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‘Incredibles 2’ Is Filled With Guns — Despite Being In A World Where Futuristic Tech Could’ve Replaced Them Just Fine

Pearls…clutched ever so tightly . . .

After a 14-year wait, Incredibles 2 has hit theaters and is a massive success, landing the eighth-largest opening weekend of all time. The film has been lauded its fun, family-friendly take on the superhero genre, but while that praise is warranted, there is one concerning element in the PG-rated film: the reoccurring, almost decorative presence of guns. Although Incredibles 2 is set in a technologically advanced world, guns are still present in several scenes — despite the fact that their inclusion is never necessary to the movie’s plot.

In Incredibles 2, there isn’t a scene in which a gun is held to a member of the Parr family’s head or anything nearly that dramatic in nature; the film’s use of guns is much more subtle. In the opening sequence, Elastigirl uses a gun to shoot open a lock, an action that’s easily overlooked because the weapon operates more as a tool than as a way to inflict bodily harm. In another scene, Jack Jack watches a black and white movie featuring a robber with a gun, and in yet another, a flashback scene of Winston and Evelyn Deavor’s parents sees the parents fatally shot by armed robbers. The film even ends with the Parr family following a getaway car of robbers shooting their guns.

50 miles more smith & wesson march protest NRA people before profits
courtesy and Getty

Students to hold gun control march from Worcester to Smith & Wesson headquarters in Springfield

The very definition of useful idiots . . .

On Aug. 26, a group of student protesters is expected to gather outside the Springfield headquarters of Smith & Wesson, the nation’s third-largest gun manufacturer, to ask the company to donate $1 million to youth violence prevention initiatives and stop putting profits before people.

The “50 Miles More” march, a multiday and multicommunity protest, is expected to leave Worcester on Aug. 22 and arrive in Springfield four days later, according to Aileen Berquist, adviser and public relations manager for 50 Miles More. Partners in the protest include March On, March for Our Lives Boston and Stop Handgun Violence, among other groups.

Along the way, marchers will pass through communities with residents who are supporters and opponents of gun control — one of the many polarizing us-and-them issues that points to the increasingly heated nature of political discourse in America.

Anti-gun protester David Hogg — protected by armed guards?

But of course. If the anti-gun left didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all . . .

“Love you too,” Hogg wrote in response to Di Somma’s tweet.

Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsements gun lobby

No more gun nonsense from Ohio lawmakers. From now on, our endorsements will hold them accountable

The Cleveland Plain Dealer still thinks newspaper endorsements actually mean something to voters, bless their hearts . . .

If the string of unneeded gun bills in Ohio is beginning to sound like a sick refrain, that’s because it is. Instead of tackling real issues such as the epidemic of gun violence in our cities, downstate legislators seem determined to trample on every reasonable way Cleveland and other cities try to address this pressing issue.

Along the way, our public servants pocket contributions from grateful pro-gun groups who — knowing they also have friends in the Ohio Supreme Court — aggressively file lawsuits against those Ohio cities with the presumption to try to ban bump stocks or assault weapons or guns in parks.

No more.

UN Small Arms Gun Control America

Round 2: UN Continues Their Push To Disarm Americans

Tell us again what Earthly purpose the UN still serves? . . .

The statement made by Guterres reiterates the concerns I expressed last month. Americans should be worried about the United Nations’ desire to influence America’s gun policies.

When the UN says they have to use “grassroots organizations” they’re meaning gun control groups, like Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. They’re utilizing Americans to fulfill their desire to push gun control. Their reason? It looks better if Americans are demanding we abolish the Second Amendment instead of other countries tying to pressure us.

The United Nations can’t say Agenda 2030 — their plan for global peace — is successful if Americans are still armed and if the Second Amendment still exists. They have to completely get rid of armed citizens in America and the way to go about that is using our peers against us.


Morpheus Watches Sniper Watch .50 Caliber
courtesy WIGGS PHOTO

Morpheus Watches has recently released the Sniper Series of themed automatic watches. Each 48mm timepiece is coded by caliber, and has its own distinctive color, all in limited editions of only 200.

Design features include target reticles on the crown and case back, AR handles for the crown protector, caliber on date of week surround, and picatinny rail texture on the dial face.

The 26 jewel watches feature power reserve, GMT, non-reflective sapphire crystal, luminous hands, screw in crown, and exhibition case back. They come shipped in a custom hard case with a tactical pen.

David Hogg #Duped Gun Control Book
courtesy and Getty

New Book ‘#Duped’ Shoots Down All Of Hogg’s Rhetoric

Talk about an unfair fight . . .

Constitutional lawyer and New York Times best-selling author Mark Smith combats David Hogg’s rhetoric in his latest book, “#Duped,” which serves as a response to the newly-minted gun-control activist and Parkland graduate’s recently released book, “#NeverAgain.”

Smith exposes the left’s celebration and exploitation of students in order to advance so-called common sense gun control. “#Duped: How The Anti-Gun Lobby Exploits The Parkland School Shooting — And How Gun Owners Can Fight Back” deconstructs the progressive narrative and illustrates how advocates use children to promulgate an agenda that is so unpalatable they have failed to otherwise enact.


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  1. would appear this kid has exceeded his “15 minutes of fame” time frame…he’s really starting to get old…

      • You greatly underestimate the phenomena and Hogg’s appeal.

        American kids have been taught there are oppressor classes and victim classes — and you are born into them. Other than going the route of declaring himself trans, he and tens of millions of America kids not in a victim class have been doomed to seeing themselves as the oppressors.

        Hogg is offering victim status to all kids. Just put on that orange short and you get inducted into coveted victim status.

        My guess is you are not an American kid. you might be so retrograde as to think that you count as an individual and your actions are what matters! Put yourself in American kids mindset where nothing is about individual agency or responsibility but aggrieved classes and oppressor classes.

        Hogg’s message much more seductive and lasting message than you think. It offers the golden ticket.

      • Is it because he looks like an angry Chihuahua? What’s with that nose of his–is he angry because he was bullied in school and someone flattened it for him?

        • Chihuahua is a good analogy. The left keeps him around and yapping because one day (like a pissed off little Chihuahua) he’s going to approach the wrong dog and he’s going to get physically shredded. The world is a big and violent place, and he makes for easy victim/martyr material but so far nobody is biting. He IS a professional “screaming victim” but he doesn’t have enough victim street cred to shoehorn it in to a career… He tried to be a “victim” of Laura Ingram’s. He’s trying real hard to a “victim” of internet bullying.

      • Would that “off”ness be because he lives in bloomberg’s pocket? It’s always said to watch the sheep sell thermselves for a ham sandwich, but what more could be reasonably expected from a teenager that is unintelligent enough that he is unable to get a college to accept him, but he can make thousands from those of Soros’ and bloomberg’s ilk just because he happened to be somewhere once?
        Having no other prospects in life other than saying: “you want fries with that?”, is it really surprising that he chooses a life of cushy luxury on bloomberg, in return for reading whatever script they put in front of him?

    • I am looking at that picture right above the comments and I am confused why there is a picture of Rachel Maddow for a story about Hogg.

  2. Incredibles 2: I bope everyone caught the parallel logic of outlawing Superheroes (to everyone’s harm) …
    Go see this movie!!

    • Outlawing Supers?
      So it’s just a rerun of the first Incredibles?

      I kind of suspected that when I heard that the family still didn’t know JackJack was a Super, even though he proved it at the end of the first movie.

      • Listen closely to the bad guy speech in the dark hall and some of the other political points. Very easy to use those arguments as proof for gun ownership (not intended, but very true).

    • And I would argue (not that it’s relevant to the pointless Bustle article) that The Incredibles takes place in an alternate 1960s, not the future. There are no cell phones, for example. Hey, a world with guns but no mobile devices sounds pretty good.

    • In another scene, Jack Jack watches a black and white movie featuring a robber with a gun, and in yet another, a flashback scene of Winston and Evelyn Deavor’s parents sees the parents fatally shot by armed robbers.

      I work with people in the film and TV entertainment industry, there current answer to why there are so many guns in films and that they are “part of the problem” is pointing out an intentional move toward having guns — but only having persons in government use them positively and to have criminals sue them as well.

      Plenty of bad guys with guns, plenty of approved “good guys’ with guns a long as they are LEO or some kind of intelligence agents. What is the most rarely depicted, less than 1% of guns shown in TV and film action — is civilian citizens using firearms to deter or prevent crime — despite the overwhelming evidence that is the large majority of firearms in the US

  3. I might just get a copy of that book.

    Speaking of the UN, disgustingly, it’s prmarily funded by US tax payer dollars. I suggest we turn off the tap and watch it fade into obscurity.

  4. The United Nations can’t say Agenda 2030 — their plan for global peace — is successful if Americans are still armed and if the Second Amendment still exists.
    George Bush and his New World Order.
    Bush, Romney, Clinton, Obama, Carter, LBJ, Kennedy, FDR, and others are all from the same coin. FBI, CIA, NSA, and other Federal Agencies are in on it. Hollyweird most definitely.Then we have the EU and all of their unelected bureaucrats. NGOs such as George Soros, SPLC, ACLU and most of the foundations supporting PBS. Mailstream religious leaders. All part of the plan to make the world just like Africa or Latin America.

  5. The “50 Miles More” march… Someone needs to count how many ‘participants’ start/finish. I don’t see too many kids making it 5 miles, let alone 50.

    Some how, I can see the UN funneling money into Bloomi/Soros like anti-gun programs to gain some traction for their efforts.

    • “…Someone needs to count how many ‘participants’ start/finish”

      No, they are going to use “new math.” 100 kids walking a half mile makes a total of fifty miles.

  6. Incredibles 2 _is_ a movie, right? Lighten up, Francis. Interestingly, Evelyn says that she wants supers to be outlawed because her father depended on them “riding to the rescue” instead of taking care of he and his wife.

    Rhetorically, why does every freaking photo of that twisted barrel revolver make the sculpture look huge, when it’s not?

    • Interesting, that sculpture does look large when only having the photo for reference. Perhaps there is an issue with perspective? (wink)

  7. We will hold you and this little SOB accountable to the Constitution, but we can do turn-about is fair play and campaign for limits on what a newspaper will be permitted to publish. All guaranteed rights are important you jackasses, but I will campaign to eliminate the entire Bill of Rights to teach you that surrendering a right for a wee bit of unguaranteed safety is dangerous and stupid. Giving up a right for safety means you don’t have the right or the safety either. SCOTUS has ruled in the past that the police have NO obligation to protect the individual.

    • I don’t need their safety…I have my own (P226, P225, P320, AR-15, S&W 649, S&W 69, ect., ect…..ect…could go on awhile).

  8. U.N.

    That Remington 700 your dad left you?

    WELL that is a Sniper Rifle.
    It is used by the Military.
    You don’t need a weapon that shoots a Mile.
    Five rounds?
    What kind of horrible shot are you?
    You should only need one round to hunt.

    They will never stop.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if “buy backs” were Police pulling weapons out of inventory and turning them in.

    You know to create a perception and shift the Culture.

  9. Incredible’s 2 is…incredible! Yeah why the rich dad(of the villianess) was an idiot for depending on supers and not having a GUN was a dopey plot hole. Like thinking the po-leece will save you😄 Hoggboy must go. And S&W needs to leave Massachusetts…

      • S&W are already in Houlton Maine too. 🙂

        It should be noted that the “50 Miles” march is being staged in the Peoples Republic of Mass. They won’t dare go further North and out of their safety zone.

  10. Well, we’ve pulled out if the UN Human Rights Council, might as well pull out of the remainder and kick them out of the country.

    I think it is pretty evident that the world order that arose after WWII has run it’s course as has the politics of the New Deal.

    We are at a crossroads between continuing as a Constitional Republic or becoming a Socialist/Globalist State subservient to a World Government.

    It is nearing the time of the final push from each side. May the supporters of the Republic prevail.

    • Very well said, sir. I recently looked up the definition of dumbfounded in the dictionary. It said, “The United Nations.”

    • But where else will the anti-Semitic countries of the world be able to get together and complain about Israel? Won’t you think of the anti-Semites?

  11. There are plenty of other reasons, but the sculpture of a Colt Python with the barrel tied in a knot is in itself enough reason to hate the UN.

    I hope I live to see the United States leave the UN, and see the UN building demolished and bulldozed. That horrible abomination should never have been built on American soil!

    • I vote we flip a coin to decide whether it moves to, and is funded by, Zimbabwe or Somalia.

  12. The Plain Dealer can f— off. Cleveland isn’t part of Connecticut anymore. As much as I hate Columbus and the state government, get with the program and stop pretending CLE is NYC.

  13. Yeah lefttard gun control brats will be very much at home here in Massachusetts…Hopefully, none of them gets mugged while in Worcester! Or run afoul of any Asian or Latin Gangmembers while doing THEIR Marxist Lib TARD: “March for Tyranny! Authoritarianism NOW!!! Ban EVERYTHING!!!”

  14. “I was just so narcissistic and pretentious back then, even more than I am now,” Hogg wrote”

    No Dude I can’t imagine you being even more a “pretentious” D-bag then you are now

  15. I would argue that Incredibles 2 is a very pro gun film, and the super heroes could easily be stand ins for firearms themselves. Spoliers ahead:

    The film takes place in a world where heroes are banned. The character of Winston Deaver is a hero fanboy who wants heroes to be legal again after his father is shot and killed by a home invader. His father tried calling for help, but as a result of heroes being illegal, is left helpless by the phone when murdered by a criminal.

    The villain, The Screen Slaver, attempts to hurt the public image of super heroes by brainwashing the public. A stand in for the modern media demonizing guns. A key moment is when one hero is brainwashed and is told by the Screen Slaver to not interrupt a broadcast until one officer is heard clearly blaming the heroes for causing the violence. The same way the media chooses only to focus on the negatives guns have caused as opposed to the positives.

    Baby Jack Jack in the film is presented as a wildly uncontrollable super who causes mass devastation to the home and possibly innocents around him. That is until part way through the movie where he is taken to Edna Mode who teaches the family how to use him responsibly, even showcasing the kids safely wielding the baby like an actual gun as they fire lasers from his eyes.

    Then, at the end of the movie, after the villain has knocked Elastigirl to the ground and all hope seems lost, Elastigirl defeats them by literally shooting them with a gun and causing them to fly out of a window. (It is only a flare gun, I’ll confess. But still an odd sight to see in a Disney film.)

    I only saw the movie one time and it’s been about a week since, so that’s all I can remember off the top of my head. And of course, this is just my interpretation of the film and something like this could be interpreted in many different ways. Just my thoughts. Have a good one.

    • Interesting analysis, thanks. I haven’t seen the movie and (being in my 50’s without children) probably never will, but the Bustle article had more than a few fascinating things to say…

      “Yet while the guns in Incredibles 2 aren’t overtly violent or problematic on their own, [right, since inanimate objects are incapable of being violent on their own, morons] they are a direct symptom of the prevalent gun culture in the United States, which is violent and problematic.”

      Excuse me? It most certainly is not! The author falsely attempts to place the blame for inner-city violence and murder (perpetrated by a tiny percentage of gun owners) on the “prevalent gun culture” (meaning the other 98-99% of us.) Where is the compelling statistics or data which supports that conclusion? Of course, there is none. Typical liberal strawman.

      Next, however, the author unknowingly stumbles upon one of those inconvenient truths that hoplophobes always seem to miss: “…it’s estimated that for every 10 Americans, there are nine guns. [not an accurate figure] As such, Incredibles 2’s portrayal of guns — as commonplace and always in the background — is unfortunately an eerily accurate depiction of the US.”

      I don’t consider that to be unfortunate at all, and rather than ‘eerily accurate’ I’d call it ‘appropriately accurate’. Despite (or possibly due to) the U.S. left’s faux-fear and indignation over everything guns, the truth is that they are exactly that – “commonplace and always in the background”.

      And I happen to like it that way!

  16. Not to difficult to understand Hogg. He has been deeply indoctrinated his entire life that he is part of the demographic that has a historic and trans-generational guilt.

    He spent 17 years defined as the problem and had no access to aggrieved status in identity politics as an aggrieved class. He has also been taught that he has NO status as an individual, and has to be in a demographic, and the one he is in by birth is the bad guys.

    So other than declaring himself trans or gay, or going the way of Rachel Dolezal, so he can join an aggrieved group, he had few choices but to accept his guilt, culpability and scapegoating.

    But lightening out of the blue has given him coveted aggrieved status as a “survivor” of an event he was not even harmed in.

    he now has been harmed by society not for anything that happened to him, not for anything he did as an independent human, but as a class, so he is now enfranchised in the modern poltical victim dialogue!!

    And that is also precisely what he and the gun control lobby using him as a Children’s Crusade Pied Piper is selling as their seduction message to all young Americans: You can finally ALL BE VICTIMS.

  17. Yes there are some guns in Incredibles, but are most are wielded by bad guys.

    Hollywood’s answer to the criticism of depicting guns has long been, and more so than ever to depict mainly criminals with guns, and when it is “good guys with guns” causing a positive outcome, the good guys must, with extremely rare exception, be police or governmental.

    -Criminals with guns: Sure
    -Terrorists with guns: absolutely
    -Cops with guns: OK
    -Jack Ryan with guns: sure
    -Ethan Hunt: Yes!
    -Complete abstract unrealistic depictions like Incredibles or Laura Croft: ok sometimes
    non LEO civilians causing a good outcome with guns: Uhm, no. maybe ok in one in a million depictions.

    Just head over to Internet Move Firearms Database ( IMDBF DOT org) and take a look.

    The largest by far use of firearms in real life is not by criminals, nor by cops, but by civilians deterring, stopping or preventing crime, yet it is the least often depicted, virtually never.

  18. “When the UN says they have to use “grassroots organizations” they’re meaning gun control groups, like Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action.”

    “*Grassroots* organizations”, guided n sponsored by the multi-generational pan-national government in aid of the sponsors’ pre-determined agenda. I do not think that word means what you think it means.

    At least they’ve admitted that Who’s Town? and Moms Against Only Some Violence are Bloomie-funded astroturf. (Do these people even read what they write?)

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