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EDC concealed carry Everyday GLOCK 19 CCW 9mm

We haven’t done an official count, but if we had to guess which handgun is most-often depicted in our daily pocket dump posts, we’d guess it’s the trusty GLOCK 19.

The G19 a bigger pistol than a lot of carriers want to tote on a daily basis, but, at least judging by what our friends at share with us from concealed carriers all around the country, Gaston’s masterwork has earned its place inside and outside waistbands from sea to shining sea.

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  1. I’m really getting tired of saying this, and I’m sure some of you are tired of hearing it. Who cares about the trinkets? Where is the reload?

    • Well, hes already carrying the equivalent of three reloads for a .38 and one reload for a 1911.

      Not that I would recommend against carrying an extra mag anyway.

  2. OMG. No watch….. Sadly Ironicatbest found no pocket watch with wrist straps on EDPocket Dump of the day. Moved to Japan became fearful of being dreported back to the streets of blood in the U.S.A. took a knife and cut his guts out.

  3. It would be extremely interesting if TTAG did an analysis of which guns are posted in order of popularity
    It seems like it is Glock, then S and W Shield
    Could we see the numbers, please?

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