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EDC Everyday Carry Ruger LCP

TTAG reader Frank in VA wanted to let all of the People of the Gun know what his EDC gear looks like, so he submitted his details to You can do the same, should the mood strike you. Frank likes to keep it light and summer-friendly with a Ruger LCP in what looks like a DeSantis pocket holster.  What’s in your pocket?

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  1. Well, if he is from Kalifornia, he either lives in the eastern areas of the state, he is a business man who makes cash deposits, or he knows someone. That pretty much sums up those who qualify for CCW permits.

  2. Frank in VA lives in CA? And please tell me he is not law enforcement, I hate that ca has an “elite” class with different rules. But there is a chance he isn’t a LEO and legally bought a lcp in ca. I’ve seen one used selling for $500. I’m not sure how off roster used gun sales work but that is quite a premium for an off roster gun.

  3. The ghost of ironicatbest has no pockets. But if he did his hand would be in his pocket, because his pocket would have a whole in it, and he’d be playing with a big Gunn.

  4. There are a couple things wrong with this picture. One the watch band is brand new the leather doesn’t have any marks from the clasp from being worn everyday. The tag on the holster is still pristine white. That eventually dulls when in the pocket everyday

    • That rubber strap has been worn every day for the last six weeks since I bought it. Still looks brand new. I switched this watch from leather to rubber for the summer. Good rubber straps don’t get crease marks and stay pristine for a long time. They don’t soak up sweat like leather or get stinky like nylon nato straps can, so I generally stick to leather or metal bracelets in summer, except for a dress watch. I have three other mechanical watches that get a few hours of wrist time for certain occasions or attire, but the Sinn gets worn every day.

  5. I believe that strap is rubber , perhaps a Marathon brand strap , I have one just like it , but orange .Mine shows little to no wear from buckle .

    Many watch guys have a number of watches in their rotation ( I have 5 that I wear the most ) and I also swap out straps and bracelets .

  6. Ruger makes an LC9 conversion kit for their LC380 handgun. This is how California citizens can get an LC9. It is to expensive for me, since I can’t get a permit in LACo, and won’t carry illegally.


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