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ENOUGH: Plays to End Gun Violence is a propaganda program meant to promote plays written by high school students that address the impact of gun violence.” One of this year’s plays came to my attention: ‘Ghost Gun’.

Here’s a description of ‘Ghost Gun,’ the play . . .

Propelled by the urgency of his own decay and desperate to be heard, BLACK BOY delivers his “villain’s monologue” – a parting speech typically delivered to a hero before their death – to his audience held at gunpoint.

I attempted to get an interview with playwright, Olivia Ridley, a New Jersey high school student. Inquiries went without response. So questions like “Why the name ‘Ghost Gun?'” went unanswered. I don’t know if her protagonist has a “ghost gun,” what sort, or if the young lady even knows what one is. I highly doubt she’s actually speaking of 80-percent receivers.

Her bio says she wanted to explore the nuance of the “gun violence” issue. Did addressing that nuance include speaking with lawful gun owners? Does she know any?

She said that “gun control is certainly a great place to start!” What additional gun control would she like to see? Does she realize she already lives in one of the most heavily-regulated states? Does she have a clue as to what laws already exist?

The play’s description says its main character is a boy, which suggests he is a minor. How did her character obtain his gun? As a minor he could not lawfully purchase a handgun in any state in the country, so he’s already breaking existing laws. How would she persuade even her own law-breaking character to obey additional “gun control” laws?

Ms. Ridley’s character is described as delivering a “villain’s monologue,” which suggests that he was the bad guy and may have been shot in self-defense. Does she actually see an apparent violent criminal as a role model to emulate, and expect the audience to take his advice on gun control?

But mostly I think I wanted to ask her if she has considered a play exploring a pro-gun rights point of view, in contrast to “Ghost Gun?” If she’s even aware that such a valid viewpoint exists?

I rather suspect she doesn’t, and doesn’t want to, explaining why I received no response from her or from ENOUGH.

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    • Now class today we are going to begin a play called “The Evils Of Gun Control.” I need some of my Black students who want to play the roll of helpless, unarmed cotton picking slaves being beaten by their democRat Party slave masters. The rest of you can play the roll of terrorized, unarmed Blacks who had their shacks burnt and were lynched by the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party called the KKK.

      For my White students you all can play the rolls of unarmed, helpless Jews being separated from their families and put on freezing trains headed to nazi concentration camps. The more difficult rolls will be for those capable of reenacting dying of suffocation in a gas chamber, etc.

      Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide…Anyone who tells you different is putting lipstick on a pig. Class dismissed.

      • Was the Nazis as bad as we think? The kids on the trains were cold, Hitler was just trying to warm them up.,,,Bad joke I know, but couldn’t resist

      • Little Debbie just doesn’t understand it, how could Donald Trump be defeated this way.
        He had everything going for him, except covid and other dragons he neglected to slay.
        So she dives into the past, lays it on thick, revels in past sins.
        But the present, that is too inconvenient, her excuses would be too thin.
        In the past Southern Democrats were racists, unlike Northern who were not at all the same.
        And now those former Southern Democrats are Republicans, who racist views they are still proud to claim.
        And like David Duke and others, they cloak their bigotry in language obtuse.
        And try to control by denying rights, gerrymandering, you are not true Americans is their excuse.
        If they can keep you from voting or deny your states right to vote as they choose.
        They can hold on to power a few more years if they do so, before they consistently begin to lose.
        Because like it or not they are in decline, even in fly over states the liberals are gaining.
        But to Little Debbie’s distress this just does not make any sense, the GOP should be reigning.
        But since it’s not her angers fierce and her post show it.

        And with this post ol not poet and I know is done. He mangled some words, threw them on the computer and called it done.

        Note, this does not express Ol no Poets views, just came to mine and was then forced to rhyme.

  1. They should make a musical called don’t joing gangs, don’t deal drugs, get a job, get educated and have kids after you are married.

    Then again the object sitting on a table can not complain either.

    • Too old school and not nearly political enough. Kids must be made into left wing political activists. There seems to be much more focus on that lately than improving education.

  2. I kinda wish us and them(ohfck, now pink Floyd’s stuck in my head) wouldn’t call it ghost gunms and assaultm rifles. Words do have an impact on what people think.,,,,Yes indeed China has theatres too.,,, The death of a child is tragic, but blaming a gunm won’t change nothing because a gunm can’t do nothin by itself. Maybe the kids should have a teacher that had a lick of sense and put the blame where it belongs.

    • Words do have an impact on what people think…. Maybe this will help you get past that truly tasteless (even for THE possum) Nazi “joke”….

      Us (Us, us, us, us, us) and them (Them, them, them, them)… And after all we’re only ordinary men… Me (Me, me, me, me, me) and you (You, you, you, you, you)… God only knows it’s not what we would choose to do…

      Haven’t you heard it’s a battle of words…. The poster bearer cried…. Listen son, said the man with the gun…. There’s room for you inside.. (Pink Floyd “Us and Them”)

  3. In asking questions, you invaded her safe space. Facts will confuse her and disrupt her carefully crafted narrative.

  4. “Her bio says she wanted to explore the nuance of the “gun violence” issue.”

    Translation –

    What we had been using is fizzling out, so we’re looking for a new angle to rile up the gullibl… er, the public.

    The Marsupial One opined :

    “…wouldn’t call it ghost gunms and assaultm rifles. Words do have an impact on what people think.,,,,”


    They need a new angle to rile up and motivate the easily (mis)led…

    • MSR Modern Sporting Rifle


      We have terms already. They don’t seem to matter as what we don’t have is a voice. Mainstream media is all communist. Social media is all communist , and they are banning and deplatforming at an alarming rate.

      With ATFs hard on for braces and 80%s it is time we all not comply. Give them the big finger and do what the illegal alien supporters and potheads did; stop obeying the law, and get state and local support for it.

      Back during the Obama admenstruation “Firearms Freedom Acts” were spreading through states across the country. After the commies stole the Virginia state election, 2A Sanctuaries were spreading. It is time we pushed those two ideas, and pushed our state and local authorities to make them stick

  5. I find that the moment someone uses the term “gun violence”, there is a 99.99997% chance they don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

    There is no such thing as “gun violence.” There is only violence. Sometimes it involves a bad person using a firearm, sometimes it does not. The means is not the issue, the individual and his/her intent to do violence is.

    • You underestimate the enemy; they’re sneaky, not ignorant. “Gun violence” lets them promote a moral panic about the threat of [extremely rare] mass shootings with numbers inflated by suicides and gang-related homicides, as if it’s all one problem and thus all those numbers show the severity of the threat. It’s a deliberate tactic to scare the public (who mostly don’t feel threatened by suicides or gang killings in places they can avoid) into feeling threatened enough to want government to “Do something!”, even if that something won’t actually prevent mass shootings.

  6. Perhaps her next play should be about a creepy guy who tries to contact high school student to demand answers about a play she wrote and then makes assumptions about her motives when she declines to respond to his email.

  7. I did a play when I was in third grade from a chapter in a book about a young Daniel Boone shooting a wolf. I brought my cap operated replica of a Kentucky rifle and my mom made me a fake racoon cap.

    I shot it on stage and everybody clapped. But I didn’t sing, so maybe that’s why we have so many anti-gunners and hoplophobes. Its my fault. If only I sang instead of acted.

  8. I’ll wait for the musical. It’ll premier soon after “COVID 19, The musical”. It’s become so difficult for the writers/composers to come up with ideas that anyone might be interested in.

    BTW- I’m completing yet another 80% AR as I type- going with ,300 BLK again. Going to name it “The Ghost of Christmas Present”… Several meanings, figure it out.

    • Got one “jigged” up, on the drill press ready to go, had not decided on the upper but I can ALWAYS use another 300 blk… Thankx I’ll just call mine “Ghosts of Christmases’ FUTURE”… Maybe a special paint job “ghosted” candy cane stipes & Holley leaves with “ghosted” skulls or images of the “ghost” of Christmases’ future w/tombstones… OBTW got multi-meaning of your “presents” left one in my reply as well…

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