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While we’re sure you’re thrilled if Santa dropped an iPhone 6, a PlayStation 4 or an 18V DeWalt cordless hammer drill under your tree last night, we really don’t care. What we would like to hear about, though, are any ballistically oriented baubles the jolly old elf may have left for you. If you were on his naughty list, we’re sorry to hear that. You’ll probably figure out something useful to do with that lump of coal. And that should give you something to work toward in the new year. If, however, you were on his nice list, have fun with your new haul and don’t shoot your eye out. So whadjya get?

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    • I have one of those. Some folks put them down, but I think they are a nice little gun, especially for what they cost. The finishing isn’t as nice as a Ruger Single Six, what what can you expect for under $200.

  1. I got my father a pre ww 2 winchester model 12 in 20 gauge a gun hes wanted for years other than that my sister a brick of 22

  2. Paper splatter targets, an armorer’s kit with a brass hammer, punches, and screwdriver bits, and I got my bro two bricks of 7.5 Swiss and a .30-cal bore brush for his new M1896/11.

  3. Spent everything on my wife and kids. Managed to buy 2×100 Large Rifle primers for myself. Was hoping for my wife or sister to get me an LCR, or maybe a Ruger American in .243 or 7mm-08, but no such luck.


  4. EOTech 512 and a Streamlight TLR-1 HL for the MSR. It was a good haul as far as I was concerned. In the new year I think I might pick up a Ruger AR-556 to add to the stable.

  5. A brand-new Third Generation Glock 21, with NcStar green laser. Hey, it was on sale and I didn’t have one, so what better reason?

    • Hope yours works better than mine did. Mine was a jam-o -matic with anything but CCI high velocity no matter what frame i put i on!

  6. Pelican hard case for my hunting rifles, Voodoo Tactical case for my AR’s, and getting my Model 700 30-06 sent off for rechambering to .35 Whelen

  7. I got a base model SIG P290RS as an early Christmas gift. So for Christmas morning my wife and kids got me enhanced G-10 grips and an extra mag!

    • I bought a P938 recently, haven’t broken it in yet. Polished the feed ramp. Great little gun, I carry it, even though I’ve only put a hundred rounds through it. No problems.
      If you don’t have one already, do get the 7 round extended magazine. Makes the grip a lot better!

  8. Santa (or my dog, we haven’t figured out who yet) got me a Mossberg 464 SPX (tactical lever action 30-30), and a Kel-tec sub-2000 in .40 S&W. It was a good year.

    • I can never explain why to anyone, but I so want one of those tacticool lever guns! I fondled one at Academy a few weeks ago but was between paychecks and couldn’t swing it.

  9. Lone Wolf .40-9mm conversion barrel for G23, standard cap mags, and an unspecified amount of 9mm ammo. Olight M2X Javelot either got delayed in shipping or the package was stolen.

    • Star pistols are kind of a hidden treasure. My dad has one in .380 and it shoots great. I’ve been eyeing some of the Star’s online and they are inexpensive.

      • This Super B I’ve got is actually seriously nice. The machining is spot on and the overall attention to detail is really awesome. I’m very impressed with the quality of it, to say the least!

  10. I’ve had it for a few weeks now, but I wasn’t able to play with it until today.

    My GF got me a Sig SP2022 with 3 mags and a desantis OWB holster.

  11. Four boxes Federal HST 45 cal and a Range Officer with which to shoot them. It is these small gestures that remind me why I married her.

  12. $250 gift card to Academy + cash for a mossberg 500
    An Ar barrel wrench
    And Larue emailed me last night, my order is finally shipping.
    Oh and some socks….

  13. 9mm ammo and a gift card to Academy for some more, wife didn’t want to lug it all home I guess.

    Mostly got new work out stuff, which I was pretty stoked about.

    And I got my wife a new CHL purse.

    • Academy is hell on the bank account. I always find something on sale I really want. My last purchase was an M&P22 that was on sale and with tax cheaper than Bud’s. Plus I was able to buy a brick of .22 with the pistol that wasn’t available unless you bought a .22LR firing gun.

      • I’ve bought more than a few guns from there. Most of my ammo is purchased from there, as well.

        Academy usually has the best prices.

  14. Cerakote for my stripped upper/lower and handguard and everything I still need to finish my 300blk SBR. And a sweet Freedom Rifle shirt.

  15. I bought myself some ammo (.22LR, .40 cal, 7.62 NATO and .45 Colt) and a cold-weather shooting jacket so I can be warm and toasty this winter when I blow sh!t up.

    Oh, and my cats buried some treasures in the sand. The little bastards are so caught up in the spirit of giving that they’re going to do the same thing tomorrow.

  16. Mossberg MMR and Tisas 1911-A2 for Christmas, first quarter of next year Glock 17L and Mossberg 930 JM Pro then i am all done buying guns, four different weapons and calibers and the required ammunition is plenty not to mention the related (gunsmithing,cleaning supplies,modifications,tools and optics) and once the initial expense is behind me it becomes a treasure to behold and worth every dime invested. Can you tell i enjoy 3-gun competition 🙂

  17. I bought myself an SP101

    I believe my dad ordered me some .357 ammo. But it hasn’t arrived (he tried getting powder for me and it was out of stock). A for effort though.

    So it may be a belated Christmas

  18. For my friend 500 rounds of 9mm from Freedom munitions so we can get in some more range time.

    For my brother in law 260 rounds of match grade 308.

    Myself two 15 round mags for my glock 22 2nd gen, a galco kingtuk iwb holster for my glock, a 5.11 range bag, a 5.11 2 magazine holder for my belt, 20 rounds of personal defense ammo and laserlyte training system for in home practice.

    My wife a gift card for her handgun purchase after the march factory shoot next year along with both of use signed up for ccw classes.

  19. A WWI artillery shell
    4.75 inches wide
    Juli 1915
    Brought back from france by my great grandfather

  20. Supressor. Because things that go, “Bang!” are great but, things that go, “Pfft!” are better. : )

  21. I bought a used, Winchester single-shot pump BB rifle for my son. He’s 15, autistic, but lately has shown an interest in guns, so I figure it’s time to get him started on safety and shooting basics. It’s still with a gunsmith friend getting tuned. I’m looking forward to the shooting activities that I’ve already enjoyed with my wife and daughter.

  22. My beautiful wife got me a Taurus TCP 380 and a pocket holster for same.

    Gives me an alternative carry piece to my usual EDC piece, an FNP45.

  23. A couple of years ago I bought an AR-15 for $600, put a scope on it for under $300, then came Sandy Hooks, and I sold it for $2,000!
    I have really missed it though, so when Cabela’s came out with a super sale last week, I ended up with another AR-15, and after all the discounts, including 15% for being a veteran, that total came to a little under $500.
    I’m liking it!
    A point to remember: If you want something nice for Christmas, buy it yourself!

  24. California finally “allowed” me to take posession of the cz75 on Christmas eve that was bought and payed for over 30 days ago. Now I’m hoping all of California gets them to abide by the ruling to do away with the ten day wait all together.
    Merry Christmas

  25. Sigh…. 🙁 guess my springfield 1911A1 loaded will show up next year… Or whenever I get my tax return!!!!!!!!!

  26. Got a @LaserLyte trainer target and laser trainers in 3 calibers. Unfortunately, it’s defective and won’t show hits despite following all directions and trying new batteries. From psyched to bummed out in 60 seconds! Merry Christmas everyone.

  27. Ammo: 380, 9mm, 40. Plus a couple of extra Glock mags. Pondering a firearms purchase, but can’t decide whether Bersa Thunder Plus (380), Canik 55 (9 mm), or a 9 mm carbine upper for my AR – or even getting wild with a Beowulf upper. Decisions!?!

  28. Finding great Thanksgiving and Christmas deals over the last few weeks, bought my girlfriend her first AR as a stripped lower and a rifle kit. It all just fell together. Oh, and a matched, stripped, Cerakoted receiver set for myself. Yea-yuh!

  29. Under the tree this year: a “slightly” used S&W 632-1 Carry Comp Pro in .327 Rem Mag, courtesy of a LGS.

    No ammo though.

  30. A sig m11a1 for me, a Springfield xds 45 for my wife and a Beretta semiautomatic shotgun for my son. 250 rounds of ammo in 9mm, 45, and 30 carbine. Now i just have to get a piston for my mystic so i can use itvob my sig. Needless to say we cleaned up.

  31. The typical stuff… christmas tree pajama pants, a t-shirt, a shaving cream/shower gel/shampoo kit, a whole day with my family… AND – still a little shell-shocked over this one – my wife’s entry into the “Wife of the Year” contest: a Black Rain Ordnance .308/7.62 Fallout10 rifle.

  32. From my 79yo non-shooting Mom: a Burris FastFire III red dot sight which was mounted in my TacSol pistol this morning.

  33. Nothing that shoots, but access to someplace to shoot at. My wife gave me a year’s membership at the local “Guntry Club”….it’s going to take some adjusting; shooting someplace where I don’t come home covered in mud & soaking wet from getting rained on. Not sure how well cappuccino’s go with a day at the range, but looking forward to hitting the members lounge to find out!

  34. An official Red Rider Carbine-Action BB gun with a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time!

  35. The kid got a brick of .22 from one of my brothers, I got 120 rds of 7.62x54R from one of my brothers, a nice vintage Case knife from another brother, and then my third brother (who’s house we were at) came walking out with three long wrapped packages- he had picked up Mosin Nagants for the rest of us. This make three for me, but I got lucky in the random pick- 1934 Tula! Not going to mess with this one, but now I can go ahead and get to work on cutting down my project gun. 🙂
    My lovely bride didn’t get me anything, but she didn’t object when I spent a bunch of money on a ww1 era dog tag machine in order to start selling dog tags at gun shows, so that counts for me!

  36. After nine months and rotor cuff surgery, I opened up the box of a custom made DeHaan SXS 12 Ga. Beautiful! Now I have to wait a while longer until the shoulder is up to the task! Oh, Santa stopped by twice before Christamas to drop off a Winchester Model 92 in .357 Magnum and a Colt O1991CCG TALO! It has been a rough year with the shoulder, but Santa was looking after me! 🙂

  37. Not for Xmas but i will join in. Picked up a 10/22 Takedown, 5 mags, new rail, 3×9 UTG scope and a KIDD bolt release.

  38. Got a half-off KJW (airsoft) 1911 so I can drill for my Ruger, without buying a brick of .22. It’s like ninety-five percent cheaper, the recoil is comparable, and the ammo is actually available.

  39. A Chefs Choice knife sharpener – because things that are sharp are almost as much fun as things that go bang – from the wife. A $50 gift card at Academy from mother in law. I’m going to add the card to some mad money that I have in the safe and look at one of those Yildiz O/U 12 gauge bird guns.

  40. My wife is all about Christmas and we watch Christmas movies beginning right after Thanksgiving. “The Christmas Story” is one of my fave all-time movies and I commented on my nostalgia on receiving my Red Ryder BB Gun at age ten, 62 years ago. I am now the proud owner of a new Red Ryder Carbine BB gun, (made in China). Had a good time punching holes in a cardboard box with my Father-in-Law this afternoon.

    (We wore eye protection).

  41. I received a Ruger AR556 Model 8500 for Christmas.
    I added to that a thousand rounds and (10) 30 rd magazines
    plus a couple of accessories.

  42. Stack on 10 gun cabinet and 100 rounds of .45.

    Got a ten gun cabinet and only two guns. Sounds like an excuse to expand the collection.

  43. Tactical Christmas stocking from my gf, a $200 gift card at the lgs from my buddy (really surprised me, what a great buddy! ) I got him a UAG red dot for his in-progress AR and I got her a couple of Magpul gen 2 mags for her AR and a open ended gift certificate to get it cerakoated in Tiffany blue with polished steel comp.
    .. I know I know, but it’s her gun.

  44. Nothing for me, but purchased a full fde GLOCK brand glock 19 for the girlfriend. Her first handgun 🙂

    Merry Christmas everyone

  45. Hymmmn, i was fortunate to get a “Ruger”, Super Red Hawk, [6 shot],Revolver, in .44 caliber. With a 9.5 inch barrel, [l.o.a. is 15 inches]; With a Custom made holster, by “Simply Rugged”, that fits on your chest, [“Reverse Backpack style”], also hooking on each side to your belt, for more stablility, while “Drawing”, this Weapon, to Fire! oh, and 2 ammo Pouches, detachable to this Incredible “Custom Holster”!…. I now have 3, Custom fit holsters, along with their masterfully designed ammo pouches, and much more!… made by this company, Truly, All Works of “Art”, with their added, Hand Engraving!… [Mine come with a “Celtic Knot” design], and Rob Leahy, [owner], adds your initials to the back!…[No Extra Charge!…]. Thank You, Again Rob, for these incredible “Works of Art”!… [Can i get a discount, on my Next Holster, after Advertizing, your Incredible, Custom Fit, Holsters?…]. lol, they really need nothing more than to be seen, to sell!…

  46. There were some amazing internet deals this Christmas for the armed intelligensia,
    if you had the time to hunt them down…
    I guess my best Christmas find was the Sig magazine sale at Cabelas.
    Sig magazines of many shapes and sizes were on sale for $22.49 – with free freight.
    I was able to fit quite a few of those magazines in my Christmas stocking.

  47. Two trail cameras, a gift certificate to Brownells and a gift certificate to Scheels. Happier than a pig in slop.

  48. Gave: Mossberg 500 Bantam shotgun in .410 with wood stock, made right down the road in Eagle Pass, TX. (Ol’ reliable Mav 12ga. was proving too harsh for her frame.) Plus an assortment of target shells and 000 buck in 2 3/4 and 3″ lengths.

    Received: Henry lever action rifle in .357 magnum. Tomorrow at about this time, I’ll be doing my best Chuck Connors impression.

  49. VZ grips for my Sig P238
    Henry makes some awsome rifles I have a golden boy in 22mag. My next one is going to be in 357mag.

    • Good choices. On the Henry 357 rifle, having just spent a few hours with my brand new one, it actually preferd .357 to .38 SPL. Had some failures to fire and sone jams with the .38 SPL. That’s Winchester white box, though, which coincidentally sometimes gives my .357 revolver trouble. So I’m thinking ammo, not gun, as the trouble.

      Rack with authority and you should be fine.

  50. I got a Colt 1851 Navy repro from the wife, a 1911 frame from my father and a Mossberg 930 JM Pro from myself.

  51. IWI Tavor SAR. left hand model. Manticore Arms butt plate upgrade, and Midwest Industries ejection port cover upgrade. Front hand guard rail is in the mail, and trying to figure out what optic I want. Was looking at the Meprolight MOR, but the damn button on the hand guard is on the wrong side. >.< I guess lefties can't have it all.

  52. well i was a good boy this year, i got a
    sig cleaning mat for my sig 229
    vedder hybrid comfort tuck holster
    9mm bore snake
    tube of tw25 gun grease
    blackhawk two pistol range bag
    a plano locking trunk bin
    some glowshot silhouette targets
    pair of thermal shooting glasses
    a henry lever action .22 rifle
    and i bought myself a maverick 12ga over under, a shell holder belt, and a case of shells

    • That’s not a Christmas list…that’s a shopping list.

      I got some shooting glasses too. Actually they are Wilson racquet sports glasses. They are high impact, very clear and the best thing is, they use a strap rather than arms so it doesn’t create a gap in the seal of my E-muffs.

  53. I got:

    100 rounds of .44 Magnum
    200 rounds of .22LR
    A new rifle cleaning kit
    A huge pack of cleaning squares
    An Uncle Mike’s Reflex holster, size 9 (Ruger SR9c), right handed – which I sadly had to return, because I’m left-handed

  54. Springfield XDs 3.3 in 9mm with Crimson Trace LaserGuard, two 9-round extended mags, 75 rounds of 9mm Critical Defense, 200 rounds of 115gr BlazerBrass, and a leather pocket/wallet holster from Braids. I also ordered a Crickett .22 for my kids, but it hasn’t come in yet.

  55. I guess someone thought I was good. Presentation boxed WIN 1911 ammo, pretty wood box with 2 boxes .45 FMJ and 2 boxes JHP, definitely heaviest gift under the tree. 2 boxes 9mm, to feed the LC9 w/laser (can’t beat the special price of $459) and spare mag, then after discussion here talked nice to Santa again and picked up a carbon copy. Wife got a new carry purse. And, finally, a TacCon trigger for my .300 SBR. The tree was very, very good to me!

  56. I got a Lee Classic 4-Holed turret reloading press, plus a tumbler, scale, auto measure, and primer. Now I just need to go get some bullets and powder and I’ll be good to go. 😀

    I’ve thought about buying myself a 300 BLK upper as a gift to myself 🙂

    • My long term plan for “do it yourself Santa” also includes a 300 blackout. And a can for it. And a Sig P938 for my pocket pistol collection. I’m hoping that if I go slow enough, the new additions won’t draw any attention!

  57. Socks and a web cam. No guns or gun-related stuff. But it’s fine by me. My kids getting stuff is all I ever want for Christmas. I appreciate the socks because I was running low on socks that weren’t reserved only for Sundays (holey), and the webcam was so I could skype with my brother who lives 2 states away, my parents, my friend who moved clear across the country, etc. My parents know I’m a bit of PC nerd, so they got me something PC-related that my wife and kids would enjoy too. I’m happy. Income tax season will bring me a late Christmas present. Probably built in Prescott, AZ.

  58. I got a service grade M1 Garand through the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Barrel, bolt, and receiver are all 1953 Springfield Armory and in great condition, and it came with a new walnut stock.

    • Now that’s a good one. I got in on the M1 rifles when they were $500 for a real nice service grade, but missed the boat on the 03’s. The number of M1’s is finite, they will run out and prices will go through the roof.

  59. Just one little sad box of Blazer .32. I did buy myself a mint condition used Beretta 3032 Tomcat about 3 weeks ago at the gun show.

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