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Apparently Governor Andrew Soprano Cuomo feels gun laws in New York are still far too lax:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday vowed passage of legislation in the first 100 days of the new legislative session to combat gun violence.

It would include a ten day waiting period for anyone trying to purchase a gun, according to Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. “What happens is, right now, it’s only three days and that’s not enough time to do a comprehensive background check when you think about you need a mental health check, a police record, you need to make sure that people who shouldn’t have guns don’t get their hands on guns.”

If you’re thinking extended waiting periods are no big deal, you’re flat wrong. And if you think that’s all, well, there’s more. And the “more” is a potential disaster for law-abiding gun owners:

Under the Red Flag Bill, teachers and school administrators would also have the ability to pursue court intervention to remove guns from a household if a student shows signs of being a threat to themselves or others. “This makes sense in order to protect the students because in 51% of the cases of mass shootings in a school, of you talk to the administrators and teachers, they saw the warning signs but were not empowered to do anything about it. But first of all it goes to a judge, there’s no arbitrariness here. It says a judge has license to examine the situation and find out if there’s access to guns.”

– George Richert for WIVB, Governor Cuomo Proposes Three New Gun Laws


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    • Agreed. FUAC.

      Also I am not sure where the “right now it’s three days” thing comes from for waiting periods. Maybe NYC? Upstate we don’t have a waiting period, though for handguns there is a paperwork hassle related to your permit which sometimes, for some people, can effectively act like one.

      Man, every week the costs of leaving this place seem to creep just a little lower, and the benefits of leaving seem a little higher. Depressing…

      • Maybe they mean pistols? I have never waited 3 days to buy a long gun. It can take anywhere from a week to 3 months to get a amendment on my pistol license though. All depends on which judge gets the amendment request.

        • Good grief! Permit updates for me take less than a day – get special permission slip from county clerk (eye roll), go buy handgun, take possession of handgun immediately, bring serial number back to Clerk (aggressive eye roll), have permit updated, pay $2.00.

          As far as unconsititutional infringements on my rights go, it’s relatively convenient (super hardcore angry aggressive eye roll). I knew other counties than mine were much worse, but didn’t realize how bad.

        • We have to put a deposit on the pistol, the FFL gives us the serial#, we bring the serial# to the county clerk, fill out a amendment form, and then they send the amendment form over to the court house.
          If it gets picked up by the 2nd amendment judge you get it back in a week. If its picked up by the anti 2nd judge you get it back anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months.
          Actually I thought I didn’t have it too bad. The county south of us is 3 months.
          What they don’t realize is it actually sells more handguns, because guys find a gun they want(and can’t pay for now), go and “buy” it, put down $100, put in for their amendment, and then save up the rest over the next three months.

        • Lots of *different* experiences, fascinating! Tell me, can anyone tell me about a single crime either prevented or solved by bullshit like taking the serial number back to the city clerk, or whatever? ANY portion of what these posts are about? Sounds like so much meaningless eyewash to me, solely intended as security theater.

        • There are irritations involved in my current State. However…. 30 minutes to clear the background check for my last pistol buy, and no idiotically useless registry. Not a problem. that’s just browsing time.

          Hilariously, New York’s gun violence rate is absurdly higher. Gee, I wonder if it’s not the guns you pathetic fool (Cuomo).

        • As screwed up as WA is becoming, I can still just walk in to a store with my CPL and walk out with a pistol. Other than the standard federal background check, no other BS necessary. Give it time, though.

        • Such a difference between the north east gun hellholes and even then unconstitutional insanity of California.

          We only have to “not be’ felons and wait 10 days. Not that that is okay, but at least we dont need to find a judge to say “mother may I” too.


      • Is he talking about the NICS checks? The “3 days” period allowed for the background check? In the Charleston Church Shooting Roof got a gun after the NICS 3 day period expired.

        • He is. Lots of incomplete/misinformation about this. There is no waiting period to buy a long gun in New York if you pass your NICS check. In and out in 15 minutes. The same goes for handguns, though you’re not going to be able to walk out the door with gun right after the sale, because you have to add the gun to your permit first at the county clerk’s office, then you can return to the store and take possession of the pistol. It’s dumb.

      • I think the idiot in the article is confused. Up to a 3-day wait if the buyer gets delayed by NICS, then the sale can proceed.
        …..and FUAC!

        • NYS is a county by county deal. All are different as far as handguns go.
          Most counties it’s buy or put a deposit down on the hand gun, Off to the county clerk. Next its to whatever judge ends up with the paperwork. That can be a family court or a State Supreme court judge. No telling who gets it. 2 weeks to several months to have an amendment added to your permit. Then take the coupon back to where you bought the gun. Pick it up. No take it with you or 3 day wait anyplace for a handgun. Most counties its 30 days in a good month.
          I left NY in 1988 when you had to register long guns in NYC. That was the last straw for me.
          PS: I still have a valid NY State carry permit. That’s just shows what a joke the Safe Act is.

      • The 3 days, is nics check, If the system is down or there some sort of hold up , my understanding is if after 3 days it’s not solved then it has to be approved .

        Otherwise there is no waiting period in NYS.

      • NYC doesn’t have a three-day waiting period. You have to wait a certain amount of time between purchases (different times for long guns and pistols) and for pistols you fill out a purchase request form and wait six weeks or more for the NYPD to approve it. That has nothing to do with a background check, though, so I’m not sure what Hochul is talking about.

      • First, FUAC! I wish he would choke on his meal and stop sharing oxygen with the rest of us, and all these people control laws violate our natural rights.

        The three-day waiting period is when there is a flag on the initial NICS background check. Most people have no issue with the instant background check, but if there is an issue there is a three-day waiting period, and if there is not a outright denial within 3 days and the purchaser is allowed to take possession of their firearm. He wants to extend that to a 10-day waiting period.

  1. They were empowered to do something about it. In Broward county they knew the kid was a problem but DECIDED not to do anything about it. This clown is so full of shit his eyes are brown.

    • These people live in court rooms and halls of power protected by armed agents of the state where firearms are prohibited. They are so out of touch with the real world, and so comfortable in their seats of “power”, they want to transform the world to one big court room where judges and politicians have power rather than “power”.

  2. New York City needs another total blackout so that those ignorant Metropukes who put Cuomo in power can understand the need to be well armed with firearms. Maybe this summer, out of the blue.

    • Looters and robbers and rapists and thieves? OH MY!!!



      Seriously, tons of respect here for the Korean-American shop owners in those LA riots so long ago. No way they were going to tolerate the destruction of their livelihood, the source of income for their families and their employees. They picked up whatever guns they had and showed resolve and restraint at the same time.

      Every last one of those good people deserved the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

      • They don’t seem to understand that shifting to the left, as the article states, will leave them defenseless the next time.

  3. The gun control laws that we have and can’t enforce dont work. Let’s make more unenforceable feel good laws so we can get reelected and keep putting the people in their place, you know, for their own good. So we can rule over them and then just rule them. The people of today dont remember history. The colonists started a revolution over taxes and then what pushed them over the edge was British trying to make sure they couldn’t have access to firearms. This type of stuff continues we’ll right back to where we started. You all know about watering the tree…

  4. Regarding the “waiting period” to buy a gun, there currently isn’t one if you pass your NICS check. You can go into the store, select a long gun, and be out in 15 minutes. The thing Benito Cuomo is talking about is when there is a delay on the NICS check, extending the wait from 3 days to 10 days. Now, someone who knows a little more about the process of being delayed on a NICS check can hopefully give us details, because I’m not sure exactly what gears start turning when a NICS check is delayed. Who is doing the investigating to find out if you’re good to go? And what good would drawing the process out to 10 days do?

    • That was what I was confused about… the only waiting period in NY state I knew of was for a handgun purchase in which case it could be anywhere from a couple days for an amendment on the license to a year if applying for a license at a bad time (i.e. 2012).

      • Where I live in NY, the only wait on your handgun is how fast you can get to the county clerk’s office to add the pistol and back to the gun store. So roughly 1 hour.

        • Same here HP, Monroe county, I get a gun put on my permit in the time it takes to drive to the county office building and add it . Also no restrictions or classes to take …..

  5. The problem in 100% of school shootings (kinda strange they are using shootings from out of state to promote the disarmament of their own state) is that people saw the warning signs, threw up more red flags than the Chinese on a May Day parade, and STILL not a single F**K was given by anyone who could have prevented the tragedy. The person was not committed to a mental health facility to get help because well Gosh golly Moltar we can’t do that sh*t anymore! Golly didn’t you see all those documentaries on the news in the 70s and 80s? Haven’t you heard asylums are always super terribly and ultra gross with super mean nurses who rape and murder patients? Gosh Moltar why would you ever send someone with a mental illness into such a place? Well maybe so they won’t kill 26 kids, 50 some odd concert goers, or do something equally as reprehensible.

    The problem with the Mental Health system in this country is that it is not taken seriously. Why get counselling when you can just pop this pill some doctor says will fix the issue by f**king up your brain chemistry and if that one pill don’t work take this other one with it and don’t worry about the voices telling you demonic shit that’s just a side effect.

    • Medications never work for very long. People decide they’re not crazy and stop taking the meds. Or can’t afford refils. Or lose them. They’re siimply not practical or realistic.

      • I think there are decades of experience showing that prefrontal lobotomies work well and are permanent. Not RECENT decades, but still …

  6. Definition of an Authoritarian Police-State….Apparently these people DON’T pay attention to history….Maybe These folks DON’T remember the 1st American Revolutionary War…

  7. In my opinion Cuomo is just trying to display his bonafides by further cracking down on upstate New Yorkers to the new, but for some reason dominant, progressive wing of the Democrat Party. The real reason for this is to reserve his place in the growing list of Presidential hopefuls.

    My sympathies to all New Yorkers. I’m Glad I live in what is still a free state, but the trend nationwide is quite disturbing to say the least.

    • I appreciate the sympathy. The only thing keeping me here is work. If I ever have to change jobs, or when I retire, I’m gone. FUAC!

  8. New York needs a complete government overhaul get rid of all of the control freak democrats and let the people up there protect themselves

  9. Gun collection or send that delinquent step son to boarding school? Guess you get to pick, but do so before the teachers get freaked out and swipe your stuff.

  10. Just vote the democrats out, there has to be donkeys in that state that legally have guns, & criminals don’t care where they get theirs, go after the criminals, oh I forgot, the cops there are part of the problem…

  11. We need a Politician Control law. How about a $ 10,000 fine for each lie told by politicians and any proposal for a law that is unconstitutional would result in automatic removal from office.

  12. NO such thing as ‘Gun Violence’. There is only Socialist Democrat violence.

    NY gun registration compliance is some 5%.

    If Bloomberg stops short… Cuomo goes right up his ass.

  13. My friends 6 year old was expelled from his school for picking up a stick and saying pew pew with it while playing with his friends. Another uninvolved first grader told on him and the school went full retard. Poor kid had some legos in his backpack as well and one of the adventure dudes had a small lego knife. Not a real knife, a knife looking piece of plastic about 1/4″ long that fits in the lego guys hand. The school counselor took all this “evidence” to write up a report for his file stating that this child is dangerous and exhibits agressive violent ideations. They even included a photocopy of the offending stick with all of it’s sinister gunishness (in case anyone down the line needed a visual on what a stick looks like). Imagine topping all that bullshit off with an unannounced officer at your door demanding all of your guns. It’s not where we’re going, we’re already here.

  14. “What happens is, right now, it’s only three days and that’s not enough time to do a comprehensive background check when you think about you need a mental health check, a police record, you need to make sure that people who shouldn’t have guns don’t get their hands on guns.”

    New York doesn’t have those new-fangled computer doohickeys?

  15. It”amazing how the law abiding are punished and the felons are unharmed.
    Has anyone in NY ever been convicted under the almost 100 year old Sullivan Law for illegal possession of an unregistered firearm?
    Enforce the laws already on the books. How did this Simeon get into office?
    So glad we all moved to PA, where America begins.

  16. I left the NJ after growing up in that prison state…..let NY give free healthcare to all illegals and free college to all and raise their property taxes and make the most restrictive gun laws possible…..NY, NJ and CA deserve what the elect….

  17. If it wasn’t for the useful idiot/clowns that inhabit New York City voting for this buttnugget, he wouldn’t be able to get a job as Dog Cather-excuse me, Animal Control Officer.

  18. ” in 51% of the cases of mass shootings in a school, of you talk to the administrators and teachers, they saw the warning signs but were not empowered to do anything about it ”

    Awwwww, bullshit. This is one gigantic CYA if I ever saw one. If they saw any warning signs it was in the rear-view mirror after the fact. And it’s not a case of not being empowered– anyone can dial the phone. It’s a case of not giving a shit or being too afraid of some kind of reprimand.

    51% indeed– what a convenient number.


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