ban all guns. Freedom isn’t free.

      • It’s supposed to be funny, but if they get a half of a chance, that is exactly what they will do. Observe trends in leftist controlled states like California, New Jersey and recently Virginia. Ask leftist gun grabbers like ‘Mr. and Mrs. America, give them all up!’ Feinstein or “You don’t want regular people to carry guns” Bloomberg.


  2. As stated in another post…this is a GREAT time to buy or stock up
    ammo and magazines (low, standard AND high capacity) are CHEAP and available…as are guns…new and used…

      • High capacity is generally considered more than the standard capacity. For your g17, it would be a 33rd magazine. For the AR15 line it would be things line the Pmag 40, the D60 or other drums, the Surefire magazines.

        But I feel like you already know this.

        • I call those magazines. Never concede the language to the opposition. He who controls the language, controls the debate.

        • Except if my state mandates 10 round magazines the 17 round!standard! capacity mags that came with my 92a1 would be high capacity mags and I’ll be a felon

        • Just because they are trying to demomize detachable magazines and miss categorize most of them does not mean that high capacity is not a category.

          It may be their terminology but it does not mean that it cannot be used correctly.

        • @PTM,

          Since you actually had to ask, we’re now all aware that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          As mentioned above, “high capacity” simply means a greater capacity than that which the gun was designed as standard. So, anything above 17 rds for a G17, or more than 30 for a typical AR-15, or such.

          The problem is when states such as CA, NY, and others try to re-write the definition and say anything above their belief of what a citizen should carry (10 rds, in CA’s case) is “high capacity”. Nevermind a person can simply put a second mag in their pocket and have more rounds on their person than the single 17-rd mag would have provided.

          But then, Leftards.

          The more comments I read from you, PTM, starting when you suddenly appeared on TTAG several weeks ago, the more I understand that you really don’t know that much.

        • “The more comments I read from you, PTM, starting when you suddenly appeared on TTAG several weeks ago, the more I understand that you really don’t know that much.”

          Paul was run out of town on the next rail by the founder of TTAG, RF.

          RF ran his ass off for being a world-class asshole. And he wasn’t missed in the least… 🙂

        • If the mag, fully loaded, causes the gun to be too heavy to carry, then it is a “high capacity” magazine, thus only useful for fixed positions.

        • No, “Geoff” … I was never banned from TTAG. I lost interest because of Farago’s obsession with bashing LEO. I’m glad he is gone and I’m enjoying being back. TTAG has noticeably improved with my brilliant observations and comments.


        • That was a concept known as ‘sarcasm’, Paul.

          It went right over your (rather pointed) head because you are a prime example of the “Dunning–Kruger effect” :

          “In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.”

        • LOL, and you, “Geoff” missed my sarcasm. But, since I am so intelligent, I have to put up with people with lower IQs. It’s a burden.

          But it’s fun watching you get all worked up over my comments.

          • Another “VLAD”? Just when I was getting used to ignoring the OTHER? one.. Oh well there is always room for one more SUPERIOR intellect in any discussion… Diversion and amusement CAN be one in the same……

      • I prefer the term “Improved Capacity”.

        Anything less than what the gun was designed to carry is “Political Capacity”, if it is a legal thing.

        I do have a 5 round magazine for my AR’s, it is a training aid for new shooters.

        For a while I wanted a Surefire 60 or a Beta-C double drum on my AR’s. But the cost was prohibitive, I could buy a whole bunch of normal 30 round Pmags for the same money and reports on those bigger mags reliability were mixed at best.

        Still, if someone would make a 50 round or larger drum that would feed in my Ruger PC Carbine, I’d be very tempted.

        • Hah! Your post reminded me of the National Matches, where I discovered all the different clips available for the Garand! Just about anything from 2 round to 8, 5’s were quite popular, I would have never dreamed!

        • They already do. SGM Tactical makes a 50 rd drum for Glocks that will work in your carbine. Additionally, Magpul just introduced 2 50 rd drums for PCCs that take glock mags.

        • @Texican:

          There are YouTubes of people trying a variety of Glock drums on the Ruger PCC, and they jam. The problem is the long vertical rise from the drum that is designed to be supported by the full length interior of a pistol’s mag-well. Without that, the weight of the drum is at the end of a lever arm, and it wobbles around. What is needed is a drum designed with a short riser to fit flush under the Ruger PCC, instead of hanging down far beneath it at the end of that lever arm.

        • That’s just what I need for my Ruger PCC: a 50 round magazine so I can burn up ammunition faster than I can afford to pay for same. Phooey!

  3. We heard for years that Barack Hussein Obama was America’s best gun salesman. If Trump wins this November, don’t punish the gun manufacturers who work so hard to develop every variation and flavor of gun you ask for! Go out and celebrate by buying that gun you WOULD have bought if Robert Francis O’Rourke the Irish Mexican won.

    • The disconcerting thing, is that if Trump does get a second term, god only knows what he might do in regards to gun control. Bureaucratic bump-stock bans may be mild in comparison. Either way, it would be prescient to acquire any desired armaments and ammunition in advance.

      • Relax dude, Trump will NOT stomp on your 2A OR mine. I cannot believe you people are still butt hurt over a shitty bump stock.. That is why we have courts, if you don’t like it challenge it, there are plenty of LIBERAL lawyers that will take ANY case against TRUMP Pro Bono… National Red Flag never happened, no confiscation, gun ban, magazine capacity limits, National Registry etc, etc, etc……… Any alternative to Trump will see Virginia on STEROIDS and then you will REALLY have something to sit behind your keyboard and bitch about…. You people have GOT to learn to start watching what Trump DOES and quit paying so much attention to what he SAYS……..

  4. I survived the last long dry spell by having an impressive stock of reloading components. As a result I was able to shoot for years several times a week.

    • It never fails: a reloader will jump in and virtue signal about reloading. Me? I buy tens of thousands of rounds in my calibers and I’m set. Everyone has to decide how to handle this. Reloading is not a cure-all, be-all or end-all. I have watched reloaders cry and weep when they could not get components.

      • The problem I have with reloading is the cost in time. With ammo so cheap, I won’t bother reloading “standard ” ammo. 5.56, 9mm is not worth my time for bulk reloading.

        I do reload though.

        • The mere convenience of not having to purchase equipment and supplies makes buying ready made ammo the best deal for me. Reloading, like many things, is not for everyone….

        • For me reloading is a hobby to itself. Anything to do with precision measuring I’m there. I build my own race engines too.

          I save about 2 cents per round in 147 grain 9mm over aluminum Blazer. I’d reload my own even if it wasn’t cheaper.

        • With tuna cans so cheap, I would not waste time fishing. With Walmart clothing so cheap, I don’t understand why my friend’s mom wastes time crocheting.
          Reloading is supposed to be fun hobby in the first place. If it’s a labor for you, there is no point in it.

      • Yeah I like to keep at least 5000 rounds each in 5.56, (*.223*), 300 blk and 7.62×39… another 1000 in 7.62x54R, 1000 for the 1916 Gerwher 98k and 1000 each in .45 APC, 10mm, 9mm, 357 mag and I have so much .22lr that I don’t even bother to try to count it, I just buy 500 or 1000 every time I see it on sale.. I only have about 500 for my AMT 22 automag but it’s just an emergency backup and about 500 in 38 special for my wifes CC.. oh yeah there is also the 400 00 12 gauge but who’s counting…. *The .223 is my primary range round for my ARs in 5.56/.223* cheaper…

  5. I’m doing OK for the 1st time ever. Looking to buy a new handgun and a shotgun this year. And a gun for the wife. And 10round magazine’s for my AR before ILL bans higher than that…AND😩

    • Decent pump shotguns can be had for pretty cheap. If you go for a Mossberg and want to customize down the road, go for the 590 over the 500. Easier to change the forend and add a mag extension.

      • Shooting skeet with a Mossy pump with 18″ bbl is so much fun you could split a gut. My son and I were still giggling hours later.

    • I am shopping for a pistol for my better half too and have it narrowed down to either a S&W .380 EZ or Walther CCP M2. She cannot rack the slide on my Glock 43. Suggestions anyone?

      • I think the Walther looks interesting. I have a Springfield 911 380 for pocket carry. The slide racks easy and it has great sights. I had some initial issues with it and had to send it back (amazing customer service btw), and now it runs great. I got one as soon as they came out (never a good idea), so maybe they worked out the issues now. Que the Springfield hate. I wasn’t much of an online reader at the time, so didn’t realize I was supposed to hate Springfield lol.

      • Hush,

        In my experience almost all women who are unable to rack the slide on handguns are not using a “proper” technique. Once you show them the “proper” technique, almost all of them can rack the slide on all but the most difficult of handguns.

        Here is what most people do that does not work well:
        Let us consider someone who is right-hand dominant. Typically, many/most people hold their handgun with their right hand way out in front of their body at chest height. And they hold it pretty much upright just like they would hold it if they were going to shoot it. Then, with their left hand, they try to grip the slide with their fingers and thumb and pull their left hand back toward their body. And it often does not work well.

        Now, here is the technique that works for almost everyone. I will explain for a right-hand dominant person. Hold your handgun with your right hand at waist (belt) level with your right elbow significantly bent and the handgun fairly close to your body. And hold the handgun almost sideways “gangster style”. Next, with your left hand, grip the slide between your fingers and the palm of your hand. Finally, hold your left hand still and push the handgun forward with your right hand to cycle the slide.

        I kid you not. This technique works almost every time.

        So, the main difference with this “proper” technique:
        (1) Hold the handgun lower and close to the body.
        (2) Hold the handgun almost sideways.
        (3) Grip the slide between your fingers and palm (not your thumb).
        (4) Push the handgun forward with your RIGHT hand.

        Have your wife try this with your Glock 43.

        • Thank You Uncommon(good)_Sense. I’ll try that technique today and let you know how it works. We are frying shrimp and fish with onion rings etc Grab the wife and come on over………

        • Uncommon_Sense, thanks again for the tip and it helped me. But the better half still cannot rack the 43 slide. She is just too weak. She can rack the Shield EZ, so that is most likely what we will purchase for her. The shrimp and fish are frying and will be utterly delectable!

        • Nice instructions for muzzling the rest of the firing line or your elbow. Try arms extended with the gun pointing forward and down at a 45 degree angle. You’re right about the slide grip. Now rotate your shoulders (grip side forward, slide side back). You can even get your hips and legs involved for more strength. My 50 pound 7-year-old could safely rack a Glock 22 using that technique.

        • “Uncommon_Sense, thanks again for the tip and it helped me. But the better half still cannot rack the 43 slide. She is just too weak.”

          Exercise those fingers, and she soon will be able to with zero problems….

        • I agree that proper technique is going to work for about 95% of all people. Another technique that can work for just about anyone is to grip the gun with a 2 handed grip and rack it using the steel rear sight on a table or other sturdy surface. Mind the muzzle! And don’t do it on something you don’t want scratched up.

        • Anymouse,

          The technique that I outlined does NOT involve muzzling anyone.

          Start with the handgun on a table pointing “forward” — where “forward” could be down range, in a safe direction, etc. Pick up the handgun “gangster style” and point it down toward the ground (although still slightly forward), holding it low near your waist level. Keep pointing it in that direction as you go through the technique to rack the slide, including pushing the handgun forward with your hand.

          At no point in time would you be pointing your handgun at any of your body parts (unless you point it at your feet, which would be hard to do because that interferes with your other hand’s ability to grip the slide). Neither would you be muzzling anyone.

          After you rack the slide, keep holding the handgun “gangster style” as you raise it up — keeping it pointed forward (down range). Once up and on target, you can transition from “gangster style” to the traditional vertical position and fire away. Once again, you have not muzzled your body or anyone else.

  6. Trump will get re-elected. And he will replace RBG and continue appointing justices nation wide.

    We will have nation wide constitutional carry before the end of his second term.

    People will not be panic buying. They will be ‘keeping up with the Jones,’ buying.

      • I just ordered a new gun safe because my others are full. I think I’m prepared. As prepared as i can be in CA, at least.

        • It has long strucke that the necessary use of “California” as a modifier must be depressing for those loving there.

          California Compliant, California Prepared, California Dreamin’… all of which have probably been determined by the State of California to cause cancer…

        • “It has long strucke that the necessary use of “California” as a modifier must be depressing for those loving there.”

          Seriously. So much drop-dead scenery there to enjoy.

          A few more months, and June will be here. And if we get a good SCOTUS ruling, those in California (and the other freedom-hating states) may be able to buy nearly *anything* their gun-loving hearts desire.

          The gun companies will clean up.

          I’m hopeful they day be here soon my I can take a Pacific Coast Highway drive from LA to San Fran in a convertible while carrying…

        • I’m curious about this… there are many Californians who shelled out, collectively, a whole lot of cast to get “California Compliant” firearms. I don’t know much about what this means, but I’m assuming they are functionally less than what I can walk in to a store and buy here in DE.

          So, assuming we have a rosy future in front of us where anybody, even Californians, can purchase non-bastardized firearms, what becomes of all those frankensteins that Golden Staters have been burdened with? Are most of them easily convertible back to real guns, or is everybody just kind of stuck with a compromised shooter? Can you un-do what’s been done?

          Inquiring minds want to know…

    • Didn’t we hear all that 4 years ago? All we got were tighter diktats from the ATF and “freedom week” in California.

      • It’s all about the judges. Trump has been appointing them for 3 years. He’s just about re- built the 9th.

        Watch and see.

        • I believe Feb 6th Judge Roger Benitez will start listening to both sides on CA assault weapons ban. Will there be a freedom week 2.0? We’ll know late Feb hopefully. In the meantime CA folks that have not joined FPC need to do so now.

        • “It’s all about the judges.”

          The Democrats are paying a heavy price for changing the rules on confirming judges during Obama’s presidency. In their arrogance of assuming the HildaBeast would be president they are now experiencing a back-door screwing with zero lube… *snicker* 😉

    • You are funny anything Trump has done for gun rights has purely been accidental. We will never see Constitutional Carry, suppressors no longer in the NFA and so on under this guy. What we can hope for is the the judges he appoints will have the comments sense to actually enforce the 2nd.

      • My faith in Trump is not because he’s a gun guy. It’s because he is a business guy. He will appoint business friendly judges who, for the most part, are conservative. He’s trying to benefit himself and the other rich dudes and we get more benefit from his choices than the one’s hillary or bernie would make.

        Conservative, business friendly judges are good for America.

        • “How, pray tell, is Trump going to accomplish this?”

          Strict scrutiny being declared by SCOTUS would be a damn good start. The Leftists can’t claim cans are dangerous, since they are sold in Europe over-the-counter with no paperwork required…

    • JWM, I tend to think you are wrong. Pretty sure Trump will throttle back significantly after reelection, so that he will still have something to do in his third term. We keep talking about RBG, think about when ALL NINE are originalist conservatives.

      • The best thing, by far, of Trump getting a 3rd term will be watching the snowflakes melt down, Larry.

        It will be epic. And the left is always threatening to change the constitution, as it is legal to do so, to eliminate our 2a rights. We can use the same tactic. Change the constitution so that Trump can carry on as president.

        • Vice President Sarah Palin has a nice ring to it, don’t you agree? Watching Leftists heads exploding like popcorn would be so *sweet*… 😉

          • Pence will never be President (barring any extraordinary situations like the assassination of POTUS or Trump being otherwise incapacitated)… I look for at least one serious challenger in 28 (Pompeo) and the first woman Vice President… I believe there will be a continuation of the current ignorance being perpetrated by the national media and the far Left, but with at least 13 more years of Conservative rule the courts will be filled with Constitutionalist Judges and a sanity instilled on this country that has not existed since it’s chaotic beginning….

      • Shhhhhhh Hush. Don’t let the secret out. I prefer that errr… place to remain small and unknown. If they get too large, they might raise their prices.

        Not to mention the delays in getting my ammo sent out.

  7. I get my ammunition by the pallet my team and I burn through about 400 rds a peice a night training with weapons closely resembling our assigned weapons.

  8. You folks can panic buy all you want. I was well supplied before the last insanity, even better today. Began buying ammo in small amounts only when on sale some 35 years ago, never got out of the habit. So I always have a substantial supply.

    Bought two new guns in the last few weeks. Ruger PC Carbine and a Remington R51. That’ll be it for gun buying for quite a while. Buy on sale and use Cabela’s/Bass Pro credit card points, total out of pocket for those two was $216.

    No way in hell I’m putting any faith in Trump. He’s a dictator loving, former leftist con man with no love for America or our way of life. The ELITIST uber-turd believes only in himself, and to hell with all us little people. Sure as hell Trump is no friend of the Second Amendment, not beyond the pretense of paying lip service to suck campaign contributions out of all th suckers that bought into his con game.

    Trump will survive this impeachment, that’s a given. No way that there’s enough Republicans with enough honor to scrape together to boot him out, bring Pence into the Oval Office. They have made that clear as can be with this phony trial.

    If I’ve a worry on the gun rights question it is what Trump will do in a second term, which I expect him to win. He’s already shown he’s willing to throw us under the bus, how much worse will he be when he no longer has to worry about re-election?

    A positive though is the efforts of the Federalist Society in picking federal judges for that moron Trump to nominate. They have been highly successful at keeping Trump in line. Whatever Trump may do to harm us in his second term, my hope is his own judicial appointees will slap him down when the inevitable lawsuits are filed.

    Now maybe that’s what we need in this next election. Write-in “The Federalist Society, et al”, for President.

      • What I do is put every little thing on the card, so I rack up big balance each month. But I also pay it off each month. I am not buying stuff on the card I could not have paid cash for. That way I earn the points but never pay interest charges.

        • Workable plan. I go through about $1000 a year in cash (mostly tips and lottery tickets), everything else on credit cards, and haven’t paid a nickel in interest in the past 20+ years.

    • The main satisfaction was that Hillary didn’t get elected, Trump is a conman I agree with you. Not that long ago he was a democrat. The guy isn’t that different from career politicians, he loves fame, power and money. Most of his promises were just big words thrown in the air to have his base all pumped up. The wall is a joke, I don’t think there is a lot more deportations than under the Obama admin, we still get involved in international b.s and wars, Hillary will not go to prison and the swamp is still there. If you look at the local level, “republicans” have also screwed us on the 2A, Florida being a great exemple of that when they passed anti 2A laws after the school shooting in Broward. Campaign donators, committees, etc have fat more influence than voters. In the end both the GOP and DNC are crooked and very far away from what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

        • Turning his supporters into felons aka the bumpstock = machine gun? Tell me, what color is the sky in your world? What about that wall we heard so much about?

          • Construction of the “WALL” continues as we speak, even after much stoneWALLing by the Left and denial of funds that were approved in previous administrations Trump has finally found a go around and wall is being built in places where “WALL” never existed before.. in fact there has not been a halt in construction/reconstruction since repair and replacement began. As long as Democrats control the House (til Jan 2021) there will be a continued struggle to procure funds but the wall is BEING built in spite of Aunt Nancy and Uncle Chucky …

      • You must have some really interesting news sources. Might want to get your head out of … the sand.

      • Most promises from ANYONE in Washington are just big words. It’s how you know a politician is lying. Their lips are moving. Unlike most others though, Trump actually makes good on his. But like has been said so often before about other presidents, The president cannot do everything. Sometimes, cooperation with other branches of government is required. Or atleast….some level of capitulation.

        Yes, Trump used to be considered a democrat. We all used to wear diapers too.

        Since when has the United States NOT been involved in international b.s. in the last 100 years? You make it sound like Trump is the only one.

      • JB said, “The guy isn’t that different from career politicians,” The “guy” is President Trump and I see a lot of differences and those differences is why and what motivates the democrats to attack at all cost while clearly illustrating that the end justifies the means. Basically, President Trump calls a punk a punk while standing toe to toe with any opposition and this conduct scares the democrats to an uncontrollable bowel movement. They, democrats, cannot control President Trump and this has them regurgitating foolishness in the form of opinions formed by 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc hand accusations. President Trump’s base sees the difference, hallelujah!

    • I’m not a Trump bobo, but I find all of your critiques over the top.

      But enough of that, what do you think of that R51? I bought one the day it showed up at the store, thought it was the coolest looking handgun ever. My experience was mixed, ran brass like a champ, light strikes on steel case.
      The trigger also seemed to have a massive amount of site to side play, bizarre. Takedown was interesting too…

      • Yeah, the side play in the trigger is odd. Should have been an easy fix from the start. Seems like I saw some company selling a shim kit for it. I’ve had no problems with any ammo I’ve used, never tried steel though. Took a bit for me to get used to the takedown, but no problem now. I wish Remington had gotten it right the first time. Great shooting gun, easy to carry, and easy to conceal.

      • Every time I look it an R51, it makes me think of what a small time thug would use to hold up a gas station.

    • Then vote for Bernie and Granny Liz. Iowa caucus is a week from Monday so come on out the demtards always welcome carpetbaggers and idiots.

  9. The snowflake types would crap if they could see how fast I can empty my Dan Wesson 44 and its 4 speed loaders. By the way, throwing a speed loader with 6 240 grain rounds in it can get somebody’s attention.

    • Timothy Toroian,

      … throwing a speed loader with 6 240 grain rounds in it can get somebody’s attention.

      Alternatively, just hold it in your hand while punching someone for some extra punch.

  10. The fascination with guns and gun sports is reaching all-time highs. As a guy who got his NYC carry permit in 1974, and moved to FL in 96, I have never seen this many pro gun folks in my lifetime. Any idiot who would try and make them illegal in any format, at this time in our country’s history, would meet the strongest opposition ever levied on a politician and if they somehow tried to take the ones that were legally purchased, they would go broke, unless they stole them from us. If that were to occur I don’t even want to think about what may happen. Many older guys and even Gals, have their largest asset tied up in rare and antique firearms. I sincerely don’t think the Government can afford to buy them back at the going rate, “most decent handguns are over $500.00 per gun” we are talking thousands per household for millions of people. Taking then would be stealing, and that would not stand.
    It would be the biggest mistake a Politician ever made. As an older guy, I have seen the attachment that gun owners have towards their guns, much like “car guys ” have towards their old GTO or Corvette, they would not allow someone to drive off with it unscathed. Just an observation.
    By the way, who would protect us

    • Get the right people in office, and they will agree to absolutely ANY price to get everybody to surrender their guns. Once the trade is complete, they will fire up the presses until they paid essentially nothing for them, and a cheeseburger is over a million dollars. If you don’t like it, tough shit, what do you think you are going to do about it?

    • buy back?

      What are you talking about? Nothing I have was bought from any government or politician. It isn’t about money (cost for me to buy or what they bought it from me for). That is an idea floated to make it sound less like stealing from me.

      Otherwise, I agree that there is an increasing interest in firearms across the board. But your use of the word “fascination” is interesting. It’s almost as if there is a failure to recognize other interests people have like muscle cars for the last 50 years. I’ve seen that word used elsewhere to describe the current status of the American mindset. The way it appears to me, it’s actually liberals that are fascination with guns. The AR15 specifically.

  11. “Under the current Republican-dominated political narrative….”

    Is that what this is? I had no idea. The only narratives I’ve been seeing is ‘orange man bad’ and how evil AR15’s are.

  12. No panic – just calmly buy as many modern sporting rifles, semi auto handguns, large caliber revolvers possible, and truck loads of hollowpoints..calmly I tell you calmly

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