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Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly aren’t happy enough with the newly-enacted universal baakground checks in Oregon. They want to see Democrats pass even more legislation while they can. Giffords was in Salem, promoting the passage of SB525 which is designed to ensure those who have a restraining order against them don’t get access to firearm. Or ammo . . .

As reports,

The couple are now shifting their focus to the relationship between domestic violence and gun violence, Kelly said. They support Senate Bill 525, which would prohibit people who are the subject of a restraining order, or who are convicted of certain misdemeanor crimes related to domestic violence, from owning guns and ammunition.

Let’s take a moment to let that one sink in. She wants it to be illegal for a person who is banned from contacting another person to be denied firearms case they violate the restraining order. Surely criminals will think twice before violating a restraining order, just like they will go through the background check process for a gun.

Instead of empowering women to take care of themselves, they are attempting to disarm people who will always figure out a way to get a gun if they want one badly enough. Something that’s been proven time and time again all over the country (and the world, for that matter). If you listen to Giffords, all we really need is another law (or three) to keep us safe. But no amount of legislation will save women from abuse. It’s already illegal to violate a restraining order and assault another person. Or maybe she’s unaware.

I only wish I were making this up. I wish Giffords’ cause was showing women that they can protect themselves. They don’t have to be sitting ducks for a violent nut job.


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    • If she had half a brain, she would know that every law she is proposing will have no effect on the criminal element. Wait a minute…

      If she had a whole brain, she would know …


      • I’m not stooping to ridicule a brain-damaged woman.

        Those pulling her strings I have nothing but contempt for.

        Bloomberg, Watts and Kelly, get cancer and suffer before you die.

        (After Dirk spends a romantic weekend with Shannon…)

        • Why not ridicule her? Her handlers are evil, but she’s allowing herself to be used. They’re evil, she’s pathetic. She deserves ridicule and scorn. Being the victim of an attack doesn’t give one the right to destroy innocent people.

      • I just dont see any laughter to an incident where someone was shot and a little girl died in the same attack.

      • Jesus. You must be an awfully miserable, ugly human being to make a comment like that. No, wait. That’s subhuman, actually.

  1. Treason knows no season or bounds. in my opinion Capt Kelly has turned traitor. His wife is brain damaged and probably not responsible for her actions. She is being led by the nose on this. Sad really.

    • I’m no fan of Captain Space Cadet Kelly who is clearly part of the “Do as I say, not as I do.” crowd, but I truly think he’s just not that politically bright and is being manipulated by “handlers” who let him think he and Gabby are running their own show.

        • I don’t doubt that. These convenient incremental anti-gun activities are being managed on a wider scale using best fit available resources when opportunity and advantage presents.
          Bloomberg is spending his money wisely to leverage the results he wants using anti-gun ‘celebrities’ to woo support.

          The recent Washington State background check initiative was an example of that. Gates.

    • If you give a mouse a cookie. Passing any democrat sponsored bill is much like paying ISIS for a kidnapping ransom. It just makes them grow bolder.

  2. With little or no burden of proof, an abuser can just as easily disarm a battered spouse as the other way around. This is the dumbest gun control proposal ever. Even if an abuser and his battered spouse are both disarmed, in most cases it’s the much stronger abusive husband who can kill his wife with his bare hands. Just call this the battered wife disarmament bill of 2015.

    • No, call it what it is. The “Guilty Until Proven Innocent 2nd Amendment Suspension Act”.

  3. I guess they have decided to jump on the domestic violence/restraining order bandwagon as the favored gun-grabber theme du jour. Sadly, it does seem to be having some success, at least in the already lost areas and some of the iffy ones. A few more backfires like that famous MDA ad might turn the tide back again, tho.

  4. Oregons version of the CA GVRO. Remember the law of unintended consequences.

    Somehow I dont think the left will stop, grabbing guns,
    having scored on UBC and gun registration, and GVRO on top of the already established 5150 72 hour hold, in California.

    • Remember that Gabby was shot by a mentally ill guy. Who might have been recognized and helped, with better education and training.

      The California GVRO bill hurriedly passed in the wake of Isla Harbor tragedy (crazy Elliot Rodgers)

      was supposedly originally in work as a means to provide more training for police, post academy,
      to recognize and respond to 5150 situations (mentally ill needing a 72 hour hold for evaluation),

      and more facilities to house the mentally ill, who are otherwise turned loose onto the streets for lack of beds in hospitals and emergency rooms where the cops have to dump them now.

      Remember what I said about unintended consequences? Read this, and wonder why cops are unwilling to deal with the nutjobs:

    • I left due to my job. It looks like I won’t be returning there when I retire. I couldn’t even make it through the entire video it made me sick. The law will not save lives, but it will be used by angry people to go after their spouses. I’ve had multiple people in states like MA get the restraining order BS slapped on them just because their wives wanted to move in with their new boyfriends and wanted a weapon against their future ex husbands.

  5. It was tragic she was shot but go after the lax mental health laws in the US not every
    gun owner in a state or the country out of some form of perverse vengeance which is exactly
    how they come across.

    I could care less about Giffords the astronaut as NASA as a whole has not done much to impress
    me in the last 30 years except show everyone how to waste tax payers money.

    • “… but go after the lax mental health laws in the US ”

      Wouldn’t it be easier, and probably an lot more effective, if we focused all our energies on going after the people who break the law?

      I understand that the mentally ill are the compromise position, the easy target that can’t really defend themselves and may have a hard time standing up for their own rights. But! Very few of the mentally ill are criminally inclines or have criminal intent. We hear all about the ones who go way over the edge, but that is a lot of media coverage and not a lot of mentally ill being covered.

      We have laws already that make shooting people illegal, lets enforce them and arrest the people who break that law. If you don’t shoot people then you won’t be arrested.

      • This. There is absolutely no point in singling out any group of scapegoats to revoke their rights when that group, be it the mentally ill, the concealed carry license holders, or whoever, is statistically proven to commit less violent crime per capita than the law enforcement community, and even less than the population as a whole.

  6. They’re so annoying. They keep pushing for laws in states they don’t live in. Oregon, Washington, and others. As a Washingtonian, “Stay out of the Pacific Northwest!”

    • “They’re” already 2 for 2 in enacting more restrictive infringement laws in the Pacific Northwest; Washington and Oregon both. You know who is orchestrating most of this activity; his fingerprints are on nearly, if not all the recent anti-gun gains in one way or another. And he’s not done; He’s truly trying to brainwash the entire population, one reporter and news story at a time. He’s even funded a symposium center for reporters to learn how to be the best anti-gun propagandists they can be; the DART Center.

      As Alan Gottlieb stated, the thing we should be most concerned with is Bloomberg and his money.

      I can hardly wait to see what deceitful tricks are in store for citizens of Nevada and Arizona with the expected anti-gun campaigns announced for those states. You can be sure the Gabby Kelly squad will be a big part of the AZ infringement effort, if not both AZ and NV.

      Certainly the headlining use of local personalities as props will be employed to dilute the negative impact of Eastern outside money driving the anti’s efforts.

      • It’s all about appearances, and when appearances are untrue and or misleading, it takes lots of money to paper over the logic of truth and facts with deception and lies. The ‘props’ are part of that.

  7. Former Congressional Representative Giffords can be forgiven bizarre behavior after the shooting (but not for acts prior). Kelly on the other hand is a coward and self-aggrandizing fool. This is the pride of the Navy (a four-striper no less) who was so eager to fly on a shuttle twice that he left his newly shot wife in a precarious health state (recovering from a gunshot) because it would be his last chance. This is a sad example of a man who nearly lost his last chance to say “I love you” to his wife, and he is focused on that one more space flight. Someone with so little appreciation of life and so consumed with personal glory has no credibility and no honor. If you see him in person, please do not thank him for his service.

    • “Former Congressional Representative Giffords can be forgiven bizarre behavior after the shooting (but not for acts prior).”

      Gifford was Pro-2A before her shooting.

      Even as a Democrat she proudly referred to herself as “The girl with a Glock’.

      • Actually, she was a gun owner, not a 2A supporter. On numerous occasions before and after, she clearly stated that people like her (all reasonable and privileged) should own guns, but there should be fair, safe, reasonable restrictions on regular people.

  8. In my city, two guys strangled their girl friends, another doused his former wife with gasoline and burnt her to death, and one chopped up his pregnant girl friend with a sword. A few days ago, a guy murdered his mother by stabbing her and beating her with a baseball bat. Since none of the murderers had a record of domestic violence, they were eligible to obtain firearms. On the other hand, it didn’t matter anyway.

  9. Funny how the UBC laws was supposed to be a simple common sense solution to save lives, but it’s now it’s not enough. They want more. They want due process eliminated or prohibitively impossible to fight. This should be a surprise given the modern liberal mindset. Just look at any university, let alone the known fraudulent rape fantasies pushed by Rolling Stone at UVA and the mattress carrying liar at Georgetown (I believe).

    It’s sickening, but totalitarians never stop and will leave you 2 choices. Submit and acquiesce to their whims or fight back by any necessary means.

  10. She was shot in the head and nearly died. Although I understand her desire to take away our guns, I do not agree with it. Her desires violate our civil rights. She must be stopped at all costs. Remember she and others like her will never have their minds changed and they will never stop. This is a battle we can never allow ourselves to loose.

  11. He must have a really high-tech control system, that he can manipulate with his feet; cause the whole time she was talking, his hands were in sight. Lots of cool stuff has come out of NASA.

  12. Citizen’s Liberty sold for coin and made to kneel to the opinions and judgment of others.

  13. I sat listening to her spiel and couldn’t fathom how anyone could be so dense. When did Americans begin to believe in magic? Because that’s what she’s doing, acting as though waving the magic wand of a law at criminals will bother them at all.

    She should be aware that criminals don’t have to follow the new background check law, because it would be self-incriminating.

    BTW, in that shooting we lost one great hope for the future: a federal judge who actually believed in ALL the Bill of Rights. Those are hard to come by,and losing him was the real tragedy of that day.

  14. GET. OUT. OF. MY. STATE!!!!! Why is it that people who don’t even live here think they are allowed an opinion on my rights?

    • My thoughts exactly! There ought to be a law. I would gladly take part in a protest at the state capitol. That might bring attention, through the MSM, that there are external influences running rampant in our state and draw attention to the “grassroots” BS.

  15. I saw the space cadet on Jeopardy the other day…and gabby was looking very odd. Worse than usual. She needs to “retire” and major tom needs to get “lost in space”. The cadet is pure evil…

  16. I’m sorry but I have had enough of these two! He is nothing but an elitist hypocrite and she is a mentally incapacitated pawn being used by Bloomberg. As far as I’m concerned their 15mins is over.

  17. Isn’t it funny how the beliefs of a leftist and a mentally handicapped woman are indistinguishable?

    Seriously, though, this just proves you’re either a 2A absolutist or you’re part of the problem. We’re not dealing with actual, decent human beings here, we’re dealing with leftists, the closest thing real life has to orcs. They’re despicable liars and thieves and will take what you give them and demand more. They are traitors in every sense of the word.

  18. Every picture I see of them she is shouting or smiling and he has a defeated “God strike me down now” look on his face.

  19. This is why We need an all or none attitude. They will try incrementally to take our rights away and when We win back a small part of what was taken, the momentum is lost because people will say “well, We can now have 15 round mags instead of 10 round mags ”

    We must stand together and let the fuds and libtards know that shall not be infringed means exactly what it says.

  20. The worst thing about this line of reasoning, is it shows a complete lack of understand of how a domestic restraining order works. They are almost always mutual. That is, both parties are forbidden to contact each other and both parties are bound by the restraining order. Even in the case where it doesn’t start out as a mutual restraining order, the other party can easily have it extended.
    This means, a woman filing a restraining order against an abusive male, under the provisions of this law, would also disarm herself, leaving her at the mercy of physical disadvantages in a conflict, and that’s assuming the abusive spouse would follow the law, which is exceedingly unlikely.
    Once woman find out getting a restraining order against a truly danger person means the woman is in greater danger of being harm, because the woman can no longer defend herself, fewer restraining orders will be filed.
    Then, truly evil people will quickly figure out how to abuse the system. Woman says she is leaving, man threatens to kill her if she does, she says she has a gun and knows how to use it, he files a restraining order claiming she threatened to kill him, it will automatically be granted, then she is disarmed and it is easier for the attack to harm her.

  21. The carpetbag sitting to her right in the photo couldn’t look any more typical smug, smarter-than-you PNW liberal woman if she tried.

  22. They want to see Democrats pass even more legislation while they can. But of course, you pull the string in the back and Blabby Gabby utters gun control phrases.

  23. I got home early the other day and absentmindedly switched on the box. There was Space Cadet Kelly on Celebritard Jeopardy… know, the one where the “clues” are much, much easier than on the regular game. Well, I gotta tellya, it was even funnier than the SNL version.

    “I’ll take “The Space Between My Ears” for $100 please, Alex.”

  24. They never stop. they ask for one law and then pile more right on top of it. their real agenda is a total ban on the ownership of firearms by private citizens. Nothing less.

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