Kathy Hochul
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul speaks during a news conference about Saturday's shooting at a supermarket on Sunday, May 15, 2022, in Buffalo, N.Y. (AP Photo/Joshua Bessex)
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“I continue to call on Washington to do just some basic things that we’ve done here in New York. I also call on the Supreme Court, which is actually considering rolling back some of the protections that were put in place here to protect New York citizens from gun violence.”

And there you have a look inside the mind of a gun control zealot…someone who’s so invested in the idea that restricting citizens’ gun rights is the only way to prevent the kind of atrocity we saw over the weekend that she has no ability to look at what happened rationally.

In responding to the mass shooting at a Buffalo grocery store, New York Governor Kathy Hochul made it a point to call for federal action to enact more restrictions on gun rights. In other words, she wants the same laws that failed so spectacularly in New York to apply to the rest of America.

New York rammed through its SAFE Act in the middle of the night in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting. As the state’s site says, “The SAFE Act prevents criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from buying guns, cracks down on illegal guns and bans only the most dangerous assault weapons.”

In 2019, New York also enacted a “red flag” law which “prevents individuals who show signs of being a threat to themselves or others from purchasing or possessing any kind of firearm.”

Investigators work the scene of a shooting at a supermarket, in Buffalo, N.Y., Monday, May 16, 2022. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

New York law also neuters AR pattern rifles, only allowing citizens to buy “featureless” guns with magazines limited to 10 rounds or less.

How did all of that work out?

The…gunman accused of committing a racist massacre at a Buffalo supermarket made threatening comments that brought police to his high school last spring, but he was never charged with a crime and had no further contact with law enforcement after his release from a hospital, officials said.

The revelation raised questions about whether his encounter with police and the mental health system was yet another missed opportunity to put a potential mass shooter under closer law enforcement scrutiny, get him help, or make sure he didn’t have access to deadly firearms.

What about the rifle he used?

The suspect in the Buffalo supermarket massacre purchased the primary weapon allegedly used in the shooting — a used Bushmaster XM-15 semiautomatic rifle — from a licensed dealer near his hometown but said he then illegally modified the gun so he could use a high-capacity magazine. …

In one posting, Gendron admitted to illegally modifying the weapon in another way. He wrote that he used his father’s power drill to remove a state-mandated lock that prevented the attachment of magazines with more than 10 rounds of ammunition. …

“Since I live in New York, I had to buy a cucked version of this before illegally modifying it,’’ Gendron wrote. “Since I live in cucked New York, and I am only 18, I can’t legally buy a lower or a standard ‘assault rifle.’” He added that he “could’ve even bought a NY-safe featureless rifle, but what kind of cuck does that?”

These are, of course, exactly the laws that the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex wants enacted nationwide. They say doing that will prevent mass shootings like the one in Buffalo.

But those laws were already in place in New York and didn’t prevent the shooting in Buffalo. The killer bought his gun legally, then illegally modified it. In fact the pathetic psycho was lucid enough to take advantage of New York’s strict gun control laws and select a target where he expected minimal resistance by armed citizens. He then drove 200 miles from his home to get there.

This image provided by the Erie County District Attorney’s Office shows Payton Gendron. (Erie County District Attorney’s Office via AP)

Don’t think that political hacks like Kathy Hochul will be satisfied with restricting Second Amendment rights. She wants to see your First Amendment rights trimmed as well.

At a news conference following the attack, New York Gov, Kathy Hochul said social media companies must be more vigilant in monitoring what happens on their platforms and found it inexcusable the livestream wasn’t taken down “within a second.”

“The CEOs of those companies need to be held accountable and assure all of us that they’re taking every step humanly possible to be able to monitor this information,” Hochul said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” “How these depraved ideas are fermenting on social media – it’s spreading like a virus now.”

So just as they did after Sandy Hook and Parkalnd, those who work to limit gun rights — and now free speech — jumped into action and will be doing all they can not to let this crisis go to waste.

Never mind that New York had all of the laws in place that the gun control industry said would prevent exactly this kind of thing. If the Buffalo shooting results in even one state expanding its gun control laws, the gun control industry will consider those 10 dead bodies well worth it.

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  1. Waiting to see what “closing of loopholes” she announces tomorrow. Hoping it doesn’t mean banning thr AR-15 outright as I have been planning to get one, but psychologically prepared for it in case they do.

    • I don’t mean to be critical but you’re a little late in the game this is something that you should’ve done along time ago and more than once.

      • Lot of under 30’s got screwed at all levels up here. Also depending on where upstate he may be unless he has a state job income exceeding basic living expenses can be a major issue.

      • When you say “something that you should’ve done along time ago”, I hope you mean “move out of new york immediately”.

        • May do this, but I have a good job with a good company at the moment and so don’t want to just move. Also the countryside is beautiful up here. Will probably move at some point though.

        • “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

        • Leaving NY was a great decision for me, and it’s been a joy living in a free state for the past year. I get it though: it’s far from easy to uproot your whole life, even in pursuit of a freer place to live (pithy founding father quotes aside).

          NY is still supposed to be America, subject to the constitution and the bill of rights. Leaving everything behind because the state simply refuses to honor the obligations it has to free citizens is no fun and feels a lot like being driven out. And upstate NY IS gorgeous, one of the few things I truly miss. Everyone has to make their own decisions in life, doing what they view as best.

    • Replacement for an AR: IWI TS12B. If you can cope with a semi-auto 15 +1 rnd 12 gage. 😉

      • Safe act screws any semi auto shotgun above 7 rounds or with a detachable magazine unfortunately even before fun features get involved.

        • Don’t know about NY, but the TS12 bullpup is legal in CA. Are you familiar with the gun? If not you should look it up. 🙂 I have one, complete with red dot, muzzle brake, and improved buttpad. Comes with a couple screw in chokes. Magazines (3 tubes) are not detachable, and hold 5 rnds each. Tons of fun. 🙂

        • Funny thanks for the suggestion I actually don’t know if this would be a NY ban as it appears to have 3 separate magazines of 4-5 with a total capacity over 10. Even if it’s not an option still a neat thing to research and I think there is a double magazine version of other shotguns as well. I would need to relearn how to do basic stuff with a bullpup though (870 is ingrained pretty deep)

        • *Gunny and semi would kill it for NY re capacity (shotguns are oddballs with SAFE act)

        • I just checked Brownells for NY shipping – they won’t ship a TS12 to NY, so looks like y’all up there are out of luck. Sorry.

        • When I lived in NY, I went with a Mini-14, which can be easily upgraded with a few nice things to make it a pretty sweet little rifle. The magazine capacity limits still apply, but the gun itself is NY legal. Old school design, but very capable.

    • It’s probably too late to get an AR in NY and even then you have to get an extremely neutered one. I generally don’t tell people to “just move”, but NY is staying solid left for eternity at this point. You could wait on a possible SCOTUS win to reverse the jaws but that’s not a guarantee. Being in upstate NY you could consider moving to much more gun friendly Vermont, NH or Maine. If you stay it might be more practical to get a semi auto shotgun or another rifle platform.

  2. Can you say Manchurian Candidate? You think maybe he had some re-education when he was in the hospital? Reckon this will happen more often the closer we get to the election? You think maybe when they steal this election they will use this to try to convince us that people really want them?

    • Years ago the CIA had a “brain washing” and mind control experiment that was working on making robot style murderers out of citizens. Word leaked out about it and supposedly it was stopped. Makes you wonder. Guess they working on getting the body count high enough so people will surrender their rights for”safety”.

      • Oh you mean the MK Ultra/Project Monarch stuff yes totally shut down and never further researched, same as Project Mockingbird.

  3. Continuing to do the same thing over and over while expecting different results is a sign of insanity.

    Banning the guns and getting angry at gun makers is NOT the solution.

    • Depends on the desired solution. The goal is to disarm everyone and turn out country into Venezuela or Cuba. That is a tall order.

  4. Gov. Hochul is 100 percent correct. State laws that are tough on guns are useless when neighboring states have little or no gun laws. Only a tough Federal law vetting the purchase of all firearms and safe storage laws and putting weapons of war on the NFA list will work.

    • You really believe that those of us that have NFA items will give them up if/when there is ever a ban on them?

    • Criminals don’t obey laws. No law is effective against people that don’t obey law.

      • Criminals don’t have to obey all the laws. The NFA registration requirement does not apply to criminals, because it would be self incrimination, and violate the fifth amendment.
        See Haynes v. US.

        • I would have to read up on that as I don’t know about it. But that would be further evidence that the NFA itself is a contradiction and should be abolished.

    • All gun restriction laws are unconstitutional plus they do not stop them who break laws. If there were no guns then wackos would use bombs as you can find out how to make gun powder on You Tube. Bombs can kill over three times as many people.

    • New York has all of the things you want. He did not get his gun from another state, he bought it in NY and illegally modified it.

      If they pass any more guns laws or enact any more regulations we will not obey them. When they come for us will you and the governess be in the stack?

    • Pretty much all firearms are grounded in military designs and/or used by the military.

    • If PA doesn’t have the same issues with these people and NY does, how is it the fault of PA having less strict laws?

    • Herr dacian. You’ve decided that privacy is not a right under the constitution? No more screaming that abortion is protected by the right to privacy? How do UBC’s and safe storage laws effect the right to privacy?

      Your mental illness is shining through. again. Still.

    • GTF off this site, Dacian, since it appears that you detest the Second Amendment so much. You can take a few other, like-minded trolls with you while you are at it.

    • Except that he legally purchased, presumably with a background check, a NY State legal AR that was properly neutered. No other state was involved. Since he was apparently not legally barred from the ownership of firearms, the law was fully complied with until he illegally modified his firearm.

    • dacian the stupid,

      He bought the gun legally in New York, you lying liar. Go micturate up a cable.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. You are of course wrong. You see, AR-15’s have been banned in NYS for some time. It seems that AR-15 was purchased prior to the ban being enacted and was “grandfathered”. The gun was not the property of the young man as at the time it was purchased he was about 12 yrs old. It seems that NYS has had “universal background checks for about 5 years now. It seems that did not work well in this case.
      It also seems this kid had threatened to shoot up his high school. He under went a psychological exam and was pronounced “not to be a threat.”
      According to all accounts your so called “common sense gun laws” did not work the way you control freaks say they will.
      Time to come up with another plan?

    • May the fortunes of life find their way into your heart.
      Peace be with you dacian. 🙏

  5. These Democrats keep saying the same thing over and over, is there any getting through to them? We’ve had two major shootings in New York and California and they still haven’t learned yet! I get so sick and tired of stupid people all the time. How do these people get in office when they have no brains in their head is beyond me.

  6. LOL, seriously this was her big announcement? Please Federal government oppress everyone in the blatantly unconstitutional ways we abuse our subjects that even liberal courts have had issues with? Going to have to read in more detail to see if I missed anything but damn Coumo is way smarter than she ever was.

    • Edit: they may be going after AOW or others…..not sure if the first is relevant past serbu super shorties but the second one is surprisingly available and given how quickly they had prewritten laws ready to go known even if they are unable to clearly articulate what they are going after (standard NY gun law practice)

  7. The pompous lily white armed guard protected Jim Crow Gun Control slave master cracker kathy hochul is pandering to history illiterate slaves who no longer pick cotton for the democRat Party Plantation but do harvest votes for the democRat Party Plantation.

    On the other hand…Black Americans who no longer reside on the plantation are not fools. Because once upon a time the democRat Party kkk came gunning for Black Americans who found themselves with no real means to defend their homes and families. Apparently the democRat Party Gun Control slave master cracker kathy hochul apparently does not know, “Homie Don’t Play That Sht.”

    • Agreed 100%. Thank you for stating it. AAMOF Debbie, I have yet to see a post by you which I do not agree with you. Thank You. You continually help reestablish my faith in true Americans and Humanity..

  8. Ummm… She really looks like a zombie…. Why do all these leftwingnuts look like escapees from some mental hospital ??? I mean really, they do.

  9. Instead of introducing new useless gun control laws how about calling for disbanding crime manufacturing FBI and DOJ dirt bag. Almost all of the “mass shooters” for the last 10 years were “known” to FBI and law authorities.

    • It seems that near to every “mass shooting” there was some kind of “police training operation” going on…
      Sorta tells you something…

  10. I’ll bet her and Chucky were absolutely giddy when that went down! Remember, these are the idiots who refuse to prosecute the people who do this sh!t!

  11. Ideas so good that they can’t function unless forced on everyone.

    Remember, she’s not interested in neutering the guns of LE. She’s interested in neutering your guns and then sending LE after you.

    Leftists have no problem with having guns, in fact if you talk to them they’ll admit that they love that portable political power dispenser.

    Leftists have a problem with you having guns because then the Left doesn’t have a monopoly on raw power and that means that when they act the way they prefer, things could get dicey for them.

    • “…in fact if you talk to them they’ll admit that they love that portable political power dispenser.”

      Nice one, *snicker*… 😉

      PPPD? P3D?

  12. Typical of the Demonrat mind. Kill it with fire. Voting harder will not save you

    • Stateisevil,

      No, ultimately, “voting harder” will not save them . . . but they are desperately hoping that “voting harder” (including the cemetery vote, harvested ballots, multiple voting, etc.) will allow them to continue their grift a little longer. Got to suck off that public teat as long as possible!!

  13. Bottom line: The people that carry these acts out, have typically been previously evaluated for psychological issues. Many of them had made threats. Yet nothing seems to be accomplished that prevents the numbskulls from continuing their quest to enact terror upon the public. The magazine limitation laws did not prevent the access to high capacity magazines. However, high capacity magazine availability is not what caused this to take place. SO STOP chasing your TAIL! The Firearms, and accessories available for them, ARE NOT THE ISSUE! Just Face the FACT, SOCIETY is the problem. What an we do to create a friendlier, more rewarding society for everyone? There has been, and always will be psychotic people out there, no matter what you do to REGULATE the masses. Some of those people will succeed in carrying out there evil deeds. Others will fail, possibly committing suicide and never hurting anyone else (least not physically). Prohibiting the average person from being able to travel the nation without FEAR of being arrested for owning something legal in one state, county or town, and not in another; this is NOT the ANSWER to the Challenge Facing OUR SOCIETY. This only increases the problem, and creates more problems, and takes away valuable time from addressing the REAL problem (People and Issues).

  14. That pesky power drill loophole.

    These people were all too eager and excited at the prospect of shipping the unvaxxed off to camps. Why not ship the violently mentally ill off to institutions? You know, for the herd immunity.

  15. No mention of how a segregated community exists in the liberal Mecca of New York. Randy Newman’s song rednecks comes to mind.

  16. You can buy AR15s here in NYS with all the features you want , Pistol grip, collapsing stock etc . IF the ten round mag is pinned . Yes it’s sucks to top,load , or use a speed loader . Most can be converted back to drop free mags for a few bucks and a couple minutes time .

    We didn’t register them like the law said , and few who buy new ones keep the pinned mag set up . We have stupid gun laws , but many are fighting the fight here the best we can .

    • Even the compliant versions with detachable mags aren’t terrible just ugly as sin and less convenient to find/build. It’s more the restricted options of anything else fun the SAFE act takes out of consideration (MP5 clones for starters)

  17. The Democrat solution — deny arms to law abiding people so that street thugs — the Democrat shock troops — can do absolutely anything they want to do. And when the thugs are caught after doing absolutely anything they want to do, release them on no bail, and don’t prosecute them.

    It all makes sense to Dementia Joe and his cronies. The only thing missing is government-issued brown shirts.

  18. As I have said before TTAG. The death of white people shot by criminals are “just collateral damage”. Gun control has always been the mechanism to disarm black people. Those grocery store shoppers could have easily dealt with this Mass shooter. If they were not prevented from being able to buy and carry a gun legally.

    And it has already been demonstrated that a law-abiding black person carrying a gun can stop a mass shooter.

    From 2018

    “[black] Concealed Carry Holder Stops Mass Murder Before Police Arrive”


    Constitutional carry Applies to every resident of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
    I carry a gun everywhere I go.

    The racist white s0ci@list Progressive leadership of the state of New York does not care if white people get killed. Their primary concern is to make sure that the blacks are disarmed. And kept disarmed.

  19. In the pic with the article, the FBI ERT guy with the holstered weapon on his right hip… what brand is that holster? Can anyone ID the holster brand?

  20. The end result of this crime and the crimes the left are trying to force off on us because of the crime in NY is that another million guns will be sold.

    That’s it in its entirety. Every horrible crime will inspire folks to want to protect themselves and every bungling misstep by joe burden and his gang of idiots will add to the sense of unease and urgency.

    Gas is 6.10 a gallon. Babies can’t get formula. People will be hungry soon. And joe burden and herr dacian want to focus all their resources on a non starter of an idea.

    • Easy for you to say, ‘One with Four Paws’… 🙂

  21. The NY Governor is absolutely correct. What good is a state level ban, despite all the hard efforts to save lives in Democrat states, it doesn’t matter if we have free interstate travel without checkpoints and searches at every state. Someone driving as a drug mule with a trunk full of fetanyl from the Mexican border all the way to Maine will have no problem as long as he pays his tolls, and adheres to speed limits. Now replace drugs with assault weapons, dangerous semi automatic guns and high capacity magazines in the trunk and he could as easily travel anywhere in the country with those too.

    Bans don’t work unless the whole country commits to a ban. We need the federal assault weapon ban again NOW and this time make it permanent and actually stick. We banned machine guns at some point in this country’s history. It’s time to ban semi automatics. Why do you gun owners cry about semi automatics if machine guns got to be banned easily? Your second amendment help there now did it? No right is absolute. Without semi automatics, mass shootings will not happen and will be the final solution to this stupid problem everyone keeps dancing around.

    • Well, a federal ban on marijuana never translated to the whole country committing to a ban. What federally banned drug has the whole country committed to though? Has there ever been a federal ban of anything at all that the whole country has committed to?

    • Hoggy, Do you practice at being wrong? First, the gun that was purchased, was bought PRIOR to the ban in NYS and was therefore by the law ‘grandfathered’ in. If you bothered to read the article here and other places, you would know that it was purchased IN NYS prior to the ban. This young man would have been about 12 yrs old when the ban went into effect and therefore by law could not have purchased it.
      For your edification, an AR-15 is NOT an “assault weapon”. An assault weapon is a rifle that is capable to automatic fire or the “three round burst” fire. The AR-15 is not.
      Clearly you do not know squat about firearms. If a person has a “bolt action” rifle with a little practice, he/she can fire almost as quickly as with a semi-auto.
      Keep up the good work. You are showing the world just how really stupid and ignorant you really are. Are you related to dacian, the Dunderhead or Minor MINER49er?

    • So, Hogg,

      We need a nationwide ban on guns to make NY’s clearly unconstitutional “gun control” work. How’s that working to reduce the flow of fentanyl??? Drugs have been outlawed in ALL states for decades, so we have no more drugs, amirite??

      And all those states with “lax” gun laws that ALLEGEDLY export their guns to “enlightened” jurisdictions, like NY, NJ, MA, RI, CA?? If THOSE states have such “lax” gun laws, why don’t THEY have the same levels of crime as the “enlightened” states?? Why isn’t the murder rate in Vermont the same as in NY??? Why isn’t the crime rate in Indiana the same as it is in Illinois???

      You are too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.

  22. This is the same song sung by a different progressive liberal.Hey all believe more gun control is the answer opposed to putting criminals in jail where they belong.All the states and cities run by liberals are where crime is running rampant.

  23. How many times do the “Authorities” have to Screw the Pooch before being held responsible for not flagging these Whackadoodles before they go ballistic?
    Aurora, Parkland, Pulse Nightclub, and many more shootings have taken place, that the Authorities neglected to Flag the Perps, and all bought their weapons after their interaction with LE and/or MH Professionals. Seems to me there should be an automatic Flagging of Nutjobs like this Buffalo Schizo in the NICS system, and the “Authorities” that neglect to do so, need held Criminally responsible. They’ve no problem trampling the Rights of the Law Abiding Gun Owners, but balk at labeling a Nutjob and inhibiting their Rights.
    Better to err on the side of caution, because too many of these shootings all have that in common.

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