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One possible way to at least try to slow down right-wing violence would be if law enforcement agencies took the threat seriously and were willing to clamp down on it. However, the FBI has known for almost two decades that U.S. law enforcement has been infiltrated by far-right extremists and extremist organizations. Many in law enforcement are sympathetic to far-right organizations, and some actively coordinate with them. We saw this on video as police palled around with Kyle Rittenhouse right before he gunned two people down in Kenosha, Wisconsin. White supremacy is a unifying thread through these stories of police ties to right-wing militias and hate groups. Even the Secret Service, which requires full lifestyle polygraphs, has coordinated with the far-right Oath Keepers group. Expecting law enforcement to protect against right-wing violence is a bit like putting the fox in charge of guarding the chicken coop.

All of this adds up to a dangerous situation. Assault rifles and ammunition are readily available to everyone. The Republican base is convinced that leftists are the real threat of violence and political repression, despite the massive quantitative evidence to the contrary. GOP leadership downplays violence, glorifies it, or blames it on “those people” when convenient. The de facto leader of the conservative movement is a big fan of violence and has a pattern of inciting it. Law enforcement is permeated with links to right-wing extremist groups. There’s a federal election coming up, and Trump is facing jail time if he doesn’t win. If he is defeated, he will be in a position where he has nothing to lose from inciting more violence: Either his scheme succeeds and he avoids prison, or it fails and he spends the rest of his life there regardless of how many new charges are added.

We are going to see more stochastic political violence regardless of what happens with the election. It is a foregone conclusion. Too many deluded, angry people with guns being egged on by conservative media and leadership, constantly being told “those people” are destroying “their country,” means that the pace of such violence will only continue. The bigger question, to my mind, is if, and when, does this metastasize into something more directed?

— Brynn Tannehill in Violence Is Coming? Sorry, It’s Already Here—and Getting Worse.

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  1. Sounds like a good argument for not giving law enforcement a carve-out for “assault weapon” bans, “high capacity” magazine bans, etc., etc.

    • Everyone should keep in mind that any time a democrat (communist party USA) accuses a conservative of something you should closely examine the left for that same thing…..radical leftist infiltrating all the government agencies so they are arms of the radical left.

      • Does sound like a projection issue doesn’t it. If they keep pushing there will be a sudden push back that they will be surprised about, just me saying.

  2. If they keep repeating that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist enough times, some number of gullible fools will believe it. Of course no mention that even the prosecution’s witnesses testified that the people he gunned down were attacking him at the time.

    • The desired effect that by dehumanizing Rittenhouse as a ‘white supremacist’ it will embolden one of these gullible fools to commit an act of violence against him. If they’re lucky Rittenhouse will be dead, or in the more likely scenario he’ll successfully defend himself again and face another trial. If he’s convicted he rots in jail, if acquitted they get to demonize him all over again and smear him as a repeat murderer.

      If I were Rittenhouse I’d stay far away from the blue states.

  3. if we DID have right wingers in Law enforcement, Trump would not be facing any chargers. This is all lies, just like such commies have always lied for over 100 years.

        • Deflection and projection. Remember that they impeached Trump for asking Zeliniski to look into the Biden family’s corruption.

          And the whole Trump-Russia collusion scam was to cover up Hillary’s own corruption.

        • Hillary’s own corruption…in which she literally colluded with Russians to tip the election in her favor, and then to hobble the incoming administration. Oh yeah, then there’s this weird thing where her husband was paid big money by Russia for a speech and appearance while she was the Secretary of State. She had the power to approve the Russian Uranium deal, and she did approve it. Hmm….

      • I thought this was satire at first. Who let this nut job out of the loony bin and then took away their meds?
        That dude believes all the historical fantasy made up false narratives.

  4. Define “white supremacist”. Pretty much if you’re white, and don’t apologize for being white, you’re a supremacist. Tannehill can just fuq right off.

    Anyone care to make a list of all the ways to identify a white supremacist? Every single “microaggression” that the idiots have listed over the past decade or so? The list is long. I’ll start off with breathing while white.

    • Pretty much fits with what I saw in annual EEOC training. They are having their McCarthyism moment just without an actual threat.

    • Her bio from the article:

      “Brynn Tannehill is a Naval Academy graduate, former naval aviator, author, and senior defense analyst. She currently lives in Northern Virginia with her wife and three children.”

      • Transgender.
        Therefore unsurprising for this person, with a military background to write this, given the extremist witch hunt they tried to use to purge the military a few years back, wasting your tax dollars, that every sane individual suffered through.
        As soon as they figured out whoever had concocted a lie, and that there is no extremism in the military, they buried the study and the waste of your tax dollars.
        These people are evil and deserve no quarter.

      • Her wife and 3 children?
        2 roosters can’t make a hen,
        2 hens can’t make a rooster.
        A simple biological fact!
        In Biblical terms = abomination!

    • Same with White Nationalist. If you put American interests first and are white, voila’, White Nationalist.
      I will do my best to live up to Ms Bryn’s expectations.

  5. So twisted and filled with lies and deception that it just becomes a disgusting pile of worthlessness. Bits and pieces of this and that cobbled together to form a huge distorted view of reality.

    The violence is not coming from the right. It’s coming from the left.

    • Also, the First Civil War was nicknamed The War of Northern Aggression in the late 1950s… labels, labels. You can call a skunk a cat, but it still won’t make a good house pet.

      • UW
        “If you call a dog’s tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have?”
        ”The correct answer is four. Calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg.”

        — Abraham Lincoln

      • I have always found it quite interesting that we are told that the south wanted to keep blacks as slaves and the north wanted to free them. But yet, the overwhelming number of blacks in this country STILL live in the south.

        While Biden’s racism is absolutely clear when he says if you don’t vote for him then you aint black, he himself is from the north. Trump is from New York but we don’t hear such absurdity from him while make his home in the south.

      • “The War of Northern Aggression…”*

        Was actually Civil War 2.0.

        *The Confederacy actually fired the first shot.

        • Does “firing the first shot” determine who started the war?

          If so, then the US started WWII with the Japanese.

      • We had a pet skunk named Petunia, they do make pretty good house pets. Used to be some vets that would even remove their scent glands.

        • Possum
          Depends on the State. Dad was a vet, and it’s illegal to de-scent a skunk in Wa State.

          Probably why the halls in the Governor’s Mansion in Olympia smell so bad…

        • That’s why next to every liquor store in Post Falls there’s a small veterinary clinic offering the service.

    • So, right wingers are never violent. There is in fact politically motivated violence in America and it comes from across the political spectrum. Or maybe you believe right wing violence is always acceptable.

      • I’m not saying there is no violence of any kind from the right. That what equally ridiculous.

        I am saying that if the left does start something, there wont be something.

        The violence from the right is reactionary and generally defensive. Every living thing has they right to self defense. AOC calling for a radicalized populace is not defensive, it’s antagonistic.

      • Anthony,
        I’m just absolutely, 100% sure that Lon Horiuchi was a flaming RIGHT WING wacko, just like ‘Burn ’em Out Reno’ was —

        Remember that they had just a tiny little fire that cooked a pile of KIDS at a place NAMED Waco? All to get a guy that they could have arrested on one of his MORNING WALKS away from the compound?

        Or do you remember the seizure of Elian Gonzales to send the kid back to CUBA?

        Right wing?
        /spits on the ground

        You’re nothing more than an escapee from Lower Dumphukkkistan trying to drag the rest of us to hell along with yourself.

  6. This article was obviously written by ChatGPT AI, which we all know is biased and subject to hallucination to reinforce the hard left progressive agenda.

  7. ‘She currently lives in Northern Virginia with her wife and three children.’ 🤔

    She apparently thinks Kyle Rittenhouse ‘gunned down’ two white guys for ‘white supremacy’.

    • The black guy that attacked Kyle while he was down wasn’t even shot. Was the black guy charged for assault?

        • Yes Kyle was kicked, then skateboard guy came in swinging aiming his board edge for Kyle’s dome/temple (could have been a kill shot with that board to the side of someones noggin). Anyway the board glanced off Kyle’s shoulder and for the effort skateboard guy won ‘the grand prize’.

  8. More Reichstadt fires are being planned…the FBI, CIA, DOJ….they will all be complicit…frame even more patriots…throw even more of us in jail…deny speedy trials…bully and threaten lawyers into not taking the cases…show trials in front of leftist judges who use rulings and jury instructions to pre- determine a guilty verdict…cruel and unusual sentencing…

    Reichstag fires…Covid Varient BS-24-7…maybe cancel elections entirely due to insurrection and disease. Who is going to stop them?

    All the violence comes from the left as they try to trigger the right into violence.

  9. If you are a color blind US Constitutionist it does not matter one iota when lies concocted by media marxists are told Ion the behalf of marxism…The end justifies the means.

  10. Every noncomotose citizen of the United States is finally aware that the FBI, CIA, and all the rest of the spy agencies of the US government have been suborned by the Left. You only need to see the letter about Hunters laptop that the heads of those agencies signed and the fact that the FBI hid that same evidence for more than a year. Don’t even have to look at the clearly politicized ATF that just needs to be deleted.

    We clearly need to reorganize the entire federal LE apparatus and delete at least half as redundant.

  11. He uses a lot of words that do not mean what he thinks they do, and clearly sees things that are not there, and is positive about things that are not true. Is he now, or has he ever been, a school teacher?

  12. “Brynn and her wife Janis currently live in Xenia, Ohio, with their three children.” So mentally defective.

    • Nah, he/she is just pissed off about losing his/her flight clearance after the operation, after it was revealed that the aircraft he/she flew occasionally required parallel parking skills.

  13. “Retired U.S. Navy pilot Brynn Tannehill understands the frustration and pain transgender people feel serving in the shadows. She earned her Navy wings in 1999 flying helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft during three deployments. She left the Naval Reserve in 2010 to transition to a woman. She said the hardest decision was choosing between being her “authentic self” and serving her country.

    “It was extraordinarily difficult, and it feels unfair,” she said. “It feels as if what I’m capable of is being wasted.” ”

  14. Far right, white supremacy, Trump, proud boys, Rittenhouse…… She hit all the things to rile up the ignorant.

    Now she and her kind need to define where the far right begins, is it just before the far left?

    • Far right – Understands that the Bill of Rights is the basis of law in the US, and intends to preserve it.

  15. “Now she and her kind need to define where the far right begins, is it just before the far left?”

    No. We don’t need him to define anything for us. I reject his definitions, regardless.

    • I have only one edit to proffer to your comment: replace the “him” with “it” and the “his” with “its.”

    • I didn’t realize it decided to remove part of its plumbing when I wrote that.

      However I would find it entertaining to hear the definition from these people.

      • Don’t let “them” make the definitions.

        The only reason that I don’t use “it” is that the person was born with XY chromosomes. That is a male.

        • MWNN
          I always like the comment that basically stated ‘When the archeologist digs up your remains 500 years from now, what sex will they determine you were?’

        • @ Stuck “If you put 100 women and 10 men on a deserted island in one hundred years you will find a thriving community of men, women and children. If you put 100 transwomen and 10 men on a deserted island you in one hundred years you will find the skeletons of 110 men.”
          That is from youtube short but I can’t remember the originators name.

  16. She attempts some superhuman leaps of logic. Makes me wonder if she’s been watching too much of Disney’s Captain Marvel, and/or maybe did the long jump at the Academy. Sorry, comes up short. What do they call this, a “ramp strike” or some such?

  17. Cope and seethe commies.

    Armed Americans are here, we aren’t going anywhere, and we aren’t going to let you disarm us without a fight to the end.

    Shall Not Be Infringed.

    -deal with it!

  18. The left sees enemies everywhere and believes they have infiltrated the government, law enforcement, the media, educational institutions and more and can’t even trust their own neighbors.

    The right sees enemies everywhere and believes they have infiltrated the government, law enforcement, the media, educational institutions and more and can’t even trust their own neighbors.

    The 1% loves this and will no doubt get richer as the rest of us get poorer and anyone remotely close to crossing that line gets slammed with enough taxes and fees to beat them right back down.

      • gates, Soros. zuckerberg. bloomberg. Robber barons bought and paid for the ‘left’. Converted it to fascism. The ‘left’ is dead.

        • I read that a 100$ investment in bitcoin in 2011 is “now worth $72 million”. That was when the bit was worth 2500$, so multiply according. Possible trillionaires…

          Not many GOP were in early, right?

        • XYZ
          IIRC, Bit came out at $50, quickly tanked to $5 and then slowly climbed back up.

          I’m still kicking myself for not dropping a hunnert bucks or so on BC back then.

        • I thought to buy it on a dip @ 450, then the ccp tanked it to 17ish. For reasons I do not understand, I went catatonic (so to speak)…

          Bit was an unparalleled opportunity to look Bloomberg in the eye and say “hi punk”.

  19. It would take hours to fully confront all the issues raised in this article. This article does take twisting of the truth to not unpredictable levels. However, the article can be summed up in 2 words: Bull Shit.

    • No, dog shit – bull shit is useful as fertilizer, dog droppings just stink up the place and sticks to your shoes.

  20. I’m fed up with this “white supremacist far right extremist” crap that actual extremists on the left incessantly push. They live in their own alternate reality and are constantly looking for right wing monsters under their bed. The biggest perpetrators of political violence are on the left and we got months long doses of it from Antifa and BLM.

    If anything, all the agencies this jerk mentions have been “infiltrated” by left wingers and are being used by people like Tannehill, Stasi like, to go after and criminalize anyone who dissents from the totalitarian, left wing policies the government is shoving down our throats.

    Commie fascists like her are just upset that there are still a few people, actually quite a few, who don’t buy into her jihad to “fundamentally transform” this Country.

    • The left have infiltrated government and a lot of the bureaucracy. They have allied with big tech, finance, media, and big business. Have prosecutors, judges, mayors, and police chiefs in their pocket. And they complain they are outnumbered?

      They’ll next complain how it is hard work to conduct mass executions.

  21. If you are calling me a white supremacist, you better be in the back of the bus, otherwise, STFU.

  22. What is right wing violence?
    By leftists definition it is anything not left.
    Was Rittenhouse breaking any laws? No. The police had no need to arrest him prior to the shooting. If anyone palls around with LEOs doe that make them right-wing extremists?
    In her eyes, yes.

  23. He “transitioned” to female and now lives with “her” wife and children in Ohio. That level of mental illness disqualifies him from military service. Wife is probably mentally ill, as well, to put up with that stuff. Poor kids ain’t got a chance to end up anything close to normal.

  24. Just replace “far right” with leftist, BLM, antifa, democrat, and this “article” would be close to being spot on.

  25. if that’s not the stupidest load of crap I read today…..damn …..
    well maybe vp klamidia will make a statement?

  26. “…she lives with her wife and three children…” Another gender confused Libturd, all explained, moving along, nothing to be learned here.

  27. Lord have mercy, there are probably plenty of Dinks that believe this kind of utter drivel! The war between the “white” races and primarily what are considered the black races, is a long term program used along side The Jabs, poisoned food & water in the western countries to exterminate the A+ blood types. They carry what is known as The Light of Man, or internal dialog that between 30% to 40% of the world population do not have. They make sucky slaves. But the primary reason is the A+ blood energy absorbs, dilutes & is dominate over the O- dark blood energy. O+ make the best slaves, then B+. Note: on the so called black races, the children of Ham were indeed very black, the children of Shem are the so negro’s of the past. The children of Shem were AB+ & true Hebrews. Look up One of Hitler’s last speech’s when he said his words in the speech when they became widely known would start WWIII long after his death. He knew who the children of Shem really were! Just as Patton finally figured out who had taken over the US in the 1920’s early 1930’s. When he made that fateful speech/comment about it and was killed in a Uhhh vehicle accident just a couple of weeks later! Everything we have been taught is a LIE.

  28. theyre laying the groundwork here
    to completely take over law enforcement
    at the federal state and local level
    by purging all the normal people from the ranks
    this is an ominous sign
    arm up if you havent already
    because something wicked
    this way comes

  29. Wait, so you’re saying these government employees have different political values and their own agenda, which they pursue to the detriment of the policy you set for them?

    if only there were a term for that, like “Deep Government”, or “Shadow State”

  30. Understand that the BLM/ANTIFA rioting to demand that the police be refunded, disarmed and disbanded is merely a ploy to drive the best people out of law enforcement. The City of Portland is currently aggressively recruiting new officers to replace the officers who retired early or moved away. Rest assured that the new officers are NOT heterosexual, Christian, White males. The result is a police force that will be a far greater threat to people of the gun than the criminals.

  31. The right is so dangerous that they’ve infiltrated the agencies that are meant to protect the left? So disband the agencies?

    What happens to the left then?

  32. @Man with no name September 4, 2023 At 16:07
    “Does “firing the first shot” determine who started the war?
    If so, then the US started WWII with the Japanese.”

    Interesting thought, but….

    Are the two incidents analogs?

    The Confederacy claimed the US fort at Sumter (artoficial) Island as Confederate territory, and the US refusal to vacate a violation of territorial waters was seen as a foreign invasion. Indeed, the fort was built to protect Charleston harbor; a Confederate installation in a Confederate city. The US was determined to reinforce the Sumter garrison. As a result, such attempts at reinforcement could be considedred an act of war, justifying Confederates firing first (the North started it by invading the South). However, the Sumter garrison had not attempted to damage Charleston, or the harbor. Thus, it was a matter of either US internal politics, or international politics that could be settled by negotiation. But, neither side was willing to settle the matter peacefully.

    As to Japan, the Imperial Navy did penetrate, with intent to start a war, US territorial waters with a mini-sub. Thus, the “first shot” by the USS Ward was a response to a direct attack on the US.

    The two incidents would be better analogs, if/when the US tried to reinforce Sumter, or fired on Charleston, from there. The Confederate Legislature intended to fire first, as their instructions to P.G.T. Beauregard were to ask for surrender, and if denied, reduce the fort to rubble. The question seems to be whether a US owned and operated facility was an aggression, or merely a claim to legitimate property.

    • “Interesting thought, but….

      “Are the two incidents analogs?”

      Don’t care. The point was “firing the first shot” doesn’t determine who started a war. Who fired the “shot heard ’round the world” at Concord?

      It also doesn’t determine who is the “bad guy” in a self-defense shooting. That’s not an analog, either.

      Here’s your next theoretical: did the Japanese conduct a “sneak attack” on Pearl Harbor?

      • “Here’s your next theoretical: did the Japanese conduct a “sneak attack” on Pearl Harbor?”

        As opposed to what?

      • “The point was “firing the first shot” doesn’t determine who started a war. ”

        The issue at hand was whether the US govt could evade the constitution via mere legislation; a political “war”, rather war by combat.

        Seeing that the national govt was hell bent on violating the Constitution so as to eliminate an entire society of citizens, the Southern States declared the constitution terminated by the Northern States. The Southern States established a new compact/nation.

        Beauregard started the war, (as defined by kinetic combat) at the behest of the Confederate legislature.

        • May I butt in? The last part of the document presented to Secretary of State Hull declared that Japan was breaking off diplomatic ties with the US, ie we’re no longer friends. To a person with an average command of English, not a ‘declaration of war’. To a diplomatic ‘statesman’ – the talking’s over, start shooting. By the time the document was officially delivered the shooting was already happening.

          There never was an official Japanese “Declaration of War”. Similar: Germany into Poland, and Germany into the USSR later on.

          When the Ward fired on a unidentified sub in a restricted area, Japan was already at war, even if the US wasn’t. So her first round was the first defensive shot of the war.

  33. So, derpy author claims that cops are right-wing white-suprmaclsts and by way of proof uses as an example that they talked to a white kid who shot three white criminals in self defense. Even going so far as to say, “White supremacy is a unifying thread through these stories …” when the unifying thread is simply “White people were there.” This is so far down the, “Everyone I don’t like is a nazi,” rabbit hole that it barely justifies a rebuttal.

  34. I’m worried I got dumber just glancing at that article. That much stupid can’t help but spread out and contaminate things with which it comes in contact.

  35. @Man with no name
    “As opposed to not being a sneak attack.”

    The military was not sufficiently warned, even McArthur was unprepared 10 hours later, in the Phillipines. When one is attacked without direct warning, it is generally considered a “sneak attack”.

    For the Japanese, they attempted to put an ultimatum in the hands of the US, but comms were not as immediate as they are now. They considered a fair warning was given.

    • The US President and the Secretary of State has the complete Japanese message in their hands about three hours before the attack began. It had been radio intercepted, decoded and typed up in time. Just one problem, where would the attack be? The betting was the Philippines, Hawaii was an afterthought. So the ‘warning’ to Hawaii was sent regular commercial telegram. It was delivered, after the attack. ”

      At Dawn We Slept” is just one book that details what happened that morning. “The Code Breakers” devotes it’s first chapter to the cryptanalyst part of the story.

      • “So the ‘warning’ to Hawaii was sent regular commercial telegram. It was delivered, after the attack. ”

        Yes, that is what happened. The military in the Pacific were not told to prepare for imminent attack, thus it was a sneak attack on the installations in the Pacific; the start of the Pacific war.

        • “The military in the Pacific were not told to prepare for imminent attack, thus it was a sneak attack …”

          Where in the “rules” of war does it state that you must notify your opponent that you are going to attack them? If your intelligence division breaks the enemy’s code and learns of the imminent attack, isn’t that a fair warning?

          The Japanese did attempt to deliver their declaration of war to the Secretary of State to coincide with the attack. It didn’t happen that way. The US administration knew that an attack was coming so they knew that war was on the way. They had the opportunity to better prepare but they didn’t.

          I’m trying to have a “Sam I Am” theoretical discussion of the branch of the tree of the topic but Sam didn’t realize that was my intent.

  36. This is an easy fix. Hand out select fire weapons to every “person of color”. Problem solved.

  37. @Man with no name
    “I’m trying to have a “Sam I Am” theoretical discussion of the branch of the tree of the topic but Sam didn’t realize that was my intent.”

    Oh, but he did. And chose his words accordingly.

    In the olden days, the general perception of society was that back-shooting, and ambush, were cowardly, dishonorable acts. One was supposed to make a challenge known, and both sides establish their positions out in the open. Thus, in 1941 the fact that the Japanese did not publicly declare intentions, and give both sides the opportunity to array their forces, the attack at Pearl Harbor was considered a “dastardly” (dishonorable) attack; a “sneak attack”.

    Interestingly, the Japanese also had an attitude that forbade “sneak attacks”. Comms of the time prevented their announcing war prior to attack.

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