Joe Biden
President-elect Joe Biden pulls down his protective face mask to answer questions from reporters. (Kevin Lamarque/Pool via AP)
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Biden gave just one example of how he’d exercise restraint, saying he would resist a suggestion that he “do away with assault weapons.” Said the president-elect, “No one has fought harder to get rid of assault weapons than me, me, but you can’t do it by executive order. We do that, next guy comes along and says, Well, guess what? By executive order, I guess everybody can have machine guns again. So we gotta be careful.”

— David Dayen in Joe Biden Is Unhappy About the Day One Agenda

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  1. Fact is, everybody SHOULD be able to own machine guns! The socialist regime of FDR did tremendous damage to this constitutional republic but the NFA was the worst!

    • Yup. Arms are arms, and shall not be infringed. It doesn’t matter if it’s sticks and stones or the Death Star. If the government can have it, then for damn sure the people better have it, to keep an overeaching government in check.

        • First…Jim Crow Gun Control joe and the ho can go to hell. Second,..The time to be polite is over. Instead of preaching to the choir write your Senators and give them a piece of your mind and if necessary that includes a FU. And do attach a request for your Senator to inform RINO mitt romney it will be a cold day in hell before that ratbassturd gets your vote. And include you did not appreciate the turtle mitch the tightwad bitch rolling out the red carpet for joe and the ho and making you want to puke.

          And Gun Control? Any pompous lowlife democRat who is surrounded by armed security who thinks he/she can shove a sick agenda that is rooted in racism and genocide down the throats of law abiding Americans can go eat sht. Bottom line for Gun Control Zealots…You want them mr and miss Gun Control Racists and Nazis then shut the f up and just try to come and get ’em. Do make sure your gutless behinds are leading the charge.

          Let’s cut the chase…The democRat Party is the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow,, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities including slander and libel and rigging elections to keep those who oppose democRats from running for public office or holding public offiuce.. Shades of all past democRat Party filth are alive and well today in their deranged socialism and marxism that they want everyone to bow down and accept. That’s a problem because Americans bow to no man so the only solution is for democRats is to take their socialism and marxism and shove it back up their Rat behinds.

          In closing do feel free to read my mail on the floor of congress and let it be known I mean every damn word of it. Have a nice day.

    • The bottom line is that Biden is LYING! He will do exactly what his communist master tell him to do. The tree of liberty is dying.

      • “but you can’t do it by executive order.”

        I was just thinking, where have I heard that before? Perhaps Obama saying he couldn’t implement the “dreamer” program without Congress? What Biden means is he’ll try to get it through Congress, then do it anyway if he can’t.

    • A plain reading of United States v. Miller, 307 U.S. 174 (1939), the Supreme Court holds that WEAPONS SUITABLE FORMILITIA USE are the one protected by the 2nd Amendment. This seems simple enough.

  2. The Republicans are too chicken to get rid of eos by the Democrats much less create net positive ones like an mg amnesty.

    • I really do NOT understand the American fascination with firearms. Given the number of firearms out there, [the estimations for LEGALLY held firearms exceeds by a considerable amount the number of citizens and the number held illegally is not of course not known but taking the fact that less than TEN PERCENT of gun crimes involve legally held firearms it must be very considerable] . Having said that I think that if I lived in the USA I might just join the club and have an inclination for a self protection firearm but what I am talking about is far more than a wish for self protection. It’s about that fascination and serious lack of discipline disguised as a Citizens absolute right. I served in the UK Forces for nigh on two decades both as trained Infantry and as an Royal Air Force Armourer so I’m familiar with all types from the humble .22 to the 40mm 40/70 Bofors and all bombs/missiles/ demolition including Bomb Disposal, AAA and aircraft cannon then current so I’m not commenting as a bloody amateur and I was pretty damned competent in all of them as wel. the thing that most bothers me is how ready many, many Americans, if you believe their more lurid and outlandish ravings are prepared for Civil Insurrection and War as a means of changing the political system. WE in the UK and Europe and the wider CIVILISED DEMOCRATIC world all have problems, at one time or another, with all our governments. But we use the ballot box and since Oliver Cromwell have seldon contemplated Armed, or even UNARMED, Insurrection The ballot box is good enough and hey! If we do NOT like you, and you do not cut our particular mustard or do your job, you are out on your bloody ears ‘toot sweet. ‘ John Major David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Theresa May all failed the electorate and all paid the price! At least Tony Blair and Mrs Thatcher had the decency to resign.
      An illiterate ignoramus, and that’s putting it mildly, like Donald Trump would not have lasted six months in any other developed democratic country but the USA. The man who promised to ‘Make America Great Again’ has merely succeeded beyond all measue in making it a laughing stock from which it will take more than one Administration to recover from.
      America should perhaps reflect one one simple thing. Every time America has adopted an ISOLATIONIST policy it has been followed by serious recession
      BUT it is to the lasting shame of the USA that the only person that the most powerful nation in the world replace Donald Trump with seems to be a geriatric showing signs of dementia.

      • While Trump is his own worst enemy, he at least has our backs. If you think Trump is a laughing stock, just you wait for Biden, who is obviously in the mid stages of elderly dementia.

        What Trump has done for this country will go down in history, like what Teddy Roosevelt did. Neither one was liked by their own of the other party. I do not particularly like Trump and his way of governing, but he is doing what is needed.

        Our 2 party system is a big problem. In many other countries, a parliament has control, with many parties supporting each other. That may be better than the polarization our 2 party system has created in this country.

        • “In many other countries, a parliament has control, with many parties supporting each other. That may be better than the polarization our 2 party system has created in this country.”

          I seriously invite you to read news reports of the last year regarding the parliament of Israel. But first, look deeply into the parliamentary history of Germany between 1919 and 1933. Another instructive episode is that of Russia between February 1917, and August 1917, as the form of government was essentially parliamentary.

          Here is a very brief overview of parliaments vs. American two party system (hint: the English Parliament has two major parties with which the lesser parties align and un-align as needed)

          In the British Parliament (legislature), the two leading parties are: The Conservative Party, officially the “Conservative & Unionist Party”, and commonly known as “The Tory Party” or “the Tories”; The Labour Party. Thus, one rarely hears of The Liberal Party, or others in political news reports. Each of the major parties has to negotiate with lesser parties in order to obatin/retain a controlling majority. Control of politics/parliament in England can be changed, or outright stopped, if neither major party can create a ruling coalition with the lesser parties.

          In American politics, the two major parties are Democrat and Republican. Within each party are minor parties who sign onto, or disassociate from one or the other major party. The major difference is that the minor parties are very rarely identified during negotiations of the major party agenda. The really big difference between the U.S. and England is that the U.S. has never had “government” (Parliament/Congress) dissolved, and new, out-of-cycle elections conducted in an attempt to create a new ruling coalition. In England, minor parties can call for “vote of no-confidence”. There is no “term of office” for Parliament. In parliamentary systems, it is quite possible to have no sitting government for significant periods of time (talk about budget issues).

          So, England is a nation of two-party government, as is the U.S. In England, politics are discussed in terms of a “Conservative”, or “Labour” government, while in the U.S. politics is discussed in terms of “Democrat”, or “Republican” government. In the end, both nations are governed by politics of two major parties.

      • LOL the UK gave the USA its asstes(bases, colonies etc) to get their collective butts saved in WWII, and then went on to perfect offshore secret banking that screwed the world for the benefits of the elites. UK is a 3rd world shithole , get off your highcow and have some more fish n chips gov’nah.

      • Bloody wrong you are bloke. Ever since we whooped your behinds in the 1700 and 1800’s we have evolved into a gun culture. Americans have been cowboyish since then. You sure didnt mind us saving your fish and chips with a spot of Tea bombs during WW 1 and 2. An armed society is a polite society unless tin pot dictator wannabes get in our own business. We are a very civilized society with a small loser few trying to cancel our culture. Thats why the framers wrote the 2nd. To protect ourselves from tyrants when all other political aspects break down. And it will CONTINUE that way in the future. Now get back to your crumpets and may God save the Queen and bless the USA

      • The short answer is that the communist (formerly known as the democrat party) has cemented their election theft mechanism in place. There will never be another valid contested election here ever again. Clear enough for you? Second, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt in that your post is factual and accurate. You don’t understand us because you are a subject. We are free citizens and will fight to the death to maintain that freedom.

        • Though we have become less free by the decade, particularly in spurts every 30-40 years when an arch prog (Wilson, FDR, etc.) takes over. And we haven’t really fought back yet.

      • So what, Al? Are you suggesting there is a reason I should give a shit what you think? If you have enough guns, don’t buy any more, doesn’t concern me in the least.

      • Well blimey limey just stay in merry olde and leave us ‘colonials’ alone. BTW, it is highly likely that we will NOT bail your chestnuts out a third time. Merry Christmas – we can still say that over here, I doubt that you can lest you offend da mayor of Londonistan and his cronies.

      • The US is a Republic, not a dumbocracy. We’ll soon be as bad as the shithole countries you think are civilized.

      • “I really do NOT understand the American fascination with firearms.”

        It has something to do with a lot of us not liking the idea of subjugation. You Brits are obviously so much smarter than us that I expected the lesson to have stuck 244 years ago when we first told you and your monarchy to get the f*ck off our lawn.

        • To loosely paraphrase Burgoyne before his defeat at Saratoga….”They’re peasants..with guns…how can peasants have guns?”…….

      • Gee uncle Albert, if your knickers are in a bundie upon discovering some of us uncivilized ‘Muricans own more than one gun, you’ll be shocked, shocked I say, that a really special class of us are somehow entitled to more than one VOTE !! Blimey I say, Blimey !!!

      • You are back at it I see. Your government doesn’t trust you with a useful sized pocket knife. GFY

      • ” But we use the ballot box and since Oliver Cromwell have seldon contemplated Armed, or even UNARMED, Insurrection ”

        Considering how fucked up the UK is these days, you might want to rethink that.

      • The unmitigated nerve to bash on Trump when Boris is your PM, how delusional does one have to be. But hypocrisy is a national character trait of the United Kingdom and that’s coming from someone who loves the Brits.

        Not only did I live in the UK but before moving back to the US and becoming a 2A advocate, I did work for the Gun Control Network and was at Whitehall the day guns were effectively banned in the UK. Then I went home that night and turned on Cops London to watch a video a newstand down the street from me get robbed by two thugs who walked in and threw a brick in the face of the agent behind the counter. UK may have a lower homicide rate but you do live in a country that intentionally under reports violent crime in order to deflect from the fact that your laws don’t work. There’s a brutality to violent crime in the UK that I just haven’t seen in the US.

        Maybe if guns were as prevalent in countries like Germany and the UK as they are in the US you guys wouldn’t be getting your @sses handed to you by water hoses and billy clubs when you out and protest things like the ridiculous restrictions being levied on you due to Covid. Americans think it’s crazy in Democrat run states but what’s going on in your neck of the woods is absolutely insane.

        • “There’s a brutality to violent crime in the UK that I just haven’t seen in the US.“

          You seem to have some experience with the UK, can you please tell me when the last time they tied someone behind a truck and dragged them to death like Matthew Shepard?

          Also, I’m wondering about law-enforcement killing of innocent and unarmed individuals, what are the stats of law-enforcement in the UK killing innocent citizens like Tamir Rice?

      • Lol, I love it when some limey douche trys to tell me how laughable my country is. Your lame ass attempt to establish creds for people to appeal to your authority is a joke. Not from here? Then fuck off with your opinion. I highly doubt you’ve experienced half the shit you claim and that sorry attempt to sound knowledgeable while still highlighting what candy asses y’all are is priceless.

      • Before I move to the UK I want to know the trash dumpster situation. Do you guys throw away many fish and chips? Subway treats me pretty good here.

      • Making fun of and belittling your allies who had your back in two global conflicts, sent you money, supplies, arms, troops, ships, planes and everything you desperately needed to keep your own nation after Dunkirk doesn’t sound like a really good idea, does it?

        Her Majesty’s Armed Forces currently number 148,500 plus perhaps 50,000 reserves and auxiliaries. That is to protect your “kingdom” of about 68 million people.

        The United States has approximately 1.3 million active-duty troops, with another 865,000 in reserve.

        The Chinese “Peoples Liberation Army” has 2.8 million active soldiers with unknown reserves that probably amount to at least another half-million. They have more ships than England ever did, more missiles, more of everything.

        So by all means, keep mocking the only nation who has even half of what China does and has any hope of even slowing Chinese expansionism. Great idea. particularly when your own nation is essentially disarmed and ripe for the plucking.

      • Just a note, Neville Chamberlin lasted 4 years leading the UK with an appeasement policy the cost millions their lives in WW2. Add to the the UK policies towards is colonies over the past 100 years (think of all the lives lost in Ireland / India for a start). Then add the collapse of the British Empire. The conclusion I reach is advice from across the pond is a joke at best, self serving and cruel often.

    • One of these two comments is a certainty.

      Either Biden does what Democrat Party Leaders tell him to do (as Gadsden Flag said) or Democrat Party Leaders replace Biden with Harris (as Huntmaster said).

      • That is so much a given that the only remaining question is what manner of VP Commie-lala will be selecting.

        • Larry – I posed that very question on another site – afaik no one knows who she will name as her veep when – not if – she replaces poor old joe (can you say dead man walking). Talking with a buddy yesterday and he thought perhaps hillz, not likely as they don’t get along and the risk of arkancide would be VERY likely

      • If they want a possible 10 years of General Secretary Harris, then President Biden will have to be in for two years. But it will be Xi Jinping and the CCP “wolf warrior” diplomats who will set the USA’s foreign policy and some domestic policy as well.

    • They will likely confiscate from people one at a time as to avoid resistance, each person will surrender. The whole operation will be to instill fear of what happens if you don’t comply, and make a steady stream of examples out of people even though the number will be statistically small.

      People won’t want to live in fear and will either bury their stuff entirely, register, or surrender. Fear is a very good motivator but the people seem to have forgotten that.

      • Of course they’ll confiscate from one person at a time. We don’t keep our guns at a club and check them out when we want to use them, so they can’t collect from hundreds of people at once. If it became a widespread policy, we’d hear about it after a few days, at most. Such an abuse would start encountering resistance. Not every time, but even 1 in 1000 would mean running out of ATF agents and police before running out of gun owners.

      • You’re kidding, right? How many decades you figure it will take to confiscate the guns of 100 million people one at a time? Each one fighting it in the courts?

        • “Each one fighting it in the courts?”

          Example setting (intimidation) is a thing. Those targeted are unlikely to be people with the finances to bear the cost of litigation. Which probably includes the large majority of the alleged “100 million”. As has been mentioned, linking gun ownership (or lack of) to a government benefit will do much to cause individuals to make serious calculation of priorities.

      • Don’t forget a few “shock and awe” events to scare the population into compliance.

        Ruby Ridge and Waco will look like Sundsy School picnics in comparison.

      • ARC – if they try to pick off law abiding Citizens in onesies or twosies they will try to do it on the sly, likely in the dark of night and with little to no fanfare nor media coverage. Their only ally will be us having little to no knowledge of their nefarious actions. If word gets out, there would be little chance of them succeeding.
        BTW, they might want to bring snacks since it will take them a long time to find/get all of us………………………..

    • GSG – here’s a thought – they will use the expanded NFA taxes to pay for the buyback, in essence you will pay them big bucks for all of the evil black rifles and standard capacity magazines you have and they will use that money to ‘buy back’ all of those items – at say ten cents (more likely a plug nickel) on the dollar of the fair market value. IOW – you will have a bit of pocket change (maybe) and NONE of your previously legally owned property.

  3. Trump’s EO kicks in today. The most wonderful Christmas gift would be to see Biden and Kamala in handcuffs on Christmas morning.

  4. Well at least you guys aren’t talking about Hunter. He’s the smartest man I know. Except for the Navy cocaine thing, and the stripper baby momma thing, and the cry for help leaving the laptop thing, and the sister-in-law thing, and the, well how much time do you have?

    • So Joe turned his cocaine addled son into a bag man for his foreign influence peddling; and here I am hoping he doesn’t get nailed for it until close to the next election cycle, because Harris. Just damn!

      If you live in Georgia like I do, get your ass to the voting booth, or watch the Democrats shut down the filibuster, and then turn DC and Puerto Rico into states, after they pack the Court.

      • The CCP have openly boasted about how the created and financed Hunter’s foundation. And also how they encourage contributions to the foundation. Makes the Clinton Foundation look like amateur hour.

      • It’s called Biden privilege. Try to get them to let you in at that age without being a doctor or lawyer. It was probably supposed to give him some cred going forward in life. “He was a Naval Officer!” But Hunter fcked that up just like everything else.

      • Larry – yep – and as a commissioned officer no less. Whoever did the recruiting should likely be court martialled and all of his supervisors who approved it as well. I did enough time in recruiting to know a bad actor when I see them. Oh he was given a administrative discharge of some sort but likely not a DD or BCD which is what he would have likely gotten had he not had ‘connections’.
        Frankly he ain’t worth my time to look up all the sordid details.

  5. Hesitant? Only because he doesnt want to be blamed for the second civil war. But in the end, he’ll do whatever his handlers tell him to do.

  6. im not sure how much it really matters if loeffler and perdue win in georgia next month
    do we really think romney and collins and murkowski and all the other rinos would vote against “keeping weapons of war off the peaceful streets of america”

    • It would be best to keep the senate majority. The Senate still needs 60 votes to end debate on a bill. A republican majority in the Senate would also force democrats to nominate more moderate judges. I imagine it would also slow down the nomination process.

      • Dude,

        The “60 votes to invoke cloture” is a Senate procedural rule. If they have 50/50 and Heels-up Harris casts the tie-breaking vote, they can dump that on day one of the new session – like Harry Reid did for judicial appointments (How’s that workin’ out for ya, Harry, you dumb SOB???). No, the Republican Party either keeps the Senate majority, or we are screwed, blued and tattooed.

      • I would hope it would STOP the confirmation process. That or hand Biden Trump’s list, tell him “pick one of these”.

        • I agree. If, and that is by no means certain, we manage to win at least one of the GA Senate seats, 51/49 then we can stop Biden from doing anything except passing a budget. Reports this morning that Stacey, the rotund, Abrams is bragging about having 1.5 Million absentee ballots ready and waiting.

    • There is no such thing as a RINO except maybe the person using it. Even John McCain voted with the President most of the time and he was an opponent of an MSR ban.

      The use of RINO was a started as a DNC false flag operation to divide Republicans and it worked.

      • “There is no such thing as a RINO”

        Respectfully disagree. Have you heard of the Lincoln Project? They were “republicans” concerned about the “country,” AKA Trump. The plan was to fool weak-minded people like you know who into believing that the group was SO concerned that they were willing to go against the people of their own political party! “Hey look! They don’t like Trump and they’re REPUBLICANS!” It was painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain that they were RINOs. What conservative policies would a Biden presidency and a democrat majority senate produce? Now that the Orange Man is on his way out, they’re finally coming out of the closet and admitting that they’re democrats, and now they’ll just focus on getting rid of those pesky republicans.

        • The Lincoln Project fall under the heading of #nevertrumper. They abandoned the Republicans up and down the ticket. Romney voted with Trump on virtually major issue. His beef with Trump was personal not political. Same with McCain.

          No such thing as a RINO.

        • Okay fair enough. I can think of another word to describe the nevertrump so-called republicans: opportunists. They pretended to be republicans because it helped their cause. See Evan McMullin, Anthony Scaramucci, and their groups like Stand Up Republic and Right Side PAC. How does one go from Trump’s biggest cheerleader (Scaramucci) to criticizing everything about Trump? Simple. They’re FOS and stand for nothing but themselves.

        • Another interesting characteristic of NeverTrumpers: they often have ties to Bush-McCain-Romney.

          Stand Up Republic
          Mindy Finn
          Executive Director
          Mindy is a 15-year veteran of digital politics, leading digital and technology programs for the RNC, Mitt Romney, and George W. Bush.

        • I would describe the Lincoln Project a false flag operation. It was funded by a left-wing Democrat and one of the cofounders was a registered agent for a foreign government. (Russia)

      • RINO’s are a real thing. Romney created the first version of ObamaCare in Massachusetts, and McCain cast the deciding vote not to kill ObamaCare on a national level. Romney also set the Mass assault weapon ban in place after the national version’s sunset in 2004. Those are two of the worst RINO’s, but there’s plenty more where they came from.

        • “RINO’s are a real thing. ”

          Back in the day….we called them “Country Club Republicans”. They were matched with “Limousine Liberals”

        • “Back in the day….we called them “Country Club Republicans”.

          Back in the day, I called them @ssh0les. Still do.

        • The Massachusetts healthcare plan endorsed by then Governor Romney was Newt Gingrich’s idea for alternative to Hillarycare. Romney really had nothing to do with the Massachusetss ban. The Democrats had veto proof majorities in the Legislature. The ban would have been worse without Romney. McCain voted against the final attempt to repeal ACA to spite the President. He was going to vote for repeal when he thought it would pass but when Rand Paul came out against the repeal McCain saw the opportunity to hurt Trump so he voted no. Is Rand Paul a RINO.

        • Paul is one of the few Senators that actually has principles. He wanted a clean repeal. I think he just refused to vote yes on the obscene budget. McCain was such a bitter soul, he went to the grave flipping off Trump.

      • Trump is not a real Republican – thank God! He has done what no Republican has done since Teddy – gone up against the corruption of the huge corporations that try to control both sides(and have been for years).
        Trump is for what is best for the country(business, not imports). He has shown he wants the U.S. to get back to manufacturing product, limiting foreign control, building industries so we have essential products for national security. He has made us energy independent(he does need to do more to help alternative sources of energy). All in all he has been an old style Democrat, like Harry Truman, who actually cares about his country.

    • The senate majority leader has complete control over what get to the senate floor,individual senators don’t have that power. Mitch didn’t bring any of that dem house passed garbage to the floor and it won’t change.

      The senate majority matters tremendously

      • DDay,

        The senate majority matters tremendously.

        Sadly, I’ll bet that less than 10,000 people in our nation understand that incredibly important fact.

        Even though Republicans do not have a large enough majority in the U.S. Senate to pass favorable bills, they have enough of a majority to BLOCK the U.S. Senate from passing garbage bills. Quite often that is just as important as passing favorable bills.

        • uncommon,

          All you said was true, but not complete. Cloture is a Senate procedural rule – the Senate can change it by a simple majority vote, any time, like Harry Reid did for judicial appointments (Thanks, Harry, you incredible dumb@$$). The Dims have ALREADY threatened to do it, if they take control, and I have no doubt that they mean it. Cocaine Mitch should return the favor on day one of the new Senate (assuming we win the two GA runoffs), and jam some stuff through. Nancy would never let any of it pass the House, and Slow Joe and the Ho would probably veto it, but at least it would keep them busy!

  7. There is no such thing as an “assault weapon”.

    There are purely military/police weapons, fully automatic and they require a special ATF license to own or possess, so no issue there.

    Semi automatics, regardless of their appearance, are just ordinary guns, nothing fancy, no special “killing capacity”!

    Get the government out of all personal gun ownership, Second Amendment rules.

    • If you’re going to post here, you should spend an hour learning some little bit what you’re talking about. There is no “special ATF license”, other than to buy and sell such weapons. You have to pay a tax. After which they are not “purely military/police weapons”, on top of which do you think military/police are something other than human? If they have them, why shouldn’t I have them?

  8. EO curtailing 2A will fail with the current SCOTUS lineup. And that’s why GA is so important. Dems take GA and they can add 2 new anti-2A justices and give John Roberts back his swing vote power.

    • They would add 4 liberals making the court 13 members and 8 of them hard core libs. They wouldn’t need roberts. In addition they make DC a state for 2 more dem senators, end the filibuster and pass every liberal fantasy into law. SCOTUS would approve it if went to court

      Yes; Georgia matters a lot

      • Ginsburg is on record of saying the SCOTUS should *not* be expanded.

        If they make noises, rub their noses the video of her saying that… 😉

        • I think that a majority in Congress agrees that packing the Court for purely political purposes is very very bad policy.

        • Because Dimocrats are never inconsistent hypocrites???? Is that your contention? They’ll ignore RBG without a second thought if they get the chance, count on it.

      • I’m sure the Georgia senate run-off election vote-counting will be as secure and trustworthy and without fuckery as the national election was.

      • Does anyone know the process/requirements for a new state? I was around for AK and HI, but too much a kid to care. I think current discussion underrepresents the difficulty of the magic wand concept, or Osama would have done it in 2009.

  9. Slow Joe better tred lightly…there’s a helluva lot more of them there scary rifles now compared to 1994. Does the sniffer get that??? Even if the dims equal the Republican’s in the senate I wouldn’t count on guy’s like Manchin voting yea…

    • Did anyone use the scary black rifles to resist tyranny in 1994? No. As long as he doesn’t mandate door to door confiscation no one will do anything this time either. The Feds will just pick gun owners off one by one as some poor fool is caught with it at a traffic stop or a public range.

      • There was no confiscation in 1994. You could continue to own and sell the existing guns and magazines,, but new magazines had to be 10.rounds or less, and new rifles had to omit threaded barrels, bayonet lugs, adjustable stocks, and other “evil” features.

        • It was those dam bayonet lugs done all the troubles, man! Look it up, every day another 1000 children bayonetted, Praise the Lord we finally got rid of them.

          • “It was those dam bayonet lugs done all the troubles, man! Look it up, every day another 1000 children bayonetted, ”

            It wasn’t the lug itself. It was what the lug permitted: attachment of the chainsaw bayonet. If “they” had just mandated that chainsaw bayonets required two lugs to complete the attachment, then banned rifles with two bayonet lugs, things would have just been fine.

      • And Joe knows it too since Obama put him in charge of a panel dedicated to finding ways to ban scary black rifles without Congressional action, and that group concluded that an EO was not an available option,

  10. Follow actions not words.
    Following words over actions was, IMO, the main reason so many emoting retards had full on TDS.
    Because we know Bidens past actions we can decipher his likely future actions.
    His words are meaningless.

  11. Don’t worry, Hawaii Judge is always ready and willing to tell conservative Presidents they can’t use Executive Orders to reverse the Executive Orders of progressive Presidents.

  12. “We do that, next guy comes along and says, Well, guess what? By executive order, I guess everybody can have machine guns again. So we gotta be careful.”

    LMAO he gives way to much credit to Republicans by thinking they are actually pro 2A. We can’t even get a Republican president to control a rogue ATF that is raiding and threatening to ban 80% lowers and pistol braces. We will never see a Republican president make a push to legalize machine guns.

    • “We will never see a Republican president make a push to legalize machine guns.”

      Presidents cannot legitimately override legislation via EO/EA. SCOTUS would rely on tradition and history of machine gun regulation as legitimate.

      • Also true. We will never see a “conservative” court uphold the 2A to the extent that they strike down the machine gun ban.

      • Republican Presidents have had the ability to declare NFA amnesty periods or expand what imports are considered “sporting,” but they haven’t. Similarly, Biden can declare all semiautos non-sporting and stop their import, but not their domestic production or ownership. There would probably be lawsuits, which could go either way.

      • SCOTUS holds with some fuzzy “tradition” in the face of specific wording in the BoR, they may start finding themselves shot.

  13. The President does NOT have the authority to BAN the possession or sale of “assault weapons”. An executive order is just an official directive from the U.S. president to Federal agencies to take an action. The agency must already have the authority to take that action under Federal Law. However Biden would have the authority to ban the IMPORTATION of firearms that do not have a “sporting purpose” under Federal Law. There is a lot of leeway in the sporting purposes language in the GCA of 1968.

  14. I’m always looking for ways to benefit from current events. If this does pass or the rumor of it grows, I think I’ll invest in the manufacturers of shovels, oxygen packets, PVC glue, and PVC. And maybe short sell any insurance company offering boat insurance. 🙂

  15. Maybe all those Brainiacs should sit down and discuss why people kill people, and focus their attention on resolving those issues? Oh wait . . . that might open up a can of worms they don’t want to address . . .like employment opportunities, poverty, prescription and non-prescription drug/alcohol addiction and sales, theft rings, sex rings, . . . the list goes on and on. And why would they want to focus upon issues that might lead to campaign donor organizations, or individuals ? ? ?

    • Convince them they could increase their power and bank accounts by helping the country, and they’d get right on it.


  17. Biden would probably like to get a bunch of gun control done. He won’t get it. There is tremendous inertia built into the system. Both parties benefit from having the status quo. The dems get to virtue signal about ‘save the children!’ and the gop gets to pocket cash from the industry and keep voters on the perpetual promise of actually passing things like reciprocity or silencer bills.

    It’s like a dog chasing a car. What happens if it actually catches it? In the GOP’s case we saw what happened in 2016. The dems? Probably the same story. They’ll find something more important to do.

    • “Regarding a Biden Ban on Assault Weapons, has he figured out what they, these Assault Weapons are?”

      Does it really matter?

      “”I don’t know what you mean by ‘glory,’ ” ‘assault weapon’ Alice said.
      Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. “Of course you don’t—till I tell you. I meant ‘there’s a nice knock-down argument for you!'”

      “But ‘glory’ ‘assault weapon’ doesn’t mean ‘a nice knock-down argument’,” Alice objected.

      “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

      “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

      “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.”

  18. Dude isn’t even in office yet and already disappointing over half his voter base (the living ones). Wow.

    “machine guns”

    I can’t even…

  19. No he isn’t. The Dems have stopped pretending they give a d@mn about the law.

    If you keep track of the “trial balloons” they send out, you may have noticed that they’re trying to talk about “gun violence” as a “public health emergency.” You see, they’ve been so successful at turning a 3-week “emergency” into a nine-month-and-counting emergency that gives them the media attention and power they crave that they’re planning on starting to lump in other things like guns then use “emergency” powers to do whatever they want without regard for the Constitution.

    Need proof?

    The Baltimore Sun presumes to speak for everyone claiming “Americans want tighter gun control”

    The NSSF knows this is the plan:

    This is how the Dems operate. They push their message in dozens or hundreds of places then point to all of the publications and claim there is a groundswell of support.

    They are coming for your guns. You can play ostrich and put your head in the sand and try to ignore reality. That is one thing that is guaranteed to be 100% ineffective.

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