Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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From the CCRKBA . . .

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today blasted so-called “police reforms” in various American cities for hindering law enforcement efforts to remove contraband guns from the streets, thus enabling criminals to illegally circulate firearms to convicted felons or underage thugs, contributing to a violent crime problem for which law-abiding gun owners are unfairly penalized.

A recent report said “reforms” instituted in Philadelphia that reduced traffic stops are having a negative impact. It was estimated that up to 80 percent of illegal guns “taken off the street” were due to traffic stops. There apparently are similar troubles in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. So-called “reforms” have also been instituted in Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis.

“The same politicians tying the hands of police and preventing them from putting a crimp in gun trafficking are constantly demanding more laws to restrict law-abiding gun owners,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “It’s as though liberal city politicians are on the side of criminals rather than cops and honest citizens.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, a Democrat, lamented earlier this week that only police should have guns, Gottlieb noted.

“Jim Kenney is a perfect example of the liberal urban political mindset,” Gottlieb said. “He complained there are ‘a lot of goofballs out there with guns and they can get them anytime they want.’ His administration made that a lot easier with these ridiculous reforms that prevent police from actually intercepting gun traffickers and discovering guns possessed by people who shouldn’t have them, during routine traffic stops.

“It is because of such policies, and soft-on-criminal prosecutors, that the nation is seeing criminals operate with impunity,” he observed. “When criminals know they’re not going to be vigorously prosecuted, they are simply emboldened to continue committing crimes that often turn violent. Then what happens? Law-abiding gun owners take the heat from self-righteous politicians for crimes they didn’t commit.

Larry Krasner
Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

“Honest gun owners are tired of taking the rap,” Gottlieb added. “Take the handcuffs off police and put them back on the criminals. Stop demanding laws to take guns away from law-abiding citizens and instead restore policies that take guns away from outlaws who shouldn’t have them.”


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  1. There seems to be a little bit of a disconnect between 2A organization goals, and rhetoric.

    Do we really want to see people charged with ‘illegal weapons’ and ‘illegal possission’ and ‘ghost gun’ and other charges? Seriously, that’s not what we really, really want.

    I would rescind all gun laws, and allow people to have whatever they want, however they can get them.

    If the thug neighbor’s kid gets hold of a gun, and uses it to commit an armed robbery, I want to see the victim of the crime whip out his own gun, and shoot the kid dead. I don’t want to see the kid dead for having a gun – I want to see him dead for committing an armed robbery. If the kid doesn’t die, then the law needs to deal with him harshly.

    In my opinion, THAT is what justice would look like. Idiots Darwin out, and all their future crimes are eliminated. All the rest of us are left to accumulate more weapons, with which to eliminate Darwin award candidates.

    • Sounds like a great plan, you wont mind lunatics bringing a gun to school to commit a mass shooting. Your kid will be armed and ready to take them down. What gun will your 5 year old EDC?

      • “What gun will your 5 year old EDC?”

        As a parent, whatever I judge him/her capable of handling safely.

        That’s up to me, not a P.O.S. like you.

        I’d say a Berreta 21A in .22lr is well within his/hers capabilities.

        (Were I you, I’d advise not running your smart mouth in front of him/her, or you’ll get an education in being polite you’ll never forget! 🙂 )

      • Mr or Ms Me, such a stupid argument. The post did not mention a 5 year old, but you went there at an attempt to conflate the issue. He did reply in a way to show the fallacy of what you attempted.

        There is always one. But here at least 5.

      • When I was 5 I didn’t EDC, because my dad said I had to leave the .22 at home when I went to friends houses. As a 6 year old (my first year in school, kindergarten wasn’t forced on most states until the US dept of Education was created) I only took my rifle or pistol to school on show and tell days (Fridays). That was convenient because I could leave for rabbit hunting straight from school.

        I will admit that my kids didn’t even own a gun as 5 or 6 year olds. My son got his first rifle on his 7th birthday, my daughter’s first firearm was a present for Christmas when she was 8. But I made sure that my youngest grandson received his first rifle (a flintlock longrifle) for his 6th birthday. He still has that rifle and is proud that he is now taller that the long rifle (he is 11 years old).

      • Jokes on you… not everyone wants their children indoctrinated by public schools where people seem to think its someone elses job to protect their kids.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about it. We’re so far down the road to chaos and collapse nothing’s going to reverse the trajectory.

    Get your shit squared and strap in. Maybe you’ll come out the other side.

    • Shire-man,

      I have the same general outlook.

      Every one-to-three months I discover additional disturbing details. Short of a Divine miracle, I cannot see how we get back to “the good old days” of the 1980s or 1990s.

    • I believe that we have but one chance left: unite and boot both our leftist governments to the curb, in a manner that leaves zero doubt that their bullshit ways will ever be remotely tolerated again. If this mostly peaceful™ effort should fail (likely) and they continue then yes, it will absolutely require violence to sort things out. Other than resounding defeat or lawful expulsion this is the only thing that will bring it to an end, the only way to make it/them stop. There is but one reason they continue: they believe that we wouldn’t dare… (in short: we each have one election cycle left to right our ships, so to speak).

      • Rider,

        With respect to the Leftists that seem to govern EVERY major country these days, I agree. They don’t believe “we the People” will ever stand up to them . . . to which I say, “F*** around and find out”. OTOH, there are many on the right who are equally fascistic. I happen to be a believing Christian . . . and that is between me, God, and NOBODY else. I don’t feel my personal religious views need to be proselytized to others, UNLESS they express interest. Whether my religious views “inform” my policy views is . . . my business. Like Ben Shapiro, I NEVER base a policy argument on religious grounds. If there is no independent basis for your policy view, OTHER THAN your religion? Vote your vote and STFU.

        But, while I admit there are SOME “conservatives” and “social conservatives” and “religious conservatives” who can be every bit as abrasive and intrusive as the Leftists . . . the relative numbers aren’t even close. The Leftist/fascist POV can’t exist in the face of reasoned discussion or argument. Plenty of observant religious who are happy to let people find Heaven, or Hell, their own way.

    • I agree. A Reckoning is coming, and in a lot of ways, it’s overdue.

      To quote Thomas Paine: “I prefer peace, but if trouble must come. Let trouble come in my time, so my children will know peace.”

  3. As far as I’m concerned, the only illegal gun is a stolen gun.

    And must be returned to the rightful owner ASAP…

    • When you think about it … there is no such thing as an illegal gun, only guns the law says are illegal.

    • Geoff,

      Slightly conflicted about this. While I agree that, AFTER completion of a sentence (including parole/probation), there is no valid, constitutional basis to deny a person their rights, I am inclined to support a suspension of exercise of rights DURING the sentence. How do you allow a convicted rapist or murderer to have a weapon in prison? But, once they have “paid their debt to society”, their rights should be restored unless/until they do it again.

      • I feel much the same Lamp. If someone’s that much of a threat to a society, then WTF are they being released for? Either we fully embrace Constitutional Originalism or we don’t. Half measures only impede us.

    • A stolen gun isn’t an illegal gun anymore than a stolen car is an illegal car or any other item.
      Per the constitution no arms are illegal, and we the citizens have the right to keep and bare them.
      The leftists need to learn this. Hopefully the easy way. Seems more likely it’s going to be the hard way. Stay strapped stay safe.

  4. “It’s as though liberal city politicians are on the side of criminals rather than cops and honest citizens.”

    They ARE!

  5. THe point is surely that no matter what effort the police put into traffic stops they cannot cover every eventuallity- there are many other demands on police time. The police do not make the rules – they only implement them as best they can. The problem is that, as was pointed out, that it is far too easy to obtain firearms in the first place and most of those ILLEGAL firearms were originally legally purchased and passed on, sometimes for a great deal of profit by legal purchasers or have been re-manufactured from parts-any compentent owner of dealer can do it. I would go as far as to say that most gunowners have been approached more than once to take part in this illegal trade.
    Policing can only be, in a democracy by consent of and the co-operation of the public it serves and until MORE of America’s gunowners are willing to engage in this way they cannot expect bloody miracles.
    Meanwhile THE overriding fact is that there are far too many firearms in circulation.
    Nobody needs for an conception of self-defence under any circumstances a SINGLE HANDGUN other than a decent 9mm or .38 calibre. Even then the statistics tell us that in any circumstance of self defence the attempted use of a handgun is far more likely to get you killed than it is to save your or others life.
    Nobody needs anything other than a FIVE shot BOLT ACTIION Rifle of a suitable calibre for any legitimate purpose They most certainlpy DO NOT need any kind of SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifle. The ONLY purpose of which is to KILL your fellow man. All semi-automatic riifles are of a MILITARY SPEC no matter what it says on the label. That’s why the inadequates of America buy them-they are, in my opinion all mentally retarded wannabe Rambos. Mind you Rambo would have lasted about ten seconds against well trained Infantryman

    • Nobody needs anything other than a FIVE shot BOLT ACTIION Rifle of a suitable calibre for any legitimate purpose They most certainlpy DO NOT need any kind of SEMI-AUTOMATIC rifle.

      So righteous of you to tell 9 billion people on the planet, including ~400 Million in the US, what they do or do not need.

      The US has a Bill of Rights in our Constitution. It is not the Bill of Needs.

      I hope that I never need to use my firearms in anger. Hope is not a strategy.

      • “There is way too many of you in circulation.”

        As Justice Thomas (Blessed be His Name!) adroitly noted : “That’s one Albert too many”… 🙂

    • No body needs… That is a Childs argument. I thought you were an older man.

    • Those two losses in 1783 and 1812 and saving your country’s bacon in 2 World Wars didn’t teach your country and you anything Albert. There’s a saying that the lesson continues until the lesson is learned. I guess another WW will finish the lesson or your country. You can keep bleating like a sheep or actually consider why a bunch of Colonial hicks kicked your ass twice and saved it twice. I’ll give you a hint, it was better men than us relying on Almighty God. Once you learn that lesson you might be willing to give up your serfdom.

    • Albert. I hate to tell you but Bolt Action rifles were developed as military weapons as well. Remember the Lee Enfield and the Mauser rifles?
      Honestly, perhaps you should be concerned about what goes on in the UK over what we do over here. Seems your PM is about as foolish as the demented fool we have here.

    • You’ve mastered copy-and-paste. Lil’d must have taught you that. Saves a lot of repetitive typing.

    • “Meanwhile THE overriding fact is that there are far too many firearms in circulation.”

      You harp on guns and the second amendment for us “colonials” ….

      According to you, you live in the U.K. the violent rape capital of Europe where criminals have more guns now than ever before, a country where in collective numbers across the U.K. there are mass shootings by violent criminal elements several times daily (using the thing of three or more related to time period), the U.K. is a country that ceded the power of the people into the hands of their government a long time ago choosing to live under a modern day form of feudal tyranny —- yet for some reason you think you can lecture us on guns and the second amendment when in fact law abiding gun owners are a top law abiding demographic in the United States and every hour of every day show more responsibility than your own country shows towards its own problems with violence. Your country, having a total ban (except in some cases) on a firearms vs population size vs crime rate basis vs ban on firearms has more guns in the hands of criminals than almost 80% of all world countries including the United States – yet for some reason you think you can lecture us with your ignorant copy-n-paste stuff.

      And not to forget that you also claim to have been a small arms instructor and armorer in the U.K. military (that oddly changed a one point in your postings here from you being in the Army to being in the Air Force) – yet you do not seem to have a lot of basic knowledge about firearms that is known and practiced by small arms instructors and armorers in the U.K. military every day and do not seem to have an understanding of various common firearms terms and function.

      ~400,000 guns in the hands of law abiding gun owners yet less than 2.2% are misused when a person decides to not be law abiding or there is an accident or other incident and 5% or less actually fire shots in a self defense and then over 70% of those who do fire shots in self defense intentionally aim to disable rather than kill and the ones that do kill are because the defender shoots to stop by and hits places that result in the bad guys death. This is all pretty darn responsible of law abiding gun owners, the people you seek to vilify as savage ‘irresponsible’ killers.

      So lets get this straight, you live in one of the most violent countries in the world, and in terms of rape the most violent and savage country in Europe, and the least likely country to keep guns out of the hands of criminals despite banning firearms.

      Compared to your country, law abiding gun owners in the U.S. are saints sitting at the right hand of God. Law abiding gun owners in the United States control firearms better than your own country ban does.

      You can keep your opinions to your self hypocrite subject of Her Majesty’s Government, as you live in the realm as your government decides.

    • No, actually, Albert the Idiot, the majority of guns in the black market are stolen. OOPS, you’re full of shit once again. Sure, there may be “straw purchasers” and people who sell guns without regard to who is buying them . . . but damn few. I’ve purchased many guns in my life, and I’ve sold TWO – through FFLs, which meant NICS checks were done. So, other than being a lying, ignorant subject, you really have nothing to say, do you???

      Tell us again how “no one needs more than 25 rounds”, Albert the Subject. You’re an “expert”, according to YOU . . . and you say, unironically, that “no one needs more than 25 rounds”. Like dacian the stupid and MinorIQ, you are simply too stupid to insult. Also, your opinion is irrelevant, and has been since 1776. Next time you get your collective British @$$ in a sling?? Fee free NOT to call us to bail your worthless, subject @$$es out. We’ve got better things to do . . . like today being “range day”, I’ve got about 5-600 rounds crying out to be expended. 25 rounds. *snort, guffaw*

      • So Lamp, are the two comments under your handle halfway up the comment section above us from you?

      • 25 rounds? I used more than that in yesterday’s competition. I had 5x that in my range box for the rifle I was using. And the same amount again for another rifle I had in case a friend who is learning to shoot came to the range.

    • ALL firearms are of a “military spec” as well by that logic. Or are you perhaps unaware that bolt-action rifles and revolver pistols were once front line infantry weapons?

      No, you’re aware – just let the mask slip a bit as to the end goal.

      As to policing, how’s that going over in merry old England anyway? Despite not having to worry about subjects carrying firearms much, are your police still too busy to investigate and apprehend the grooming gangs exploiting children in places like Telford, swearing up and down that such things aren’t happening anymore – but strangely finding the manpower to seek out brave young victims who dare to call them liars on national television for intimidation “interviews” and to arrest for “hate crimes” any who bring up the obvious religious element connecting most of the perpetrators?

      Please, tell us more about how policing is to be done through the lens of a country where police are more afraid of being called “bigots” than protecting young women like the courageous Samantha Smith, who conveniently for everyone but her cannot carry a firearm to defend herself from such gangs – or even a knife, anymore.

    • The list of misconceptions and mistruths just grows with your posts.
      “…Rambo would have lasted 10 seconds against a well trained Infantryman.”

      That’s a real foolish statement, and I would expect better from someone who claims they served.
      2,455 US Dead in Afgjanistan,
      58,220 US Dead in Vietnam,
      That’s just two conflicts,, and the list can go back farther than tha), are all saying you’re wrong. Partisan Warfare conducted by ill-trained and ill-equipped citizen combatants have a pretty impressive number of wins against some well trained armies.

  6. In reality police reform is making bad cops accountable for cold blooded murder that they have gotten away with for decades. Derick Chauvin was a rare example only because the entire world watched him torture a helpless man to death. Yesterday at his sentencing he showed zero remorse and made no apology to the still grieving family.

    Police reform is preventing them from spending money on weapons of war like tanks and flamethrowers to be used on the people.

    Police reform is preventing police from illegally searching and spying on people without proper court orders.

    Police reform is better training of cops so they know when they can and cannot shoot.

    Police reform is training cops in de-escalation of crisis situations, its mandatory in all civilized industrialized countries.

    Police reform is better training on how to deal with people in mental crisis. Presently they are trained to execute and shoot them on sight.

    Police reform is prosecuting cops for murdering people on minor traffic violations as happened in Akron, Ohio last week. Eight cops shot an unarmed young man 60 times.

    • Dacian lets break this down:

      “Police reform is preventing them from spending money on weapons of war like tanks and flamethrowers to be used on the people.”
      I have not seen tanks ( M1, M60 as in tanks ) or flamethrowers, but the armored vehicles and such you will find agreement that police really don’t need these, with the exception of the counter terror teams, and then still highly scrutinized.

      There are four major moments in history that enabled the creation of the 1033 Program: The Safe Streets Act of 1968, The Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, The National Defense Authorization Act of 1990, and The Patriot Act of 2000. When you look at the programs you will see there was those on the Left and Right who approved of these things.

      “Police reform is preventing police from illegally searching and spying on people without proper court orders.”
      So you support some aspects of the Constitution. Now, does this support extend to the “far right” who you have a fear of?

      “Police reform is better training of cops so they know when they can and cannot shoot”
      So you believe in rules of engagement. Do you extend that ROE to other than police? Or do you believe the police should have a monopoly of power?

      “Police reform is training cops in de-escalation of crisis situations, its mandatory in all civilized industrialized countries.”
      When a policeman tells you to lower your weapon, is that an attempt at de-escalation? If a person is actively shooting, stabbing or otherwise injuring another, does de-escalation come in play while the victim is being injured?

      “Police reform is better training on how to deal with people in mental crisis. Presently they are trained to execute and shoot them on sight.”

      You were doing so well, then you said this. What police department, academy or course trains police to shoot someone in a mental crisis on sight? Which one?

      If someone who is having a crisis makes an aggressive move, deploys a weapon within range of the weapon, and the officer shoots them, who do you blame?

      “Police reform is prosecuting cops for murdering people on minor traffic violations as happened in Akron, Ohio last week. Eight cops shot an unarmed young man 60 times.”

      Not quit what happened in each of those situations. The nuances, which you are aware of show that beyond the stops things occurred that only created a worse situation, which could have been avoided.

      You get a 65% grade here. You can improve on it, especially when you stick to facts.

      • The only parts of the constitution dacian approves of are the parts dacian approves.

      • Storm Trooper you must have nothing to do today so you post nonsense.

        Quote————So you believe in rules of engagement. Do you extend that ROE to other than police? Or do you believe the police should have a monopoly of power?————–quote

        Since you do not know what you are talking about pay attention and maybe you will learn how civilized countries operate and train the police.

        In the U.S. of Hey some people get cop jobs on as little as 4 weeks training before they are given a deadly weapon and told to solve all their problems by shooting people, like for burned out license plate bulbs or turn signals (Akron , Ohio this week was another horrific example of blatant murder by police).

        German police get 3 YEARS of intensive training in all aspects of police work including when they can and cannot shoot, emergency first aid (while many times U.S. cops stand around with their thumb up their ass) and knowledge of the law (something most U.S. Cops know little of)

        quote———-does de-escalation come in play while the victim is being injured?——–quote

        Just another crude attempt to glorify cops and ignore what de-escalation actually involves and no its no good in the situation you mentioned but it does save lives when properly used.

        quote————You were doing so well, then you said this. What police department, academy or course trains police to shoot someone in a mental crisis on sight? Which one?———-quote

        Due to lack of training that is EXACTLY what ends up happening. Some cities have gotten so fed up with killer cops they have resorted to not allowing the cops to even come to a mental health crisis situation and are only called as a last resort. Too many times the caller explains exactly what the problem is with a family member who needs help and the police come in with guns blazing because they have not a clue on how to handle the situation.

        quote———-Not quit what happened in each of those situations——-quote

        No its far right people like you make wild excuses for killer cops and you want cops to be able to execute people whenever they are in a bad mood.

        quote————-You get a 65% grade here.——quote

        And you attempted to pander off so many lies about cops I give you a big fat Zero on truth and 100% on pro-cop propaganda and outright lies.

        • On day daician will come to a realization, and that will be that he doesn’t understand what the term “civilized countries” really means.

          Every time he uses that term I get a big laugh out of it. He soooo misapplies it and is so ignorant as to what it means, its like watching a comedic sit com seeing him trying to define it in terms of only his view.

        • Youu fail in reading comprehension as well.

          Reread what was written. You’ll notice your reply doesn’t square with I actually wrote.

        • Trooper,

          “You’ll notice your reply doesn’t square with [what] I actually wrote.”

          No. No, Trooper, he won’t. dacian the stupid wouldn’t recognize truth, logic, or reality if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face, and started to wiggle. If we were capable of rational perception, well, then . . . he wouldn’t be dacian the stupid, would he??

    • Chauvin did no such thing. He wasn’t a model officer but he was doing nothing unapproved by his department. He was thrown under the bus for doing his job, and convicted by a hopelessly tainted jury, to appease a race-baiting mob.

      • Yeah sure Dred, he tortured a helpless man to death by strangling him for almost 10 minutes and that is not within the police procedure a stated by his own commanding officer in court or did you purposely avoid watching the horrendous court proceedings against this mad dog murderer.

      • Sorry, Chauvin threw himself under the bus. One of his subordinate officers pointed out that the suspect seemed unresponsive, asked permission to check pulse, etc, and Chauvin responded by saying the EMTs could tend to that when they arrived. Don’t make excuses for a cold hearted, callous azzhole.

    • George Floyd was dying before he was even cuffed. He was dying because he foolishly ingested 3 times a lethal dose of Fentanyl Citrate to avoid Drug Charges. The Tox report postmortum conclusively supports this.
      Was it wrong for Chauvin to use a Department Approved Neck Pin to hold Floyd down for 8 or 9 minutes? In hind sight yes, but at the time, Chauvin believed his actions would pass an Incident Review. Chauvin neither tortured or murdered Floyd. Most, if not all of the exonerated evidence was suppressed from a Jury that was improperly vetted,, as several members expressed the opinio that they believed Chauvin guilty before the trial began.The Pulmonary Edema Floyd was experiencing, was the results of his actions, not Chauvin’s.
      Chauvin’s Trial Prosecution, Verdict and Sentencing, were Mob Justice. Done solely to appease the Mob

      In an honest analysis, the Chauvin Trial should have been declared a Mistrial so many times it’s beyond puzzling. It’s outright conspiritorial.

  7. “Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, a Democrat, lamented earlier this week that only police should have guns, Gottlieb noted.”

    …. so he says that from a position of power that has police protection available to him 24 hours a day while he tells citizens they should not have guns to defend themselves against the very criminal elements the police are detailed to protect him from. Does he think that criminals only prey on him?

    And whats more he does all this while the city is suffering crime at alarming rates while he stops police programs that did exactly what he wanted and that was reduce the number of “illegal guns”

    “… that only police should have guns, Gottlieb noted.”

    And that is yet another reason the citizens should have guns. The founders warned of this very thing, the concept that a ‘government’ (in this case city government) should not have the means to make the people fear but rather it is the government that should fear the people. The founders cautioned in other writings to not let this type of thing happen. The ‘police’ powers of federal, state, city, county, local were not permitted by the constitution to be greater than that of the power of the people nor were they intended to be, if the ‘government can use ‘police’ powers to exert that power upon the people by use of force and the people not able to resist, at a minimum, in kind by force to remove that power then the government has power they should not have and you live under tyranny.

    I don’t think there is a scale big enough to measure the stupid of this guy. Has he never heard of the Constitution? He is wanting to do one of the the very things the people are obliged and empowered to remove a government for doing.

    “Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, a Democrat”

    And that is yet another reason the citizens should have guns – because of fools like this who want to exert powers of tyranny to remove the power from the people where constitutionally it is suppose to be and place it in the hands of government where it is not suppose to be.

    • It sounds to me that kenney is ” just doing his job”, the job his handlers promoted him up the ranks to do. Handlers and employers being two distinctly different animules, of course.

  8. They ARE on the criminals “side” Gottlieb. In Chiraq it’s their constituency. Voting block. Foot soldiers as it were. Get the dim voters out-or else.

    • Not sure how many of those in Chicago are actually voting. Proxy votes seem likely in many of the Wards. Felons can vote in Illinois if they have completed their sentence or on work release.

      The old joke in Chicago is a lady said her husband voted Republican his whole life. After he died he voted for Democrats.

      And remember, vote early, vote often, in the same election.

      • to Storm Trooper

        quote————And remember, vote early, vote often, in the same election.——–quote

        Spoken like a true brainwashed Trumpite.

        Below are a multitude of studies done on voter fraud. Of course Storm Trooper you will not read nor will you accept an accredited studies because they run counter to your brainwashing by Trump.

        Debunking the Voter Fraud Myth

        • Dacian, your an such a illiterate moron. I live in Illinois, the gentleman I replied to lives in Illinois. There is a running series of jokes, which are just that, that are apparently over your head.

          Maybe research these jokes and understand what a joke is before your hoof in mouth disease spreads further.

          And you have no clue what my opinions of Trump are. I’ll do something you can’t, I’ll directly answer. He had postive and negative attributes, like most people do. Until covid, he was making economic decisions that brought all groups up in earnings. He made bad decisions, like with bumpstocks and said things about denying due process to take firearms.

          He was also misquoted,constantly. Even fact check assigned this as a reality.

          People like you, and I am being specific, like to misquote people to change the context of what was actually said, the go all out to attack the strawman you built.

          So misquote at your pleasure and show your tenacity and valor against the strawman.

        • To Storm Trooper

          My reading comprehension is right on the money. You fool no one with that joke or why you really posted it in the first place.

  9. Police reform has got a lot of traditionally Democratic voters to buy guns and get CCL’s. Let’s hope they start voting for less gun control and more crime control. The victims of the increase in crime are the very people Dems claim to support. Hitler would be pride.

  10. Seems every time we get some sort of Police Reform, it ends up being ever more favorable to the criminals and ever more restrictive on the people charged with catching them.
    Now, demilitarizing civilian police I can agree with. But, expecting Law enforcement to be social workers, or mental health councilors is a waste of resources and manpower. What would help would be getting the media and the race baiters to stop spreading their lies that the police, or any sort of law enforcement is racist. Or that the police are hunting down black or brown people at random.
    There was a time when parents Black, Brown, white, or whatever, taught their children to respect the police. There was a time when having an arrest record, or a prison record was something to be ashamed of. Not something to be proud of or brag about.

  11. Sure we are not for more policing, right? Because that means more infringements. So which is it? Do you want freedom, or government? We would all love to think there could be a middle ground, but it will never happen.

  12. I dont know who “they” are but I reckon I’d have a pretty hard time beating “them” in chess.
    “They” plan their moves 50 years in advance.
    Racism works.

    • “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”. For all their 50yr plans they’ve 👀 really only won a couple skirmishes. Or rather they 👀 stole them, in point of fact.

      • Oh, Rider, I would have to say that they’ve (temporarily) won more than a few. GCA, NFA, “Red Flag” laws, “assault weapon” bans, magazine limits. They’ve done pretty well. Voters have become inclined to push back – hence all the new “constitutional carry” states. SCOTUS just b****-slapped them. The tide is turning, but don’t EVER think they will give up. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. We can never relax our guard, even for a minute, or these fascist @$$holes (yeah, I’m looking at YOU, John “Cornhole” Cornyn and Mitch “The Bitch” McConnell) will steal your guns under color of “authority” (unconstitutional “authority”). No, that we have any rights left at all is more of a testament to determined supporters of liberty than any failure on the part of the fascist Left.

        • All of those ‘acts’ stolen rather than ‘won’ and no one has really been disarmed in an significant way. It’s a tough fight for them as they are so in the wrong and have only lies as ammo and corrupt officials as soldiers. They’ve only inconvenienced the opposition so far.

  13. Ahhh yes the back the blue tread harder daddy “gun guy”. He even says illegal guns when often the only thing making a gun illegal in a major city is simply not having a permission slip for it. Who does he think will “come and take them’’? Who does he thinks conspires to arrest people for petty things like having a normal pistol magazine in their car?

    • “He even says illegal guns when often the only thing making a gun illegal in a major city is simply not having a permission slip for it.”

      Well, that’s true. The may-issue states that issued firearms permits AND carry permits would arrest you (if they found out) if you carried the firearm outside the home for any reason other than going to the firing range or hunting if you did not have a carry permit for it. The permission slip he is talking about is the carry permit. The gun would then be treated as an ‘illegal gun’ despite having a firearms permit that made it legal to have in the state. New York state and New York city did a lot of this, other cities did it too. So yes, the only thing that made the gun illegal was not having the permission slip (carry permit) for it. That’s sort of part of what the SCOTUS Bruen case was about.

      “Who does he think will “come and take them’’?”

      Happens all the time all across the country for one reason or another, law enforcement shows up at a home or business or stops a car and takes the gun legally owned and possessed by the person, most times it returned promptly and sometimes the owner needs to go to the police station to pick it up. But sometimes they are not returned unless you get a lawyer to go see a judge. Especially in states with Red Flag laws where almost 80% of the applications of the Red Flag laws against gun owners are based on false allegations. Other examples, see the above about the permits and see the New Orleans Katrina debacle.

      In the New Orleans thing, during the Hurricane Katrina the police decided to go door to door and confiscate firearms. They got the National Guard troops deployed there to help them, some of those National Guard troops were federalized under Title 10 which means they were acting under color of the federal government. Anyway, no warrant or anything – Armed police and Armed military start going door to door – they asked if there was a fire arm and if the answer was “yes” the entered the home without permission or warrant to search even though the resident had surrendered the firearm, and if the answer was “no” the still entered the home to search without permission or warrant. There were reports they sometimes used force… armed police and armed military show up to confiscate guns. No warrant, no authorization… it went on until the Louisiana legislature stepped in and put a stop to it. Over 1,000 guns confiscated until it was stopped, most were never returned.

      Gun owners all across the country are subjected to unreasonable and unwarranted searches simply because their name appears on a list as having a firearm, even when they do not have the firearm with them.

      “Who does he thinks conspires to arrest people for petty things like having a normal pistol magazine in their car?”

      Describe ‘normal’. A normal pistol magazine for a lot of semi-auto hand guns is 15 rounds. It could be smaller capacity depending on the gun. If you, for example, cross a state line and drive into a sate that has a ban on 15 round magazines and you get stopped and the magazine is detected, you get arrested (although sometimes not). If you have a 15 round magazine in a state with a ban on 15 round magazines, after the ban went into effect you can be arrested.

      Its not unknown for a law abiding person in a (now past) ‘may-issue’ or other blue state that has such a magazine ban to have an empty legal ‘magazine’ discovered during an unwarranted search of their car during a traffic stop. The search prompted simply by them being on a list as having a permit, even if the person did not have the gun with them. The person can be, and many have been, detained for a while. The reasoning given was that the magazine had to be verified as not being able to hold more than the ban allowed. Sometimes gun owners leave a magazine in the car, it happens.

      Its not just the gun owners. Their family members and friends also some times.

      Democrats and anti-gun have been persecuting law abiding gun owners for a loooonnnnng time.

      • Think what it would be like if your home or business or car got searched without warrant, or your were detained, or your property confiscated without cause or warrant, simply because you had a cell phone.

        • That’s why the fight for the second amendment is so important, because its not just about the second amendment – its also about the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 14th amendments. If government can set a precedent over an enumerated right, a precedent they can choose to apply as they see fit then the constitutional power of the people to control government has been usurped, they can then apply the same precedent concept to all other enumerated rights. If government is allowed an expanded power they were never intended to have, they can apply that power as they see fit. Its not about guns or magazines or ammo really completely, its also about stopping government from having power they were never intended to have, power that was constitutionally suppose to be in the hands of the people and not government.

    • Yes it’s always the ones with DTOM and thin blue line bumper stickers. Confused compliant wing nuts.

  14. There should be no such thing as an illegal gun. Why do gun organizations consistently want our rights to be trod on?

    And I dare say: even former criminals should have the right to self-defense. If they’re that dangerous they don’t belong out in the wild unsupervised.

    • Yea, isn’t that supposed to be the whole point of “rehabilitation”? A felon commits a non violent crime but they are still barred for life. How soon we are to judge them too.

  15. The first step in police reform should be to disarm the police. Then issue them night sticks and the training to use them. There’s no reason for the police to have firearms.

    • And then repeal all the laws that prevent law abiding citizens and property owners, from killing criminals, who try to take their private property from them.

  16. Guns, the equalizer pure and simple!
    FJB !

  17. With the recent revelation that an LEO had the shooter in his sights but was waiting on permission to shoot makes me wonder how much of this and outrage over justifiable shootings caused this LEO to hold fire and await permission.

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