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DB says, “What can I say, I LOVE anodized titanium…I customized each piece myself in some way.” The micro-compact frame SIG P938 is highly concealable which makes it a good option for less-than-friendly carry environments.

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  1. The most corrosion resistant metal you can afford, strong, warm to the touch, totally biocompatible… What’s not to like about titanium?

    • “What’s not to like about titanium?”

      The lighter the metal, the more the *pain* in recoil…

        • “The gun is not titanium. Everything else is.”

          Really? The Spyderco damn sure isn’t, moron.

          The author didn’t specify *where* the Ti was used.

          They make, and sell, Titanium guns, with an emphasis on how light Titanium is, and it makes carrying one oh-so-wonderful. Without saying in the advertisements what that means for the shooting experience.

          That is what is wrong with Titanium the metal…

  2. I bought, on an impulse, an older S&W model 242. Ugly gun with a titanium cylinder. A 7 shooter with an aluminum frame and boot grips. Hideous. But it shoots very well and works as its supposed to. Have to be careful, according to the instructions, to not use anything abrasive to clean the ti cylinder with.

    I never liked that gun and was happy when my daughter claimed it as her moving out gun. She lives overlooking the pacific ocean and the gun seems to hold up to that climate well.

    • “She lives overlooking the pacific ocean and the gun seems to hold up to that climate well.”

      I got to hang out with someone at a place overlooking the cold Pacific ocean once for a whole week.

      As the week went on, I started noticing what got corroded in that salt-laden air.

      Nearly everything metal. I felt bad for her brand-new Mazda Miata parked outside…

  3. Please stop with the stupid Field Notes. Why are supporting an anti-gunner who thinks you’re a mouth-breathing fool?

    • You’re the one who sounds like a mouth breathing fool with your inability to construct coherent sentences.

  4. The Sig 938 is a pretty popular gun on the pocket dump of the day.
    It come in a bewildering array of cosmetically different finishes.
    One of which is called rainbow titanium.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not believe the slide is actually made of titanium.
    It is just a finish that looks like anodized titanium.
    The 938 is a great gun with a fantastic single action only trigger.
    I sure love my green one

    • I looked it up.
      It’s a titanium dioxide finish, vapor deposited on top of the steel slide.
      No idea how scratch resistant it is

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