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Though originally designed for the Swiss army, the P210 has long since become a pistol used almost exclusively for sport shooting. After all, it’s an extremely classy, large, accurate, all-steel handgun that’s great for target shooting. But it really hasn’t had appeal as a carry gun since military and police units moved away from large, single-stack, single-action autos many years go. Perhaps until now . . .

So there’s your classy version. That’s the P210 Target and it’s one of my favorite handguns to shoot and to look at. At 8.4 inches long and weighing over 2.3 pounds, though, it’s far from a carry gun.

By shortening the slide, making the frame from aluminum, rounding some edges, shortening the barrel and equipping the pistol with a much more carry-appropriate G10 grip, SIG has launched the single stack P210 Carry.

Final details aren’t available yet, but it’s expected to have a 4-inch barrel and weigh in at around 30 ounces. Capacity is 8+1 and the P210 is chambered in 9mm. Price on the Carry is still TBD (it won’t be inexpensive).

The P210 Carry still feels amazing in the hand and has a short, crisp, awesome SAO trigger set just a bit heavier than the Target version at somewhere in the 3.5- to 4-pound range. On the range it was a phenomenal shooter. Accurate, soft, and confident.

SIG was asking for feedback on the G10 grip texture. Or, really, the lack thereof.

We found the nicely checkered front- and back-straps combined with the smooth sides of the G10 grips to provide plenty of control over the P210 Carry. The ergonomic sculpting of the frame helps with this, too. And those smooth grip sides won’t tear up your love handles.

Though I could see the safety, as sculpted as it is, perhaps being a thorn in one’s side. On the range, however, these big controls are wonderful. They’re easy to reach and use, and using the safety as a thumb rest works perfectly, increasing control and accuracy.

While the P210 Carry certainly won’t appeal to every CCW holder, it’s a nice twist on a true classic and it’s an absolutely amazing shooting gun.

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    • You can keep your cheap plastic and striker fired guns, to each their own. This is what a real firearm looks like 👍👍👍

    • My Sig P229 elite isn’t heavy but it prints at 3:00 and the beaver tail pokes my abs in appendix position, Striker is the way to go for appendix carry. The p210 looks more like a great home carry or range gun, but ok for concealed carry strong side.

      • I appendix carry a full size 1911 and a CZ-75 routinely. Get a holster that goes between your abs and the beavertail and you’ll be fine.
        Personally, the idea of appendix carrying a striker-fired weapon without a safety that’s pointing directly at the family jewels is a little more devil-may-care than I like to be. 😀

      • I agree. This is what a handgun should look like. It’s beautiful and functional. Just like Doo Wop from the 50’s and 60’s, it’s got class.

    • I own several striker fired, polymer framed pistols. The Ruger SR9 is my everyday open carry gun.

      Even so I carried a Smith & Wesson 59 for over twenty years, and in some ways I do miss it. I often find myself looking for used S&W 59 series on GunBroker. Hammer gun, double/Single action, decock lever, just a mechanically solid feeling never fail design that feels great to shoot.

      • OPEN CARRY? Do you really need attention or do you just want to make women faint and children cry?

  1. Flab Tabs/Sweat shields are what protect the precious skin covering the flab/love handles. I might actually think about a SIG if this is even somewhat reasonably priced. +/-$1000.

    • Please provide a few details…sounds like your suggestions might be very helpful to lots of folks, but some of us haven’t heard of them before. What kind of sweat shields, the ones that go over armpits and under shirts? And please tell us what flat tabs are. Thank you.

      • ….and how you use ’em: Exactly how do you place these things to keep a gun from scraping you up in concealed carry? Thank you again.

        • I’m kinda assuming he’s referring to any of the hybrid holsters that have a large backing that goes between you and all parts of the gun. You can also tuck in an undershirt and wear the gun over that, or get a pair of boxers that rides particularly tall (e.g. Duluth Trading boxer briefs) so they’re higher than the grip of the gun. Or stick on some KT tape 😉

  2. I have wanted a P210 for years, if they can get the price under 1K, I will have one. Not holding my breath. These are finest pistol sig makes.

  3. TFB interviewed Sig about this, and they said MSRP will be around 1300 and that the smooth grips WERE NOT popular among people who tested it out, and production guns will have checkered grips.

  4. sweet. large for capacity, obv.
    if a cz compact can be carried, this too.
    a target is more appealing to me.
    there’s a grand power on harmfist for 470…

    • There is more to size than capacity like longer sight radius and more benign recoil. You may not need those extra rounds if you get more hits early on.

  5. Cool, but for an accurate carry SAO, the new DWX looks much more promising. I’m really looking forward to seeing that one tested.

  6. The more I handle and shoot Sigs the more I love them. At last the ones that I have shot. P320 compact, P938, P365, P365 SAS. I will be looking at these P210’s if they are affordable.

  7. I have the Target version of this pistol, and it is arguably the finest 9mm pistol made. My only complaint is, as a southpaw, I’d really welcome an ambidextrous safety. If that were available, the P210 would be my EDC pistol. I discovered, in the P210 owners manual, an illustration of a P210 with a safety lever on the righthand side. Removing the righthand grip of my P210, I found a hole exactly where an ambi safety would be mounted. The NH factory disclaims all knowledge. Anyone have a contact with Sig Sauer in Germany?

  8. The standard P210 is slightly smaller and lighter than a 1911 and people have been concealing those forever. Just saying.

    • We all have our opinions and what’s comfortable, but I agree with ya. I have, and still do on occasion, carried a full size CZ 75B and a Beretta 96. This Sig looks like it would pretty much be sized between my Px4 Compact (current carry piece) and the 96/75B, but without the safety and slide release poking out as much as the Px4. This is certainly on my radar.

  9. I don’t get it . . . . . costs more, weighs more and carries less ammo than a modern 1911 using modern materials . . . .

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