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From Gun Rights Across America-California:

Los Angeles, CAFirearms rights groups representing over 160,000 gun owners from around the state of California 
announced today that they will conduct a citizen action in Sacramento on the day the Committee on Public Safety hears
twelve proposed bills concerning firearms and ammunition . . .

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Concerned members of three California organizations; Gun Rights Across America – California, Californians Opposing Gun Restrictions and CALGUNS Shooting Sports Association will come to Sacramento on April 16 for a day of citizen action at the Capitol. The groups will present testimony, stand in support of other witnesses testifying at the hearings and protest the proposed those bills being heard on April 16th, as well as over 40 other unconstitutional, anti-Second Amendment bills proposed this legislative cycle.

California legislators are bent on depriving Californians of their Second Amendment rights – in what can only be described as an exercise in out-legislating other states. The proposed legislation does not seek to remedy any existingproblems, but would only abridge law-abiding citizen’s Constitutional Rights.

This comes at a time when California’s and the nation’s gun crime rates have been on the decline since 1991. Additionally, an overwhelming majority of over 15,000 law enforcement professionals polled recently say that firearms, magazine and ammunition restrictions and regulation would do nothing to affect crime rates.

25% of Californians own guns responsibly and in compliance with existing laws. The proposed laws are unwarranted. They would infringe on Californian’s Civil Rights as protected by the Second Amendment and do nothing about crime.

About Gun Rights Across America – California:
Gun Rights Across America, and its California Chapter are committed to providing support for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as referenced in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. Our goal is to educate and advocate responsible gun ownership, while supporting law abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights as prescribed by our Founding Fathers. Our objective is to ensure that law abiding citizens retain their rights through peaceful activism. GRAA-CA represents over 3,000 California gun owners.

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  1. Wow, between Conneticutt, New York and California, it’s like an epic race to the bottom…

    • and new york has taken the lead. cali and ill are making up ground quickly as they go around the final turn. and what is this Connecticut is making up ground quick to stay in the race. now Texas has dropped out of the race.

  2. The California Legislature has a Democrat supermajority that can theoretically override gubernatorial vetoes, so they will attempt to out do NY and Conn. First up, AR ban expanded to require any new weapons to have internal magazines only (i.e., 8 rounds capacity accessed by popping the rear pin). A “violence” tax on firearms sales. California currently requires a Handgun Safety Certificate (good for five years) for the purchase of handguns. Now they want this extended to all firearms, renewable biannually, with a background check (in addition to the background check needed to purchase a firearm) for mere possession of a firearm. Two ammo taxes, one undefined, one .05 per round. Plus a ban of “military and hollow point” ammo, and a separate proposal to extend the lead ammo ban (to protect the Condor) to the whole state. I guess that would leave us with copper or brass solids. A renewal of a proposal to require ID to purchase ammo, plus fingerprints, plus reporting of sales to the State. Plus record keeping and licensing requirements for vendors, and all handgun ammo to be kept behind the counter. A proposal to prohibit the sale of off-roster handguns except between LEOs (who are exempt from the safe handgun roster buying limitations (thus preventing LEOs from selling used off roster firearms to non-leos, and raises question as to the continued vendibility of previously rostered guns that are no longer listed. Is that enough? We already have a 10 round mag limit. Now they want to ban AR mag bodies that could be modified to accept more than 10 (grandfathering eliminated) and the kits by which such mods could be performed. A specific ban on bullet button kits for converting ARs to the (current) legal configuration. And then I think there is a proposal that would require gun owners to have personal possession of their firearms or have them locked up, with increased criminal penalties for anyone (not just children) gaining unlawful access to a firearm.

    • 1. The bill to end grandfathering was already killed. It was turned into a non-firearms related bill

      2. No proposal to lower the max capacity of fixed magazines to 8 rds

      3. Yes there is a proposal to ban bullet buttons, or rather to redefine fixed magazine to mean a gun where you must dissassemble the action to remove the magazine

      4. Those who own non-roster guns and who are not LEOs could still sell them under the proposed law, but they could no longer buy one from an LEO

      5. No bill extensing the HSC to all guns, let alone making it harder to get (right now it is $25, take 5 minutes and if you cannot pass it you shouldn’t own a gun…or vote, or drive. You probably need to be under the guardianship of another)

      There are many bills, many addressing the same thing with slightly different twists, so hard to keep straight. Some of them, including the most ridiculous ones, have been proposed and defeated in the past. Problem is term limits…we don’t know what the newbies will do. The Governor has said that we don’t really need more laws. He may still sign one here or there as a token gesture. Let’s hope not even that happens

      • An internal magazine on an AR–such as existed prior to the bullet button–only holds eight rounds. That’s all I was meaning. I remember shooting them at the local range. Agreed that the proposal sys noting about capacity limits; that is just the practical effect.
        I am not as certain as you that the proposal to close loopholes in the safe handgun roster law do not apply to existing firearms that are no longer on the roster. The provisions are wide open for interpretation, except that curios and relics are excluded. The single shot exemption is sought to be eliminated too.

    • Don’t forget the redefining of a shot gun bill which in turn outlaws all semi automatic pistols too.

      • In essence, “full retard.” All this, and a southern border that has roughly the same security level as the “one inept guard.”

  3. The “LIFE” Act!! The effing mothers know their shit; if you think THEY’RE stupid, go visit the nearest mirror and talk to the person you see in it.

    If they’re winning and we’re losing, have a heart-to-heart to the reflected one. THAT’S the stupid one.

  4. Everybody should show up with toy bows and arrows, you know, the kind with the suction cup tip. “Why?”, you ask. To demonstrate the weapons gun-grabbers would possibly not want to outlaw.

  5. Banning hollow points. Then when your FMJs go through your intended target and hurt someone else, or go through your wall and injure your neighbor, they can justify charging the legal gun owner with reckless endangerment. What is in the Kool-aid your legislators are drinking………must be DiFi syrup.

  6. The ‘race to the bottom’ mentioned earlier is fueled by the fact that in the Blue States, the further to left you can go (no matter how insane), the more likely you’ll be re-elected. So what we are seeing is actually a race for ” I lead the way to pass reasonable gun legislation ” political bragging rights come election time.

    The prime directive of ALL politicians is to be re-elected. Period.

    That’s our challenge: To win the hearts and minds of the mass of folks who are the mis informed, uneducated and undecided folks in the middle.
    Another group we can reach are people trapped in crime ridden inter cities.

    How are we gonna do that? November 2014 is only 17 months away.

  7. Cali is f*cked. The only fight left for them is a physical one at this point. They are already at the point almost every one of us says is our line. An ID card to buy ammo? A card approved (or most likely disapproved) by a mayor appointed stooge just to defend ourselves outside our homes with arms? A senator that believes Mr. and Mrs. America should turn in their guns over 51 votes regardless of the Bill of Rights? Their passivity is proof of our aquiescence.

    • Black civil rights showed us the way. When white america couldn’t “hear” them they got violent…& then they came through loud & clear, Randy

  8. I have made call after call and talked with dozens of staffers. I can only continue to do so at this point.

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