The Noxious, One-Sided Fixation on Blaming Liberals’ Political Enemies for Mass Shootings

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So desperate and uncontrolled was this ghoulish attempt to blame [Tucker] Carlson for the Buffalo shootings that my email inbox and social media feeds were festering with various liberal pundits demanding to know why I had not yet manifested my views of this shooting — as though it is advisable or even possible to formulate definitive opinions about a complex mass murder spree that had just taken place less than five hours before.

“Still working on your talking points to defend your buddy Tucker or are you holding off on trying out your deflections until the bodies get cold?,” wrote a pundit named Jonathan Katz at 6:46 pm ET on Saturday night in a highly representative demand — just four hours after the shooter fired his first shot. Demands to assert definitive opinions about who — other than the killer — is to blame for a mass murder spree just hours after it happened can be called many things; “journalistic” and “responsible” are not among them.

As it happened, I was on an overnight international flight on Saturday and into Sunday morning; I deeply apologize for my failure to monitor and speak on Twitter twenty-four hours a day. But even if I had not been 40,000 feet in the air, what kind of primitive and despicably opportunistic mindset is required not only to opine so definitively about how your political opponents are guilty of a heinous crime before the corpses are even taken away, but to demand that everyone else do so as well?

In fact, Katz was particularly adamant that I opine not just on the killings but on the list of pundits I thought should be declared guilty before, in his soulless words, “the bodies get cold” — meaning that I must speak out without bothering to take the time to try to understand the basic facts about the killer and the shootings before heaping blame on a wide range of people who had no apparent involvement.

But this is exactly the morally sick and exploitative liberal mentality that drives the discourse each time one of these shooting sprees happen. Rachel Maddow had far more known connections to [Rep. Steve] Scalise’s shooter James Hodgkinson than Carlson has to [Payton] Gendron. After all, as Maddow herself acknowledged, Hodgkinson was a fan of her show and had expressed his love and admiration for her. His animating views and ideology tracked hers perfectly, with essentially no deviation.

And yet — despite this ample evidence that he was influenced by her — it would never occur to me to blame Maddow for Hodgkinson’s shooting spree because doing so would be completely demented, since Maddow never told or suggested to anyone that they go out and shoot the political enemies she was depicting as traitors, Kremlin agents, plotters to overthrow American democracy and replace it with a fascist dictatorship, and grave menaces to civil rights and basic freedom.

The attempt to blame Carlson for the Buffalo shootings depended entirely on one claim: Carlson has previously talked about and defended the view that immigration is a scheme to “replace” Americans, and this same view was central to Gendron’s ideology. Again, even if this were true, it would amount to nothing more than a claim than the shooter shared key views with Carlson and other conservative pundits — exactly as Hodgkinson shared core views with Maddow and Sanders, or the numerous murderers who killed in the name of black nationalism shared the same views on the police and American history as any number of MSNBC hosts and Democratic Party politicians, or as Pim Fortuyn’s killer shared core views with animal rights activists and defenders of Muslim equality (including me). But nobody is willing to apply such a framework consistently because it converts everyone with strong political views into murderers, or at least being guilty of inciting murder.

But all bets are off — all such principles or moral and logical reasoning are dispensed with — when an act of violence can be pinned on the political enemies of liberals. If a homicidal maniac kills an abortion doctor, then all peaceful pro-life activists are blamed. If an LGBT citizen is killed, then anyone who shares the views that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had until 2012 about marriage equality is blamed. If a police officer unjustifiably kills a black citizen, all police supporters or those who dissent from liberal orthodoxy on racial politics are decreed guilty.

But liberals are never at fault when right-wing politicians are murdered, or police officers are hunted and gunned down by police opponents, or an anti-abortion group is targeted with firebombing and arson, as just happened in Wisconsin, or radical Muslims engage in random acts of violence. By definition, “moral reasoning” that is applied only in one direction has nothing to do with morality and everything to do with crass, exploitative opportunism.

Though it does not actually matter for purposes of assigning blame, it is utterly false to claim that Carlson’s ideology — including on “replacement” — is the same as or even related to the views expressed by the killers in Buffalo or New Zealand. Indeed, in key respects, they are opposites.

Both [Brenton] Tarrant and Gendron targeted citizens of the countries in which they carried out their murder spree. They justified doing so on the ground that any non-white citizen is automatically an “invader,” regardless of how long they have been in the country or how much legal status they have. “It would have eased me if I knew all the blacks I would be killing were criminals or future criminals, but then I realized all black people are replacers just by existing in White countries,” Gendron wrote.

To claim that Carlson ever said anything remotely like this or believes it is just an outright lie. Indeed, with great frequency, Carlson says that the priority of the U.S. Government should be protection of and concern for American citizens of all races. Tarrant and Gendron believe and explicitly say that any non-white citizen of a European country is automatically an “invader” who must be killed and/or deported to turn the country all-white.

Carlson believes the exact opposite: that the proper citizenry of the United States is multi-racial and that Black Americans and Latin Americans and Asian-Americans are every bit as much U.S. citizens, with all of the same claims to rights and protections, as every other American citizen. His anti-immigration and “replacement” argument is aimed at the idea — one that had been long mainstream on the left until about a decade ago — that large, uncontrolled immigration harms American citizens who are already here. There is no racial hierarchy in Carlson’s view of American citizenship and to claim that there is is nothing short of a defamatory lie.

But even if these liberal smear artists were telling the truth, and Carlson’s view of immigration and “replacement” were similar or even precisely identical to Gendron’s, one could certainly say that Carlson holds immoral and despicable views. But he would still no more carry blame for the Buffalo murders than liberal pundits have blood on their hands for countless massacres carried out in the name of political causes they support and theories they espouse, whether it be animus toward the police or anti-imperialism or opposition to Israeli occupation of the West Bank or the belief that the United States is a fundamentally racist country or the view that the GOP is a fascist menace to all things decent.

The distinction between peaceful advocacy even of noxious ideas and those who engage in violence in the name of such ideas is fundamental to notions of fairness, justice and the ability to speak freely. But if you really want to claim that a public figure has “blood on their hands” every time someone murders in the name of ideas and ideologies they support, then the list of people you should be accusing of murder is a very, very long one indeed.

— Glenn Greenwald in The Demented – and Selective – Game of Instantly Blaming Political Opponents For Mass Shootings

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  1. If it were me, I’d be asking these morons why was there not the same angst and anger when the last two or three….or four mass assaults took place?! We all KNOW the answer but I’d still be asking the question.

    • What happens when liberal NY Gun Control denies the Rights of Citizens to defend themselves. The end results are always deceased unarmed victims. Then the very same people who tied the hands of the deceased and everyone else in and around the store blame the NRA and guns.

      What lying liberals do not blame is their democRat Party for its long history of race based atrocities. The perp was filled with bigoted hate that did not begin with the perp. Such hate began centuries ago in the democRat Party. And like sewage it continues flowing through time and infected the head of a gullible teenager.

      The democRat Party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the kkk, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. The democRat Party is liable and owes Monetary Reparations for its history of race based atrocities. Atrocities that did not occur just in the South but also in the North, East and West.

      So like the communists they are lying liberals blame anything and everyone for what their rotten party is guilty of. Frankly a Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

      • It was the (WHIG) yankee party that ruled the negro 3/5ths a person so as to them not to be allowed to vote. Lincoln (socialist, murderous, stooge) would have never been elected. He would have never broken the laws of America (shutting down newspapers, giving statehood to West Virginia & Nevada illegally) kill 660 000 citizens, destroy the republic and enslave all those that survived the war. What did these sweet yankees do after the war? They enslaved their own children in hazardous sweatshops and went out west to shoot the plains Indians. Thank you for your stupid contribution……. and sleepy Joe is the top yankee today? yep!

  2. Read the manifesto the dude blamed conservatives, leftists and said that he leaned authoritarian left. He was no right winger.

    He did it for the fame if not of himself of his cause ethno-nationalism, even though he vehemently denies it was for his fame. He goes all over the place in his manifesto and the thoughts are somewhat incoherent at times.

    He also said he went to places deliberately where concealed carriers would have limited access to concealed carry firearms and that they wouldn’t have high capacity magazines due to laws.

    He also said he wanted to live for the media presence, made as much attempt to live (body armor) and be in the media as much as possible. The MSM coverage of mass shootings was literally his motivation for doing this.

    • Charles Whitman, the Original Mass Shooter, had a brain tumor that triggered his behavior. Probably every mass shooter since then has been a deranged copycat wanting the attention & fame. If guns were completely removed from our society, these events would still occur using fire, poison or any of dozens of effective methods.
      Columbine was actually a bombing that failed and the backup, firearms, used to complete the “mission”.

      • I remember an instructor pointed out that the worst mass killing of school kids was done by an arson attack around 1927. I think it also involved dynamite but would have to look it up to be sure. Good mention on Columbine I do remember them trying to throw pipe bombs first.

        • Until The Pulse the worse massacare of a gay night club was a place called The Upstairs Lounge in NYC via arson.

        • You’re talking about the Bath School Disaster.

          Guy did use dynamite as well as incindiaries.

          He was, IIRC, mad that he’d lost a local election.

      • I read something about this kid threatening to attack his school a year or more ago. There’s a malfunction somewhere.

        • Nope NY laws are working as intended: make shit up that restricts the rights of normal people, never enforce them for actual criminals, use inevitable incidents to go back to step 1 and repeat as desired.

    • “He was no right winger.“

      Really? Is that why he called for the death of George Soros?

      And he specifically quoted Tucker’s “great replacement theory” as justification for his attacks to defend the poor, weak, victimized white race. I’m guessing he even followed Tucker Carlson’s advice to “tan his balls”, what a rube.

      I did not realize anti-immigrant rhetoric was a leftist philosophy, the only folks I know who spouse that viewpoint are firm members of the conservative right wing.

      • “Is that why he called for the death of George Soros?”

        Does he have to be a “right-winger” to call for someone’s murder?
        I recall reading that he rejected conservatism. But wait — didn’t you mention the possibility that his manifesto is a pack of lies? Yes, you did.

        “And he specifically quoted Tucker’s “great replacement theory … ”

        He quoted the theory, but it wasn’t authored by Carlson. In fact, he doesn’t mention Carlson at all in his screed.

        “I did not realize anti-immigrant rhetoric was a leftist philosophy … ”

        I don’t know of any conservatives who object to legal immigration. I do know many who object to illegal immigration being promulgated as official government policy as the Biden regime has embraced.

        Many of those who object are citizens such as my wife, who went through the legal process to become an American.

      • Carlson believes the US government should help US citizens of ALL colors and creeds, and not import masses from other countries to help at our massive expense and destroy our culture and society. He doesn’t hate any of them, he just thinks we should take care of us first.

        The turd ball in buffalo hated black people regardless of where they are from.

        If you get to blame Carlson for this can we lynch Maddow for the baseball game shooter being a big fan of hers and in near total agreement with all of her views? He was a lot closer to her than this nut sack was to Carlson.

        • So much to respond to, but let’s just go with this indication of your viewpoint.

          “If you get to blame Carlson for this can we lynch Maddow for the baseball game shooter being a big fan of hers“

          Language is important, words have meaning and you plainly state that if a person “blames” Tucker Carlson it somehow authorizes you to “lynch” Rachel Maddow.

          That is classic right wing extremism, false equivalence authorizing violence.

          “Definition of blame
          transitive verb
          1 : to find fault with : CENSURE
          the right to praise or blame a literary work
          2a : to hold responsible“

          “Definition of lynch
          transitive verb
          : to put to death (as by hanging) by mob action without legal approval or permission“

          Apparently in your world, “to hold responsible” somehow authorizes your opponent to be “put to death without legal approval”

          And you guys spout this violent rhetoric mindlessly, completely oblivious to the revealing nature of your language.

        • MajorStupidity,

          Talk about “false equivalence”, you lying POS!!!! First of all, The Baseball Shooter EXPRESSLY and repeatedly stated his admiration of, and AGREEMENT with, Rachel Madcow. Find in the Buffalo Shooter’s “manifesto” ANY reference to Tucker Carlson (hint: there isn’t one). Second, you gross, pathetic, partisan Leftist/fascist tool, it was YOUR peeps who invented the whole “white replacement” concept, decades ago, and OVERTLY made it part of the Dimocrat platform and electoral strategy (and that’s one HELL of a lot more “real” than the fictitious “Southern strategy”), and now that it’s blowing up in your stupid faces (blacks and latinos going Republican in HUGE numbers), you want to blame it on “right wingers”?? Yeah, lemme know how that works out for you, come November.

          I will give you Leftist/fascists credit for one thing – you’re not afraid to double down on ‘stupid’. Election day can’t come soon enough; I’ve got my popcorn stash, and I’m going to wash it down with gallons of Leftist/fascist tears.

          Go back to your circle jerk, and leave the adults alone, you fascist creep.

      • Meanwhile in Chicago more people were killed that day than in Buffalo, but that doesn’t fit the narrative.

      • George Soros has made many enemies world wide. For all kinds of reasons. One does NOT need to have a particular political interest to want him removed.

      • Minor MINER49er Regret to inform you, but calling for George Soros’ death doesn’t make you a “right winger”. Have you even bothered to read anything about his ‘manifesto?” I did not think so. You are too busy spouting off like a Sperm Whale trying to blame “right wingers”.

    • does Amerika have a problem with the people from Japan? Europe? South America? or other countries? Why is it the Africans are the only unGREATful in our SOCIETY? savages/barbarians

      • Lot of his stuff is like that, Adam Calhoun and Bryson Gray are in a similar genre.

    • “Sometimes music does cover most of it“

      We warned y’all about this 50 years ago…

      “Golden country your face is so red
      With all of your money your poor can be fed
      You strut around and you flirt with disaster
      Never really carin’ just what comes after
      Well your blacks are dyin’ but your back is still turned
      And your freaks are cryin’ but your back is still turned
      You better stop your hidin or your country will burn“

      Just can’t beat a gold-top for cuttin’ heads…

      • Thats nice miner not particularly relevant to the topic but a nice throwback in an obsolescent kind of way.

      • MajorStupidity,

        Thanks for admitting you’re a seditionist (or at least a seditionist sympathizer – you’re too gutless to actually BE a seditionist). We always knew, but it’s big of you to actually admit it.

        You become more deranged by the day, MajorStupidity. Please go pound salt in your @$$.

      • Amerika has spent $22 trillion on an unGREATful SOCIETY. Not one savage has been made equal. IT is time to stop the steal and stop the waste & fraud

  3. > To claim that Carlson ever said anything remotely like this or believes it is just an outright lie.

    This is – itself – so obviously untrue as to question the author’s good faith entirely.

    (checks byline)

    Oh, checks out.

    The reason “liberals” blame their “political enemies” for these mass shootings is because their “political” enemies are fucking neo-nazis who keep carrying out the mass shootings.

    It’s only a “one-sided fixation” if you’re so egregiously brain-damaged that you have to both-sides everything, even creeping militant white supremacist fascism in the US.

    • Well, let’s examine that replacement theory thing. Do Dumbocrats attract people from outside the country, to form a new voting base? Do Dumbocrats give those outsiders preferential treatment? Is the American population beginning to decrease, in part due to abortion policies?

      Yeah, Dumbocrats hate white people, almost as much as they hate black people. Dumbocrats are working hard to replace American citizens with nice pliable immigrants.

      Doesn’t matter what Carlson has to say, the facts are facts.

      • “Well, let’s examine that replacement theory thing … ”

        If anything needs a through examination, it’s jsled’s head.

        • Alien,
          You were right the first time. Look into one ear and see right through to the other.

        • let’s examine just who our politicians took an oath to? IF they are in violation of it, THAT is called fraud. They need to be arrested and replaced. RESTORE the republic ! ! and the Bill of RIGHTS

      • Tucker Carlson owns this, along with the other hypocrites at Fox.

        “In particular, Tucker Carlson, Fox News’ most popular personality, has pushed false but more politically palatable views that are seen as sympathetic by some white people who are concerned about a loss of power.

        “I know that the left and all the gatekeepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement,’ if you suggest the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots, with new people, more obedient voters from the Third World,” he said on his show last year. “But they become hysterical because that’s what’s happening, actually, let’s just say it. That’s true.”

        A study of five years’ worth of Carlson’s show by The New York Times found 400 instances where he talked about Democratic politicians and others seeking to force demographic change through immigration.“

        • Then Maddow and Sanders get hung for the baseball game shooter. He was a lot closer to them than this guy is to Carlson.

        • “Then Maddow and Sanders get hung for the baseball game shooter“

          Fascinating window into your internal dialogue.

          No one on the left has called for Tucker Carlson to be killed. Most are just speaking of his responsibility for spouting anti-immigrant nationalist rhetoric.

          But somehow, you right wing extremists are all too ready to “hang” reporters and senators who disagree with your viewpoint.

          The very definition of violent extremism, it could not be more clear that you are merely looking for an excuse to lynch your political opponents.

    • Tone doesn’t carry well over text. To make sure I understand what you’re saying though. You think Tucker is a neo-nazi, a creeping militant white supremacist, and a fascist. Therefore, whether he calls for violence or not, he deserves to be blamed for violence committed by people who you can’t even claim watch Tucker?!?

      • “You think Tucker is a neo-nazi, a creeping militant white supremacist, and a fascist”

        No, I don’t think he’s any of those things. I think he is a greedy opportunist who is using tired old prejudice and bigotry to turn a profit on “poorly educated” folks.

        Tucker Carlson is an East Coast elitist, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth as the multimillionaire heir to the Swanson frozen food fortune. He’s nothing but a vulture capitalist, never earned an honest dime in his life trust fund baby.

        The problem is his public embrace and propagation of any bullshit conspiracy theory that comes along and seems to have a profitable audience.

        Sadly, many folks will gladly pay to be told what they already believe, it makes them feel really ‘smart’.

        And Tucker knows what he’s doing, make no mistake about that, it’s greed for greed’s and the love of money is indeed the root of all evil.

        Tucker‘s been taken to court before about his on-air lies, and his defense was that obviously, this is all so much bullshit that no reasonable person should be expected to believe it.

        And this is how we get perpetrators like our shooter in Buffalo, because Tucker has no sense of public responsibility concerning his broadcast bullshit’s true consequences.

        Yet y’all tune in night after night, dollar after dollar.

        • As usual, MajorStupidity, you continue to both lie AND be a partisan jackwagon. I’ve never watched Tucker Carlson in my life, just like I never listened to Rush Limbaugh. IF you ever paid attention to how people actually post, and what they actually say, on this forum, you would know that over half of us don’t much care for the Republican party, either. Just like few, if any, on this forum support Wayne LaPierre – making you not only a partisan Leftist/fascist tool, but a LYING partisan, Leftist/fascist tool. And you continue to be too stupid to insult. Go join dacian the stupid in your daily circle jerk, lying liar.

        • Minor MINER49er Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?
          Tucker Carlson tells the truth and I am sure that you don’t like having your Marxist philosophy exposed for what it is?

          You have the gall to complain about his “partisanship”? What about yours?

        • Nah, Walter, MajorStupidity KNOWS he’s a partisan, lying jackwagon, but it’s OK because “it’s for a good cause” and “the ends justify the means”. Once upon a time, I thought MajorStupidity was MERELY an uneducated, partisan halfwit. He’s since proven that he is an uneducated, LYING, partisan, Leftist/fascist, quarterwit. Ask him to explain to you how Article I, Section 8 expressly authorizes Federal universal gun control – it’s a laugh riot.

        • “No, I don’t think he’s any of those things. I think he is a greedy opportunist who is using tired old prejudice and bigotry to turn a profit on “poorly educated” folks.”

          Well, I think that is exactly what both Clintons, Al Gore, the Kennedy Family, Sheila Jackson Lee, Schumer, and Pelosi all are.

      • IF you believe that GOD made you the wrong color and you should be ashamed of it, you are a communist and don’t believe in a sovereign GOD. Enjoy your stay (eternally) in hell

    • Also, you make it sound like America’s gun violence problems are due to neo-nazis. You are aware that some 80% of gun violence in America is gang on gang related and felons vote overwhelmingly for Democrats right?

      • 1. gang members don’t care about politics, what they have goes on whoever is in control.
        2. felons can’t vote – yes, some do, but see #1.
        people on the margin are too busy trying to get by. Most have seen the light and realize that the freebees promised come with strings attached, they just don’t care.

        • The statement made has nothing to do with whether gang members care about politics, it only states that gang members are responsible for 80% of “gun violence” (excluding suicides) in this country. Statistically, mass shootings such as is being discussed here are rare, but much better publicized, which publicity gives them an aura of increased risk. Just look at how many gun battles were there in Milwaukee this past weekend.

        • soon, the 70+ million honest gun owners will see no more reason to be law abiding. A man can be pushed only so far. I HAVE A DREAM And like Josey Wales ” I’m here to give you either, ain’t promising nothing extra”. I will NOT comply to lawlessness or compromise with the communist. ball is in your court, choose wisely (if’n ya can)

    • The replacement theory that Carlson talks about is replacement of Americans by non Americans, regardless of the color of either. He does not hate anyone on either side, he just thinks we should take care of us first, regardless of color.

      This Buffalo chip actually hates all black people regardless of where they came from.

      • “The replacement theory that Carlson talks about… “

        We are making progress, at least now you’re admitting that Tucker Carlson promotes the replacement theory conspiracy.

        The next step is for you to note the correlation between Tucker Carlson’s advocacy of the replacement theory conspiracy and the Buffalo shooter’s identification of the replacement theory as his main motivation for the massacre.

        • So you like to play word games?

          * talks about — To convey or express in a particular way or manner
          To converse or debate about a particular topic
          To be about
          To put forward for discussion or consideration

          * promotes — To be or to provide an advantage to (someone)
          To raise to a more important position or rank
          (a cause or venture) To support, advocate, or encourage
          (a product, organization, or venture) To market, or give publicity in an attempt to sell or create public awareness

          * Correlation — a statistical measure that describes the size and direction of a relationship between two or more variables. It is used to determine the effect of one variable on another, or it helps you determine the lack thereof.

          And let’s add one more:

          * Causation — when one variable causes a change in another variable. This is also referred to as cause and effect.

        • MajorStupidity,

          No one on this forum has denied that Tucker Carlson has highlighted, and opposed, the “replacement theory” that YOUR lying, fascist party invented, decades ago, and rode like a rented mule until it blew up in your faces – blacks, latinos, Asians are all leaving your idiot party in droves. So NOW you want to try to pretend that (i) your lying fellow travelers didn’t invent the whole concept (Ruy Texeira ring any bells, liar??? Or Malig-Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schemer ‘s insistence on unfetter immigration and a “path to citizenship”?), (ii) you promoted open borders relentlessly, and still do, and (iii) now that it’s screwing YOU idiots, you want to blame it on anybody except the real inventors – the Dimocrat party. Unfortunately, reality begs to differ, and we’ve got the receipts. Sucks to be you, dunnit??

    • jsled,

      Great, another Leftist/fascist idiot to supplement dacian the stupid and MinorIQ – JUST what we needed!!

      To the extent the information exists, look at the political beliefs and motivations of the last couple dozen mass shooters. More Leftist/fascists in that pack than “right wing” nutjobs, aren’t there? Hmm. As many have pointed out, the Baseball Shooter was a RABID Leftist and Rachel Madcow fan, so perhaps we should lock Rachel Madcow up, eh?

      dacian the stupid and MinorIQ have a daily circle jerk; you should join them. Or go pound salt in your @$$, whichever floats your boat. We certainly won’t miss one more idiot Leftist/fascist around here.

  4. Maybe I missed the segment where Tucker encouraged viewers to go on shooting sprees. It’s a distinct possibility since I don’t watch Fox. Maybe someone has a link? I’ll even settle for Tucker saying someone deserves to die.

    What I won’t settle for is a clip of Tucker saying something along the lines of “We need to fight” for whatever issue he’s talking about. If the word “fight” is a call to violence, then it applies to almost every politician ever.

    • You expect objective standards of judgement or behavior from those looking to enslave others? Hyperbole aside I generally don’t expect to hear the truth of what happened for quite some time but a lot of attempted (and possibly successful) abridgements of my rights here in NY

    • to “fight” when a demon-rat says it, means to throw frozen ice bottles, bricks or fire bombs in a “mostly peaceful manner”. No “hate” involved, like when whitey does it… whitey bes races

  5. Ecofascism and Nazi environmentalism aren’t anything new. Maybe what’s new is accusing the right if caring so much about the environment they’d kill for it? Dems are just trying to make the “other” seem more evil than they are while they celebrate pedos grooming kids and mutilating the mentally ill for sexual gratification.

  6. This is the problem with ‘social media’. It’s the reason I do not have a Twitter or Facebook login.

  7. Not seeing all life as having inherit value, willing to take a life simply because you think that life will be holding your own life back. Hmm. Is that typically a left wing view or a right wing view?

    • GOD says in Genesis 9:6 that “if a man takes another man’s life, BY MAN’S hand (civil government) his life is to be forfeited. In other words, “you send that guy to Me!” Know what happens when humans don’t obey GOD? You get an unGREATful SOCIETY, just like our’s

  8. From the article:

    … what kind of primitive and despicably opportunistic mindset is required not only to opine so definitively about how your political opponents are guilty of a heinous crime before the corpses are even taken away, but to demand that everyone else do so as well?

    But liberals are never at fault when right-wing politicians are murdered, or police officers are hunted and gunned down by police opponents, or an anti-abortion group is targeted with firebombing and arson …

    All true points. And they are current examples which illustrate the mindset and playbook of the Far Left.

    What is that mindset and playbook you ask? It is rather simple:

    For all intents and purposes, the ONLY concerns of the Far Left are to be part-and-parcel of a large, cohesive, homogeneous group and to receive tons of affirmation from that group. As a result, the Far Left readily rejects truth, logic, and timeless standards of right-versus-wrong if necessary to maintain their membership in their “tribe” and to acquire affirmation from their “tribe”. That also results in the Far Left declaring that everyone who is not part of their “tribe” are enemies and subject to whatever the Far Left figures will work to beat their enemies into submission or crush their enemies.

    • I don’t think the Left cares about their group being large. They care about their group have absolute and unfettered power.

      They define anyone who stands in their way as the enemy because that person is in their way.

      Greenwald (the author here) is an avowed Progressive and he’s gay. They hate him because he has this damned nasty tendency to tell the truth, which hinders the Left’s ability to amass mOaR pOweR!

      The Left is, really, no different than the Right in terms of population stats. You’ve got some powerful people whobare connected and plugged in 3+ standard deviations to the right in terms of “political IQ” and a heap of midwits clustered around the average.

      Normies may or may not be of middling actual intelligence but they don’t pay much attention to goings-on politically, and politically dosconnected and tend to farm out the work. They therefore are relatively easily swayed by soundbites or manipulated by lies of c/omission.

      • strych9,

        I don’t think the Left cares about their group being large. They care about their group have absolute and unfettered power.

        I am convinced that the left does care about their group being large for two reasons. The first reason is the obvious one and most significant: the larger their group, the more absolute and unfettered power they have as you so aptly stated.

        The second reason is a bit more subtle. The Far Left desperately craves affirmation (to a fault) and belonging–to be an integral part of something much larger than themselves. A larger “tribe” means more significant and impactful (in their eyes) affirmation. Of course a larger “tribe” means a more significant sense of belonging to something much larger than themselves.

        Consider homosexual attraction for example. Someone on the Far Left who experiences homosexual attraction wants affirmation of that attraction in the face of intense derision from society. Which provides more deeply satisfying affirmation: affirmation from a few close friends/neighbors or affirmation from 70% of society? The answer is obvious.

        • “…affirmation from a few close friends/neighbors or affirmation from 70% of society?”

          This also explains why non-gay/trans people are increasingly identifying as LGBT, etc. They just want to be included in something. It’s sad, really. There’s even peer pressure now to identify as something other than cis/hetero. Cis/hetero is for old boring people.

        • The first reason is the obvious one and most significant: the larger their group, the more absolute and unfettered power they have as you so aptly stated.

          IMHO, this is a means to an end and nothing more. That’s why they cull their own group after they get into positions of control. There is no truth but power.

          Someone on the Far Left who experiences homosexual attraction wants affirmation of that attraction in the face of intense derision from society.

          I don’t buy that argument. I don’t think they want affirmation they want the “get out of jail free” card that comes with this. They can fuck up hard at work or school and get away with it by claiming that they’re being discriminated against. And they can use this as an excuse for anything else. Anything they don’t want to hear is victimizing them. Just watch a professor give a genetics class with a trans person in the front row. A 19 year old kid who’s 105 soaking wet puts on a dress and has the entire department bend a genetics class into a pretzel to avoid offending this one guy.

          A protected minority status is the golden ticket of the mediocre person in a meritocracy. It makes them a powerful cry-bully because anything and everything is a form of “discrimination” against their protected status which has legions of lawyers to back it up.

          The pressure that Dude mentions is the same thing. You get on the LGBTQIA++ bandwagon so that you can’t be targeted as a bigot and because now you’re protected and get special privileges too.

          IMHO, this is all power politics from the personal level on up.

          And this is, at root, why the Left always eats its own. Eventually, if they get their way, they have to subdivide the special groups and create a hierarchy of victimization within the former group, which is exactly why feminists and homosexual activists are starting to realize, and openly say, that the trans thing is undermining homosexual rights.

          Of course it is. That’s how this goes. You’re special for a bit until you’re chopped liver because of the New Thing®. It’s been that way at least since the Jacobins started drowning each other.

        • “This also explains why non-gay/trans people are increasingly identifying as LGBT, etc“

          Really, you think this is an increasing trend?

          Did you ever consider, they might actually be gay?

        • Miner49er,

          Yes, I KNOW this is an increasing trend. My child’s school district just had a very frank quasi-emergency meeting between the Superintendent and parents to hear about the immense peer-pressure–including credible violent threats to conform–to claim that you are LGBT even when you are not.

          And this should not be a surprise. First, the Far Left and LGBT group said that speaking against them was bad and worthy of punishment. Next, the Far Left and LGBT group said that being neutral was bad and worthy of punishment–which they coined with the mantra, “silence [being neutral] is violence”. Next (more recently), the Far Left and LGBT group said that you must not only be an ally, you must enthusiastically CELEBRATE LGBT lifestyle or else you are wrong and deserve punishment. Finally, the most recent push is for everyone to declare that they are in fact LGBT themselves, even if they are not, or else face punishment.

        • “Really, you think this is an increasing trend?”

          Yes. Not only have I studied the stats, I’ve witnessed this trend firsthand.

        • uncommon_sense,
          To elaborate on your line of thought, the “rainbow” flag/symbol no longer means you’re gay (etc.), it means you’re a progressive. Becoming an “ally” is code for becoming a progressive. In my opinion, anyone who now flies that symbol is either a progressive or a useful idiot (or both).

        • strych9,

          What you described is also accurate and also applies.

          I can tell you from personal experience–at the recent quasi-emergency meeting with the school superintendent–that students who are conservative and straighter than a laser beam are suddenly claiming to be LGBT for the sole purpose of trying to avoid a serious beat-down from the LGBT crowd. Those students are not looking for the school, an employer, or the government to provide protected class status. They are literally trying to avoid significant physical and emotional harm.

          I can also tell you from personal experience that other people who claim LGBT status are claiming it because they revel in their lifestyle and want affirmation. That is why those members of the LGBT crowd are pushing our school district to suspend or even expel students who refuse to celebrate LGBT lifestyles. That has nothing to do with claiming some victim status and everything to do with hating “others” and trying to punish “others” for failing to join their “tribe” and affirm them.

        • @uncommon:

          The first thing you describe absolutely is seeking .gov protection but in a roundabout way.

          They get beatdown and harassed for not being LGBTQ because the harassment and assault are allowed by those in power because the people doing it are a protected class and we have to walk on eggshells around them for fear they’ll lob accusations and get attention.

          Kid beats up other kid, claims the victim was actually the perpetrator, the school’s against him because he’s LGBTQ and you’ve got a mess.

          This is so common that there’s an acronym for it in Leftist literature. DARVO. Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender.

          I don’t need to personally fuck your shit up when I have droogs to do it for me. I just have them get you to come to me asking for protection. Shall I grant it? I dunno, are you the right kind of person?

          This is a game called “heads I win, tails you lose” that you’re being forced to play against your will, the same is true for the kids.

        • “…they have to subdivide the special groups and create a hierarchy of victimization within the former group,…”

          Yep, their concept of ‘Intersectionality’, one example of what was explained to me as being a “double minority”, her instance of being both Black and female. She told me it was rather effective in getting what she wanted from previous employers, by insinuating a lawsuit would be filed…

      • @uncommon:

        Sorry, I got distracted and totally spaced your second paragraph.

        Yes, such people exist but they are pretty few and far between. They wield outsized power because they leverage several things they have going for them, mostly other people virtue signalling.

        I’d suggest looking at Helena Kerschner and her story of how she was, for lack of a better term, groomed into being trans before detransitioning. She goes into depth about how they lure kids in and convince them that they’re trans (but don’t know it) and turn them against their parents. Schools actively assist in this through “nondiscrimination policies”.

    • AFTER stealing money from them so as to abuse them for being fool & slaves. fear is the passion of slaves. Amerika went from the GREATEST generation to a nation of cowards in one lifetime, just like Ronald Reagan said we would. The SCOTUS since 1963 has become PRO-theft, racist, murderous, stupid, you must purchase something (against your will) and 87 genders? What evidence did Mr. Gouesuch put on the table? absolutely nothing. just like a dictator usually does…. here EAT THIS slave ! WAKE UP AMERIKA ! you are dying

  9. This is all part of the “Shame the other side”, who are blamed and then, as part of their penance, are expected to agree with what the left wants politically.

    This is nothing new. Men & Women of principal, need to stand by their core beliefs and refuse to engage with these idiots who blame everyone, except the actual guilty party. The “Cold Dead Bodies” are just stepping stones to get to their political goals.

    If an event runs counter to the Left’s narrative, it is simply a one day story, buried, so as difficult to find. Then “Rightly” ignored as we move on to the next story that does support their narrative and will never be allowed to go away.

    • when Amerikan socialism ends, the cold dead bodies will be everywhere. Socialism usually ends in mass murder. Amerika will be no different

  10. Personally, I agree wholeheartedly with the idea that the political Left want to flood the country with illegal aliens to outnumber the white population because it is the white male demographic in particular that tends to vote Republican much more, and they see this thus as preventing them from creating their left-wing utopia. But it also is about raw political power. The Democrats have used the black population for decades now as a base for power while doing absolutely nothing to truly help improve their lot. And now they wish to do the same with the illegal aliens, IMO. I do not see this as any conspiracy theory, nor do I hate or wish death on illegal aliens. I do want the government to stop just letting them in though and focus on the American people first and foremost. As an American citizen, you will go to prison if you don’t pay your taxes, but said taxes are often then used to give freebies to the illegals.

    Meanwhile, Kathy Hochul here is saying that “hate speech” is not protected and social media sites should ban it (so basically any speech people like her deem hateful, like the replacement idea) and tomorrow she is announcing additional measures to “close loopholes they have found.” Which probably means they’ll do an outright ban on the AR-15, which sucks as I am looking to buy one, but am not quite yet in a position to (and even if I was, a company might not be able to ship it here in time for the legal changes).

    • The democrats aren’t alone in using black Americans. Look up the Union League.

      • they are also going to be used as “fodder” for the mooooooslimes. how foolish they are

    • to Kyle

      quote—————-As an American citizen, you will go to prison if you don’t pay your taxes, but said taxes are often then used to give freebies to the illegals.———quote

      Wrong, the bulk of your tax money goes to both the Military Industrial Complex and to Corporate Subsidies that is nothing more than Corporate Welfare which dwarfs the pittance paid to truly needy people.

      And if you were not ignorant and racist you would realize that illegal immigrants take jobs no one wants and they lower your taxes and bolster Social Security funds because they cannot get income tax refunds or retire on Soc. Security. They also lower your food bills for produce and meat because without their slave labor the price of harvesting this food would be far higher.

      • They do not take jobs no one wants. They take jobs that pay under the table and pay no taxes on it while simultaneously collecting benefits. When you add up all of the benefits (public housing, “free healthcare”, public education, food stamps, WIC, college funding, etc) you will see that they exceed the MIC expenditure and the corporate welfare.

        And for the record, we should abolish the military and any government aid to corporations, including laws reducing entry into the market or favoring a particular firm along with eliminating all social programs and foreign aid.

        • “They do not take jobs no one wants.”

          The lie that they take jobs no one wants only works on people that are out of touch with reality. I’ve watched the construction and lawn care industries change demographics over the past couple of decades in my neck of the woods. Latinos now dominate those industries simply because they’re cheaper.

          The same out of touch, lefty hypocrites who want to increase the minimum wage, will hire the cheaper non-citizens to mow their yard and replace their roof. They’re too stupid to realize that they’re contributing to lower worker wages. It’s either that, or they don’t care about the American citizen working class. It’s probably a combination of the two.

        • “When you add up all of the benefits (public housing, “free healthcare”, public education, food stamps, WIC, college funding, etc)“

          Illegal immigrants receive none of those benefits. They do not receive public housing, the only free healthcare they receive is ER stop the bleeding, non-citizens do not qualify for food stamps or WIC or college loans or grants.

          What you’re really saying is you don’t want legal immigrants to receive those benefits, just like the right wing is upset that the 1000 or so infants detained at the border are receiving baby formula.

          For folks who claim to be Christians they sure have a miserably heart…

        • MajorStupidity,

          Are you even CAPABLE of making one of your half-@$$ed “comments” without lying??????? “Illegal immigrants receive none of those benefits. They do not receive public housing, the only free healthcare they receive is ER stop the bleeding, non-citizens do not qualify for food stamps or WIC or college loans or grants.”

          That is a flat-out LIE, and you know it, you worthless POS. The Democratic People’s Socialist Republic of KKKalifornia affords ALL of those benefits to illegal aliens, as do many other “blue” states. Take your lying, partisan, Leftist/fascist bulls*** somewhere else, you worthless tool.

        • Lamp that went out in your head your rabid racist hatred proves you know nothing of what California does and does not do for illegal immigrants. You simply scream let me wallow in my own ignorance for I am content being ignornat.

      • Hey dacian, check this out: ”

        That’s called a “quotation mark”. It’s used for, get this, quoting things. It’s been around for quite a while, and it’s actually available on every keyboard. Look now any you’ll see it.

        Cool, right?

        • Lamp you Moron Miner 49er was refereeing to Federal Law not state law and California does not have all the benefits you imply for immigrants either.

        • Yes, it does, dacian the stupid. And are you so pathetically stupid and uneducated that you are unaware that welfare qualifications, health care, EBT, “Medi-Cal”, and voting requirements are all set at the STATE level, you pathetic, uneducated ignoramus??? The Feds can put conditions on the extent to which the Feds will reimburse or fund state programs for welfare, health care, voting, etc., but they can’t dictate them. But, then, your “educated” @$$ never finished school, so you wouldn’t know basic civics. Go back to your circle jerk, dacian the stupid.

      • dacian, the Dunderhead. that is another one of your Leftist lies. The majority of our tax dollars go to social programs and have for many years.
        Get a grip, Lefty.

      • Theres a hotel in Wichita that has no grounding on the exhaust fans because my boss told me it takes to long to hook up the gring wire. All under the table, no taxes, all crew were paid cash
        Also the green card holders pay no federal tax so there is no benefit for social security.
        I dont like you any more dacian. The reason why is your statement about “toying with people’s minds” that’s fucked up.

      • the “white man” is only superior, IF the non-white is lazy or stupid. Has a black person ever claimed to be superior? NO

    • Ironic that Hochul gave her speech in a church, no?

      Jaded as I am, even I look at that and can’t avoid being impressed by the balls-out, wipe-your-nose-in-it political cynicism. “Gall” doesn’t begin to cover it.

      Separation of Church and State, unless it polls well!

      • Just when I was hoping she wouldn’t do worse that Coumo. Ah well it will make even a marginal improvement from the supreme court entertaining.

      • Notice how demons like her, Pelosi, and others, are always quoting scripture when they think it helps their cause. You have to support us because that’s what Jesus would want!

        • Attempted emotional hostage taking should get these people an immediate tri-burst to the face.

      • the yankee will stop being a yankee, when the communist stops lying and stealing. at death

  11. As some one who regularly watches Tucker(& Guttfeld)this is some silly stupid chit. Leftards want to ban FOX completely and that includes the Dims they employ(what other network employs Republicans/conservatives save CBN or one of those streaming channel’s like OAN?) This boy may get the federal death penalty because “hate crime” is somehow worse than plain ole murder. Stay locked n loaded. We’re in for a helluva summer…

    • “Leftards want to ban FOX completely”

      Yep. They just look for any opportunity to attack a rival. Fox News isn’t even that right wing. They’re more like a gateway drug. It’s the same attitude the Left has with the NRA. They’re big, the Left doesn’t control them, so they must be taken out.

      Fox News on the radio doesn’t sound any different from the AP. I just heard some news on the half hour. Fox News mentioned the church shooting, and went out of their way to note that the victims were Asian. Yet, they didn’t mention the shooter’s race. Now, why is one important, but the other isn’t? They do stuff like that all the time, as in every day.

  12. It’s futile to try to engage in a rational discussion with liberals anymore. In sort of an induced psychosis they cast us, their political opponents as irredeemable ogres – dare I say “untermenschen” – who are so evil that we are to blame for everything bad that happens everywhere. Their mindset is that this justifies their use of “any means necessary” to erase us from society.

    Bad people do bad things, whether it’s some white a-hole shooting up blacks in a grocery store or a black a-hole mowing down whites in a Christmas parade. But, Liberals love to collectivize everything including guilt and they refuse to accept that individuals are capable of doing things independent of their “community” identity.

    I don’t know where this Country is headed. How is it possible live peaceably with people who believe you’re so evil that you have no right to participate in society except under their terms?

    • “some white a-hole shooting up blacks in a grocery store or a black a-hole mowing down whites in a Christmas parade“

      Here’s a perfect example of the false equivalence the right wing enjoys.

      The black criminal was in the process of fleeing a domestic violence situation, he had no planning or forethought about attacking white people or anybody for that matter.

      On the other hand, the Buffalo shooter had extensive plans and spent considerable time, resources and money to prepare for his intentional slaughter of Black people.

      These are two completely different situations and to equivocate one with the other is nothing but disinformation worthy of Fox News or Newsmax.

      • Your mind reading abilities are amazing. I have never been able to see a shooter and know his motivations and thoughts in detail. That’s truly impressive. Thank goodness we have you to counter disinformation!!!

        • Hey miner, the recent subway shooter didn’t want to be late to a job interview, right? The space between your ears must be considered a brownfield – maybe you can apply for federal cleanup funds.

        • Miner is a product of left wing disinformation. He’s just repeating the stories they immediately put out before the suspect was even apprehended.

        • “I have never been able to see a shooter and know his motivations and thoughts in detail“

          For your convenience, the shooter in Buffalo has thoughtfully provided a comprehensive manifesto detailing his plans and motivations, you may find it interesting.

      • MajorStupidity,

        Yeah, that would be all well and good, except that the Waukesha Murder Driver (i) had a history of anti-white racism, (ii) was fleeing a scene where he COMMITTED domestic violence (#MeToo, anyone???), and (iii) all witnesses to the incident agreed that he INTENTIONALLY drove into the crowd. Now, it is entirely possible that his primary intention was to create an accident scene to slow down or block the police pursuit, rather than JUST to murder innocent people, but he was clearly WILLING to murder innocents, was a known and proven ant–white racist, and a wife beater.

        Meaning, of course, he was obviously a member in good standing of your Leftist/fascist tribe. But there’s MajorStupidity, showing up to try to give him cover.

        You’re a f***ing disgusting ghoul, MajorStupidity.

      • Miner, he was/is literally a black supremacist. Did you actually believe that he just took a wrong turn and accidentally plowed down the people in the parade? There was even reporting that he was intentionally maneuvering his vehicle to hit more people. In other news, propaganda still works.

        • Again false equivalence.

          As lamprey noted, the black individual was fleeing a domestic violence crime, he had made no plan to attack white people or anyone.

          And you’re suggesting that as he fled after committing a felony, that he thought he could take a little death race 2000 sport and drive-through a parade.

          In your mind, this is equivalent to the months of meticulous planning and purchasing this shooter executed in New York State before his calculated massacre of black folks.

          Nope, your position is hilariously untenable.

        • Like I said, Miner is a product of the Left’s constant disinformation. Let’s not forget that Miner was (is?) a Russia Collusion truther. He will unquestioningly push any narrative the MSM pushes.

          The Waukesaha police chief IMMEDIATELY commented that Brooks was NOT running from law enforcement prior to the parade incident. He wasn’t fleeing anything. He was just committing multiple crimes in various locations in one day. As a matter of fact, he has a long history of committing crimes. He was/is also a literal black nationalist who expressed a hatred of white people, and had even talked about running over people. It’s funny how those details weren’t important enough to mention by the MSM, yet they, along with the Puppet, went out of their way to label Rittenhouse as a white supremacist.

          “In the criminal complaint, filed in Waukesha County court on Tuesday, harrowing new details emerged, including the efforts of two police officers to try to stop the vehicle during the rampage.

          The suspect allegedly veered his car into parade participants and spectators, driving in a “zig zag motion” to strike as many people as possible, according to the complaint.”

        • No, MajorStupidity, it is NOT “hilariously untenable”. To my knowledge, there are NO witnesses to the actual event who did not agree that the driver INTENTIONALLY drove through the crowd, and AIMED the car at people in the crowd. Definition of murder requires INTENT, it does not require “planning”, so YOUR idiot argument is what is “hilariously untenable” – an anti-white racist black wifebeater, fleeing police (which is a crime in and of itself), INTENTIONALLY drove his car into a crowd of innocent people. At a minimum, that would be felony murder, and intentional homicide. Once again, you are full of bull feces, a partisan liar, and utterly lacking in self-awareness. Go join your circle jerk, you’ve become tedious and stupid.

        • “He wasn’t fleeing anything“

          Y’all just make these claims, without any substantiation whatsoever and expect folks to just believe.

          Unfortunately for you, the police officers at the DV scene spoke of the actual events, a domestic situation involving a knife:

          “Brooks had been involved in a domestic incident involving a knife before the crash, but it was not clear who the victim was, law enforcement sources said.

          Brooks had fled scene of the domestic disturbance just as officers were arriving and then got redirected to the parade, police said.

          “Was there an initial complaint of a knife being involved? Yes,” Thompson said. “Do we know if there actually was one there? We don’t know, because we didn’t even make it there. We ended up immediately responding to the crisis.”

        • “He wasn’t fleeing anything“

          Do you even read the links you post? Your link states clearly that when the red SUV first approached the parade route, a traffic control detective approached the vehicle, pounding on the hood and shouting at the driver:

          “He then stepped in front of the vehicle, identified as a red Ford Escape, at the intersection of White Rock and East Main, yelling at the driver to “stop” and pounding on the hood of the vehicle.

          The Escape continued driving, and turned westbound onto East Main Street, where the parade was taking place. The vehicle was driving at a slow speed, and the detective began to pound on the driver’s side door in an effort to stop him. It was at this point that the detective says he was able to make a positive identification of Brooks.

          The vehicle then drove past the detective and into the parade procession, and while the detective tried to chase it on foot, the vehicle began to pick up speed.

          Seconds later, the detective began to hear distress calls on the radio, saying that the vehicle was hitting pedestrians on Main Street.“

          The driver was fleeing to avoid interacting with the law enforcement agents and careened down the parade route in an attempt to escape.

          Multiple counts voluntary manslaughter you bet, not to mention those who are injured… but not the cold blooded, methodical planning and preparation by the racist in Buffalo before he executed his terrorist massacre.

        • “Do you even read the links you post?”

          Yes. Unlike the MSM narrative you’ve been pushing, he was NOT being pursued by the police from the prior incident. Why is that so difficult for you to grasp? Also, unlike the MSM narrative that you were pushing, it was obvious to everyone there that he was INTENDING to run over people. You might say he was planning on it. When I see people in the road, I slow down, stop, or turn. But then again, I don’t want to kill anyone.

          Is murder and racism only bad when you plan it out? Please explain to us how you know he hadn’t been thinking about running over people in the parade. Does planning a murder only happen when there’s a manifesto posted on the net?

        • “The driver was fleeing to avoid interacting with the law enforcement agents and careened down the parade route in an attempt to escape.”

          You’re either stupid or full of it. The police at the scene of the parade weren’t looking for him from any previous incidents. He wasn’t being pursued prior to entering the parade. The police at the parade were trying to direct him AWAY from the parade. He made the choice to enter the parade to run over people.

        • I will add, since you’re too dumb to figure it out, that the reason they immediately pushed this narrative was to diminish the evil act carried out by someone in their tribe. I don’t really think you’re too dumb to figure that out. I think your partisan tribe is your life. You’re defending someone that you view as a fellow tribesman. If this was a white nationalist plowing though a BLM parade, you wouldn’t pretend to fall for some BS story designed to lessen the impact of the attempted mass murder of over 60 people. The MSM coverage would be completely different as well. Look what they do to innocent people like Rittenhouse and Sandman. There’s a reason for that.

        • Yes, MajorStupidity, he WAS “fleeing” a domestic disturbance call, where he had allegedly committed domestic violence and threatened his partner with a knife (BOTH crimes, as is the act of fleeing the police). Witnesses where clear that he INTENTIONALLY ran his car through the parade, and AIMED it at parade goers and participants (ANOTHER crime). He has a well-documented history of advocating violence against whites, anti-white racism, and supporting BurnLootMurder. He was charged with “first degree intentional homicide” (murder, to you ignorant Leftist/fascists), and the facts fully captured on video are MORE than sufficient to support those charges. If he had been a white racist driving his car through a MLK Day parade, with a similar history of racism and ant-black rhetoric, he would be charged with a hate crime.

          I know you can’t help being stupid and racist (after all, you are a Leftist/fascist), but try not to be so transparent about it, you ignorant Leftist/fascist tool.

        • Hey dude, even Lamprey says you’re lying:

          “Yes, MajorStupidity, he WAS “fleeing” a domestic disturbance call, where he had allegedly committed domestic violence and threatened his partner with a knife“

          And I posted a link to the direct quote from the police officers advising that they were called to a domestic violence incident, and the red SUV was fleeing from this incident.

          You just can’t admit you’re full of shit, but that’s all part of the right wing narrative to just deny reality.

          It’s just like the 2020 election, Trump’s own appointed attorney general of the United States of America William Barr said there was no significant fraud to affect the election outcome, as did his own appointed Director of the FBI, as did at least 10 Trump appointed judges.

          But still, you rubes cry about the big steal.

          In reality, it was just a very experienced New York City con artist deftly separating you from your money.

        • Hey, MajorStupidity,

          “Reading is Fundamentl” (you should learn to do it).

          I specifically said he was “fleeing a domestic disturbance CALL”, not the police. Can you POSSIBLY ever make a comment without lying?? He MAY have been anticipating police presence in response to his felony threats to his partner (as was WELL deserved). If he was NOT “fleeing the police”, doesn’t that make his INTENTIONAL murder of parade goers even MORE heinous???

          Don’t compound you lies with childish illogic, MajorStupidity. It only makes you look even MORE pathetic.

      • If Miner49er isn’t just a clever troll and truly believes what he writes, then he confirms the thought I conveyed in my first sentence.

        Therefore, I won’t.

      • Minor MINER49er You have got to be kidding. Are you trying to justify that Black guy that was in fact a CRIMNAL? So what if he did not preplan. Facts are still facts. He is a CRIMINAL just as this kind in Buffalo is. Bottom LINE!

        • “Are you trying to justify that Black guy that was in fact a CRIMNAL?“

          Nope, I am pointing out the false equivalence of equating a spur of the moment fleeing felon manslaughter versus a long-term plan racist mass murder.

          Both are indeed “CRIMNALS” and should be tried for every applicable criminal charge relating to their actions.

        • Minor MINER49er There is no “false equivalency” except in your mind. A criminal is a criminal. Manslaughter is just a lower form of murder under the law. The fleeing felon got shot because he was FLEEING and was a danger to the community and the pursuing officers. The “long term plan racist mass murderer” surrendered without a fight with law enforcement. BIG DIFFERENCE.

        • Yes, MajorStupidity, Walter IS equating a Leftist, racist criminal INTENTIONALLY driving his car through innocent people at a parade – because the law does, too, you idiot. Look up “intentional homicide”, you pathetic @$$clown. Also Google “felony murder” and “sentence enhancements” and “hate crimes”, you fool. By the way, YOUR side were the ones that invented the whole “hate crimes” enhancement. Believe it or not, under the law, such things work BOTH WAYS.

    • “I don’t know where this Country is headed.”

      Oh, I do, and you do as well.

      “How is it possible live peaceably with people who believe you’re so evil that you have no right to participate in society except under their terms?”

      The only way that bullshit stops is when it is made painfully clear that crap will not be tolerated by the citizens of the nation.

      Spend a bit of time contemplating creative ways to make that happen… 🙂

  13. Enjoyed the article. Great points and very well written!!

    The left will attack out of their state of ignorance simply because they are organized to do so; to wear down political opponents with ridiculous arguments that make zero sense, and ooze their double standards and ignorance.

    If only they realized how stupid they look, and sound, they might actually use the pee brain nugget in their head before hitting ‘send’.

  14. Someone has to educate these Leftists that a gun is an inanimate object and incapable to doing anything without a human

    • when a cops shoots, IT is the person that is bad. When a citizen shoots someone, IT is the gun? demon-crites and hypo-crats and vise versa

  15. quote—————-Carlson believes the exact opposite: that the proper citizenry of the United States is multi-racial and that Black Americans and Latin Americans and Asian-Americans are every bit as much U.S. citizens, with all of the same claims to rights and protections, as every other American citizen.———–quote

    A complete bold face lie. Tucker the Hilljack Carlson has launched a racist hatred campaign against all of the above mentioned minorities. Even Liz Cheny a Republican is now condemning the Republican Party and Fox News for having blood on their hands and they all damn well know it but being reelected by Far Right Racist Fanatics is the only thing they really care about not the many lives being lost because of all their “great replacement racist crap”.

    As far as Rachael Maddow. She was correct when exposing the close ties Trump and the Republicans had to Putin and the Russians and how they sabotaged the American Elections.

    The racist diatribes of Carlson are a copy of what Joseph Gobbles used when he promoted the killing of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Carlson and Gobbles are of the same breed of racist stench.

    The FCC should revoke the broadcasting license of Fox News as its no more than a copy of what when on in Nazi Germany.

    • Comparing Fox News to Nazi Germany and saying Tucker’s diatribe is a copy of Joseph Gobbles is the most “bold faced lie” anyone’s told in this thread. You are truly unhinged buddy.

    • @dacian:
      First off, Liz Cheney is no Republican–she’s been repudiated by her own state’s party and will most likely be primaried out of her office. Rachel Maddow has been proven wrong time and time again with her conspiracy theories and fever dreams. Finally, the FCC has nothing at all to do with Fox News Channel. The network is not a broadcaster, it is a cable network which the FCC does not regulate. That might be more of a task for Biden’s Ministry of Truth…er, “Disinformation Governance Board,” should that ever actually get any teeth.

    • dacian the stupid,

      So, the Leftist/fascist Baseball Shooter’s known affinity for Rachel Madcow is totes OK with you, amirite? As for Tucker Carlson’s ALLEGED “racist rants” . . . receipts, please??

      You remain too stupid, ignorant, and uneducated to insult. Go back to your circle jerk, you lying liar.

      • I always knew you had good taste, possum. Have you noticed that, as the disaster of the Biden “administration” unfolds, and the curb-stomping they are going to receive come November, gets more certain and inevitable, dacian the stupid and MinoriQ become more partisan and more unhinged?? I’m not a fan of the Republican Party, but ANYTHING is better than Xiao Bai-Din.

  16. The Left gets sand in its manvag and its panties in a wad because he’s popular and not a Lefty.

    Lacking the ability to marshal counterarguements the Left resorts to ad hominem and calls for silencing the “bad person”.

    So standard that it’s boring.

    • They are about out of ideas if “Ultra Maga” or “Maga King” are the results of 6 months of research. So back to tried and true “please be white” reporting on mass shooters.

      • The MAGA King thing just makes me think of The Pumpking King.

        These people would be funny if they weren’t so dangerous.

        • Dangerous or not it’s good to laugh, relieves stress and sometimes freaks them out a bit.

    • The Left has a need to control EVERYTHING. That explains their freak out over twitter. Tucker commands a large audience so he has to be taken out. They’d rather silence and destroy than try to debate.