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“White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also told reporters that Trump hasn’t ‘closed the door’ on a potential ban of assault-style weapons and ‘hasn’t yet determined’ whether there should be a federal age limit for purchasing semi-automatic rifles.” – Other gun bans besides ‘bump stocks’? [via]

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  1. Remember when everyone was all excited for National Reciprocity and Suppressor deregulation.

    Now we’re staring down a “Republican” president backed by the NRA who is thinking of taking more rights away.

    • I’ve often felt I’m the only one in the room (I live in TX) that hasn’t fallen for the faux Republican president’s ruse. At best, he’s a NY Republican (I’ve lived there, too, I saw them give the state away after having a Republican Senate majority and governorship). And as such, your AR was never more than a fickle political expediency away from a ban. Don’t watch the mouth. Watch history.

        • He only became a Republican to win, and winning and personal prestige are all he cares about. He will go with whoever sucks his dick with the greatest gusto. It boggles the mind that he could have fooled so many voters, but here we are.

          From a 1997 article Too Darn Rich: “House Speaker Jim Wright led a delegation to Trump’s office asking him to chair a major fund-raising event for the Democratic Party. Trump is a Republican but gave the invitation serious consideration before bowing to pressure from GOP friends and turning down his Democratic suitors. Beryl Anthony Jr., the Arkansas Congressman who came up with the approach to Trump, was disappointed.”

        • You are 100% right. He is and has been no more than a wolf pretending to be on our side. He will do what is expedient for him, and will care nothing about our gun rights.

      • I’m not sure how many he actually fooled, obviously enough to win the primaries and get the nomination, leaving no real alternative but to hope for some uncertain integrity. When it came down to the general election, my decision was one of vote your conscience, prepare for betrayal.

      • “And as such, your AR was never more than a fickle political expediency away from a ban.”

        I would say just about everything is never more than a fickle political expediency away.

        This would not be the case if we had statesmen and We the People refused to uphold government at god status.

      • Hank,

        Trump was not my first choice and I am just as leery of Trump as anyone else.

        I can tell you this much: if Hillary had won the election:
        (1) We would not have a new conservative justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.
        (2) Our economy would not be trending so well.
        (3) And there would be ZERO hope of firing/prosecuting the politburo zealots at the FBI and Justice Department.

        Our political process often presents us with an undesirable choice and a destructive choice. I will take the undesirable choice over the destructive choice, every time. I will not like it — I will nevertheless do it.

        • Do not count so much on the SCOTUS and its supposed conservative justice. The jury is way out on that reality still. The economy trends good and bad are less a factor of the President…. and more a factor of many other things the President has little if any control over. So just like the stock market’s tremendous surge was less Trump’s good work, neither was the recent significant down spiral Trump’s bad work. No one will be indited or fired at the DOJ or FBI. At least no one of real consequence. And Trump has brought board on plenty of less than moral and ethical characters of his own.


      No more bump stocks, no more AR’s. Sure as hell no silencers or reciprocity. “But…but….Trump’s son is a big time hunter! It even sounds like a war zone at his upstate outdoor gun range! They *have* to support my 2A rights…..don’t they?”

      No, no they don’t.

      Oh yeah, expect three more years of told ya so’s, you starstruck fools who let this left of center megalomaniac raid our primary. There were multiple superior options who could have beaten Hillary. I especially blame those G.D. hypocrite “evangelicals” who springboarded Trump with a South Carolina win.

      • Jonathan – Houston,

        I did not vote for Trump in the primary election and I have not found anyone who voted for Trump in the primary. Come to think of it I am actually wondering how he won the Republican primary election.

        I am guessing that a lot Independents and blue-collar types voted for Trump in the primaries.

      • I actually don’t think any other GOP candidate would’ve nessisarily done well against Hillary. The media shitstorm that hit Trump was being prepared by the left long before the primaries even began. That media shitstorm would’ve easily overwhelmed and neutered any other GOP candidate who wasn’t Trump. *Maybe* Cruz, who also stood toe to toe with the media (but not as vigorously) stood a chance.

        • You are 100% correct. If the nominee would have been anyone other than Trump, we would have President Hillary right now. If anyone thinks that Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Graham, Perry, or Fiorina would have been able to stand up to the media assault that you correctly said was already prepared, they are lying to themselves, or they are completely blind idiots. No candidate other than Trump could have survived that.

      • No, the others would not have done as well against Hillary. Many independents and former Obama voters went with Trump precisely because he didn’t seem like the typical GOP establishment politician. Not to mention the other candidates wouldn’t have had the balls to attack the Hillary-shilling media like Trump did.

      • I would have voted for Satan herself, Hitler, or Stalin before I would have voted for Hillary.
        If Hillary was in charge we’d be a mexican or Arabic African state,they would be trying to physically confiscate my rifle from my cold hand, and my stocks would have taken a shit long ago.
        Am I happy about where we are maybe not buts it’s better that the alternative was.

        • Tex didnt I already ban you from impersonating an attorney?

          We established from your facile analysis of case law and your ludicrous claim that rights in the US derive not from the Constitution and subsequent legislation and judicial review but instead from some magic creature in the sky, that you cant even spell LSAT…

          Its clear you listen to Mark Levin and Hillsdale College ads and figured you could pass as a lawyer (which you can in fetard forums like this where most folks struggled to earn their GED)

        • TX_Custodian your posts make clear you can not think in any meaningful way, they are littered with illogic and imaginings (unreliable sources, anecdotes masquerading as evidence, confusion between correlation and causation, unsubstantiated conclusions etc)

          Heres another LSAT sample question to illustrate how far you are from being a lawyer (the LSAT is the test you would have had to document a decent score on as part of your application to law schools(which you couldnt have completed either or only in crayon : D )

          Analytical Reasoning

          1. Buses 1, 2, and 3 make one trip each day, and they are the only ones that riders A, B, C, D, E, F, and G take to work.

          Neither E nor G takes bus 1 on a day when B does.
          G does not take bus 2 on a day when D does.
          When A and F take the same bus, it is always bus 3.
          C always takes bus 3.

          Traveling together to work, B, C, and G could take which of the same buses on a given day?

          (A) 1 only
          (B) 2 only
          (C) 3 only
          (D) 2 and 3 only
          (E) 1, 2, and 3

        • Face reality TX_Custodian, and I wanna see those toilets shining : D

          5. Historians frequently argue that an outlet for population overflow is required for a country’s economy to prosper. But we need look no further than our own shores to find counter-evidence: Cuba has long been able to rid itself of its surplus population by sending people here, and yet its economy has done quite poorly.

          The reasoning above is most vulnerable to which one of the following criticisms?

          A. It mistakenly interprets the historians to be claiming that a factor that guarantees, rather than is necessary for, a result.
          B. It relies on evidence that merely restates the argument’s conclusion.
          C. It uses an analogy that ignores an important distinction between the things being compared.
          D. It attacks a view by calling into question the character of the supporters of that view.
          E. It presents an argument without offering any evidence in support.

        • AND TX-Custodian youre one of the jokers who slurred Obama the nuanced thinker as an “idiot”, Obama who graduated Magna from Harvard Law and served as editor of the Law Review… hilarious stuff, it really cracks me up how clueless yall are, you just have no idea what you sound like, that your posts could only have been composed by a bright shining DOOFUS, your overexposure to am radio has convinced you that if you repeat nonsense it magically becomes reality, so in your “mind” Obama is an “idiot” and you are a lawyer… keep the laughs coming : D

    • I’m okay with them raising the age limit to 21 as long as they raise the voting age to that s well. If they’re too young to be trusted with a firearm, they’re too young to cast a vote.

      • And that means that they’re too young for for just about everything: No enlistment in the armed services, no credit, etc. If we’re going to stop some, stop all. Hell, lets say anyone under 21 who has a kid MUST put them up for adoption: too young for some, too young for all

    • Are any of y’all watching this gun control conversation Trump is having with the survivors and what not? It’s not good. Trump is going to embrace an assault weapons ban. Mark my words.

    • I didn’t vote for trump because I couldn’t. I really couldn’t vote for Hilary, so I threw my vote away w 3rd party. I thought the silver lining would be at least be my 2a rights would be enhanced. I even hoped for NFA enhancements. The republicans need to step up, raise above emotion and back to logic, and represent the spirit of the constitution. 2A isn’t for hunting and sporting, but somehow every time we have paradigm shifts in gun control, a Republican happens to be in office. I don’t get why 2A communities support Republicans other than Democrats being worse. At what point does a gun owner become an enemy of the state for exercising their constitutional rights. Will NFA come to include semi autos. It could w recent language. Apparently you can change the legal definition of a machine gun in a press conference… I don’t have a bump stock, I don’t want one, but I know a ban would open the door for a semi auto ban. A finger and belt loop is a rate increasing devise w this logic. This is where it will lead, you do no need a bump stock to have a high rate of fire. This entire situation is highly disturbing…

      • Another third party voter here. Just because the other 98% of the country was WRONG doesn’t mean we threw away our vote. Just my opinion.

    • The perks of being a revolver man. Also, good point. I’d be forced to vote for him over Bernie or DiFi or any of them.

      • DiFi was quoted as saying that an EO attempting to ban anything (in particular, bumpstocks) would get stuff tied up in the courts for years, where we would presumably win, which sounds like a very sneaky plan to me. And Jeff Sessions is the fall-guy, which is something I’m okay with.

    • Agreed. I wonder if he understands that few presidents have been more dependent on their base than he will be for his reelection. If he throws the POTG under the bus, he may be in real trouble.

      If he pushes down this road, not only will nothing get better (as most here understand) but I would be way more supportive of a primary challenger than I have ever been before for a sitting president.

    • Not me, I’m considering going full throttle Democrat. The more communist the better.

      I’m sick of this slow boil crap and America easing into totalitarianism with the insouciance of a country whose living population has never had to endure it outside of movies and books. Let’s bring it on and hard, so right minded people can see the stark contrast and make a clear decision. Then this country can go about consciously, but peacefully, uncoupling.


    • Nor should you Gov Faubus, remember your fantasy about Muslims spear-hunting Christians and know that Chump is a kindred Islamophobic spirit with analogous fantasies?

      Gov. William J Le Petomane says:
      February 9, 2018 at 14:34
      Not only are you correct, but I posit that if he were Muslim and he was spear hu nting Christians in the middle-east they’d be fine with that.

      Folks like Rump in authority inspire and validate your ugly remarks, just as having an open Islamophobe in the presidency inspires and validates the violent ignoramuses who attack folks who look Middle Eastern to them and/or wear turbans ie the case of the dunce claiming to make America Great Again by shooting a Persian guy while telling him to go back to Pakistan, and the imbeciles who attack Sikhs stupidly presuming everyone in a turban is an Arab…

      … you see all this ignorance can be entertaining like watching reality tv or going to the zoo but it also of course has sometimes serious and sometimes violent consequences

      • Oh look….. A rapist and child molester showed up…. Shouldn’t you be fondling your neighbor’s 5 year old??

        • Gov Faubus Im drawing your attention to the obvious namely that the culture of Islamophobia that you and Hump promote is a crucial bolster to violent Islamophobes.

          Ignoramuses who have impulses to attack folks they (mis)perceive as Muslim derive inspiration and validation from the constant Islamophobic garbage coming out of the mouths of folks like you and Rump.

          Your fantasizing about Muslims being spear-hunting savages with Christians as their victims, and you and Hump constantly talking about Muslims only in the role of terrorists, all of this is on the same spectrum with your violent Islamophobic brethren who take action on their rank bigotry

    • Whatever you say trollo. Funny how not one regulation has actually passed. Give it a second. Trump is setting the leftists up just like he did with the tax bill and DACA.

      • He hasn’t DONE anything yet, but he’s expressed support for things that he shouldn’t. I’ll give it a cynical second.

        Also, someone around here needs to get their childish name-calling under control.

        • Yeah… Just like he expressed support for DACA amnesty and then used that to bury the DNC. It’s called strategy. Unlike Obama, Trump isn’t retarded enough to charge head first into a brick wall.

        • It seems to take about 3 months to find out what Trump is really up to on anything he announces/tweets that causes a media frenzy.

          I’m pretty sure he is aware that he’ll be a one-termer for sure if he double-crosses gun owners.

          Just as in 2016, he’ll need all of his constituents to win a second term and gun owners are a substantial block (unless he doesn’t plan on seeking a 2nd term).

        • I’d be shocked if I was. This is the exact sorts of shenanigans that Trump is famous for. Again, just look back a few weeks to the “immigration” spectacle.

      • I dunno, pwrserge… I actually hope you are right. I admire your tenacity, but sometimes if it looks and sounds like a duck, it’s a duck. We may be witnessing the beginning of Trump and the GOP on a policy of appeasement here. And There’s only one path a policy of appeasement will lead to… and that’s war…

        • What possible interpretation of that memo would ban anything without rewriting the definition of a machine gun set in stone by federal law? The “duck” it looks like is Trump tolling the left… again. I would point out that Trump is the first president in recent history who has yet to rewrite federal law by executive fiat.

        • Yes… just as he was about to legalize 30 million illegals with an executive amnesty. How did that turn out?

      • DACA is hung up by two federal courts. It hasn’t gone away yet.

        The tax bill is a mixed bag. It cuts taxes and boosts the economy, great, but it also offloads that many more people from the tax rolls altogether. We’ve moved beyond the tipping point where the majority now pays no federal income taxes. Many actually pay NEGATIVE taxes, since they receive the refundable and obscenely mistitled earned income taz credit.

        Beyond that, since the tax cuts came with no reductions in spending, it just locks in future generations of Americans into federal dependency. You got your tax cuts just in time to buy guns that will be outlawed before you can use them.

        • Um… you REALLY need to talk to your tax guy, there is no “earned income tax credit” anymore. It’s one of the things that went away with increasing the standard deduction. Realistically speaking, the tax plan is massively popular for a reason…

          As for spending, you’re right, but the tax code is not the place to address that.

          Finally, DACA being held up by the courts is a joke. No court can order the President to issue an executive order. It’s going to get slapped down by the SCotUS just like the impediments to Trump’s travel ban were. Right now, all it’s doing is forcing the DNC to run on a massively unpopular amnesty platform.

          I think the people who are quick to start Red Guard style denouncements of Trump have learned nothing over the past two years as to how he actually operates. I’m sitting back and getting the popcorn ready. The midterms are going to be a bloodbath for the DNC. Even with the left wing media pushing for them with all pistons, they are still down in a generic pol against the GOP.

  2. Whatever the eventual outcome, it’s likely better than it would have been had Hillary been elected. Not saying a lot, granted.

    That, and the Supreme Court, remain my only reasons to vote for this buffoon.

      • Yep. I’ve said right from the start. I didn’t like him and still don’t. But I was voting against hillary.

        If Cruz or Paul could not beat Trump for the nomination they had no chance against hillary or bernie.

        • That’s pretty much been his entire platform from the start. Starting to look like we are becoming the “right people”.

        • “Unfortunately, many conservatives have embraced this sort of binary thinking: If it angers the Left, it must be virtuous . . . That’s dangerous. It leads to supporting bad policies and bad men. The enemy of your enemy isn’t always your friend. Sometimes he’s your enemy. . . It’s not good enough to just be opposed by the Left — you must actually oppose the Left. We must ask what someone is fighting against, not merely whom.” — Ben Shapiro

          • “The enemy of your enemy isn’t always your friend. ”

            So, the friend (establishment Republicrats) of my enemy is now my friend?

        • I don’t follow, but I wonder if you’re confusing a “sometimes” statement with an “always” statement.

    • Ahhh….good ol’ buyer’s remorse and rationalization. Not gonna lie; that’s hard to look at.

  3. Start calling the White House switch board and make it known, NOT ONE MORE INCH. He rode our votes into office and betrayal is not an option without some real elective punishment!

    • How do you possibly plan on punishing him, or the Republican Party for that matter? Don’t re-elect him in 2020? Do you think he gives a f**k? He never cared about the American people or the NRA. Go back and listen to the speech he gave in front of the NRA before being elected. He talks about decreasing 2A rights on stage yet the crowd cheers because he’s going to bring back coal jobs, and look how that turned out.

      This has been a money grab from the beginning, pure and simple. That’s why we never saw his taxes and no blind trust was created for his business dealings (I still can’t believe we allowed that). Vote him out in three years and see if he gives a flying f**k. He will walk out of the office with the same sh*t eating grin that’s on his face now.

      I get that none of us liked Hilary but I believe this man is doing irrevocable damage to this nation (in large part because he stands for nothing more than his own popularity) and our standing internationally; in ways she wouldn’t have had the power to, especially considering the Republican majority Congress. We will never know.

      • J.WIse,

        If Hillary had won the White House, there is an extremely high probability that Democrats riding her coattails would have taken the House and Senate, just like they did with Obummer’s election victory in 2008. And with Obamacare already in the bag, what do you think would have been Democrats’ top priorities? After installing a Communist on the U.S. Supreme Court, they would have instituted universal background checks, universal firearms registration, magazine capacity limits, and firearm bans.

        However bad Trump may be, we would be far worse off if Hillary had won — especially if she had brought a Democrat majority to the House and Senate along with her.

        Do not, I repeat, DO NOT allow the Democrats to take over. And that includes taking over the Republican party from within (RINOs). Eliminate RINOs at primary elections and ensure that the only Republicans who go to office will defend our unalienable rights.

        While I am at it, if you are a staunch Democrat, DO NOT allow the Democrat party to keep firearm ownership infringements as a party plank.

        • I’m being truly sincere when I ask this, I don’t understand how Democrats could have used Hilary’s coat tales if they were all voted for on the same day. Are you referring to the 2018 election? I don’t think she could have inspired enough goodwill in those 2 years based on the platform she was running.

          I’m with you on the supreme court seat. That made this Presidential Election much more problematic but in all honesty it shouldn’t have been a factor. I think we, yes I said we because I’m not a Democrat, are a bunch of hypocrites for not allowing Obama to choose a judge. If that had been reversed and the Dems blocked the GOP from selecting we would have been outraged. Do onto others as you would have them….

          Everyone ran around for 8 years saying guns weren’t safe under Obama but we worked the system and prevailed. My problem with Trump is he’s a Wild Card. He goes with the wind that blows him closer to fortune and fame.

          As far as the upcoming election, my current stance is to not vote for anyone who is currently in office. The GOP allowed this to happen. As far as I’m concerned every single one of them needs to be replaced, They either helped this happen or were powerless to stop it, both are a dereliction of duty.

      • Exactly. A Hillary presidency would have been stymied by an intransigent GOP Congress. A Trump presidency locks in the liberalism by a complicit GOP Congress. For example, bite after vote to repeal Obamacare went down to veto. OK, but now that Trumo will sign repeal, all of a sudden thise and Senate votes vanish.

        I’ll take gridlock any day over liberal lock.

    • I think its high time we used our beloved guns to go to DC and clean house 1700s style. Get the fuck out, thats not your seat anymore, YOU’RE FIRED! Start with All of congress and see who dosn’t fall in line. Restart time.

      • Seriously, Mr. FBI Agent? You’re wasting time and money trolling legitimate gun blogs frequented by honest, peaceful, America-loving patriots, trying to gin up some phony anti-government hysteria conspiracy so you can divert attention from your agency’s blatant politicization and repeated failures at even basic criminal investigations??? Seriously?


  4. Trump’s mode of operation has been to offer the communists what ever they want, then sit back and watch them destroy themselves as they fight like dogs over a chicken wing.

    • The Dems wanted citizenship for 800,000 “dreamers”, aka, ilkegal alien invaders. Trump instead offered a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal alien invaders.

      Yeah, he sure hustled the crap out them, Mr. Master Dealmaker.

      • Do they have any of it? He made an offer and they rejected it, because of other restrictions. So instead of 800,000 we will have 0 dreamers.

  5. The longer they are talking in circles the less they are acting. Good enough for me.
    I’ve concluded long ago the best case we can ever hope for, barring the Sun going nova, is government doing nothing at all. The less it does the better.

    • The problem is, he signed a freaking memo telling the ATF to do something. He breathed life into an issue that was practically dead.

      Inaction is good, but he kick started something.

      • He signed a memo telling them to make illegal things illegaler. The fact that the fake news media is eating it up is a GOOD THING. It means nothing real will actually get done.

        • He signed a memo unilaterally redefining bump stocks as machine guns, in direct contravention of the law. We have another phone-and-a-pen president on our hands. That’s nothing to be pleased with, no matter your politics.

  6. The denizens of modern Western social democracies no longer believe in the concept of “evil”. They believe in the existence of “disfunction” and of “illness”, but they have rejected the ideas of evil and of sin.

    Therefore, they have rendered themselves incapable of seeing our world as a battlefield where the forces of good are commanded by God, or whatever you choose to believe in, to do battle with the forces of evil.

    If we are commanded to go to war with evil, for instance in the form of goblins like Nikolas Cruz, then we must arm ourselves for the coming battle, not disarm in the face of mortal danger.

    To disarm oneself in the face of evil is a sin for which there can no forgiveness.

    • Needs polishing, but this is the most interesting, insightful, and relevant idea expressed on TTAG in at least a month. Well done.

    • I believe in the existence of evil. See socialism in all its forms. This guy may indeed have had some severe mental illnesses. I’ve heard from several arm chair medical professionals that he “definitely had fetal alcohol syndrome.”

  7. Don’t worry, this is actually a Very Smart strategy by our Stable Genius In Chief. It’s just a ruse, and it will turn out So Well, let me tell you. He actually cares Very Much about the 2nd Amendment, past statements notwithstanding.

    • From Hitler through Obama, we’re always desperately, deceptively counseled to ignore the statist ambitions that megalomaniacs harbor, as repeatedly revealed in their own writings and speeches over long periods. Curious, that.

  8. If they were clever they would attach a bump stock ban to the SHARE Act to force Dems to vote for some new gun freedoms. I say call them all out on their gun rights stance!

    • Better yet, disguise the bill as the lunch order list the pages are gathering for Subway. Next thing the Dems know, it’s Ryan declaring from the podium “…and the Ayes have it. Five dollar footlongs for everyone……..and national reciprocity and suppressors for America.” Wait. What?

      • That’s pretty much how they passed the Hughes Amendment. Shenanigans, not specifically the lunch thing.

  9. Why would this surprise anyone? Donald Trump has been a Democrat, an independent, and a Republican. He has never been a conservative in his life. He just happened to be a Republican when he was elected.

    Donald Trump doesn’t believe anything. There is nothing at his core.

  10. The one good thing, if an AWB bill is passed in both houses and goes to the President’s desk … we will know who voted for and against it.

  11. The problem isn’t so much with what he is saying, the problem is that we have yet another president who thinks that executive privilege is the way to create laws.

    • Executive privilege : “the privilege, claimed by the president for the executive branch of the US government, of withholding information in the public interest.”

      Like attorney-client privilege, spousal privilege, priest-penitent privilege, doctor-patient privilege, etc.

      You mean executive action.

  12. Gee I was never “fooled” by him. Enemy of my enemy and all that. Is Trump trolling? We’ll see. If he’s not I support impeachment…President Pence has a ring to it.

  13. Lets face it, if he just came out and said “not one inch” “2nd amendment or death” or any other extreme one sided voice.
    Power would be lost.

    Trump knows true power lies in making both sides believe you are working for them. I know a lot of you want to see him scream pro gun from the roof tops, but then its a one sided fight. BUT if he can get the other side to help defeat themselves….then you have truly won.

    Again, notice the words used.

    Telling someone who is pissed off at you “I am listening to your argument and taking it into consideration” calms them down a lot more than “who gives a *(&^& what you think”.

    • Recent example, look at the amnesty “debate” where he offered a concession to the DNC, and watched them hang themselves with it. Now the DNC has to run on an amnesty platform in the midterms.

  14. Calling pwrserge: I’m inclined to believe you, about all this being a nothingburger/multi-dimensional chess/ploy to get the Dems to shoot themselves in the collective foot…But if you would humor me for a moment, what happens if you’re wrong? Assume for the sake of argument ATF does find some way to interpret bumpstocks as machine guns (as wrong as we all know that interpretation would be), and a new assault weapons ban does pass (God forbid) and Trump does sign it…What do you see happening then? Civil war?

    I ask respectively in earnest sir, and would wish for a response in kind

    • Assume for the sake of argument ATF does find some way to interpret bumpstocks as machine guns (as wrong as we all know that interpretation would be), and a new assault weapons ban does pass (God forbid) and Trump does sign it…What do you see happening then? Civil war?

      Was there a civil war when the ’94 AWB passed?

      • This isn’t the same country as 1994. The left were far less openly communist and far less openly genocidal. Do I need to bring up the #killtheNRA billboard?

        • By 1994, the left had just one year before unsuccessfully attempted to seize 1/7 of the economy via Hillarycare.

          By 2018, the left had just a couple months before made permanent their successful seizure of now 1/6 of the economy via Obamacare.

          The sagacious and ever alert American people are clearly more hip to the left’s wily ways nowadays…..

          Yeah….no. If a new AWB passes, America will obediently accept it just as before; only this time it will be permanent for lacking a ten year sunset provision. Americans do soap box well. Jury box and ballot box, not so much. Ammo box? Never.

          What Americans really want is a society based only on the idiot box, the doughnut box, a mattress in a box, and a box of virtually anything on the doorstep with an smile printed upon it.

        • There isn’t the slightest chance that passing a new AWB would push us into civil war. Would there be a lot of people who ignore it and go ahead and sell old “assault” weapons off the books? Sure. But the days of being able to buy new ones would be over….and Americans aren’t going to start a war over the issue.’

          What civil war–ish actions would you take in the event an AWB went into effect?

  15. I hesitate to post on US politics because I am Canadian, and as such probably should mind my own business. Having said that, in Canada, in 1991 we had a Progressive Conservative government that implemented a bad gun bill. Then when they got thrown out of government, the new Liberal government implemented an even worse one. It took twelve years before we got a new Conservative (sans the “progressive” part) government, and it was only in a minority position until 2011 (where it was more free to do things). There are more bits, but that’s the basics.

    As American gun owners, do you have twelve years to spare of wandering in the wilderness, or would it be best to get things fixed up right now? If fixing things right now seems like a good idea, then perhaps contacting your elected officials, and working inside your Republican party would be the course of action. I suspect that the US is a lot like Canada in that there is a big need for volunteers and people with drive and energy at the base of the party.

    The funny thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of politicians don’t know what’s what- but a good volunteer they trust can get their voice heard. A lot of politicians don’t know much beyond the news talking points. With a calm explanation, and even an offer to show what a firearm can and cannot do, you can help clear things up for them.

    The same applies to your national firearms organizations. What does the local organization of the NRA look like? What sort of voice could you get on the board if you appeared in person with an offer to help?

    I understand your frustration, but I don’t think shutting the door to engagement and just walking away from the few groups who could be on your side is the best option. I speak from bitter experience.

    • ColdNorth gets it!

      “… perhaps contacting your elected officials, and working inside your Republican party would be the course of action.”

      Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!!

      We should be providing an even higher level of encouragement (both positive and negative) to our incumbent politicians about maintaining and expanding our rights.

    • I think this is part of the reason the NRA is so centralized. They don’t have local chapters. They have members.

  16. Meh, who knows what they are goung to do, the courts may or may not protect our rights, i doubt it. If you hinge your rights on the opinion of people in robes i dont know what to tell you. What i do know is America right now has some scary similarities to Yugoslavia in some ways, Not so much ethnic nationalism, but there are elements of nationalism, the press is a commie shitshow, watch some documentaries about the breakup, the similarities between our press and how the commie press acted in Yugoslavia are crazy, same exact tactics with “useful idiots” too, bussing agitators around etc watch “The death of Yugoslavia” its on youtube, its 5 hours long, im only half way through it but its eye opening already

  17. I am not worried. IMO he said what he said to keep hope alive with the democrats just like he has with DACA and such and make him sound reasonable to the public at large. I don’t believe for a split second that he would ever sign or propose an “assault weapon” ban.

    Not only has president Trump appointed a conservative to SCOTUS but he done the same with over a dozen in the Federal courts. That is not what a President would do if he was truly a liberal at heart.

  18. There are no Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives or Liberals. There are only tyrants. Government has one role, and that is to restrict your rights – that is the only reason to have a centralized power that threatens to capture or kill you if you do not obey. Can we please start opting out of this awful, backward system?

  19. There’s no substantive difference between those rifles referred to as “Military Style Assault Rifles” and any other semi-automatic rifle, except a very few that do not use a detachable magazine as a feeding device [and those are very few].
    Even the venerable M1 Garand can be converted to use B.A.R. magazines. So, ban a Make/Model specific few, which is pointless, or ban them all (NOT!)…
    What POTG don’t seem to understand is that if you are on the receiving end of being shot at clustered together in a confined space there is no substantive difference between 50 bullets a minute flying your way and 600 bullets a minute, and this is exactly what scares the crap out of the hoplophobes and gun muggles. The challenge we POTG have with AR 15’s, AK’s and the like is that they are quickly reloaded with up to 100 rounds of ammunition* and our saying things like, “But it’s NOT a machine gun” [and most other rebuttals I have seen] comes off as a disingenuous, patronizing dismissal of what can be plainly seen to be a lethal situation. In the end it is not about “feelz”. It is not about ignorance. It is about what can be plainly seen to be possible with these firearms, and there is no denying what hard facts (numbers of killed and wounded people) demonstrate.
    In the face of those hard facts our defense of these firearms is weak and ineffectual. It is in fact often counter-productive. We need to rethink how we defend these rifles and promote their ownership and use for legitimate sporting purposes. Otherwise, they will be banned and possibly outlawed eventually.

    *Box Magazines generally top out at 30-40 rounds and 50-100 round magazines are of the drum or double drum type.

  20. All of the Repub candidates were willing to accept “reasonable restrictions” on “gun rights”. If you are a single-issue, 2A absolutist, you have no candidate who will ever meet your standard, now or in the future. If you have no governing principles, that allow for “reasonable restrictions” on the second amendment in order to obtain your other goals, there is no point if voting at all (which is actually a vote).

  21. He better close that door….and lock it, if he desires to have a chance of being reelected in 2020. That’s just facts Mr. President.

  22. I think it’s just a ruse to buy time, delay, and wait for the storm to subside. Remember, Trump is first and foremost a negotiator … a deal maker. Remember he has done this same thing, with other topics, before, offering something the opposition wants badly as a possibility, only to decide against it later. If he does some of the things mentioned, like banning bump stocks and raising the age to purchase a semi-auto rifle, he would have done more than Obama, even if he later decides not to push for a ban on “assault style rifles” (which, as many others have pointed out, is merely a cosmetic determination, anyway.) I’m hoping he will push for stuff that really works, like hardening our schools and using enough armed guards to actually protect a school.

  23. a) national reciprocity is tied to the bill strengthening background checks. Trump is daring the Democrats to vote it down now.

    b) Trump allowing an assault weapons ban would close the door on his re-election and that of any GOP incumbent. Just because he’s not ruling it out now doesn’t mean he has any intention of actually allowing it. He also knows the GOP will never allow such a bill to pass.

    It’s political theater. As for raising the age to buy certain firearms, such bs already exists with handguns, so it’ll probably happen, which is unfortunate, but then again many 18-22 year olds are still children and Obama says people up to 26 years old should be considered children via ACA.

    • “a) national reciprocity is tied to the bill strengthening background checks. Trump is daring the Democrats to vote it down now.”

      Not in the Senate.

  24. I would point out that this statement wasn’t made by Trump but rather his spokesperson and that the answer was in response to a question. The reply was what is commonly called a “dodge”.

    That is to say that if you actually look at what was asked and the reply the reply is so vague that no meaning can be drawn from it. Effectively what it says is “I have recieved no guidance on how to answer such a question so here’s a non-answer to placate the media but not get me in trouble with my boss”.

  25. The assault weapons ban was designed as a wedge issue to split the GOP from gun owner support. It’s a trap that ended up backfiring since the Democrats driving it couldn’t make a logical argument for keeping the gun ban (especially when it was proven to have no effect on mass shootings).

    The unfortunate outcome of the gop even appearing to support an awb is that it leaves 2nd amendment minded voters nowhere to turn. This will rob the gop of critical support, leaving seats to democrats and ultimately creating more gun control.
    Since no one has explained how gun control can affect spree shootings, those will still be a sad fact of life.

  26. 10yo girls master social media! Do all u so called progun ASFUDGE have all the social media platforms mastered and blow out the internet with your super progun asfu*k message everyday>?

    If not shut up..ur the problem and u need a good kicking and u should not have guns or rights or be in America!!

    This looks like a pity party with not one fool with a solution! Trump is still better than a hitlary so far …..politicians and elections have become popularity contest hence OKRAH thinking of running so she can sell more diet books and diet food and hypnotize the sheep.

    I almost slapped this old STAY HOME TV BRAINWASHED WATCHING bitch that said I heard it on OAKRAH ITS GOT TO BE TRUE.



    I feel really sorry for teh future cuz these kids are brainwashed and a majority drank the bloombag campus koolaid and hate guns….it was nice while it lasted but, America will soon be like YEMEN unless the buttercups start sucking it up! FAST!!



    Lets build the #GOA and leave the NRA. Yes some republicans suck but, 99% of baby killing democrats suck far worse.

    The only choice is to go with the lessor of 2 evils get use to it and pick wisely!

    If a politician does not support or wants to restrict my right to self defense of my family…. then THEY ARE my worse enemy …and i want them thrown out of office and AMerica ASAP!


  27. In just about everything Trump seems to be about 10 steps ahead of everyone else. Whatever you think of him, he is pretty smart. On top of running the country he trolls the media for sport. I’d wait to see how this plays out before rushing to condemn the man. Maybe theres a stall tactic involved, or maybe theres a deal where we give up new bump stocks but get the HPA or something else thats not a gimmic, and restores more of our 2a rights. Its too early to tell whats going to happen.
    I was skeptical of him at first but I’ve been happy with him so far. Of course, if you really don’t like him for some reason nothing I say will change your mind. Either way, we are better off than than we would have been with Hildabeast in the whitehouse.

  28. You guys don’t get it do you? The tide has turned. The youth of America are awakened. Corporate America stands strongly by them. The MSM is turning out lies and misinformation at an alarming rate. Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, all the internet giants are united against the pro-gun camp. Oprah is gonna run for president. You think you have it bad now, just wait ’til 2020. You all knew this was coming but did nothing except fight among yourselves. You all are gonna lose – BIG TIME.

  29. To all the pro-Trump that occupy TTAG’s message boards and flagellate about what a great president he is, I got four words: I told ya so.

  30. The FBI can arrest some schmuck buying a plane ticket to go fight with ISIS in Syria, but they can’t use the same social media tools to identify and stop these crazies before they become a danger. The Federal Government wants your guns and they’re using these shootings as an excuse.

  31. The problem is that elections are won and lost by independent voters. Pretty obvious that moderates are tired of hearing about mass shootings, they don’t really know much about firearms and semi auto rifles and pistols are used in many of them. When they get to the point that they are willing to try anything, they will start to vote 2A supporters out of office. If gun owners and our organizations are seen as uncompromising, we will eventually see another useless “assault weapons” ban. I think the NRA and GOA have missed some opportunities to start some of these dialogues in the periods between some of these shootings. Immediately after, people are stressed, tempers flare and the good old NRA demons are in everyone’s cross hairs. I find it curious that not one person protested outside an FBI building. They really screwed the pooch on this one but the NRA gets all of the blame.

    • “The problem is that elections are won and lost by independent voters.”

      That’s what Jebbie, Little Marco, and many of the other in 2016 thought. Jebbie announced he would win the primary and election without appealing at all to “the base”.
      That “independents” stuff is the constant mantra of the K Street high-dollar political consultants (who seem to prosper, no matter how many campaigns they mismanage).

  32. Fact is I don’t lose my car/truck/motorcycle Everytime a drunk or doped driver uses one to kill people. Nor do I lose a right written in the Bill of Rights. I don’t lose the right to drive or consume alcohol. Fact is the Government is legalizing marijuana fast as they can. I didn’t hear calls to ban airliners,Islam, boxcutters after 9/11. I did hear it was America’s fault and we deserved it as well as it was the CIA and Bush who did the deed and The Religion of peace by the same folks screaming hysterical to ban guns or one gun.
    I have noticed during Islamic throat cuttings, shootings and beheadings one thing stands out, the victims are disarmed. It is a fact every Government that has banned and confiscated civilian guns follows up with mass murder and genocide of special select groups of people. Jews, for one and theNative American’s are another.
    My rights don’t end where your hysterical whines begin.
    Molon Labe.

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