Great Landing, Wrong Airport: Quote of the Day

Liz Weekly (courtesy

“The US limits our allergy medicine, fertilizer, and what days we can buy alcohol. We have to take our shoes off because one terrorist one time made a shoe bomb. But, there are multiple mass shootings and the US does nothing?” – Liz Weekly [via]


  1. avatar pwrserge says:


    1. avatar neiowa says:


      1. avatar OweN says:

        I don’t know what the “flame” was that these guys said, but they were probably right. 😅

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          “I don’t know what the “flame” was that these guys said, but they were probably right.”

          Yup, I guess similar, read this to get an idea on how they intend to attack :

          “The general argument is that any effort at meaningful security is unacceptable because it turns schools into “fortresses.””

          “But, the overall strategy here is startling. Gun control advocates are in a way holding school children hostage to their message by shooting down calls for better school security. Their essential position is “no security for children until we get the gun control legislation we want!””

          They are planting a seed they fully intend to harvest the next time they get political power.

          Buying stripped lowers may be a good investment…

    2. avatar paul says:

      Ouch! But she could “present” herself a little better, I guess. This is what you get when the Government runs the schools.

    3. avatar doesky2 says:

      Although she is dumb as a bag of hammers at least she has her good looks to fall back on.

      Please don’t make me have to ask “Are you stupid?” due to your reply.

  2. avatar Shire-man says:

    Folks should start attending these gun control rallies with signs that read “I’m Too Free!”, “Liberty has Failed!” and “Rights are Cancer!” Work up some chants too like “Shariah for Meah!” or “Save a Life, Take my Rights!”

    Look good, be sincere, get interviewed, try really hard not to laugh because they will support your ideas and there’s nothing at all funny about it.

    1. avatar Million says:

      “Minorities should not be armed”

      “Won’t somebody think of the police??”

    2. avatar TwoJohnsonsAreBetterThanOne says:

      Love the idea!

    3. avatar TyrannyOfEvilMen says:

      That is an excellent thought.

    4. avatar Bloving says:

      Someone here said it the other day: nothing says “first world problem” as a millennial complaining that they have too much freedom and are begging government to take it away.

  3. avatar Reggie Browning says:

    Any time someone makes a statement like that, they imply that it’s okay that the U.S. limits those freedoms.

    I’m sure that’s not their intention, their intention is probably to present things they find ridiculous and say it’s even more ridiculous that we don’t ban guns… But the answer to that argument is just “yeah it’s wrong that they do all that stuff too… What’s your point?”

    1. avatar Rick the Bear says:

      That was my first thought as well. Those other restrictions are wrong and certainly don’t justify more restrictions.

    2. avatar Alex says:

      You said what I was trying to say below but much better.

  4. avatar Alex Waits says:

    Willful ignorance really is a mental disease.

  5. avatar Alex says:

    I always amazes me that people can say something like that and think we should regulate more stuff and not less….

  6. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    And there in a nutshell is why Facebook should be banned.

    1. avatar MarkF says:

      I would never support banning Facebook, but I might be willing to consider extended background checks and maybe a waiting period upon sign up.

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        Perhaps restricting users to one post per month. Limiting (video) clips to 30 seconds. 3 day cooling off period before your post goes pubic. Just commonsense speech control.

        1. avatar OmnivorousBeorn says:

          That’s sarcasm, right?

        2. avatar former water walker says:

          Well I’ve been in Fakebook jail Gov. FB is already censored…😩😖😧

        3. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

          Pubic? Freudian slip or full on Freudian crotchless panties?

        4. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

          Damn auto-correct read my mind.

  7. avatar W says:

    The US does not limit what days we can buy alcohol. Some states place such limits.
    Millennial, thanks for your scholarly contribution to the dialogue.

    1. avatar burley says:

      Ahh, but the U.S. GOV has at one time thought that it COULD limit our access to alcohol. Turned out to be a bad idea, and in fact, is still one the few examples of GOV restoring a liberty.

      1. avatar W says:

        One suspects that the USG prohibition on alcohol predates the Millennial in the photo.
        In any case, she ought to start her reasoning process with facts. Maybe she’ll learn that in school at some later date.

  8. avatar Vorkon says:

    Everyone agrees that most of what goes on in American airports is just security theater that doesn’t actually make anybody appreciably safer, and just pisses legitimate travelers off for no good reason.

    It seems to me that this is an argument FOR not taking any hasty action in response to school shootings, not against it.

    1. avatar TXGunGal says:

      Gun Free Zones are security theaters.
      How about not advertising there is no one to oppose a mass murder mentality challenged 19 year old.

      Growing up in the 1960’s our High School had Football and Baseball coaches that could and would open up a can of “wump” ass verbally on teenage boys.
      Only guns on campus parking lots were rifles for hunting after school!

    2. avatar Southern Cross says:

      In “gun free” Australia our schools are already hardened to a degree. When I was at school the boundary fences were waist high and could even be easily jumped in the rush to catch a homebound school bus.

      Now the boundary fences are 8-10 foot high with spikes on top and anti-climbing measures included. All gates are closed during school hours with the exception of a gate that leads straight to the administration building. Some schools, notably private schools, will have security guards or intercoms at the gate.

      Funnily enough the highest threat is kidnapping in custody disputes.

  9. avatar Joe R. says:

    SINCE THE FOUNDING OF THIS GREAT NATION (F all others) . . . Deleterious Yahoo aholes have asked that our government disarm us against the day we needed to disarm our government.

    F em all. Whenever the need should arise, such aholes have put themselves on the map and in their own order for counter-attack.

  10. avatar Det. Nick Valentine says:

    She didn’t come up with this notion, so why are we giving her credit and then sinking to the level of fat shaming her? Tons of people have been posting and re-posting this same reasoning.

    1. avatar Paul on Harsens Island says:

      Thanks for this intelligent thought provoking comment. Let’s hope for intelligent replies and not more name calling. We are going to lose the battle if all we can do is call them fat.

      1. avatar OmnivorousBeorn says:


    2. avatar billy-bob says:

      She’s not fat, she’s body diverse. At least that’s what people were claiming when they put the fat chick in the SI swimsuit edition.

  11. avatar Ironhead says:


  12. avatar rudukai13 says:

    Who in the hell is Liz Weekly and why should I give a fraction of a damn about what she posts on Facebook?

    You really couldn’t find anything more relevant by a more prominent public figure than this SJW FLAME DELETED, RF?

  13. avatar Smitty says:

    RF don’t post anything else until tonight, just leave her photo all day long. I’m sure that will be good for TTAG web traffic.

  14. avatar TwoJohnsonsAreBetterThanOne says:

    Many people are concerned about doing nothing. There is always something we can do to address such a concern. How about putting up big neon gun-free-zone signs?

  15. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

    Those are all examples of egregious government over-reaches and she thinks they are good things that should be added too?

  16. avatar pwrserge says:

    Apparently even on a site that claims to support individual rights… the wamyn are always right.

  17. avatar RidgeRunner says:

    Fell in a tackle box?

  18. avatar Bob Watson says:

    Gentlemen, you should all be deeply ashamed of yourselves. Self-flagellation is in order. Little Lizzy is a Special Princess Snowflake SJW, committed to……, something, but that does not matter. Any criticism of her babbling may force her to start crying in public. If you continue with this inappropriate behavior she will not hesitate to scream and break something expensive.

  19. avatar N64456 says:

    I’ll just pre-emptively FLAME DELETE myself to save the moderator some time…

  20. avatar PeterK says:

    Yeah it’s like that dumb meme with the kinder eggs.

    YES. We should let people import kinder eggs. Oh that wasn’t your point? Well it should’ve been.

  21. avatar Ralph says:

    Is it Liz Weekly or Liz, Weakly?

    And what’s that sticking out of her lip? If it’s intended to be an appetite suppressant, it ain’t working.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      No, Ralph, its supposed to be ‘decorative’, with an additional stimulative effect when making boyfriends ‘very happy’…


      (The ‘tongue stud’ version of that did nothing for me, personally, on a girlfriend years back. I found it a distraction, instead of an enhancement.)

  22. avatar todd says:

    “The US limits our allergy medicine”

    Yeah, and for someone like me who needs their Claratin-D 365 days a year, its a massive PITA. I have to drive across town every two weeks (and not ONE day before) to Costco to pick up my next 15 day supply. But at least there is no more crystal meth, right? Oh, stats show the amount of meth available didn’t change AT ALL.

    So, her example is perfect. Pass some “gun control” laws that likewise do NOTHING.

  23. avatar Darkman says:

    I think we all know what needs to be Flame Deleted.
    Keep Your Powder Dry…

  24. avatar Chip in Florida says:

    “…The US limits our allergy medicine, fertilizer, and what days we can buy alcohol. We have to take our shoes off because one terrorist one time made a shoe bomb”

    And NONE of those should be acceptable in a free country. Using the restrictions of one set of freedoms as an excuse to try and justify limiting some other freedom makes you a horrible, evil, and vile person.

  25. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    Um, I’m OK not having similar intrusive and ineffective meddling with people peacefully using guns — you’ve hard Schneier’s famous “security theater” description of the TSA? Good of you to care, but I don’t think gun owners feel left out.

  26. avatar Scoutino says:

    We are too free! Please, government, take away our rights! We are not using them anyway (except for few old fat white guys and they don’t count).

    Joe, who’s job is putting rings in hog’s snouts, must have been drunk again. Alcohol makes him miss a lot.

  27. avatar Bob999 says:

    I think the quote goes like this: Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not. I guess she will be plowing our fields. Give this young lady a laborers jump suit and a pair of work boots. Get her used to turning dirt in preparation for her utopia. Geez Louise, we have raised a generation of socialist minded peasants.

  28. avatar Aaron says:

    I can’t take seriously anything said by a RNFN (red not found in nature) with rings in her lips.

    she looks like a permanent ward of the welfare state.

    but maybe she has a point….so, what is it??

  29. avatar Chris T from KY says:


  30. avatar R.D. Bock says:

    I’m not that good with facebook, but I attempted to actually find this sjw’s original post. Clicked the link, tried to find the source… anyone else try this cause, either she just disappeared or I suspect this quote and picture are from two seperate unrelated sources.
    Anyone else look at this? RF, care to verify?

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