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Reader DH writes:

Phillips’ HB 910 is scheduled for hearing in Senate State Affairs Committee on Monday. After a repeat of everything that’s been said previously by the antis in past hearings, it could go to floor as early as next week. If it passes floor vote clean, it would be good to go for Governor Abbott to sign.  If they amend it . . .

that version would have to go back to House to vote on amendment. Not sure whether the Senate will try to amend it with Campus Carry.  If they do they run the risk of having the clock run out.

It looks like the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Commitee pulled an accelerated formal meeting and reported out the Senate Campus Carry bill pushing it back to House Calendars Committee. My read is that the Senate is going to take the House open carry bill and the House will take up the Senate bill so each gets to take some credit.

Too early to celebrate, but this is positive movement.  The Dems are desperately trying to run clock out on the majority, so the sooner they floor vote the better.

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  1. If this doesn’t get passed it is up to you well groomed middle class to take up the looting and rioting expected of you.

    • Ha. I love Texas, I have plenty of family there, I’ll be there shortly myself. But what the hell?

      Why is this so hard? Why are democrats doing anydamnthing in Texas?

      I am confused by the lone star state sometimes.

      • One thing is it’s hard to pass bills here, by design. The legislature only meets every other year for a few months. Usually, that’s a good thing, but it also means some bills take two or more sessions to pass.

        • Yes I understand the part time legislature system and I approve. But it seems to me that the gun laws in Texas have issues that are seemingly incompatable with some of the big talk you hear. Especially when you compare with the neighbors.

          Just pass the damn bill already. Am I to understand that Oklahoma can handle open carry but Texas can’t? I don’t believe it.

        • No one’s been doing any big talking. I’ve been complaining for YEARS and trying to get things improved, with donations and time. And things have been always improving, not regressing as in Oregon, for example. Every session we pass bills that make life easier for CHLs, for example.

          Our population is highly urban now, and that’s on the increase so it’s not helping, but at least every attempt to pass new gun control gets laughed out of committee.

        • “Our population is highly urban now, and that’s on the increase so it’s not helping, but at least every attempt to pass new gun control gets laughed out of committee.”

          Exactamundo, taking into account every major city and the surround area, there are quite a bit of urban votes. Not to mention people coming into the state for whatever reason for either coast as well like you pointed out.

          Since the question is asked quite a bit how did x happen in Texas, this map was one of the better ones I could find, its of the Nov 2014 midterms:

        • Good point. OK not only can handle open carry, but can so for out of state licenses. It’s bizarre: I can open carry in Oklahoma on my Texas license, but (right now) I may not do so in Texas itself.

        • Heck you can open carry in New Mexico without a license! It’s been open carry forever.

      • The problem is not with Democrats trying to block the bill or make the “clock run out”.

        The problem is that 2/3 of the Republicans in Texas are Liberal RINOs who don’t give a damn about the 2nd amendment and hope the open carry bills will “silently go away” and that Texans won’t notice.

        The Texas GOP made it a 2014 party platform to pass Constitutional Carry of handguns, and yet we have Republican rep Phillips promising to KILL any and all constitutional carry bills that come to committee.

        And we have enough votes to FORCE CHL open carry through the house and senate, and yet they are dragging their feet.

        Texas is a lot more BLUE than we would like to think. And Texas should be ASHAMED for it.

        • I cant let you get away with what you said about Rep Phillips not bring up constitutional carry. Those who dont know Cory Watkins and his little ban of immature kids and to some extent open Carry Texas shot themselves in the foot. You dont threatened lawmakers. You dont call lawmakers tyrants. Thay and nobody else caused the prpblem. See if you are not from Texas who dont here about that. I tell you another thing thay almost killed all hope of open carry. I have been a lobbyists for our gun rights for three sessions. So dont buy in to all those bleeding heart’s.lastly when the house add the ammemment to the bill that LEO COULD NOT ARBITRARY ASK IF YOU HAD A CHL SHERIFFS ALL ACROSS TEXAS SAID THATS NOT ACCEPTABLE THAY FINELY AS OF THURSDAY STRIPPED IT OUT OF THE BILL. SO I WANTED YOU TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY.

        • Cecil, could you repeat that last sentence in English? Far as I know, nothing was done on the bill, no amendments were “stripped” and the bill is about to be heard this morning in the Senate.

  2. As always, thanks for the reports. I really want to see campus carry in my lifetime. All the Dems and any Repubs trying to stop these bills can go to hell.

    • I believe we will see campus carry pass, after all Rs hold majority by a wide margin. And know if they don’t vote for it, their political career is toast. Peanuts character, Lucy, can only pull the football away so many times and get away with it!

  3. Still a lot of democRATS in this state trying desperately to disarm us. Did you know that knives do not fall under preemption laws in this state and that San Antonio has outlawed any folder that locks in the open position? We need to fix that next session.

    • Good grief.

      I am not up on my knoves by any means, but a folder that won’t lock open would pretty much be useless for piercing a bad guy, right?

      • It would be useless for most activities that don’t involve slicing the pad of your thumb and/or middle finger off.

        • Two years ago Rep. Dutton’s bill repealing the prohibition of switchblade knives passed Chairman Whitmire’s committee unanimously. Rep. Dutton describes the current bill as a cleanup bill to the switchblade bill.

 and have been working to secure passage of the bill.

    • I think this is one of the things that people are really, REALLY slowly starting to realize, statists are statists regardless of the letter next to their name.

      • I’m one of those who’s been slow to catch onto that.

        If they’re like most politicians, there can be egos and turf involved too.

        • Egos, turf and agendas, oh my!

          I was very slow to realize as well, just depends on the amount of MSM exposure for the person imo. It took quite a bit of reading the wisdom of TTAGers and being exposed to quite a bit of freedom minded literature such as Ayn Rand, Heinlein, writings of the founders etc. Id recommend the Liberty Tree daily quotes for some outstanding though provoking quotes

          I originally was linked it in the comments on some random thread who knows how long ago, probably a good thing to pass on 🙂

      • You see some of the worst ones in states that traditionally lean conservative. Liberals are what they are, but many have to lie, deny and deceive their constituents into believing that they are “Southern Democrats” or “Blue Dog Democrats” or as Clinton called himself, just plain “New Democrat.”

        They’ll vote how they need to, to appear conservative-ish, but usually only on measures where their vote isn’t decisive, anyway. On votes where it counts, they’re indistinguishable from any Manhatten or South Central L.A. liberal.

        On the GOP side, same thing. They’ll adopt that party label because it’s the dominant brand where they’re based, but then betray its meaning every chance they can get away with.

  4. I do wonder why Texas is always pointed to as the poster child of gun rights. Many states are far more gun friendly. Is it just the cowboy stereotype or something?

    • I don’t know. Florida gets the gun friendly rep for being the first to change from May Issue to Shall Issue, but, like Texas, bans OC.

      • This.

        We also have some of the loosest defense of property laws around. No point being able to open carry if you’re not allowed to actually use it against someone “only” stealing your stuff.

      • Agreed, from everything I’ve seen Texas has very good defense laws. And keeping, it’s hard to beat. It’s the “bearing” laws that are weak.

    • I wonder who’s doing such pointing?

      I often hear people wonder that as well, about “other people”, without their ever realizing that…..psssttt…..YOU are that other person.

      Nobody’s running around screaming “Texas is a gun rights paradise!” It’s only ever these passive musings whereby one wonders why nameless, faceless “others” regard Texas as such. Mostly, it’s just your own recollection of Hollywood T.V. shows and movies, projected onto others.

      Fantasy aside, the reality is that Texas ranks easily in the top quarter or so of states in terms of firearms freedom. And those states nominally ahead of it, are sometimes so only on paper, not on the actual street where legal open carriers still get arrested.

      More annoying than the myth of Texas being ultra pro-gun, is the countermyth that Texas is an anti-gun, freedom abhorrent slave state, which only a few oh so keen and clever observers have managed to discern.

      Texas does far better than most states and is getting better all the time. No wonder more people move to Texas than to any other U.S. state. You’re welcome.

      • “More annoying than the myth of Texas being ultra pro-gun, is the countermyth that Texas is an anti-gun, freedom abhorrent slave state, which only a few oh so keen and clever observers have managed to discern.”

        You put that rather nicely, well done! I might not have chosen just annoying 🙂

    • “why Texas is always pointed to as the poster child of gun rights.” People who have watched way too many of western movies and not read much Texas History post civil war era! My Texas German heritage goes back to 1842, have lived here most of my life AND have never heard a Texas brag about gun rights in this state!

    • Elections have consequences. You should’ve supported the competition more in his last electipn. Recalls are for extremely serious breaches of the public trust which cannot wait until the next election. Swiftness of floor votes isn’t one of them.

      Besides, such mulligans, or election do-overs, would likely only further drive down voter engagement, if they come to expect that elections matter even less.

      • Except for the fact the “competition” was a socialist, and Patrick ran on the “open carry” platform.

        So IMHO he’s just a lying, good-ol’-boy elitist who’s in the DPS’s pocket and he needs to go.

        • Darn it, Juliesa beat me to it, and she’s right. The relevant race was the GOP primary. Jerry Patterson was my choice.

          Volunteered for the Marines during ‘Nam. Served 24 years active and reserve duty as a fighter pilot. As a state senator in the 1990s, he wrote our concealed carry bill. Solid conservative and a great Texan.

          I thought there was a chance of a primary runoff, but that Patterson would win eventually. Now, I was very disappointed to learn his camp was the source of the leak of Patrick’s treatment for mental illness back in the mid 1980s. Struck me as a dirty trick. Anyway, that was the race to make a stand, not so much the general election.

      • Doomguy, the general election is meaningless in TX. I voted for Staples in the primary, and Patterson is the guy who got concealed carry passed. I don’t know why everyone voted for Patrick.

        Otoh, open carry and campus carry passed the Senate very quickly, so I’m not sure why Patrick gets the blame for this delay.

    • I have known PATRICK for along time. I remember him being a SPORTSCASTER I even remember him getting arrested in Surgerland for exposing him self to a little girl. He has had that offence adjudicated and taken of his record I will tell you he is a pos. He pulled the wool over alot of people. My dad told me if a politician starts saying God Bliss God this RUN. Txas should have elected Jerry Patterson for Lt Governer. He would have already passed open carry and he doesnt take shit from liberals.

  5. Are all you good Texans emailing, calling you Legislators to urge support for the bills?
    Too much time writing on these comment areas when you should be countering the antis working harder than you to kill the bills.
    Stand Up and Fight.

    • I always do, state and federal. Even Cornyn, fat lot of good that does. Guy emailed me saying he opposed Lynch even after he voted for her. Liar. Emailed Ratcliffe about the CMP 1911 amendment too on the NDAA.

  6. Its hard for me to see the letters on my phone and computer because im going blind from multiple sclerosis. Im sorry if looks it does but im trying. So dont judge someone unless you know that person. What I said was thay have taken campass carry out of the bill Senate bill and REP PHILLIPS WILL NOT ATTACHED IT TO HB 910. THEY HAVE KICKED IT BACK TO FLOOR COMMITTEE. I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH REP PHILLIPS OFFICE AND HE CONFORMED WHAT IM TELLING YOU. YOU ALSO CAN CALL LINDA TRIPP WITH TSRA AND SHE WILL TELL YOU THE SAME THING.

  7. The Senate comm. just voted HB 910 out and back to the floor of the Senate. They amended it to take out the Dutton amendment. So if the Senate votes to pass the bill, the House will have to vote to accept the amendment. Campus carry has never been part of the open carry bill. It is SB 17, sent to a House comm. where it is waiting to be heard. If not heard this week, it’s probably dead. And Alice Tripp is the TSRA rep.


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