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Was a nation awash in guns what the framers of the Constitution intended? I am loath to speak for them, but if those who constructed our Constitution and Bill of Rights were alive today, I doubt they’d ratify the Second Amendment. If they did, they would surely seek to modernize it. 

If they chose not to strengthen our current federal gun laws, then we would know they were not the sagacious, prescient, august and erudite intellects we’ve been taught to believe in. And if our constitutional rights are God-given, then the Lord did some sloppy work, considering that chattel slavery and the oppression of women were overlooked. To quote the late George Carlin, that doesn’t sound like divine planning to me. 

It would take some time to realize the efficacy of these proposals, but I guarantee they will save lives (including those by suicide, which account for more than half of all firearm-related deaths), reduce injuries and restore some of the freedom from fears that a trip to the bank, the mall, a movie theater a supermarket, an outdoor festival or our workplaces and schools will be the last trip we ever take:

      • A minimum age requirement of 21 to own any gun, long rifle and so on, with some reasonable exceptions, such as working in law enforcement, military service and inheritance exemptions (which would only cover certain types of guns, carefully stipulated by law);  
      • A national firearm registry, to assist law enforcement in criminal investigations;
      • Mandatory record-keeping and reporting to federal databases by all states; 
      • All firearms sales include background checks performed by federally-licensed dealers; 
      • Background checks on ammunition sales; 
      • Annual Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives background checks, conducted by dealers; 
      • Reclassification of any firearm (handgun or rifle) that holds more than 10 rounds in a magazine; they will be subject to an excise tax at time of manufacture, with the funds collected from excise taxes used for gun violence studies and research and perhaps a federally-administered program of injury and liability insurance; 
      • Reduce magazine ammunition size on AR-15s and similar weapons from 30 rounds to 10 or fewer. Larger magazines should be regulated similar to the way fully automatic weapons are now, with buyers subject to lengthy, demanding (and entirely constitutional) background checks; 
      • Eliminate all “ghost gun” loopholes; 
      • Require mandatory permits for concealed carry in federal law; prohibit open carry. 

The work of perfecting our Union has always been accompanied by struggle. We are now a nation held hostage by trauma entrepreneurs who wield and brandish firearms as weapons of holy war. Believe it or not, the vast majority of my fellow firearm owners will broadly agree that these reforms are necessary. I speak to them now: Like all of us, you have the right to remain silent; but now it is time to consider your duty to lead the change you wish to see.

— Rich Logis in Gun Owners: It’s Time for Us to Stand Up Against the Second Amendment Death Culture

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  1. hahaha vast majority of your fellows my keyster.
    oh look, a wet dream list of a hater.
    beat it, nerd.

    • Leave it to pompous hypocrites who worship centuries old music, art, etc. and would have a cow if Slash butted in and played a riff in the middle of a Mozart piece or someone painted a smiley face on the Mona Lisa to wonder why Gun Owners get upset at them for trying to take a dump on the centuries old Second Amendment.

        • What’s your problem with Debbie? She’s on our side. We need to give credence and stop denigrating folks who follow our general plan but may not walk in our exact footsteps. It’s like folks who claims to be Second Amendment supporters who abhor guns with “plastic” stocks and want to ban them. Or folks who claim to be S.A. supporters but that no one needs 30 round magazines for hunting and want to ban them. And maybe your problem with Debbie is within yourself. I agree with a lot of her posts. I have long advocated that gun control laws are racist, sexist and elitist.

      • eleven time stamps after mine you post the same vid for the eleventh time then an hour and a half later reply to me with incoherent drivel that in no way is relevant.
        you just can’t fembot help yourself, do you crave attention?

        • The nation is awash in gang-bangers and other violent criminals. I propose the following:

          1. Government shall not infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms to defend themselves against gang bangers and violent criminals.

          2. Gang bangers and violent criminals that survive their encounters with an armed citizenry shall be promptly arrested and held without bail.

          3. Gang bangers and violent criminals shall be speedily prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (no plea bargains).

          4. If convicted, the following minimum mandatory sentences apply:

          Murder while committing another violent crime (robbery, etc) = Death penalty

          Murder = Life in prison, no parole eligibility.

          Violent crime that results in serious injury to the victim(s) requiring hospitalization = 20 years per injured victim plus 10 years for the violent crime itself, no parole eligibility.

          All other violent crimes that do not result in physical injury to the victim(s) = 10 years per crime, plus restitution, with more than three crimes resulting in no parole eligibility.

    • Repeat after me:

      Penalize the law-abiding.
      Penalize the law-abiding.
      Penalize the law-abiding.
      Penalize the law-abiding.
      Penalize the law-abiding.
      Penalize the law-abiding.
      Penalize the law-abiding.
      Penalize the law-abiding.
      ad nauseam.

      Not ONE of the proposals actually addresses the (violent) law breaker.

      HOLD THE LAW BREAKER ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. Commit a (violent) crime with a weapon -> speedy and fair trial -> conviction -> execution.

      Let’s get rid of the violent people in our society instead of endlessly punishing the law-abiding.

  2. I believe they’d be thrilled we were awash with guns. They’d already seen the other side, where the unicorns dance under the rainbows.

  3. “A national firearm registry, to assist law enforcement in criminal investigations;…”

    No. The government has no damn business knowing what guns the citizens own. That way, the people have a way to overthrow an out-of-control Fascist government.

    Call it a polite reminder of who really is in charge of things.

    If you have a problem with that, I suggest you work on your woefully-inadequate coping skills…

    • As a government employee I honestly wish I was afraid of fucking up on the job and being held accountable. It would mean we would not have as much dead weight in other employees to drive up taxes. As to being afraid to tread on the rights of others………well I am smart enough to do that even here in NY but I have seen what under armed goat herders are capable of. Also not big on fucking around with other people’s rights.

    • “…if those who constructed our Constitution and Bill of Rights were alive today…”

      They would be disgusted at what this nation has slowly (now accelerating) become ever since Woodrow Wilson started a first big push toward frank authoritarianism. Though perhaps they wouldn’t be shocked.

    • Canucks dropped over a BILLION bucks into their ‘registration’ system only to finally shitcan it because it was totally useless in solving crimes.

  4. Doesn’t know history. Doesn’t know Founders’ deep understanding of history and human nature. Doesn’t know about guns. Doesn’t know about gun sale procedures. Doesn’t know about the concept of DGU and how often they occur. Besides that….

    • “Doesn’t know Founders’ deep understanding of history and human nature.”

      Leftists think if they squeeze their eyes together really tight and click their heels to together three times, the world will be like the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

      We, on the other hand, live in the reality of a dangerous world where there are people who would happily take from you what is rightfully yours, and we will protect it, by all means possible… 🙁

  5. Organizations like the NRA have always promoted mass hysteria and fear to get donations.

    The desire to own a gun is often complex but with White Men it is mostly due to them suffering from extreme paranoia and extreme fear of minorities taking away their white privilege with a large dose of racial hatred thrown in.

    Previous victimization in war or in the home when growing up is almost always found in White Men obsessed with owning multiple firearms.

    White men suffering from paranoia are incapable of accepting any hard scientific data on the risks of firearms ownership i.e. that having a gun in the home makes a suicide or homicide far more likely. In some cases 35 times more likely to have a suicide and 5 times more likely to have a homicide.

    Most gun deaths take place in the home, not on the street and not from a break in but extreme paranoia and extreme racism makes the far right incapable of accepting any science on the matter.

    Studies done prove that White Men who are obsessed with guns suffer from extreme paranoia and harbor deep fears and racial hatreds towards minorities. Some are also suffering from past victimization either from war or domestic violence while growing up. This is the group who are most dangerous when having access to firearms. All this makes it impossible for them to accept hard scientific evidence that proves having a gun in the home is far more dangerous than not having one there both in terms of a future suicide and or homicide with a firearm. They simply cannot face the truth and that is that most gun deaths occur in the home, not on the street and not from a break in.

    I might also mention if more guns made civilians safer than the U.S. would not be the most unsafe industrialized country in the world to live in. Instead our country has become a shooting gallery with rivers of blood and carnage happening on an hourly basis. You cannot get any worse than this.

      • He’s back from antifa camp after spending several weeks “servicing” the counselors. Each to their abilities and each to their needs.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD Oh, please! “Mass hysteria”? Is it “mass hysteria” when we have cities full of crime, like Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angles, Philadelphia, etc? Is it paranoia when the majority of crimes of violence are committed by Black folks? I am sure you will claim that statement is “racist”, but it is unfortunately ACCURATE. While most Black crime is “Black on Black” there is a lot of crimes committed by Black folks against people of all other races as well.
      What is so “complex” about people wanting to own a firearm? Wanting to be able to protect yourself is not “complex” at all. It is a very simple complex. What is the problem with wanting to be able to put a series of rounds in a one inch circle at 100 yds? What is the problem with people carrying a firearm in public places for their own protection?
      Here is some reading material for you that I am sure you won’t bother to read but it will “shoot holes” in your anti-gun radical rhetoric. It is in plain simple easy to understand ENGLISH.

      • dacian feels shame for his melanine-impoverished appearance and we must be massacred in his atonement l.

    • This may be the stupidest post you have ever written. And that says a lot Dacian/ Vlad/ Cisco. Congratulations.

    • “White men suffering from paranoia are incapable of accepting any hard scientific data..”

      White INTELLIGENT men look at the studies DEBUNKING all of the crap you just spewed.

      Start with Dr. John Lotts’ website. You might actually learn something, but you might have to pull out the lint from your navel in order to read it..

      “Organizations like the NRA have always promoted mass hysteria and fear to get donations.”

      Mirror, mirror, on the wall, show us the biggest LIARS of ALL!

      Well, there you are! Standing right next to Bloomburg, Soros, Hochul, Schumer, Feinswine, Unka Joey Poopie Pants, Gates and all the other NWO disarmament dweebs…

      While I haven’t liked the direction (or lack thereof,) of the NRA in recent years, one of the first things that they did was to help the newly freed slaves to learn how to handle firearms so they could protect themselves from the white hooded DemoKKKrats that were burning them out of their houses and hanging them from trees.

      Yep, really sounds like “racial hatreds [sic] towards minorities” to me…

      BTW, the statistics show that blacks, per population density, have the highest crime rate of all of the various groups in the US.

      Why is that?


      It has EVERYTHING to do with the DemoKKKrats STILL trying to keep them ‘on the plantation’ by destroying the family units, keeping them in ghettos, giving out handouts to buy votes, and encouraging the behaviors that keep that status quo.

      Kinda like LBJ and his “We’ll keep those n** voting Demokkkrat for the next 200 years..”

      Blacks that make their way out of the situation created for them are looked down upon by the scum of the DemoKKKrat party and ridiculed and mocked on a daily basis.

      Colonel West, Justice Thomas, Candice Owens, Dr. Ben Carson and a pile of other self made CONSERVATIVE black people come to mind.

      What I’ve seen in my 67+ years on the face of the earth, is that LIBERAL SOCIALIST MORONS like >yourself< are some of the WORST BIGOTS on the face of the earth.

      "I might also mention if more guns made civilians safer than the U.S. would not be the most unsafe industrialized country in the world to live in. Instead our country has become a shooting gallery with rivers of blood and carnage happening on an hourly basis. You cannot get any worse than this."

      Funny, if you take away the statistics of the top twenty DemoKKKrat controlled cites out of the mix, we fall to somewhere near the bottom of the list of 'unsafe industrialized countries' in the world.

      Why is that?

      Maybe because the DemoKKKrats stay in power by creating hate, discontent, and high crime rates so they can continually crow that 'We are the only people that can fix this' and retain their positions of power?

      Nah, that couldn't be it…

  6. If they didn’t want the people of this country to have guns then the second amendment never would have existed in the first place.

    When the 2A was made part of the Constitution, it WAS modernized.

    Being ‘awash’ in guns does not mean a country held hostage but if there is anyone doing that it’s the Democrat party. This entire nation has been seeing proof of that over the decades and most especially since 2020.

  7. Nitwit Gun Control rich ligus goes drama queen on the behalf of an agenda History Confirms is Rooted in Racism and Genocide…

  8. “If they did, they would surely seek to modernize it.”

    Truth is, they saw your skanky counter-revolutionary Tory butt coming, miles away. And they “modernized” it accordingly. Do you really think the Framers had no experience with nasty urban hunt and peck control freaks?

  9. Every decision taken in Philadelphia at the Constitutional Convention was a judgment call. Every decision taken in the First Congress to draft the Bill of Rights was a judgment call. And, each of the subsequent 26 or so Amendments considered and ratified/rejected was a judgment call. Most of those judgment calls were correct; they have stood the test of time. Some were doubtless mistakes, obviously Prohibition. Or, some might argue that the repeal of Prohibition was a mistake.

    In any case, our system of government is a constitutional republic. This is the way we decide to govern ourselves. Not by whim. Not by Congress or a President who does whatever is politically convenient in the moment.

    Having made decisions such as freedom of speech and the right to arms, another amendment is the only legitimate mode of change. If gun controllers conclude that the 2A was a mistake, their only honorable course of action is to campaign for a repealing/revising amendment. Any other approach – apart from arguing the correct interpretation of the amendment – is to defy the social contract.

    • “…their only honorable course of action…”

      Leftists view themselves as righteous beyond question or qualification, so all their actions are “honorable” by definition in their minds.

      • No Diksum, we’ve been warped into functioning as a democratic republic – our founding established a very clear form of government, a constitutional republic. Democracy was looked at, rightly, as a danger to the common good and the rights of the minority. But, alas, Franklin was much more prophetic than he ever imagined since we’ve failed miserably to “keep it”.

  10. “It would take some time to realize the efficacy of these proposals …”

    How long would it take for criminals to suddenly begin following the laws?

    • Criminals will only follow laws if they can be used to their advantage and against their opposition.

      I had to work under managers and administrators who had the same attitude.

  11. “Was a nation awash in guns what the framers of the Constitution intended?”

    Why yes, yes it was. For example…

    “No freeman shall ever be de-barred the use of arms.

    — Thomas Jefferson 1776, for the ‘Virginia Constitution'”

    … the statement of which was adopted for the U.S. Bill of Rights Second Amendment as the ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms’ ” which was ratified in codification as a recognition of a ‘Creator’ given pre-existing (or country and government) natural inherent individual right not belonging to government and over which government was to have no control, so important that ‘shall not be infringed’ was included to specifically order government to keep their hands off the whole amendment. The framers expected government to deal with crime and bad people in society, to not let them run rampant and when they committed a crime they expected the government would deal with it and deter or stop it and punish those who did it and leave the people not those alone and not infringe their rights including the right to keep and bear arms.

    But ya know something the “framers of the Constitution” never intended? They never intended that the country would be awash in various governments and un-elected people deciding government policy and writing laws to criminalize the exercise of the natural inherent ‘shall not be infringed’ constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

    Ya know what the “framers of the Constitution” called it when governments and un-elected people create policy and laws designed to remove or restrict or infringe one of the first 10 rights in the Bill of Rights? They called it tyranny and those people traitors.

    • correction: “…(or country and government)… ”

      that should have been

      (our country and government)

      ans in “…pre-existing (our country and government) …”

  12. If they did, they would surely seek to modernize it

    Pretty sure they would “FIX” it, do away with the NFA and the BATFE…

    If they chose not to strengthen our current federal gun laws, then we would know they were not the sagacious, prescient, august and erudite intellects we’ve been taught to believe in

    In other words, ANYONE who disagrees with this clown is just stupid… Including GOD… What a self-important POS… Let me guess, another progressive left-wing moron…

        • If not for having to use/maintain them and knowing what a pain in the ass they can be mk19 belt fed automatic grenade launcher. Safe storage of explosives when it can impact your neighbor’s property is a regulation I can understand.

        • Once I got the hang of it the M203 was a lot of fun. Just do not mix up the mk19 ammo as it can still chamber/fire if jammed into a 203/320/probably M79 too but is substantially higher pressure (a bit worse than a 460 rowland vs average 45acp)

  13. What we’re really “awash in” is Progressive liberals who’ve foisted on us their failed social policies that destroyed the fabric of inner city families and created a seemingly permanent criminal underclass whom they coddle and whose criminality they go out of their way to excuse.

    Liberals created the problem of widespread – mostly minority driven – violence in this Country and they always blame everyone else for it.

    The only solutions these Progressive fascists offer up involve taking away my rights and my money and consolidating ever more power in their own hands to implement yet more asinine, failed policies to shove down my throat.

    I wonder if there’s ever going to come a time when ordinary people get tired of being blamed for all the ills created by our elitist ruling class.

  14. Should we have a basic civics exam before you have the right to vote? With a requirement to be 21?
    When the 2nd was written, you could own pretty much any arms or weapons you could afford. This was true until the response to the double whammy of the Depression and Prohibition related crime allowed those with criminal intent, or desperation to use violence as a means to gain wealth or in some cases just survive and feed their families. The typical do something response that solves few if any problems and does restrict the law abiding but does little to curb actual criminal activity. The NFA requiring registration or destruction of full auto weapons, etc. I’m old enough to remember my father going to the local, small town hardware store and buying dynamite to blow stumps and break up large boulders. Funny how few bank safes were blown up or bombs planted/detonated when you could buy explosive easily. Yes, such things did happen, but nowhere near as often as the politicians and Hollywood would have you believe. People like Clyde Barrow did use stolen military weapons in their criminal escapades as did some of the other mobsters and robbers. Media sensationalism, and political grandstanding and fear mongering pushed the restrictions as somehow being needed for public safety. Catching, imprisoning, or killing the criminals is what put a stop to the crime wave as well as the end of prohibition. Government meddling, political games and foolish legislation caused or contributed to the problems, not the freedom to own whatever weapons by law abiding citizens.
    Same as today, Media sensationalism, soft on crime laws, lack of accountability of politicians and bureaucrats, and the general fear mongering to promote a failing agenda cause more misery and death than any number of firearms in the hands of the law abiding citizenry.

    • No.8 does in fact describe trump as well as other politicians. Remember that trump said out loud that he wanted to do away with much of the constitution.

      • You care to document where and when you read that. I have never heard that statement before. The only people trying to negate the Constitution are Democrats and that happens daily. So please cite your source and date.

        • Just to point out, and not defending what he said, but Trump wasn’t actually calling for doing away with (‘termination’ of) the constitution.

          Although the attribution for his statements are correct (because he did say the words he said), the meaning was in relation to that election only for that particular case that steps should be taken to make right a wrong of election fraud. The scope of such ‘correction’ is allowed under the constitution which would mean the ‘constitutional’ steps for a valid election weren’t followed thus it would be necessary to ‘terminate’ those steps being followed for that case because they did not apply to correct the fraudulent election he was claiming.

          So contrary to the implication he was calling for a termination of the constitution – he wasn’t actually but rather pointing out that the ‘constitutional’ means of election wasn’t followed and to correct the wrong he claimed would mean no longer following that but rather to invoke that contrary to return the election to the constitutional intent.

      • Trump never wanted to do away with any part of the constitution. The link provided by Man with no name is just CNN twisting the truth. Everything he ever said has been twisted into something else by these people.

  15. Annual Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives background checks, conducted by dealers;

    The ONLY thing this dumbass said that made ANY sense… I agree that EVERY ATF agent SHOULD be required to undergo an annual background check conducted by an FFL, maybe that way there will be few a left next time I want to buy a new gun…

    • It doesn’t need to be re-written. It needs to be read and comprehended. Sadly, there are not enough heartbeats nor crayons for Libturd Useful Idiots to comprehend it.

  16. For someone supposedly reluctant to speak for this nation’s founders, he sure is enthusiastic to take an ax to our Constitutional guarantees. Of course we all know that any respect he claims to have for the founders is pure sophistry. Deceit comes naturally to Democrats, you need only look at their institution materials to see the debth of their depravity.

  17. If our founding fathers were alive today they’d cry over how they didn’t put stronger protections against the federal government in place and the amorphous blob monster it has become.

  18. We are awash in leftists. A nation held hostage by the Communist Party, otherwise known as Democrats.

  19. Another product of our radical education system at work.. please take your clot shot and plenty of boosters..

  20. If the Founding Fathers were alive today, they’d be stacking bodies. They knew that dictators and wannabe dictators would arise. The Founders loathed oppressive government and saw the 2A as the ultimate check and balance.

  21. Interesting that we don’t hear the same objections to trafficking of young children and the death of 100,000 Americans from drug overdoses and fentanyl. The human toll in those two areas alone vastly outpace anything happening in regards to gun fatalities. 2/3 of gun deaths are suicides and the remainder are cluttered with gang banger deaths and the mentally disturbed. You never hear of the thousands of times the good guy with a gun prevents violence and crime. This is just more propaganda and BS from people who are the “useful idiots of the left”. They support and unsupportable narrative and with over 150 million gun owners expanding at the rate of 1 million a month I guess they miss the point that most folks want to be able to protect themselves from the Left and these “useful idiots” who promote what they are selling to try to transform American Society into a dictatorship.
    Good luck with that. I hope they are that brave on the battlefield.

    • They have all the heavily armed official 3 letter agencies, and every government dept like bureau of fisheries? also armed to the teeth, and trained—for what???? Be very afraid of this tyranny in D.C. using ALL government agencies as their troops in a form of quasi military occupation.

  22. Yeah, NO, crawl back under your desk, and continue your wet dreams, and shivering, about adult subject matter. Get over your Beta male self, you are akin to no patriots!

  23. Having adopted wholesale the wet dream mantra of the anti-gun lobby, why would anyone believe that the author is an actual gun owner?

    Why does the author think for a moment that ANY of these proposals would lead to a reduction in suicides?

    Why does the author think that annual background checks would do anything, given that there are already laws on the books that disarm persons who have become prohibited from owning firearms? Who is going to go and collect those firearms when a background check comes back failed? The California experience shows that trained officers either quit and move to more lucrative opportunities in government after completing their training, and those that stay focus on those involuntarily committed to a mental institution, leaving the gang bangers to keep on banging.

    Why does the author think that a national registry would assist law enforcement in solving crimes, when most homicides are committed by teens who illegally possess stolen firearms?

    Why does the author think that s/he is so much smarter than the founding fathers who were far better educated in history, logic, philosophy, religion, Latin, poetry and literature than s/he is?

    So many questions, so few answers.

    • And far broader life experience, including multiple political and economic systems, from tribal to anarchy to monarchy…

      His comment on national registry is promote the idea that weapons are inherently criminal, imo.


  25. The intent of the 2nd Amendment was to insure that we would never have a dictatorial federal govenment that over-rode the desires of the electorate. Biden, our current dictator-in-chief, and his democratic flunkies, wants to have a dictatorship in which there is only one political party, the democratic party, and the only acceptable voters are those who will vote as the democratic party proposes.

  26. “Was a nation awash in guns what the framers of the Constitution intended?”

    Hell yes!

    Cope and Seethe Mr. Marxist

  27. “I am loath to speak for them, but if those who constructed our Constitution and Bill of Rights were alive today…”

    First of all, Logis certainly does not sound like he/she/it is actually “loath” to speak for them.

    My opinion? Were The Founders to return, via a reverse of Mr. Peabody’s WayBack Machine, they’d probably head straight for Massachusetts and Boston. I doubt the powers that be, now residing in those hallowed halls, would enjoy meeting them very much.

  28. Require mandatory permits for concealed carry in federal law; prohibit open carry.” — Rich Logis (emphasis mine)

    How in the world is banning open carry going to reduce accidental injuries, suicides, or violent crime?

  29. The United States has by far more firearms in civilian hand than any other country, 120.5/100K people. Funny thing is, we are 24th on the list of countries “by homicides per 100K people.” The USA had a homicide rate of 4.46/100K in 2017 that has risen to 6.81/100K as of 2022, but the numbers are quite fluid, and I’m betting that the increase in gang activity caused by the influx of a violent type of culture probably has something to do with it. ANYWAY, those numbers kind of screw up the “more guns, more homicide” line of propaganda, doesn’t it.

    I’ll tell you what is not funny, the United States is one of the few countries where suicides by firearms outpace homicides by a bunch, 4.46 homicides compared to 7.32 suicides per 100K residents (2017). Here are a few countries that a have higher suicide rate from firearms than from homicides (note; rate not number) – Serbia, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Finland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Montenegro, Greece, Latvia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, France, Croatia, Australia, and more. And here are the ones that have more homicides than the United States: El Salvador, Jamaica, Eswatini, Honduras, Venezuela, Brazil, Guatemala, Columbia, Mexico, South Africa, Panama, Philippines, Barbados, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Uruguay. I think I see a trend. There you go, real number — but the “homicide rate” include justifiable homicide, too, so if you are interested in the really hard number of homicide and where the VAST majority of these homicide are committed, you will need to go to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, which contains all the information but it is a bear to dig it out.

    • Guns in Japan are forbidden for all except a few highly regulated folk, and, of course, politicians and very wealthy tycoons. Yet for all the rigorous weapons control which includes sharp pointy pieces of metal, the suicide rate in Japan per capita is higher than the U.S. Yes, they don’t use firearms to do themselves in. The preferred method in recent years is carbon monoxide poisoning. They even have on line chat rooms where folks considering suicide can get together and chat about it. They even have group suicides where they get to gather and commit mass suicide via blue tarps and charcoal burners.

      • “Guns in Japan are forbidden for all except a few highly regulated folk, and, of course, politicians and very wealthy tycoons. ”



        Japan is full of guns. Every criminal organizations and gangs great and small in Japan, collectively, out gun the Japanese Defense Forces and their police forces by more than 30 to 1. Its the same in every gun ban country, the criminal organizations and gangs great and small our gun their military and police forces.

  30. “….Was a nation awash in guns what the framers of the Constitution intended? I am loath to speak for them, but…” I think you should have just shut that thing called your mouth, that thing you call a brain, and put your pen down (or stopped typing), right then and there, Mr. Logis. Please stop pretending you had any clue as to what you thought the Founding Fathers would think today, because you do not.

  31. “Was a nation awash in guns what the framers of the Constitution intended?”

    Uh, yeah. Yes, that is exactly what they intended. See, they had just witnessed, live, in person, in detail, for several years, what was necessary for a group of free people to cast off oppression and that whole conflict started and ended at the barrel of a gun. Sooo, yes, everyone with a gun, a sense of its purpose and an understanding of how, when, where and why to use it was, *precisely*, what they intended. Thus, Amendment #2.

    Every thing else you said, given that it is based upon a flawed premise, is useless.

  32. The enforcers of these proposed rules ,laws,would need the same arms or better than we have.civil war anyone?

  33. The true intent of the Second Amendment is for a very dark reason. It gave ‘We the People’ the means and ability to overthrow our own government if it ever became a tyranny where Americans were no longer allowed to govern themselves (sound familiar?). Our Founding Fathers were all classically educated and had a thorough knowledge of world history. They understood human nature. Power corrupts. People who get in power want to stay in power. That’s why they formed three branches of government in order to balance out that power. That’s why there is a term limit for the POTUS. They should have imposed term limits for Congress, but wrongly assumed that there would never be ‘professional’ politicians who would make a career out of politics. The Second Amendment is the ‘enforcement clause’ of the Constitution. It gives ‘We the People’ the ultimate power of deciding how we are governed and by whom. When ballots don’t work, bullets do. That is how the United States of America was founded — by the barrel of a gun. No one gave us our freedom. We fought for it with our personally-owned firearms. That wasn’t lost on our Founding Fathers when they wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights. To Americans, the Second Amendment is our ‘insurance’ that we can maintain our freedom in the face of tyrants who would subjugate us.

    • Sadly, Jim, the nations Founders knew that one day, the United States they created would one day grow to be as corrupt as the nation they fled. And that one day, ordinary people would need to be able to defend themselves against the tyranny they left, and that one day would come again in the future. For they knew that yes, it would happen here again.

  34. The demon krauts are following Mao’s dictum: Power comes from the muzzle of a gun. That’s why the goober mint is arming up such folks as social security administration (to take down all those angry senior citizens; the internal revenue service to take down those angry taxpayers and every other government agency now has its special enforcement branch. And, of course, to make it safe for all those armed minions of the goober mint, they want to take away guns from ordinary serfs. Medieval Japan forbad swords, spears and other implements of war from ordinary citizens. Only the privileged samurai were entitled to go about armed. Hmm. Sound familiar?

  35. Guy needs to return that Ouija board for a refund, because he clearly didn’t get a clear message from the drafters of the Constitution.

  36. Rich Logis:

    “The Second Amendment at least partly assuaged these worries. (And in fact Black people were overwhelmingly prohibited from keeping and bearing arms.)”

    Eh, I wonder why the NRA then, helped train all those black FORMER slaves using FIREARMS so they could DEFEND THEMSELVES from the DemoKKKrats?

    ANYBODY that would write for the Daily KOS is a piece of shit. PERIOD.

  37. This dude completely ignores the history of mass genocide by the major gun controllers in history.

    America’s founders weren’t even aware of the multi millions that were to be killed by the Nazis and Marxists.

    Which brings me to the point that liberals/leftists (people who don’t believe in all civil rights for those whom they disagree with or see as piggy banks or human products to be turned into slaves) are responsible for most violent crimes, are responsible for introducing moral decay as part of school curriculum, and for creating laws, or refusing to enforce laws against criminals, that let violent recidivist criminals loose on society.

    This dude’s proposals are the same old alleviate fake guilt by punishing society in general for the acts of liberals. This dude is not a serious person. He has been convinced to have fake or misplaced guilt and also convinced that these proposals will get rid of that guilt and make him acceptable to liberals, which is a never ending process

  38. It would stand to reason, if the founders were alive today, they would find a whole lot more that needs attention, than modification of the 2nd Amendment. Simply stated, the firearms are not the issue. The firearm does not make a person take their own life. The firearm does not arrive on its’ own at the site of a mass shooting. We have a thinking challenge in society. Some are on a personal level, and some are extremely large scale; like Hitler, Putin, and other current rulers or wanna-be rulers in 2nd & 3rd world nations.

    So why do we (as individuals) need firearms? It’s all we have to prevent another from stealing our life.

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