Gun Rights Orgs Prepare Fresh Lawsuits to Counter New York’s Defiant New Concealed Carry Permiting Law

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New York Gov. Kathy Hochul speaks to reporters about legislation passed during a special legislative session in the Red Room at the state Capitol, Friday, July 1, 2022, in Albany, N.Y. (AP Photo/Hans Pennink)

It seems safe to say that the state of New York isn’t taking its decisive defeat in the Supreme Court particularly well. After the Court slapped down New York’s plainly unconstitutional restrictions on who can fully exercise their Second Amendment rights by carrying a firearm outside the home, Governor Kathy Hochul called a special session of the Democrat-dominated legislature to let lawmakers issue a vindictive, retaliatory legislative primal scream.

The bill that was passed and signed into law yesterday includes new and stunningly intrusive requirements and limits designed to intimidate and discourage any New Yorkers with the temerity to think that they should be treated equally to Americans who live in 43 other states.

From the Washington Post . . .

Applicants will have to show they have “the essential character, temperament and judgment necessary to be entrusted with a weapon and to use it only in a manner that does not endanger oneself and others.”

As part of that assessment, applicants have to turn over a list of social media accounts they’ve maintained in the past three years. …

The bill approved by lawmakers doesn’t specify whether applicants will be required to provide licensing officers with access to private social media accounts not visible to the general public. …

People applying for a license to carry a handgun will also have to provide four character references, take 16 hours of firearms safety training plus two hours of practice at a range, undergo periodic background checks and turn over contact information for their spouse, domestic partner or any other adults living in their household. …

People also won’t be allowed to carry firearms at a long list of “sensitive places,” including New York City’s tourist-packed Times Square.

That list also includes schools, universities, government buildings, places where people have gathered for public protests, health care facilities, places of worship, libraries, public playgrounds and parks, day care centers, summer camps, addiction and mental health centers, shelters, public transit, bars, theaters, stadiums, museums, polling places and casinos.

New York will also bar people from bringing guns into any business or workplace unless the owners put up signs saying guns are welcome. People who bring guns into places without such signs could be prosecuted on felony charges. …

Those who support the new restrictions say it strikes just the right balance between complying with the Bruen decision and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. The new law goes into effect September 1. You can read it here.

The NRA-ILA said . . .

The Majority Party initially said they were doing this to “comply” with Bruen, but in closing remarks those pretenses seemed to be dropped (or forgotten) when Senators began revealing their true motives.  Sen. Robert Jackson (D-Washington Heights) said they were doing this to “counter” the Supreme Court.  These actions almost certainly guarantee that New York will be back in front of the Supreme Court.  

Exactly. In fact, what New York’s legislature and the Governor have done is to openly and intentionally defy the Supreme Court’s decision, begging for more legal challenges.

[The] vote shows how little regard New York Democrats have for the rule of law and our institutions.  This should come as little surprise, as the state has seen historic crime under a one-party-rule and bail “reform” in combination with anti- policing policies that have ceded control of the streets to criminals. Fortunately, New Yorkers will have a tremendous opportunity in November to replace Gov. Hochul and her cronies.

The Firearms Policy Coalition promised to oblige the governor . . .

This measure will, among other punitive and prohibitive provisions, broadly expand not only the onerous burdens to acquire government permission slips for the exercise of fundamental rights, but also throttle the locations New Yorkers might actually exercise those rights.  

With the stroke of a pen, Hochul has promised The Empire State that she wishes to lock more of its residents in government run cages, with no regard for their personal safety, dignity, or liberty. 

FPC refuses to stand idly by while the state of New York threatens peaceable conduct with imprisonment, injury, and death. We see this bill for what it is: a grave injustice upon the people of New York. Restoring New Yorkers’ natural rights is of paramount importance, whether the tyrants in Albany think so or not. The governor and her cadre of anti-rights legislators should have no doubt that FPC will utilize every available instrument to remedy this historic wrong.

Here we go.

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  1. Guys why do I have to keep spelling this out for you?

    -The US Govt considers us human cattle.
    -Federal Law Enforcement does not care about political parties, you are all criminals in their minds.
    -The bureaucrats (FBI/CIA/DEA/ATF/NSA et al.) in Washington DC dont care about the constitution or civil rights. They are NOT elected officials, you cant vote them out and its an exculsive club funded by private intrests (mostly corporations).
    -You will never repeal the NFA, you will never get universal reciprocity.
    -Gun owners, Christians, homesteaders, conservatives and anyone who isnt dependant upon government handouts are the enemy in their eyes.
    -Federal Law Enforcement has been actively recruiting people who have no problem participating in false flags, killing innocent civilians and lying to us about it. The media is also complicit in this because they are owned by the same corporations that own the bureaucrats.
    -The US military has been gutted and stuffed with LGBT people, social justice warriors and thousands of mid-wits who are more than willing to carry out whatever orders they are given as long as they are paid and allowed to live their degenerate lifestyles. (“Do what thou wilst” is their motto).

    The point is this: If you think voting and political activism will change anything you are wrong. You are playing their game, and it’s a game that’s rigged in their favor. My suggestion would be to ignore the powers that be and DO NOT COMPLY with their agenda in any way shape or form. Defend the constitution because it IS the law of the land no matter what the media or the un-elected officials tell us.


      • Somebody had waaaay to much coffee this morning…I Vote and so should you nick. On the other hand if the ridiculous NY Trigger went from 10 lbs. to 30 lbs. perhaps the citizens of NYC trying to exercise a Constitutional Right wouldn’t have to jump through hoops like silly circus animals. Bottom line…While unarmed defenseless citizens pay and wait criminals and the upper crust tyrants of NYC have all the guns they want.

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      • drednicolson,

        Set aside for a moment whether or not Nicks87 is a government agent provocateur: what did he/she say that was not accurate? What are your sources which disprove his/her statements?

        • I don’t actually disagree with the content of the statements. Just making a wry joke with an underlying point. 🙂

        • What he says is largely accurate. Yet, ultimately, there remains the question of: 1) how long to continue to fight under regular order (i.e., primarying good vs bad candidates and winning or making for tight losses in elections); vs. 2) politics by other means.

          In the very long run it is inevitable that we shall have to – however reluctantly – resort to politics by other means. And, at that point, it must be clear that we have long fought the struggle by regular order yet failed. Failed by means dishonorable by the establishment while honorable on our own part.

          Boycotting elections will do us vastly more harm than good. Not exposing election fraud will do us vastly more harm than good. History will not honor us if we were not there doing what we could under regular order. Nor will our countrymen support us when they see we didn’t do what we could to preserve the Constitution peaceably.

          So, ultimately, the path to victory lies through the struggle at the polls, in the courts and in politicking among neighbors.

        • Fat FBI/ATF lady has not yet sung.

          Piss off Thomas and he can issue orders directing the cesspool that is NY what their new plan will be. They idiot progs will NOT like his Constitutional plan.

        • “Piss off Thomas and he can issue orders directing the cesspool that is NY what their new plan will be. They idiot progs will NOT like his Constitutional plan.”

          Exactly. Do what the court did to Chicago –

          They told Chi-town to knock that shit off, or it will be permit-free constitutional carry.

          Chicago folded… 🙂

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    • Nicks87,

      It is the Ruling Class who regards us as human cattle to be used, abused, and exploited at their pleasure.

      At times members of local, state, and federal governments are part of the Ruling Class. At other times members of local, state, and federal governments are merely agents of the Ruling Class advancing the interests of the Ruling Class (and eeking out a living along the way).

      Aside from that subtle distinction/correction, I have a hunch that there is a ton of truth in your comment.

      • Hire legal representation after the fact, not before it. I always love when some “law abiding” bootlicker comes in and shouts at people like they wouldn’t argue with police trying to infringe on their rights. And we all know you are that person Dacian. The type that thinks a camera will stop them in the moment.

        • to Montana

          LOL. Tough talk is cheap on the internet but when your ass is on the line you will sing a different tune. You know if you disobey the law the Jack Boots will beat you into the dirt and deposit your carcass in the nearest morgue.

        • So you are talking about fighting cops? Or… ???
          Do you even know what you are talking about?
          Resisting a LAW is what you replied to, not resisting ARREST or police enforcing said law. Dumbass. You can fight in court and win ya know. I’ve broken tons of laws. Never fought a cop, but I have resisted their manipulations. Oh, I get it… maybe you were playing the scenario based what if game? Cuz that’s the only thing you are good at?

    • New Yorkers should not comply, and should contact NYSRPA and other pro gun groups for legal support. But it must be an individual choice. No violent action should be taken. And everyone choosing not to comply should be well aware that it may cost them everything, up to and including their lives.

      • And dear Crimson, most all will comply with the laws because like most people they look out for no.1. Tough talk is only cheap on the internet.

        • “Tough talk” from you is ironic as fuck. You may not threaten, but your “fact finding” is certainly a whole different level of internet tough guy. You are like the one in prison sucking dick for protection and mouthing off thinking you will survive.

        • Ding, Ding, Ding. We have this post’s winner of the “Tough Talk” award. Tell the audience Dan Z. what Dacian wins…..

  2. You left out an in person interview with the license issuer . In NYS that’s a county court judge ,they’re the last stop in the current process,they review the paperwork and sign off on it . Often times a stack of them sit on the judges desk for a few months till he goes through them.

    An in person interview with tens of thousands who’ll have to renew is impossible, but that’s the plan ….

    Oh and for you long gun folks your gun can not be in your vehicle without you in it . So if you go to lunch while deer hunting ,or run into a store to buy food for camp, your long gun must be in a fireproof safe ,not visible to those outside the vehicle .

    So a large invisible gun safe !

    • Justice Thomas has included detailed restrictions in the Opinion of the Court in Bruen that prohibits the government from doing just what NY is doing with this legislation.

      It is blatant disregard for the Supreme Court, the US Constitution, and the Rule of Law.

      It’s grounds for violent action against tyrannical government but civil suits filed against them for violating 18 USC 242 could become very profitable

    • Our judge is pretty good on keeping permits and amendments (need one for each new pistol) moving. Some judges are slow as can be then the county clerk can drag their feet on printing and mailing your new card and approval coupon so we have see for just buying a pistol take 8 days to 12 weeks.

  3. lol “periodic background checks.”
    So they plan on continuing with the catch-and-release law enforcement model I assume?

  4. I look forward to the relevant Circuit Courts (or SCOTUS itself) giving NY state (and any other similarly petulant states) the IL treatment: “Pass laws that meet constitutional muster, or lose all of your laws restricting the carry of firearms.”

    • Say when. I am hoping this is a more typical NY tantrum than any kind of organized response with outside support as we still have a lot of people waiting on purchases as the permit system is not widely trusted.

      • Exactly.

        Remember United States President Andrew Jackson’s declaration regarding the 1832 Worcester v. Georgia U.S. Supreme Court decision, “[United States Supreme Court Justice] John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it.”

        I would be utterly shocked if anyone in any branch of the U.S. government went forth to enforce the U.S. Supreme Court Bruen decision against New York’s petulant and blatant violation of that decision.

        • They did for segregation and abortion and equal rights and some gun related caes related caes to essentially enforce the SCOTUS decisions on those. Sent in the military, or FBI, ATF, pulled funding, etc…. …all acting under color of law valudated as constitutional by the SCOTUS. The government has a long history of enforcing SCOTUS decisions. The federal government has a duty to ‘enforce’ the law of the land and Bruen is the law of the land. But, it’s going to take a court to get involved.

          Personally, id love to see Biden order the DOJ to enforce Bruen. It would destroy him.

        • I think we are dealing with several distinct classes of opposition. One from a state legislature; another from the processing bureau and a third from the official, whether sheriff or judge. Each must be considered independently.

          Legislators don’t answer to anyone, certainly not to their constituents. They will pass whatever law they please whether their constituents favor the law or not. Here the problem is well-understood: beat them in the polls.

          The bureaucracy wants to do what it prefers to do. But, they need approval from their chain of command. Only when the governor sees the fight for gun control is too costly will the bureaucracy be reined in. And, that won’t come until after the state loses lawsuits.
          Judges are easier. Judges don’t want to be slapped-down for blatant violations. It’s bad for their career advancement. Also takes away from their personal leisure time to defend a suit. There will be a few judges willing to fight for gun control. But most will sign-off on permits and the number of permits will grow gradually.

          We need the number of permits to grow steadily. It doesn’t matter a whole lot whether the delay is 6 weeks or 6 months; eventually, the permit goes through and the constituency which will vote for gun rights grows conspicuously. Then the politics will shift and our situation will improve.

      • There is some precedent for this in NY with regards to gun laws. In 2012 chuolmo and the state passed the “safe act” in the dead of night in process not unlike this bill. Immediate court challenges were raised. Most went nowhere, with circuit courts finding for NY on the now-defunct rational basis test. There were at least two questions on which even the gun-unfriendly circuit court balked. The first was on “muzzle breaks” which NY legislators, ignorant as they are, confused with “muzzle brakes” which they were trying to make illegal. The court decided that the state could not simply say “well we obviously MEANT to write something else, we’re just stupid.”

        The other issue was that the court threw out a law that persons could only load 7 cartridges into a 10 round magazine. From the moment it passed this provision was a lead duck and the state police put out statements that “checking” someone’s magazine would constitute a search and thus could not be done without probable cause. The court went further and nullified that part of the law altogether, finding that it violated even the low bar set for unconstitutionality of gun laws at the time. The law, however, was still on the books, because NY is NY.

        The result was that police, including the State Police, went on record stating that the nullified law was not to be enforced, even in parts of the state that did not fall under the circuit in question. While state legislators have near absolute immunity, police do not and can be held liable for enforcing those same laws. So that would likely be the result if the court specifically nullifies these laws or issues an injunction.

        • There is nothing in your comment that comes close to a point or even suggestion that you are capable of reaching one. You should work on ‘you.’

      • “Then what? SCOTUS sends in their “Law Enforcers” to force NYS compliance?”

        Chipper laid it out – They will use the Chicago model when Chi-town thought they would get cute with the SCotUS.

        The SCoTUS told Chicago “Come up with a constitutional permitting system, or we will rule Chicago will be constitutional carry for all. No permits required. Do it.”

        Chicago did it. 🙂

        I’m gonna *love* watching Miss Hochul fold like a cheap Wal-Mart suit… 🙂

        • She is spiteful and dumb enough to push somewhere else but the more she lashes out the more people she pisses off and we have a lukewarm republican lite running against her in the fall to peel off some NYC voters that aren’t entirely broken. So by all means keep fighting the supreme court or rather oh no Brier Fox don’t throw me in the brier patch.

  5. Banned on subways so without a car (most NYC people) you can’t take your firearm out of the house except for a walk around the block.

    • It says anywhere people have gathered to protest, that’s pretty much the whole city.

    • “Banned on subways…”

      That won’t stand with the current high Court.

      Once the door closes and the car starts to move, there is no escape from a predator.

      It’s *highly* unlikely Thomas would agree to that one…

  6. Oh, but wait… NRA/ILA has taken notice of this. I’ll bet NY is quaking in their boots at the thought of the WRATH of LAPEEPEE, they’ll probably reverse all of this right after the holiday.

    • The NRA will throw ten bucks in the FPC hat as it gets passed, then take credit for everyone else’s effort. Intercourse the NRA, not one thin dime while the current powers are still around… and quit sending me shit in the mail – get a frickin clue.

      • I’m a Life Member and I’ve gotten zero stuff in the mail from NRA for at least 6 years, except the board election ballot. Just call member services and ask to be placed on their Do Not Mail list and it will all stop.

  7. If this law stands, it’s a massive step backwards for NY gun owners. Prior to Bruen, many counties were issuing unrestricted CCW permits more or less on a shall issue basis.

    This new law invalidates what those counties were doing. Worse, it essentially eliminates carry in most private businesses (how many will post a “guns welcome” sign?”) Those upstate CCW permits are now virtually useless.

    If we manage to overturn the assault weapons ban, watch for a permitting requirement to purchase semi-auto rifles with the same ridiculous standards as this current law.

    If they apply those standards to guns currently owned, it could be a disaster for NY gun owners.

    All in all, these SCOTUS decisions we’ve celebrated might actually backfire on the people they were supposed to help.

    No matter, NY gun owners will fight on. (If you live in NY, consider joining the NYSRPA and the Firearms Policy Coalition.) And, it it gets really bad, I will literally leave this garbage state the moment I can afford to.

    • David Thompson,

      “And, it it gets really bad, I will literally leave this garbage state the moment I can afford to.”

      New York State government considers that yet another positive consequence of their new law.

      • Gun owners/permit holders in the State of New York are not citizens. The are something to be controlled and eliminated.

        • Hochul hates gun owners, not because they have guns but she hates them personally each and every one. Her hatred for you colors her perception and she does not consider you citizens. She hates you so much, if she could get away with it she would send in the National Guard to round up as many gun owners as she could and have them executed. She would literally rather you or your family die than have a gun for defense, if the optics would not be so bad I have no doubt she would dance on your corpse.

          I’m not sure why this bitter shrew, with a makeup job that looks like a half finished makeup job from the set of The Walking Dead, hates her own citizens so much.

        • “I’m not sure why this bitter shrew,…”

          She’s Leftist Scum ™, and they hate everyone who they can’t control…

    • The NY government despises its citizens and sees them as nothing more than a resource to be milked for tax dollars while otherwise being kept in line (I know; I lived there most of my life). NY bans grocery bags for the flimsiest of reasons, so of course they’re going to fight back like a cornered animal when their “right” to restrict something they care about – guns – is uprooted. But… Bruen turned on a bright light, and NYS politicians are skittering around in the open like the cockroaches they are. Now it’s time to start stomping (legally speaking).

    • NY already passed a licensing requirement to purchase a semi-auto rifle after the Buffalo and Uvalde shootings. They also banned in-state purchase of soft, and now hard (starting September 1st), body armor.

  8. That Gov is acting as a spiteful child would. I believe they already passed and she signed the law after an emergency session the other day. Just want to shout out “Hey NYers, WTH? Are you going to sit by and say nothing?”

    • The entire left wing acts like spiteful children. They openly defy the Supreme Court because they hate this country. They hate the Constitution. They’re for authoritarian rule. Remind me again, who’s trying to destroy our institutions?

  9. Law is nothing more than democratic crow. As far as defeating Wokeul, NY uses Dominion voting equipment. Put the same limits on voting and see them cry, but them that would be treating each constitutional right the same.

  10. Ya know geography wise where I live is nice , two Great Lakes, the Finger Lakes ,rolling hills lots of farmland , deer hunting is pretty good . I Like to say , “ there’s people in West Virginia closer to NYC then I am . “ But by God those that now run this place ,well,I can’t say as they will review my social media …

    So why are we here ? Because our kids, and soon grandkids are here . Up until this I could tolerate it here , my pension is NYS tax free, we have a small house so,property taxes are not that bad , wife’s family has a few thousand acres of farmland I hunt , great neighbors , no really .

    • I am afraid that I inherited my mother’s propensity for stating the obvious, sorry. NH has nice land too and may not be so far that you couldn’t see your family fairly often.

  11. The American people will ignore or find ways around the Nazi Courts abortion ban and New York has just thumbed its nose at the Supreme Court on its latest gun ruling. The courts have no authority to force New York to do anything it does not want to do or any other State for that matter. The court battles over the carrying of concealed handguns will go on for decades in New York and in the meantime if one does get a permit it will be totally useless because according to the latest New York law you basically cannot carry a handgun anywhere even with a permit.

    In short New York laughed in the face of the Supreme Court, and gave them the finger and said “Try and keep us from banning concealed carry, go fk yourself”

    • You can’t have it both ways. If you want states’ rights for firearms, than you need to accept states’ rights for abortions. SCOTUS did not outlaw abortions, they just left them to the states(as should be). As far as firearm rights are concerned, they are mentioned in the BORs, so there is a nation wide right to keep and bear arms. Abortion rights are NOT part of the BORs.
      You are welcome to get the super majority needed to do the deed, but so far, it hasn’t happened.

    • Dacian considers xirself a democracy-loving liberal, but laughs and applauds when states ignore the rule of law, the constitution, and the courts. It isn’t the supreme court or conservatives that are destroying this country, it’s the authoritarian, progressive left. Statements like this are clear evidence.

    • The Supreme Court did no make abortion illegal. It withdrew its own perceived authority from the situation, thus leaving states in charge. Even if one considers these states to be in the wrong, there is no constitutional crisis here. States which disagree with the court ruling are free to IGNORE it and maintain their laws allowing abortion. There’s really no governmental conflict there.

      This is a different issue. Here, NY would be directly challenging the authority of the federal government and the Constitution (as interpreted by the courts, with everything). While lawmakers can do what they want, that’s not true of the police or other enforcement wings. Not only can defendants be ordered released, but someone who is blatantly disobeying an injunction or order can be held liable through a civil rights lawsuit or, in the extreme, arrested for contempt of court (Kim Davis).

      I’m not suggesting that such a thing is ripe. It would take additional court orders to get near that. However, the comparison to abortion isn’t really valid from a power perspective.

    • “…and New York has just thumbed its nose at the Supreme Court on its latest gun ruling. The courts have no authority to force New York to do anything it does not want to do or any other State for that matter.”


      Wrong, Chicago tried to play similar games when they lost ‘McDonald v. Chicago’, the decision that ‘Heller’ applied to all 50 states.

      The SCotUS told Chicago, issue permits, or Chicago goes permit-less constitutional carry.

      And like the spineless slugs they are, (a lot like you, actually) Chicago did what they were told by the SCotUS.

      We win, you lose, ha-ha! 😉

    • The American people will ignore or find ways around the Nazi Courts abortion ban…

      You beclowned yourself at “abortion ban.” The Supreme Court did no such thing. The people won’t have to “find ways around” Dobbs; the entire point of the decision was to remove authority the Court wrongly usurped in the first place, and to return that power to the people.

      • This. I’ll bet many of those shrieking the loudest don’t understand this and can’t be bothered to do any real research to educate themselves before popping off. They just needed a few hyperbolic sound bites and headlines from the leftist press to cement their outrage.

    • Among many slanted and false things in the article in the link I posted above is this so very obviously false humdinger…

      “The Supreme Court, in ruling that it is unconstitutional for the state of New York to require gun owners to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun in public places, made it much more likely that this trend will continue.”

      It is 100% false that SCOTUS ruled it was unconstitutional “for the state of New York to require gun owners to obtain a permit to carry a concealed handgun in public place…”

      • in fact SCOTUS ruled the opposite by saying it could be a shall-issue permit system.

  12. Very convenient that New York has already provided a list of soft targets for future mass shooters

    • If the New York governor had her way, those mass shooters would be the police. She hates law abiding gun owners plain and simple, they are not citizens to her but instead something to be controlled and eliminated.

  13. Anyone know what the penalty will be for violating a GFZ?

    If you don’t lose your gun rights and don’t lose your permit permanently then being caught will just be a slap on the wrist. People will ignore the GFZ laws and pay the price (like a speeding ticket). This will be the short path to defeating the GFZ nonsense.

    Conversely, if getting caught is a serious problem (e.g., 1-year misdemeanor) then this fight will be fought for us behind the scenes by those people who were able to get permits in the past. They will have to decide whether to go un-armed (notwithstanding that they showed their desire to be armed by getting the permit in years past). Or, to risk being caught. Or, telling the best legislators money can buy that they need the penalties relaxed. Then, we are back to the previous outcome.

    • “Anyone know what the penalty will be for violating a GFZ? ”

      This is New York… so when sheeple’s in the GFZ panic if they think you have a gun, a SWAT will probably kill you on sight. Some way or another, New York will make it all about 911 and before long a picture of your body being stood over by the SWAT heroes of the ‘Battle Of The Gun Free Zone” will be on a kids sippy cup emblazoned with “911, Never Forget”, maybe someone will compose a song praising NY resilience and bravery against this evil deed, and the governor will go on TV and proclaim “See, told ya so.”

      That’s the crazed logic going on in New York gun-control right now. You are radioactive, not a citizen simply exercising a right but instead a dangerous right wing radical equated to a terrorist that needs to be controlled and eliminated all in the name of “public safety, ’cause we say so”

      • For new york…

        Places that will be off-limits (some are currently banned places) when the new laws take effect September 1st 2022 are:

        government buildings
        places where people have gathered for public protests
        health care facilities
        places of worship
        public playgrounds and parks
        day care centers
        summer camps
        addiction and mental health centers
        public transit
        times square
        polling places

        In addition, the law defaults all private property as no-carry zones, unless the owner of that property has signage up allowing the carrying of concealed firearms. This includes both business property and personal property.

        If you’re caught, you will face a felony charge.

        The new requirements include:

        Re-certification will be required every 3 years instead of the current 5 years
        16 hours of classroom training
        2 hours of live-fire training
        Written exam with a score of at least 80%
        Applicants would need to meet with ‘licensing officer’ for an interview
        Provide names, ages and contact info for members of their household
        Provide 4 references
        Disclose current and past social media accounts so that the ‘licensing officer’ can review their content

        • so that’s the list, most are places where the highest number of criminal attacks in street crime happen in New York.

        • iirc, the entire island of Manhattan is considered a synagogue. They maintain a “magic wire” or something on the light poles, so they can go do leisure activities and work on Saturdays.

    • If you walk into a private business that doesn’t decide to put a “conceal carriers welcome” sign up in NY you are on the hook for a felony.

      Needless to say, this has infringed on many more rights than the original laws that were just at play.

      • The social media provision is almost certainly a 1st amendment violation as well: conditioning the exercise of one right (2A) on abandoning free exercise of another of another (1A). That is, you can “freely” (scoff) exercise your 1A or 2A rights, but not both. This is a steroid-amped “chilling effect” on speech (not to mention evil).

        Businesses may also have legal options due to the way NY is attempting to turn them into political actors, compelling speech via signage (or lack thereof) and interfering with their otherwise lawful operations. The state is compelling business owners to choose a position and publicly voice it about controversial political matter, which will have clear implications for their operations and customers. Plus, the state’s preferred position on the matter is well known, and those who disagree are being vindictively targeted through this latest round of laws. Business owners would be foolish not to feel coerced to pick the “right” side on this.

        The left seized power in 2020 masquerading as “uniters.” Indeed, they are uniting the country… against the left. What a evil, illegitimate, America-hating bunch of liars, thieves, and despots.

      • They laughed when they came up with that one. They aren’t sitting around in committees trying to figure out how to improve lives.

  14. The fact that you do not INSTANTLY get arrested for violating the SCOTUS ruling and thus 18 USC 242 deprivation of rights under color of law is what’s wrong with this country.
    Politicians need to be accountable for their crimes against citizens!

  15. For new york…

    Places that will be off-limits (some are currently banned places) when the new laws take effect September 1st 2022 are:

    government buildings
    places where people have gathered for public protests
    health care facilities
    places of worship
    public playgrounds and parks
    day care centers
    summer camps
    addiction and mental health centers
    public transit
    times square
    polling places

    In addition, the law defaults all private property as no-carry zones, unless the owner of that property has signage up allowing the carrying of concealed firearms. This includes both business property and personal property. If you’re caught, you will face a felony charge.

  16. Turn over your social media bs to get a gunm.
    Be careful what you say and who you say it to, freedom of speech can get you in trouble.

  17. It is also unconstitutional to require character references. I also don’t see how the places of worship or subway restrictions can stand, given how many people get attacked on subway trains and how there was a mass shooting in a church and an attempted mass shooting in another church that was stopped because multiple church-goers were armed and one shot the perp.

    • The character reference requirement has actually been part of the permitting process in NY for a long time. The four references must fall within a very specific set of guidelines: no family, no law enforcement, must live in your county, must know you personally. It is being reported as a new requirement, but it isn’t one. (It was, is, and ever shall be unconstitutional, however)

      • Depends on the county if you can use references outside the county. My cousin used references from both inside and outside his county.

  18. New York City is a death trap. You take your chances the moment you step into that sewer. N

  19. Governor Ho has gotta go! Can you imagine waking up, rolling over and seeing THAT without makeup next to you?!#&@ How can they assume to tell private property owners what they can and cannot allow? Can’t possibly be legal.

    • She could be the next Joker. They aren’t worried about being legal. Only the little people have to worry about that.

  20. In New York, established or continued in terms of ‘sensitive places’ (which Bruen mentions and allows but does not really define) places that will be off-limits for gun carry (some are currently banned places), AKA Gun Free Zones (GFZ) when the new laws take effect September 1st 2022 are:

    government buildings
    places where people have gathered for public protests
    health care facilities
    places of worship
    public playgrounds and parks
    day care centers
    summer camps
    addiction and mental health centers
    public transit
    times square
    polling places

    Some of these are obviously because New York is being defiant and trying to slip them in basically claiming they are ‘sensitive places’. Not going to go through each one but a few that stand out in an obvious manner are, for example:

    1. “places where people have gathered for public protests” are clearly ‘public space’ where a person should be able to carry because the right to carry includes in public outside the home. So is this really sensitive area in terms of Bruen and the 2nd Amendment? If its so sensitive then why can violent criminals be present in “places where people have gathered for public protests”? New York bought up the ‘sensitive places’ concept during their arguments, places like this were bought up and some justices questioned the validity of the argument using a ‘times square’ analogy, the argument did not go well for New York.

    2. “public playgrounds and parks”.

    Ok the playground, I can understand the ‘think of the children’ cry here. I mean, parents want to protect their children right? Well, that is at least good parents want to protect their children from as many dangers as possible. But a question is what are they protecting their children from? Sure, the anti-gun would have a ” ’cause guns” type of response. But these are also public space and an armed parent has as much right to them with their kids as an unarmed parent, and an armed parent has the same ‘think of the children parents want to protect their children’ concern as an unarmed parent. So armed parents can’t protect their kids on a playground, the same playgrounds frequented by criminals and pedophiles and are used as targeting spots by criminals to abduct kids and for other violent crime against children and parents?

    Public parks, well are they really ‘sensitive’ places? Simply saying they are does not make them ‘sensitive places’. If they are so sensitive then why are violent criminals present in public parks? Although it may not happen in every public park all across the country all the time, public parks are known hunting grounds for criminals and indeed a lot of criminals commit violent crime in public parks. So because a citizen is armed they are prohibited from using the ‘public space’ that is a public park thus forced to give up their right as a citizen to be in ‘public spaces?

    3. times square. This was specifically mentioned during the arguments before the court. The Bruen concurring justices that addressed it were not really pleased with the response of New York. Although the Bruen decision does not specifically prohibit it, its clear from the court during arguments and in the decision that the ‘sensitive places’ concept was not intended to be used to prohibit firearm carry in those areas where the public at large is permitted as a normal course of society transit and ‘gathering’ and use in the normal course of daily life in general. This is clearly a ‘f*&k you’ to the SCOTUS.

    The ‘sensitive place’ concept in Bruen was clearly not intended to be used to to prohibit firearm carry in those areas where the public at large is permitted as a normal course of society transit and ‘gathering’ and use in the normal course of daily life in general. Yet, that is what New York is doing in another attempt to deny people their second amendment rights. Neither of 1-3 above have real justification as ‘sensitive places’.

  21. (note: The below is in the context of the law abiding non-prohibited person carrying a firearm for defense)

    Ahhh… the old argument of the anti-gun, basically, of their right to free from those with firearms.

    First, its not an enumerated right to be free from those with firearms. It is a ‘substance inferred’ “right” based upon enumerated rights and the inherent provision of ‘life and liberty’ to be free from harm at the personal hands of those who intend harm and, in some ways, to be free from ‘unintentional’ harm. One means of exercising this ‘free from harm at the hands of those who intend harm’ is self-defense via use of firearms under the 2nd Amendment.

    Unfortunately, humans do not have the ability to predict when such personal intended harm may happen in the future by the personal hand of another. By inference of activity in a specific situation we can say that harm will happen and indeed this is used in many situations to say that harm can or will happen and that harm by and large does happen.

    But what happens when you are not prepared to encounter that ‘harm at the hands of those who intend harm’? Do you take your chances and depend on luck or do you take the chance that fighting back will give you the best chance or at least a chance you control in the situation where the inference of activity tells you, is screaming at you, that you will be seriously harmed or killed? Its up to the individual to decide that, and sadly, for example, many battered women decide to continue to comply and depend on the chance of luck that they might escape a day without the abuse but that abuse will still continue so it can be very reliably said that inference of activity says, is screaming, that these women will be seriously harmed or killed if they continue to rely on the compliance chance of luck.

    One of our own anti-gun anti-constitution people here in these comment sections, dacian, posts (now debunked) ‘studies’ which say ‘compliance’ and not fighting back gives the best chance. Well, no. The studies he likes to use omit an important thing and they omit it on purpose to bias their study. They omit the inference of activity that tells a person they will ‘right now’ imminently be seriously harmed or killed at the hands of another, in other words they leave out a major and most important causality factor that happens in over 80% of crimes committed by violent criminals. These ‘debunked’ studies claim that compliance is best and cherry pick from those ‘demographics’ or incidents or victims where compliance may have worked sometimes, but they leave out the incidents where the causality factor of inference of activity that tells a person they will be seriously harmed or killed at the hands of another and this causality factor is present in over 80% of crimes committed by violent criminals.

    If compliance works and provides the best chance of survival as dacian and his studies contend, then why, for example, are innocent people seriously harmed or killed by criminals in store/business robberies where its obvious (and sometimes even discussed by the robbers) the best choice is simply taking the money and running instead of harming but instead they seriously harm or kill the complying person(s) anyway and why are victims of school/mass shootings not told to just ‘comply’ and why are battered women harmed or killed even though they comply and why are compliant women raped violently to the point of them nearly being or are killed even though they complied?

    Just as those who claim rights under the 1st Amendment are also ‘required to be tolerant’ (by it being a right for all) of the exercise of the 1st amendment by others, all rights exercise require such tolerance by all even if its not agreed with.

    The same tolerance is ‘required’ (by it being a right for all) for those who choose to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to be prepared to have a chance at defense against those who intend them serious harm or death. Granted, there is sometimes accident or unintentional harm or sometimes a misapplication of firearms by a law abiding gun carrier but these events do not happen at a frequency greater than other sources of ‘danger or safety’ issue that are all around us every day that are not firearms, in fact these are, relatively rare considering the number of firearms and are a lot less annually than car accidents. In other words, a person is more likely to be safer around a law abiding gun carrier than they are to be riding in a car. But although these may happen its a very small amount – and in those situations where its come to the point of that very imminent ‘right now’ inference of activity that tells a person they or another will be seriously harmed or killed at the hands of another DGU is successful in stopping that, and other incidents where the inference is or could be serious harm or death if it is not stopped/repelled/thwarted, ~95% of the time with no harm to themselves or others.

    So overall the ‘unjustified fear based’ claim by the anti-gun of their “right” to free from those with firearms is not justified and not a valid reason to deny a person their rights under the 2nd Amendment.

  22. HOchul was okay on LaVerne and Shirley….She is a horrible dictator unelected governor…She needs to get the big “L” back on her sweater and have a milk and pepsi…Then, she should get the crew back together, for the reunion tour..

  23. Road blocks, I say road blocks to our 2nd Amendment Rights is their goal and what they have said. It will take 10 yrs to eliminate any new road blocks if the SCOTUS will accept a new case 2nd Amendment case at all.

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