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While I’m normally a fan of “proper” holsters — those that attach to the belt and are made of leather or Kydex — I fully understand that they aren’t always right for everyone. Specifically, those who don’t wear pants and belts every day.  Scrubbed out nurses and doctors, for instance. Or women who wear dresses. Or guys like me who hit the gym a few times a week in nylon shorts and t shirts. For those folks, Telor Tactical has an answer . . .


The Telor Tactical Comfort-Air Bodyband Holster is a stretchy bit of fabric that secures your gun to your body using a stout piece of Velcro. This is my first experience with a belly band style holster, but if they’re all like this, I’m all in. In this case, the Telor offering is made of a very comfortable and slightly stretchy band of fabric that’s comfortable against the skin. One end is hook Velcro and the other is loops. The loop end takes up about six inches of total fabric and allows for a bit of customization throughout the growth and shrinking the holidays tend to bring.


The inside of the band hosts a non slip, rubberized patch of fabric that helps “stick” the gun to the user’s body. The opposite side has a stretchy neoprene section to firmly hold your pistol in place. Retention is good, through I’d be hesitant to do a bunch of jumping jacks as the only thing holding the gun is the friction of the stretchy fabric. The Bodyband comes in a variety of sizes for sub compact and compact pistols as well as a range of girths.


As you’d expect, the Bodyband is a very flexible carrying solution that allows the user to wear it high, low, at the appendix, four o’clock, or wherever your heart desires. Almost all positions do a great job of concealing the firearm, though the “high belly” position isn’t the most discreet thing I’ve ever seen.


Overall, it’s a really pleasant way to carry a small pistol around and it does an admirable job of keeping your heater concealed under a t-shirt or similar hot weather gear. It isn’t my go-to carry solution; I normally subscribe to the “carry the biggest gun you can conceal comfortably” school of thought. But for those times when schlepping around a full sized pistol is absolutely out of the question, this is absolutely the next best thing.


Specifications: Telor Tactical Bodyband Holster

Type: Bellyband
Gun types: Many subcompact and compact pistols
Waist sizes: 24″ – 54″ waist sizes across the various sizes
Retention: Friction
Price: $44.95
Ratings (out of five stars):

Comfort * * * * *
This is far better than pretty much every inside the waistband holster I’ve ever used.

Flexibility * * * * *
This holster holds all sorts of sub compact pistols in a variety of different positions on your body to meet the needs of the operator.

Overall Rating * * * * *
This isn’t my first choice when it comes to holsters, mostly because I normally carry a much bigger gun than the pictured SIG 938. That said, if I’m carrying the little gun around for a trip to the gym or a walk down to the mailboxes in my robe, this is my go-to choice to make sure I adhere to the “any gun is better than no gun” adage.


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      • Tyler- Did you gun slide get moisture through the rubberized pad? I shoulder carry a 1911 and made the switch to leather after sweating through the fabric kind of holsters.

        • Not an appreciable amount. It is pretty thick and doesn’t seem to absorb or transfer moisture. It breathes really well so it doesn’t seem to get wet.

        • Merry Christmas and thanks for the idea of a present that my puppy dog just ordered me online.

  1. That’s an interesting alternative to the “undershirt” style and the up-under-your-arm deep-concealment holsters. For those of us who have to wear slacks, a dress shirt and a tie to work everyday, it’s always good to look at alternatives that put our guns in more easily accessed locations.

  2. I am a nurse and I hit the gym on a regular basis so this would be of interest to me. I would be ordering one right now if they had something for retention. I have been looking for a holster to use when I am outside jogging but I don’t know if this would do if it doesn’t come with something for retention.

  3. I have been toying with ideas like this, particularly in crossdraw, but with nothing to keep the band in place I’m skeptical. No retention is a deal breaker for me.

    Santa Claus was supposed to bring me a Tagua SH-4 but UPS is no-show and it’s kind’a late in the game.

  4. The thing I like about this type of holster, is that you can wear your shirt tucked into your pants, if you desire. I would leave one button open for quick access. On the shirt! not the pants, in case your wondering.

  5. I had to wear a elastic back support, the kind you see them wearing at home depot, at work. It has the elastic in the back so I took it to my seamstress and had her run a couple rows of heavy stitches in it where it conformed to my gun. held my pocket 9 and my sd40 in place. When covered by the ugly walmart type vest we had to wear, no one was the wiser, and made for quick access. only problem it’s level 1 retention, so always the chance a bg could grab it. Glad the boss eventually allowed open carry(with discretion heheheh) and it only cost me ten bucks for the sew job

  6. Looks promising, but that thing wrapped around you belly in the summer is gonna cause some serious sweating. Looks better for the other three seasons.

  7. Regarding the area that holds the pistol, what provision (if any) did the manufacturer provide to prevent body moisture (perspiration) from getting to the pistol?

  8. that could for sure work when i can’t front pocket carry.
    do you like those hogues? my nightmare (the one in my pocket, not the one that does laundry) still has the thin stock panels.

  9. Interesting idea, although I’d like some form of retention if I was going to use it when working out, which would be the only time I’d probably wear something of the sort. Otherwise my SP-101 rides comfortably enough in a Galco IWB holster. Even getting in and out of the 18 wheelers or other equipment or other crawling, climbing or such at work, it stays put very well.

  10. I’ve been using an Ace Case bellyband for a few years now. My Nano has never dropped out, and it fits well enough to hide most small pistols underneath a buttoned shirt. This looks like the fabric covering the trigger guard is a bit thicker than mine, and may suit my PPS a bit better.

  11. I purchased this holster a while back and had a few weeks to use it. For my personal needs I found good and bad things about it. First the good. This is without a doubt the most comfortable and breathable belly band type holster I have tried yet. The material is very comfortable against the skin and is perfect for summer carry. The things I didn’t like (one major and one minor) are the holster itself with the gun placed in it doesn’t have a trigger guard system. It would be easy to reach in and pull the trigger through the fabric as it is rather soft. I suppose anyone can find a fix for this if they can sew. Also, there is a lot of gun touching your skin which can cause rust from sweat. I think with a few tweaks by Telor this system can be close to perfect! I wore it for several hours driving and walking and it is very comfortable!

  12. Once again the Lefties are left out. Sniff Sniff. I bought a belly band ( another brand ) and had to do some sewing to make it usable to carry. Now, for the good and the bad of this other brand, super comfortable but the band itself would roll. If you pulled it tight, it would try and form a tube-like half roll. So if this one is fairly stiff and has some “body” to the band itself, then it would be an improvement over what I purchased.

    As for as lefties, you just cant flip the thing and wear it on the other side. No worky.


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