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Our friends at the Daily Caller were evidently hacked at some point recently and their ass is seriously chapped over it. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to find the Internet imp who commandeered their site. But this is the age of social media and instant communication (not to mention the death of privacy) so the editors are offering up a pistol to the first person who can run the offending hacker to ground. While they don’t specify the prize gun, they accompany their digital wanted poster with a pic of an FMK 9c1 Gen 2. So if you have a streak of the geek in you and are so inclined, get on it and get yourself a new gat. And even if you’re not one of the technologically gifted, “the the reader who describes the most fitting punishment for the scoundrel gets a gun too. And in the spirit of public cowboy justice, we’ll publish the winning essay on TheDC ‘for all the people to see.’” Sounds like we have us a posse.

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  1. Sent in mine already!
    Course I don’t want the job, unless it is to dole out punishment lol
    I already know there are lots of folks smarter than me. I did however send them a detailed listing of what they need to do to secure their site if they haven’t already done so.
    Irregardless, defacing web sites for personal street cred is probably the most script kitty oriented thing I can think of. The ones I worry about are the hackers you can’t see, and never knew they were there!

    • Irregardless, defacing web sites for personal street cred is probably the most script kitty oriented thing I can think of

      Stop using words you don’t understand. First off, its Script Kiddie, not Kitty. And the term is used to describe how a person attacks a system, not what the attacker does to it once he has gained access.

      And what gives you the right to talk shit either. Have you ever written exploit code?

      I can only imagine what you told them to do to secure their website. Update their virus definitions?

  2. So how exactly are you going to find out who it was, if they don’t provide you access to the logs, let alone their entire system.

    • There’s a form where they invite you to submit your credentials and tell them what you’ll need. There’s no reason you can’t tell them you’d need the server logs… they’re just unlikely to deliver them unless you seem to have the skills.

      As a practical matter, the person responsible is unlikely to be caught. The smart hackers usually work through a proxy network, which makes tracking them down fairly difficult…. but there’s always a chance that the Daily Caller was hit by one of the dumb ones.

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