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Reader Steve S. writes:

I might be wrong, but I sure see a correlation between the the areas with the (apparent) worst police violence, and also being most anti-gun. You? [source:]

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  1. So tell me are the police “killings” randomly distributed through the population taking gangbanger and Eagle Scouts in equal measure or are they concentrated on a particular segment of the population?

  2. “Well that’s only because guns leak into those areas from places with irresponsible gun laws. We need nationwide common sense firearm restriction in order to see results in these areas”

    – Any brainwashed anti.

        • From a brief look it seems to be:

          Grey is any shooting with out any more information available. Blue can be clicked on for more information. Red seems to be areas that there are multiple shootings with more information available.

          This is all interesting info. I note that Texas, the 3rd biggest population state and with fairly loose gun laws has a lot less activity than the west coast and the Northeast. Go figure.

        • Yeah, and Austin is something like the 10th largest city in the US (who would have guessed?) and violent crime is pretty rare. Of course, more cities could duplicate Austin’s pleasant experience if they regularly employed city police officers who can shoot dead an active shooter with a service pistol from 104 yards away while holding a pair of horses with the off hand. That officer is a god!

  3. The map definitely shows a correlation between police killings and densely populated/urban areas, which generally have more gun control. That big blob running from Washington D.C. to Boston is the most densely populated area of the country, and also includes the bulk of the states with unconstitutional gun laws.

  4. I’m not so sure. They seem to be over areas of higher population. Not even I can quite say that’s due to strickery gun laws. Correlation may not equal causation here.

      • Sorry, autocorrect starts playing games after 6 months and low RAM.

        But yes, lol, it does kinda make sense!

    • dracon1201 is correct.
      And if you use the link down near Key West to scale by population, the anti-gun areas of LA, SF, Chicago, DC, MD, and NYC become tiny compared to the rest.

      So it looks like there isn’t a correlation between anti-gun attitudes and shootings by police.

    • I agree, although overall there seems to more of a correlation with population density. Even that isn’t consistent. For example, the largest circle is around Las Vegas, and Clark County does have over 2 million people. Otoh, there is also a big circle centered in Washoe County north of Reno. Which is not a densely populated area. The whole county has fewer than than 500,000 people, about half of which live in Reno, which isn’t in the circle. So either Reno 911 was a documentary, or police killings are not that common. Regardless, Nevada has permissive gun laws compared to other states.

  5. I’m pretty sure the correlation is with crime, not specifically gun laws.

    The biggest cities with the most restrictive gun laws also have higher amounts of crime (either due to greater population density or to disarmed victims).

    • “Iā€™m pretty sure the correlation is with crime, not specifically gun laws.”

      Yep, sounds rational to me.

      Take a look at Florida in that image.

      See that big blob right in the center of the state? That’s not Orlando. Orlando is just above it to the right.

      That big dot is none other than my county, Polk county.

      Polk county, as in Grady Judd “Because they ran out of bullets.”

      Grady is pro 2A. He’ll sign off on NFA toys. Polk has large-ish population of meth-heads.

      Druggies that commit crime that needs policing.

      Grady is only happy to oblige…

  6. There is no key to the color scheme and they compare police shootings of blacks to Jim Crow era lynchings, saying they are “the same rate.”

    Meaningless without a key.

    • The original data set comes from Fatal Encounters. Funny thing is that Color for Change is trying to make it out to be about race. Fatal Encounters show that there are still more whites killed by police. It says to me crime is still color blind.

      • That’s interesting. I was under the impression that most crime was committed by blacks against other blacks. I had assumed that would mean blacks are killed by police more often than whites. Perhaps the ingrained distrust and fear of police in largely black communities helps keep them alive more often.

        • The data only shows police encounters and doesn’t include criminal on criminal encounters or defensive gun use. For a more accurate picture of crime/race and cause of death/ race use the fbi and cdc numbers. Crime is still highest in poor urban areas.

  7. The connection is obvious. In places where citizens are disarmed, police feel that they can treat people with no respect. They treat the people like serfs.

    In places where people are typically armed the people do no feel so superior to the people. This leads to minor subtel differences in how police interact with the people. This also changes how people view themselves and interact with police.

    When all people are armed…. everybody is truly equal.

    • When citizens are disarmed the criminal class feels emboldened and therefore has more interactions with the police resulting in their deaths. When citizens are armed the criminal class tends to stay away and the police have fewer encounters with the police and therefore fewer of them get shot.

      Fixed it for you.

  8. Graphic is misleading. I was shocked to see a big dot over my area (~250k population – mostly suburbia with low violence). That dot represented just two shootings. Both justified.

    • I noticed the same thing, and further concluded that the dot is always placed over the county seat. There was a pretty good sized dot over my home town (~110,000, double that for the county), and it turns out that that was for seven shootings over the last 14 years. I tend to pay attention to police shootings–and not one in my area involved blacks, and all but one involved armed criminals who had fired at police. The one was someone with an airsoft pistol who’d robbed a bank and then committed suicide by cop. Oh by the way, although my town is in California, it is a very pro-gun community with a pro-carry sheriff.

  9. Blacks populate the inner cities at a higher percentage[of their population] than whites. They lead in every negative that society tracks. Unemployment. Single households. High school graduation. et al

    And then they are taught at church, at school and at home that if they do not succeed, that white oppression is to blame reinforced by our leftists media.

    When they start looking inward and quit blaming others for their faults, then and only then can the change they seek come to fruition.

    • “And then they are taught at church, at school and at home that if they do not succeed, that white oppression is to blame reinforced by our leftists media.”

      Even worse, some glamorize entitlements and demonize motivated workers for being Uncle Toms. And some taunt motivated workers claiming that Mr. Establishment is taking advantage of them.

      • A mustard seed of wisdom, considering that the vast majority of blacks in poor areas don’t engage in violent criminal activity. These problem are the handful of violent career criminals feeding through a revolving-door system. To randomly target all blacks in poor areas is both lazy and ineffectual.

  10. There’s more shootings because there’s more crime, and there is more crime because there are more people.
    Hence, “gun control” is a political stump : the laws are theater for the ignorant and the deluded.

  11. The Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland metro areas are roughly equal in population, but staunchly liberal and notoriously anti-gun Cleveland appears to have far more police shootings.

  12. Not your imagination Steve. I live very close to Chicago. It is astonishing to me the BS black(and Spanish) folks put up with in the city.

  13. That map demonstrates little other than big dots over big cities. However, take a moment to zoom into Texas. Lots of guns and only 95 “killn’s” in the last 14 years. Kinda kicks the mantra of bad cop correlation in the pants. Act nice and don’t resist. Hand’s up, pants up, get a job, and stop blaming it on us crackers.

  14. There seems to be a direct correlation between police shootings and those blobs that appear all over the map!

    I looked all over my town and can’t find a single blob, so the citizens here can breathe easy. Okay, there’s a big grease spot on my neighbor’s driveway, but he’s still alive so the blob is probably a mistake.

    Now all we need to do is erase those blobs and there won’t be any more police shootings. Or we can just arm our dogs to kinda balance things out.

  15. See that giant grey circle? I’m right in the middle of that. 157 in Clark County, NV. You get free cocktails with each shooting here.

  16. I believe the correlation is more due to higher crime rate because of fewer armed citizens. Bad guys with guns like sheeple and unarmed citizens. Just ask ramrod up in Chiraq.

  17. Perhaps areas with higher gun control have the most emboldened criminals? Therefore the police are on higher alert and more likely to shoot in fear for their life.

  18. I actually see more of a correlation to population density than with gun control laws. It’s a good thought, but I’m not completely convinced… Too many variables.

  19. The correlation is that many anti-gun states also have high crime rates and economically depressed and under educated areas. This, plus a lot drugs and gangs. Those police shoots where more likely than not police vs. criminals. Due to these high crime areas, police are probably on edge as well.

    If nothing else, it shows that deep blue states or cities and their progressive polices have failed.

    It is not so much he cops, but the whole political system in those areas.

  20. What most people here miss is that by default, the map just shows raw count. Needless to say, it’s going to be larger when there’s more people in the area – i.e. cities; which trend liberal. So all it shows is that where there’s more people, there’s more everything – including police officers, crimes, and shooting of criminals (and innocent victims) by police.

    If you click on “scale by population” in lower right corner, you’ll see the map that is actually meaningful.

  21. Sure seems to be a correlation between Assault Weapon bans and police killings.
    Legalize MSRs, it’s for the children!

  22. WHAT A CROCK! These are ALSO areas with the highest crime rates in the nation (did you notice THAT???) So, YEAH, these would be areas with the most shootings by cops! Are ALL liberals as stupid as you appear to be?? By the way, the CRIMINALS are getting the guns illegally so, these are not “anti gun zones”? Really? Please tell me that ALL liberals are as thick headed you are?

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