Giffords gun control rally
(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)
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Every year, the United States experiences more than 10,300 violent hate crime attacks involving the use or threatened use of guns. The majority of hate crime attacks are motivated by bigotry on the basis of race or ethnicity, leading the FBI to elevate “racially motivated violent extremism” to a top-level priority threat in recent years and singling out white supremacy as a major driver.

Yet dangerous loopholes in our federal and state gun laws allow individuals who have committed hate crimes to purchase firearms in too many states. Our leaders need to close these loopholes and thoroughly implement extreme risk protection order laws, which allow a court to temporarily prevent a person from accessing guns if they are proven to be at high risk of committing violence.

We also need to elect leaders who are determined to prevent hate-based gun violence using evidence-based approaches—unlike Florida’s current governor, who, in addition to enacting a dangerous permitless carry law, has declared war against diversity and inclusion.

GIFFORDS, the national gun safety group where I work, organizes responsible gun owners who believe in gun safety laws and reject extreme and dangerous marketing practices by the gun industry. These gun owners understand that using guns to terrorize people because of their race and identities is abhorrent. They agree that guns used to threaten, harass, and harm people who are exercising their basic rights—like peacefully protesting and voting—pose a threat to the very nature of our democracy. And they believe that we must strengthen our gun laws, or even more innocent lives will be lost. There are many more gun owners like them in the United States. Together, responsible gun owners around the country can use their purchasing power to reject the gun industry’s extremism and their votes to elect representatives who will take action to prevent these foreseeable deaths.

All Americans must rise to the occasion to protest with our voices and our votes every time a hate-fueled extremist capitalizes on America’s abysmal gun laws and the violent rhetoric of politicians and gun industry members. Too many lives have been lost already, and too many more are at stake if we fail to act.

— Allison Anderman in The Gun Industry Is in the Business of Hate

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  1. They’re getting closer and closer to letting it slip that they want to be able to “red flag” anyone they just don’t like for as petty an offense as a gruff facial expression.

    • allison anderman you gun grabbing drama queen propagandist…When it comes to bigotry, Racism, slavery, terrorizing and murdering the unarmed perhaps you should take a good look at your beloved Gun Control…And Apologize.

    • And that’s why they want firearms registration. So a copy can be “leaked” to them. It makes random SWATTING, er Red Flag orders so much easier.

      Also provides a starter list for the Great Purge.

      • That’s right, the end goal for Giffords and all the anti-gun mob, is total confiscation of all civilian owned firearms. This must not be allowed to happen, if for no other reason than this: the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution forbids it. The plans of these liberals must be stopped before our guaranteed constitutional rights are taken away and America becomes the United Soviet Socialists States of America (USSSA)

  2. how odd…. since, in the last 30 years, around 96% of mass shooters that survived have cited they were motivated by anti-gun organization and media coverage of ‘gun violence’ and that gave them the push to go through with it.

  3. Maybe the Giffords should worry more about the over 170,000 kids killed/injured annually by the products of a company they are invested in and gladly take the dividends from.

    • Or worry about the 250,000 killed each year by negligent and or incompetent doctors and “health care”professionals or all the children murdered in the womb.

        • The quacks don’t have to kill you to ruin life. Cardiologist damaged a nerve in my groin doing a “routine” procedure. It’s about 50-50 whether is is a hobble around day or a day when I can walk normally. Correction, of course, would involve more surgery with the added risk of going into a field already screwed up with scar tissue. My brother just had a simple back procedure. Go in, change out the battery, close up and done. Except the battery and the device the battery was powering were encased in scar tissue. Seven hours later they gave up and closed him up. One would have thought an MRI would have disclosed the scar tissue and saved him seven hours on the operating table. “Oh, the insurance company wouldn’t approve a pre-op MRI. Instead they get a bill for seven hours of neurosurgeon’s time oh, and the assistant neuro and the anesthesiologist’s time plus OR rental etc etc etc. Isn’t there a saying about penny wise and pound foolish?

        • F-I-L died on operating table during a “routine clean-up.” “Nothing to worry about, routine, in-and-out, go ahead on your vacation” doc told his middle son.

  4. Just remember why they want all the guns, not just the “scary AR baby killer” rifles, but your 20ga turkey gun, your .22 squirrel rifle and your .38 Special home defense revolver. Remember that the left doesn’t just want you unarmed and compliant, they want you dead. And they will tell you that if you listen closely, they don’t hide the fact they hate that you even exist. Remember that, every day.

  5. This is a prime example of how they actually believe their own bullshit, and how they aren’t interested in a ‘conversation’, but in lecturing us and bulling us to bend to their will.

    There can be no co-existing with folks like that, as they aren’t interested. Which is doubly strange, since they are the ones with ‘Co-Exist’ and ‘Hate has no place’ bumper stickers on their expensive Volvos and BMWs…

  6. “in addition to enacting a dangerous permitless carry law”

    Other than the anti-gun rethoric BS, just how is it ‘dangerous’?

    You don’t have a ‘permit’ to be a passenger in a car, does that make being a car passenger ‘dangerous’? Heck, even with a ‘drivers license’ (which is a permit to drive a car on public roads) cars are specifically made to be dangerous to the occupants and others in an accident by the laws of physics (masses colliding and all that is unimaginably violent on a physics level), without being made that way they would not work – yet we still have car ‘accidents’ so just what did a ‘permit’ to drive do to remove ‘danger’? Nothing at all.

  7. DE&I is racism. It in itself foments hate.

    The single best thing that can be done to fix this is put criminals behind bars and keep them there. Criminals can all too often buy guns from FFL’s because of the flawed NICS system in place that no one anywhere cares to fix. Purposely creating such huge amounts of drug addiction and high levels of social unrest has turned everything upside down. That is what our government has done. Getting rid of guns will not fix that.

    • put criminals behind bars and keep them there…

      Wow, have you NO compassion for those “victims” of society?

      • Two kinds , morally lawless and its against the law because we made it against the law. The law breakers should get a chance . The moral law breakers should be locked up .

        • The moral law breakers should be locked up .

          Only if they are conservatives… Antifa and BLM both think they are operating from the moral high ground and there is no way in Hell any of them will be locked up OR held accountable…

    • DE&I will bring about the return of forced bussing and red-lining neighborhoods if its current trajectory is maintained. Gotta have that equity at any cost. Even if it means pulling a bunch of people out of their homes in Atlanta and relocating them in Boston.

      Have to check the district demographic though and if they’d like to live in a place has already has too many of X the mortgage will be denied. Not a problem for rich people of course because they’ll just buy the house outright.

      It’s coming. All for DE&I. Wokeness will being about injustices the Klan could only have dreamed of.

      • Reality has a habit of being the exact opposite of the supposed good intentions.

        Look how “The Voice” downunder is already creating divisions and could effectively introduce Australian apartheid.

        • History is inundated with “unintended consequences” brought about by those who are allegedly of far superior intellect than us mere mortals… (til they get caught, then it becomes a “conspiracy theory”)

        • In economics it is called The Cobra Effect.” You can find the entire story on line, just search The Cobra Effect. Amazing story of good intentions gone completely off the tracks.

  8. “Our leaders need to close these loopholes and thoroughly implement extreme risk protection order laws, which allow a court to temporarily prevent a person from accessing guns if they are proven to be at high risk of committing violence.”

    If only this were true. Red flag laws only require an unsupported allegation.

    • Not true. For the initial TRO, yes, an allegation under penalty of perjury suffices. For a long term order, a hearing in court where both sides are present, may introduce evidence, and may be represented by counsel is required, as is proof by clear and convincing evidence.

      • “For the initial TRO, yes, an allegation under penalty of perjury suffices.”

        Do you have any examples of penalties levied against accusers when their red-flag assertions turned out to be false?

      • Mark N, for a man who claims to be an “attorney”, you should know about the 4th and 14th Amendments? Don’t you know that under those two Amendments that you canNOT confiscate a person’s property with out FIRST doing DUE PROCESS?

        • And yet we will continue to see it happen until it works it’s way through court assuming they follow the decisions against the practice. You are not wrong but our politicians do not care

        • SAFE, Nor apparently does Mark N who claims to be an attorney and claims to be a “supporter of gun rights”. I have a hunch he’s what is commonly called a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

        • Always a possibility, haven’t seen enough to support that on my end yet but admittedly he didn’t ping as such to draw a hard look yet.

      • and by that point your legally owned property has been taken away, tossed into a barrel for improper storage and good luck in getting it back.


    • Then again, the antigun kook’s dream armed teacher strikes us all – “Florida teacher (39 yo) […] The 16 yo victim told deputies that’s when […] lifted his shirt and revealed a gun. rumbley told investigators he never took the weapon out of the holster and did not use it in a threatening manner, but during the investigation, it was revealed that was untrue.

      After reviewing the surveillance video, deputies discovered that [….] not only lied, but taunted […] charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, improper display of a firearm, and obstruction.”

      LEARN THE LAW! Research the reality and uses of surveillance cams. Then buy your EDC gun.

      Likely targeted as an idiot, mission accomplished.

  9. I’m just waiting for our resident Leftist control freaks to say something incredibly stupid!

    • Holiday weekend tends to cut down on the paid posters but should have a few of the lupenproles shortly.

  10. “diversity and inclusion”

    DE&I is extremely racist, and violent too. Just look at BLM and the trans movement, look at what Best Buy got caught doing, look at the Democrat progressives’ in Blue cities facilitating and basically condoning violent crime through their ‘justice reform’ policy, the examples are all around and the list goes on and on all in the name of what is a marxism means to overthrow a country to devolve it into totalitarianism.

    This is not new, its just called “diversity and inclusion” (AKA DE&I which stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) now, the concept of which originated with Marxism–Leninism.

    Yeah, they are gonna argue “Oh no its not. Its about ….” – its a lie, some don’t even realize they are telling it they are so assured of their own ‘moral intellectual superiority’ and have been so hoodwinked. Its the same plan that has been executed over and over again over time and each and every time all the ‘intellectuals’ said “Oh its not that, its about ….” and each and every time their countries devolved into totalitarianism. Everything to do with it, collectively, today is called ‘Wokeness’.

  11. So white extremist$ have been threatening people with firearms at voting booths??? Hmmm hadnt really seen or heard much about that one.

    • Youd think we’d have heard a little bit about that if it was really happening.

      Maybe i read that wrong in the article but if not, that’s just double stupid.

    • Saw a couple of Black Panthers with clubs “protecting” a polling place in Philadelphia, that’s kinda like the same thing only different…

    • strange I thought you couldn’t even bring a pocket knife to the polls, at least in Florida despite what they allege.

      • That shit never happened in Florida, not that a few concealed carriers might have misremembered to leave their piece in the car… A tribute to ACTUAL, effective concealed carry…

    • Everyone who is white now is a ‘racist’ thus a ‘white extremist’ and ‘transphobe’ and ‘homophobe’ and a whole lot more if they are not left wing and agree with everything the left wing tells them – just ask the left wing extremist, they will tell you that as they are attacking you and looting and burning, BLM did that and still today voices that … and ANTIFA will tell you that plus say you are a fascist, as they assault you and have adopted an ‘official’ stance’ that all naturally biological-born women should be raped then murdered and black people should be exterminated …. trans people will tell you that if you don’t use their self-dubbed ‘pro nouns’ as militant trans people murder children and trans-centric ‘doctors’ and teachers indoctrinate children as young as 5 years old into the made up ‘psuedo science’ lie that one be born the wrong gender or can go through the wrong puberty … pro-abortion people will tell you that if you don’t validate their desires for abortion… work places will tell you that if you disagree with a black or trans employee … the list goes on and on for what white people are automatically now simply by being white, and if that wasn’t enough apparently black people can also be these.

      And if you have a gun… well, that’s automatic member ship in the ‘white extremist’ club no matter your race, and oh yeah heaven forbid that someone would say ‘I feelz unsafe cause ya got a gun so validate my feelz by having your rights taken away cause I say so’ because then you really know that you some way or another are then ‘super duper white extremist’.

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation
        Everyone who is white now is a ‘racist’ thus a ‘white extremist’

        Yep, must be true because I’ve seen a bunch of WHITE talking heads on the various DNC News Networks espousing that exact premise…

  12. The white people who run the Gifford’s law center, want to make sure black people are disarmed. That’s all I need to know.

    I’ll take the good old days when black people could get their machine guns through mail order catalog. Delivered to their home mailbox.

    Because no white gun store owner would sell to them. America was a great nation back then.

    And yes I’m serious.

    • The lofty ivory towers of academia. More isolated from reality than the current incumbent at the white house.

      • Hey. When our president, The Greatest President America has or ever will have falls down he knows it really hurts. He is not as far away from reality as people think.
        Trump on the other hand thinks he could have made America great again, ha ha ha ha, that’s just not reality.

  13. Of course the disarmament crowd demands we be subject to extreme protection orders. Any possible excuse to get you separated from your arms and rights. As a white person, especially if you are not part of the Marxist/Progressive fool-aid drinkers, you are nothing but a a walking ATM and a sheep to be fleeced for the next round of programs to provide equity for some group of non white leeches.
    Somehow every group of immigrants, regardless of race, learned they could get out of the slums/ghettoes within a generation or 2 through education and employment. But, we see several generations of a certain demographic can’t find the same exit point. We see degenerates and perverts demanding we indulge their perversions and fetishes as somehow normal. We have supposedly well educated people demanding we allow and support medical experimentation on children even the NAZI’s and WWII Japanese in China would have refused to do. We have a government demanding we support foreign interventions in wars that have no connection to the US or our economy or freedom. As well as idiots who see the government as their personal piggy bank to fund their fantasies and foolish policies.
    But, the moderate to conservatives residents out in flyover country are the threat to the country? or being white is somehow a threat to anyone? Whatever these folks are smoking or otherwise ingesting needs to be identified and publicized so we can avoid it.

  14. You would think her anus would be too sore to even think about gun control anymore with Bloomberg’s hand up her bottom all this time pulling her mouth strings.

  15. Yep all those “actors” that claim they are hunters and gun owners being paid for by the ANTI-GUN crowd!!!

  16. When I had my hot rod ford I was quite the extreme raceist.
    Now that I’m driving a 4clyndr with a whopping 100hp I’m not quite as extreme.
    What do cars and gunms have in common? They both kill people. Cars just do a better job of it. Hmmm, according to the green eathers cars also kills planets, so I guess top kill spot goes to vehicles.
    Long live Oldsmobile

  17. Too bad Every Town and the Gifford’s group can’t book a field trip on the Titan. That would solve pretty much everything.

  18. And so now we should have a Federal Pre-Crime Department that somehow reads the minds of those wanting to purchase guns. Pre-Crime would somehow determine who is and who is not qualified to own a gun!!!

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