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Despite the best efforts of Chicagoland traffic and Michigan road debris, I made it for the first day of the NRA Carry Guard Expo at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee today. My first stop? The GLOCK booth, as rumors abounded that a Gen 5 GLOCK pistol would be available.

I spoke with GLOCK’s Gene Hacker who confirmed that the rumor was true…just premature. The much anticipated Gen 5 GLOCK will make an appearance tomorrow morning. What’s different about it?

“You’ll know what’s different as soon as you see it,” Gene said with a smirk.

Our friends at got a first look at the new pistol and put some rounds through it,

GLOCK has apparently shaved off the much-maligned finger grooves for the Gen 5 guns along with a few other evolutionary changes both external and internal. Stay tuned, more tomorrow.

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    • It has a right-side slide stop, no finger grooves, and a slightly flared and definitely more beveled magazine well. And apparently a more accurate barrel, though I don’t yet know if rumors of conventional rather than polygonal rifling are true. Also, …no, actually that’s everything.

      Don’t say “nothing burger!” I hate that term.

      Yeah, an argument could be made that it’s more similar a Gen2 than a Gen4 haha

  1. with the popularity of all the new & existing handgun optics, I too, just can’t understand why a company like Glock just doesn’t make the MOS a standard for all new pistols produced.

    If someone doesn’t like, or want, they just buy one of thousands of Gen 4 or earlier models available, in both the new and used condition.

    Glock’s tooling is already in place, and it’s only the marketing department that seems to be making the decisions now.

  2. Can anyone please explain to me the advantage of the Ported Barrel like on one of the new Glock Models?

    It seems to me, that since some of the propellant gas pressure will exit the barrel Prior to the Bullet actually exiting the end of the barrel, something has to suffer, like Bullet Velocity, ect?

    I understand a ported barrel reduces recoil, and has the potential to aid the shooter in getting back on target, quicker,,, but at what expense?

    • There’s so much gas behind the bullet still expanding when it leaves the barrel and with the ports near the muzzle velocity isn’t effected all that much as I understand it.

      The trade off is mainly potential vision loss in low light as the flash is in the shooters line of sight and the possibility of blasting yourself with the exiting gasses in close quarters.

  3. It looks just like the last Glock. What is the difference, it comes in a new box with a bow on it? Is Glock institutionally opposed to making a nice looking hand gun? Geez.

    (But pay no attention to me. California is still stuck on Gen 3s. And I am constitutionally predisposed to never owning one.)

  4. I think the consensus is a resounding “meh”. The lack of parts compatibility and strong competition is going to hurt their market share unless they continue handing these things out to cops more or less at cost.

    • Not true. Gen 4 will be dropped and Gens 3 and 5 will dominate for decades to come.

      Glock fans are excited by these evolutionary changes that refine the design to new levels of awesomeness.

      Buy what you want, but there’s only one choice for those who want the best.

      Any doubts should be put aside with the release of Gen 5.

      • I own several Glocks… “the best” is hardly how I would describe them. Decent, yes. Best? Out of the box? You jest.

        • Glocks are the most reliable and durable, and as accurate as any of that type, out of the box.

          They’re also the best blank canvas to personalize.

          Since you own several, then I think your actions represent your true opinion of Glock better than your words.

          It won’t be long before you buy a Gen 5.

          Why fight it?

        • “Blank canvas?” You mean like a bar of Ivory soap is a blank canvas….Shaped about the same, comes in one color, yeah that’s it…

        • You don’t have to “LIKE” em.
          You just have to “ACKNOWLEDGE” that, they simply WORK, out of the box, EVERY TIME.

          Isn’t what a SD weapon is all about?

        • Why should I shill for Glock? They don’t pay me.

          If I do shill for them it’s because I don’t buy into amateur grade sh*t just because the handle is more comfy, or the trigger is 1 lb. lighter, or because I have some need to be cool and different.

          Glock, HK hammer, or 1911 (maybe).

          Everything else is amateur grade for amateur dudes.

          Besides, I’ll bet if push came to shove you’d reach for a Glock first.

        • SR, I own a gun store and I assure you, it’s not in my top 5. And I personally do not own a Glock.

      • It truly is hilarious that you’re so willing to put your lack of experience with a large variety of gun manufacturers to the test.

        Let me take a wild guess: you own three types of guns? Glock, H&K *hammer*, and 1911?

        Meanwhile, some of us have actually taken the time to experiment with hundreds of different weapons, and most who have done so would absolutely not say that Glock is “one of the best”.

        Most customizable? Sure. That doesn’t make a gun “one of the best”, it just makes it into a blank canvas. Likewise, one could take any piece of junk and upgrade every component to create a great gun.

        Now personally, I prefer FNH (for handguns and rifles). That’s after spending quite some time with most brands and finding what suits me the best.

        Don’t tell these men (and women) what they think or know. It’s not likely to go over well.

  5. Look, aside from maybe S&W, Glock is probably the worlds most successful handgun manufacture.

    I think those guys (especially those across the pond in Austria) know a bit more about gun marketing than us peons here second guessing them on TTAG.

  6. No finger groves as expected.

    People HATE the finger groves. There is a reason that a used Gen 2 sells for more than a Gen 4.

  7. Seriously! The building has a triangle/pyramid on top and there is a huge “G” draped over the building. Now these guys are just messing with me and shorting the market on tin foil.

  8. From a dealer’s email:

    The Upgrades:

    NDLC Finish for the Barrel and Slide – tougher and more durable protection, exclusive to the GLOCK Gen 5
    GLOCK Marksman Barrel – new rifling which delivers improved accuracy (in testing, 50% group size reduction is common)
    Removal of Finger Grooves – improves the ergonomics of the grip
    Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever – makes it easier for all left-handed shooters to quickly and safely manipulate the slide
    Flared Mag-well – larger opening on the mag-well makes it easier and quicker to funnel magazine into the pistol
    Magazine – has an orange follower (safety feature) and floor plate extends to the front for faster magazine change
    Enlarged Reversible Magazine Catch – a highly-requested upgrade
    Reliability – in testing, the pistol broke all existing records (600% increase in the previous record before a misfeed)

  9. Exciting news and it looks great. It might even be enough to get me to buy a new Gen 5 and stop carrying my Gen 3 EDC. It has served me flawlessly since 2001, and I’m sure it would keep on ticking perfectly for another few decades. But, these new Gen 5s have a lot of great features. Glock perfection? Well, if you can keep improving on perfection then yes.


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