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A Ukrainian soldier stands at the line of separation from pro-Russian rebels, Donetsk region. Germany's refusal to join other NATO members in supplying Ukraine with weapons has frustrated allies and prompted some to question Berlin's resolve in standing up to Russia. (AP Photo/Andriy Dubchak,file)
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Before Saturday’s turnaround, senior Ukrainian officials had been complaining bitterly for weeks about Germany’s refusal to allow arms shipments to bolster Ukraine’s defenses.

Estonia, in particular, had said it wanted to send old howitzers but was prevented from doing so because Germany was withholding its approval. Estonia bought the weapons from Finland, which gave its sign-off, but Germany also has to OK the transfer because it originally sold the howitzers to Finland.

At the time, Ukrainian and some officials from EU countries expressed outrage. And in response, Germany said it was sending 5,000 helmets and a field hospital to Ukraine, a meager contribution that has been the subject of some derision considering that Germany is the biggest and wealthiest EU country.

But the dispute over the howitzers erupted nearly a month ago, and now that Russian President Vladimir Putin has undertaken a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the need to supply Kyiv with arms and ammunition is urgent. Russian tanks have advanced on the Ukrainian capital, which is also under fire from Russian missiles. Paratroopers and other Russian forces are trying to infiltrate the city, and local officials have warned residents that fighting is underway on the streets. Many have taken refuge in subway stations.

Germany’s resistance lingered even as other European countries, the U.S. and NATO started mobilizing in recent days to send military equipment and weapons to Ukraine.

Poland started sending ammunition by land, while Estonia and Latvia on Friday said they were beginning to truck fuel, Javelin anti-armor weapons and medical supplies to the Ukraine border for hand-off to Ukrainian forces. Elsewhere, the Czech Republic said it would send guns and ammunition, and Slovakia said it would send ammunition, diesel and kerosene. 

On Saturday, more countries started chipping in.

The Netherlands said it will send 200 Stinger anti-aircraft defense systems to Ukraine — often the top-requested type of military aid among Ukrainian soldiers and officials (apart from Western powers sending their own planes and forces to fight with Ukraine). And Belgium announced it would supply Ukraine with 2,000 machine guns and 3,800 tonnes of fuel.

— David M. Herszenhorn, Lili Bayer and Hans Von Der Burchard in Germany OKs weapons for Ukraine in major shift on military aid


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  1. Germany’s foot dragging resulted in too little, too late.

    Besides the Netherlands , Finland which is not a Nato country agreed to also send stinger missiles.

    The problem is getting them there as the Russians are taking over the air fields and a land route is way too slow considering the gravity of the situation.

      • Hilarious to see the lil girl dacian getting all butch on Putin. Laughable macho posturing. Another reformed Russian prog who showers all their love on Peking (now that the chicoms have generous pockets).

        • And I was thinking Putin would be another poster boy for lil’d, alongside Che Guevara and other antifa heroes. A former KGB colonel tries to restore the Soviet Empire, err, Union by force of will and a lot of boozed up conscripts.

      • Paul, the Lefty, so you think we should just roll over and let it happen? Typical Lefty response. (Leave that ‘I’m and independent’ nonsense to someone not familiar with your rhetoric.)

    • This is the far-lefts agenda being rolled out in real-time. Dacians’ uncle Vlad is pushing soviet style propaganda to justify the invasion of Ukraine.

      Dacians tone seems somber. All of the rest of us saw this coming (except for super president Biden)

      • It’s okay. They banned the importation of Russian ammo and firearms. I’m sure Putin will think twice before doing anything bad. It totally wasn’t backdoor gun control meant to drive up the price of already expensive ammo. The dems aren’t interested in punishing their domestic political enemies.

    • So, dacian the stupid, what is YOUR beloved “(p)Resident” doing to help Ukraine????? Has he sent them coupons for his favorite ice cream outlet??? Lloyd Austin, our corpulent COVID-fearing idiot of a Defense Secretary is CONSIDERING offering them REMOTE military training. Gee, think they might be a little busy right now, Lloyd, you fat, useless @$$wipe!! Remote training? GTFOH.

      Just shut up, dacian, you are too stupid to insult, and trying to come all over “badass” is seriously not even a decent joke. Go away, and shut up. No one gives a single shart about anything you have to say.

      • Lol Lamp is the biggest chicken hawk here, and that’s really saying something when you consider the abject cowardice of frequent contributors Haz, Geoff the Bootlicker and jwm, to name just a few.

        • nameless, brainless troll,

          I am curious – how do you manage to type (albeit only semi-competently) with one hand, while busily fapping away to your Che Guevara poster?? That may be your biggest (or, more likely, ONLY) accomplishment of your sorry life.

          Go micturate up a cable, and go pound salt in your @$$.

    • darcydodo…But for months you’ve been telling everyone they are safer in their homes without firearms…Wha’ Happened? Did the the marxist media push eject and feed you a different program? You silly robot.

    • “I know where the Ukranians can get some M-16’s, helicopters, Humvees, and such…Afghanistan.”


      The Taliban lost them all in a terrible sandstorm accident.

      *snicker*… 🙂

  2. “The Netherlands said it will send 200 Stinger anti-aircraft defense systems to Ukraine”

    Now THIS is the kind of thing that CAN make a difference. I would like the SAF to tell us if they plan to send the Ukraine THESE kinds of arms.

    • Prndll,

      Yes sir. Ukraine needs about 20,000 shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles and about 20,000 shoulder-fired anti-tank missiles to completely stop this invasion in its infancy.

      Pro-tip: Ukraine needs at least 10 times more shoulder-fired missiles than Russian attack aircraft and tanks because Ukrainians need to spread them out over their entire country. (Russian attack aircraft and tanks could come from anywhere and thus Ukrainians need to have defensive missiles everywhere.)

      • Yeah, they can sell back the excess after Russia has no more air force nor armor. My thoughts exactly, and I see no excuse why those missiles were not already in place before the invasion began, when a couple C-17s could have delivered them in a day. I’d bet we will discover the presence of those missiles will prove to have been the entire reason why Ukraine did not fall in one day. They need to not run out, and they need to be EVERYWHERE!

      • uncommon,

        Those MANPADS are particularly important against the armored attack helicopters (Hinds and subsequent), that are the most dangerous to ground troops. And they are particularly vulnerable to MANPADS. Russia doesn’t really have a great “close air support” fighter – they have the SU-25, but it is NOT a match for the Warthog, and they didn’t make as many of them. And MANPADS are SOMEWHAT effective against the SU25 (like the Warthog, they are hard to bring down).

  3. Putin just put his nuclear forces on alert. Hopefully someone close to him will take him out before things go too far and people start getting vaporized.

        • Indeed.

          “Putin is now essentially threatening the use of nuclear weapons in response to the announcement that the Russian central bank will be targeted with economic restrictions.”

          Well, the good news is, at least my obviously obsessed, apparently brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) will get vaporized before I will… 🙂

        • NATO activation is old news (Friday).

          The Rapids Reaction Force at present is the French. unlikely to worry Putin much.

        • You got the wrong guy with your “bone up”.

          NATO for 30yrs has been a joke and the QRF is a TINY “multinational force composed of land, sea, air, and special elements”. IE no unity of command (or equipment). At present lead force is the French who isn’t going to scare anyone. Stop reading/believing Euro (and demtard chickhawk) propaganda.

        • NATO QRC and the NATO Rapid Reaction Force are two different things. The rapid reaction force is composed of 40,000 personnel and is under the command of the Supreme Allied Commander. General Tod D. Wolters, USAF, is the current NATO SAC.

          No propaganda. Please cite your sources NATO is activating a mostly French reaction force.

          Keep trying, you might learn something…. I doubt it though.

    • This is Madness!

      No one, I say again, NO ONE wins in a nuclear exchange. I had thought that everyone had figured this out decades ago.

      • Nope.. what Russia figured out was if they could not get what they wanted everyone would suffer Russian nukes anyway.

      • Manse,

        I certainly think Vlad is a psycho, but I’d be surprised if he actually “went there”. This move was in response to apparently (at least temporarily) placing SOME Russian financial institutions on the SWIFT black list. Actually ejecting ALL Russian financial institutions from SWIFT would be a better move, but our feckless, senile “(p)Resident” won’t go there.

        Vlad may be a fascist dictator, but he does not have total control, and has some serious domestic rivals and enemies who would love to see him weakened. His invasion is stalling (at least so far), and if he does NOT succeed in the next couple of weeks, his domestic problems may force him to seek a compromise. I think Vlad is getting desperate, and desperate men (particularly desperate psycho fascists), are unpredictable. If Trump had had another term to continue jawboning the useless parasites in NATO to carry their own weight, NATO might have been strong enough to be an effective deterrent.

        Interesting story (that I personally love): There is a persistent rumor that FINLAND has requested NATO membership. If true, the will (i) SERIOUSLY piss Vlad off, and (ii) scare the crap out of the Russians (they STILL remember Simo Hayha!). Poland and Romania have declared their skies “no-fly zones” for Russian aircraft (largely symbolic, since they are on the other side of Ukraine from Russia, but even a symbolic gesture can have propaganda value), and others are suspected of planning similar declarations.

        Vlad seems to have seriously stepped on his own Johnson. I hope he’s rational enough to realize that, but counting on fascists to be reasonable is not a sound strategy – witness dacian the stupid and MinorIQ.

      • Everybody had figured that out, everybody but the authoritarian dictator and Donald Trump‘s friend, Vladimir Putin.

        Think of it, in response to economic restrictions, this greedy “Genius” is willing to threaten the use of nuclear weapons.

        This just confirms what we’ve observed before, Putin has a higher approval rating with the Republican Party compared to the current United States president because they are equally unhinged.

        • MinorIQ,

          Show us on the doll where the Bad Orange Man hurt you. Your TDS is becoming both boring and stupid. In four years, Trump did more to curb Russia AND China than our Walking Rutabaga of a “(p)Resident” and his former boss, Black Chicago Jesus did in their 8 years, and in the Walking Rutabaga’s PATHETIC two years since. HOW MANY Russian invasions during Trump’s tenure????? WHO was President when Putin stole Crimea? WHO is “president” now, when they invade Ukraine??

          Why don’t you acknowledge the FACT that Trump imposed more sanctions on both China and Russia than the impotent, senile idiot in the White House has managed to do, even yet??? Because if effs up your precious “narrative”?? Trump, for ALL of his MANY faults, was a more effective and better President than Joe Biden and Barry Soetoro put together (and you can even throw in Kamal “Heels Up” Harris). Stop being pathetic, if you can.

          Please take your partisan idiocy and sod off. You are too stupid to insult.

      • Maybe Putin wants to make good on those missed opportunities from the 1980s. Able Archer 83 and the glitch that reported incoming missiles. If he can’t win, Russia goes down in a blaze of nuclear glory and takes the rest of the world with them.

  4. Cool I guess. Better than harsh language & sharp sticks. Putin wants an intact Ukraine. Is that “why” he’s held back? And I see Elon Musk is giving satellite internet to Ukraine. Also cool. Pray for Ukraine. Only a miracle will save them…

  5. After a gibberish mainstream media report on the German anti tank weapon contribution I found a credible report they are sending Panzerfaust 3. Range about 920 meters but most importantly a duplex munition is available which is very hazardous to even MBT armor.

  6. Scholz also address an emergency Sunday meeting of Germany’s lawmakers. He’s calling for Germany to invest 2% of Germany’s GDP into defense.

    That is about 40 years late. Now, we need all the rest of Europe to match that, and stop relying on the USA for all of their defense.

    • Yep. Leadtime for the equipment needed NOW is measured in years/decades. The German army today is a pathetic joke. When the Germans closed down in the 90s NATO, in reality, went away.

      • Of course, literally none of what this clown writes is true. I bet this is that dullard Lamp trying to reintroduce himself after getting smacked around one too many times.

        • Idiot nameless, brainless troll,

          The only thing you slap around is your tiny Johnson at your daily idiot circle jerk with dacian the stupid and MinorIQ. You are a pathetic troll, devoid of intellect, wit, class or relevance. Go micturate up a cable, brainless nonentity.

      • As usual, MinorIQ, you are full of crap. Spending money DOES NOT equal military preparedness OR effectiveness. As the old saying goes, “The most expensive thing in the world is the world’s SECOND best military.” Germany isn’t even a distant tenth. Their OWN senior military knows the truth:

        Stop believing bulls*** just because in bolsters your idiot “narrative”. NATO is a useless shell of its former self, and Trump TRIED to fix it (and might have succeeded, given enough time). Germany couldn’t field a single, full-strenght, combat-effective DIVISION, and they know it. Take your propaganda elsewhere. The German “Army” is an undertrained, ill-equipped, not-combat-ready POS (like our own Army is rapidly becoming under its current crop of moron “woke” generals).

        Just admit you’re wrong, ignorant, and generally don’t know WTF you are talking about; your delusions do NOT strengthen your position.

  7. Ukraine has put up a good fight. Putin underestimated them. The Germans are still suffering from guilt over two world wars and are slow to act. That has caused lives to be lost.

    Russia seems to have had logistics issues that stopped them. They didn’t plan on resistance and didn’t coordinate supply trains. Putin forgot Sun Tzu.

    Putin is threatening another world war. He has become unhinged. Is there a medical or a mental issue that has developed in the last few months? Or is it a combination of both? Putin is acting strange even for him.

    What we need to prepare for now is a cyber war from Russia and their allies. Time to remove batteries from radios, put things in a modified faraday cage, and hope it doesn’t happen. The sun is active with solar ejections, Putin is off his rocker, and what happens next is anyone’s guess.

    It is better to prepare for the worst than to wait and hope everything turns out just fine.

    • Putin unhinged? I’ll wait for evidence of that. He holds all the trump cards, he can afford to play aggressively. Never underestimate your enemy, Putin isn’t insane, or out of touch with reality. Our side has not really understood reality.

      I invite you to watch this video that I linked to above:

      • With all due respect, Paul , Putin MAY be an “evil genius”, but he is also, unquestionably, a psycho fascist. Psychos can be quite brilliant, but are inherently unstable. Vlad is NOT holding all the trump cards. IF NATO could pull it’s collective head out of rectal defilade and formulate a coherent response, Vlad would be in serious trouble right now, but that hasn’t happened. Vlad is not without serious domestic rivals and enemies that would love to see him in trouble. If he can’t succeed in the next couple of weeks, his domestic problems may force him to seek compromise. And since you INSIST that he is NOT insane, what is his “win” from destroying the Ukraine? It makes him look like a strong man?? That one has “Pyrrhic Victory” written all over it. Even the Walking Rutabaga, Senile Joe Biden, might put down his ice cream cone long enough to at least enact MEANINGFUL sanctions against him.

        Putin MAY be smart, but he is far from stable. I don’t know what the psycho fascist will do, but I’m fairly confident he won’t go nuclear. That is a strategy with literally no upside for him.

        He either ramps up the invasion (which might very well turn into a more general ground war), or finds a way to “settle” this. I don’t see Vlad trying to open a can of nuclear whoopass.

    • Former Paratrooper, Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that Putin fucked up a little off the jump with his tactical plans- which often can turn into a very big deal on a battlefield. A combination of several factors with the main one being he simply waited too long to do a full scale attack after his propaganda ploy to justify his actions became evident. This gave Ukraine just enough time to quickly move to counter the initial strategic acquisitions of Air Strips and other necessary forward assets and put the brakes on his ‘Blitzkrieg’ strategy. It seems like Putin got lazy and thought it would be easy-peasy like Crimea. But I’m sure forensic Intelligence agencies noticed the recent ‘personality’ changes, along with the physical signs of Cortisone use on his face. He might have cancer and in the mind-altering side effects of drug treatments doesn’t care about anything else except getting his way or going out like a Jap?

  8. The big question remains, how much longer can the Ukrainians hold out against the Russian air force that is decimating their tanks and artillery.

    • Not very long. Maybe Ukraine should have invested more in their own defense? Especially in view of the fact they have been yanking Putin’s chain for a decade. For the record, the Ukraine government is not innocent.

    • More laughable nonsense from a newly minted prog chickenhawk. Getting your new “knowledge” from the Sunday morning MSM propaganda broadcast.

      “Decimating” har There is not sufficient public accessible info of the war to know what the overall status is. BUT clear that the Ukrainians are far outperforming what Putin expected.

      • To be fair, few people use the word “decimate” properly. From the old Roman Legions, when a legion mutinied or otherwise disgraced itself, the legion was formed up, and commanders walked down the line, killing every tenth legionnaire. Deci = 1/10th. Poor retarded dacian couldn’t be expected to understand chickenhawk language that his progressive narrators have fed him. Nor can he be expected to understand basic math.

      • neiowa,

        Yes, yes they are “far outperforming” what Putin expected, but . . . they probably can’t sustain it long enough without a MAJOR input of weapons, particularly anti-tank and MANPADS, more “assault rifles” (there, dacian the stupid, I actually used the CORRECT term, in the CORRECT context, pay attention), more ammunition, etc. Some artillery would be nice.

        Frankly, half a dozen Warthogs, with some serious Eagle topcover, could stop the Russian advance flat in its tracks, but we know for sure neither NATO nor the US will do that. Putin is banking, more than anything, on NATO, the U.S. and the EU doing NOTHING effective . . . and so far, that’s looking like a pretty solid bet on his part.

        The only news I’ve heard (not confirmed, but it is a persistent rumor) that cheers me is that SUPPOSEDLY, Finland was requested admission to NATO. THAT would (i) piss Vlad off in the WORST way, and (ii) scare the crap out of the average Russian grunt (they STILL remember what the Finns did to them in the Winter War. Hope there’s another Simo Hayha out there!!).

        Since you have to pick a side, I’d rather root for Ukraine than Vlad the Bad, but it’s more the lesser of two evils. Almost like Kissinger’s old line about Iran-Iraq, “It’s too bad both sides can’t lose.”

        • “Frankly, half a dozen Warthogs, with some serious Eagle topcover, could stop the Russian advance flat in its tracks”

          Now there’s an image that warms my heart and puts a smile on my face. Just imagine the work a sounder of Pumbaas could do on those long Russian convoys…

          Perchance to dream.

  9. Last week these were all woke western nations self immolating at the behest of Soros and the WEF eagerly crushing their populations and economy’s under a totalitarian response to a cold that kills .02% of fatties who get it.

    This week they’re battling for the future of the world and we’re supposed to get behind them.

    I don’t have enough data to know at the moment who the real bad guy is but I’m certainly suspicious anytime a narrative flips 180 especially in such a short amount of time.

    • Well stated. When most of the progs are in favor of something then something is wrong. Last week a stern glare would cause them to have a stroke. Today they are all in on wanting to send NATO (which is vapor) on a meeting engagement with the Russian army.

      Have they decided a nice little war is the only way to prop up Obiden and their shitty little marxist party? (Wag the Dog)

    • This fight is really Globalization vs Nationalism. The present conflict stems from Obama’s Illegal 2014 Ukrainian Coup that undermined a legally-elected pro-Russian Ukrainian Government.

      The Ukrainians were enthusiastic supporters of the Nazis during WW2 and helped murder 1,500,000 of their Jewish countrymen. They are NOT nice people.

      The Russian have done some bad things too but so have we. They did the Heavy Lifting in WW2 and the Third Reich would still be around without them. They are not particularly nice either.

      The Ukrainians stupidly allowed Slick Willie to buy their nukes in return for an Ethnic Russian area that Slick had dubiously purchased from a drunk Yeltsin in exchange for cash. Another “Progressive Great Idea” that turned into poopoo.

      We will either see an Israel/Arab Occupation/Annexing like result or WW3 if people don’t keep things in perspective.

      • You give O’Bummer too much credit when you claim it was his coup. The coup principally belonged to the Cokk brothers and Soros. O’Bummer was simply led by the nose, going along with a nice pretty Marxist plan. The fact that some white people were killed was just a bonus to O’Bummer.

        • “The coup principally belonged to the Cokk brothers and Soros”

          Your do realize, George Soros and the Koch brothers are on entirely different ideological sides, and work at cross purposes to one another?

          Did you ever consider that the Ukrainian ‘coup’ of 2014 was engineered and executed by native Ukrainians who threw off the yoke of oppression of the Russian puppet government?

          I realize Vladimir Putin is white, claims to be a Christian and shares your homophobia but most rational people of every country clearly see him as an authoritarian dictator whose naked greed and aggression threatens the entire world.

        • Wait, wait . . . OK, MinorIQ, wasn’t it part of ethe mantra of you Leftist/fascists, when opposing the Iraq War, that it was unnecessary because “Sunnis and Shiites hate each other, and will never cooperate”. The argument was stupid then, and it’s stupid now. Enemies FREQUENTLY cooperate against a common enemy, when it suits their purposes. The Kochs are NOT “conservatives”, by any stretch of the imagination. The BEST you could call them would be internationalist/sorta-kinda libertarians (and the one brother was pretty much full-on Leftist). But continue to be two-dimensional, and don’t DARE think outside the Leftist box. Hell, you might actually have an original thought, and stop being a Leftist/fascist.

  10. I have sympathy for the Ukraine and her citizens, but it seems they are learning the same hard lessons our British cousins learned in WWII. If I lived on Russia’s doorstep, and was king for a day, every home would have at least one rifle. No one would have to ask for one.

    • Will will see how well the lessons stick when it comes time for people to choose to turn all those guns back in or to hold on to each and every one.

    • Well, Gadsden, since the BRITISH THEMSELVES have obviously not learned that lesson, it surprises me not at all the that Ukrainians didn’t. The lesson for US, the POTG, is “If the government and the Leftist/fascists (ah, but I repeat myself!) tell you you don’t “need” your guns??? You NEED your guns!!”.

      • Lamp, your probably right. I have a friend who has a triple lock S&W with British proof marks. It was returned after Lend/Lease. Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Keep a serious rifle at hand. And ammunition. And support gear. It may be useful.

        • Yeah, Gadsden, but the part that REALLY chaps my @$$ is that the dirty, ungrateful s***weasel Brits took MOST of those guns, afer they “recovered” them from their civilians, and simply . . . disposed of them. Fairly few were ever sent back. Which was my original point about “learning lessons” – if the Brits were so stupid that, AFTER the example of Hitler threatening to invade their quaint little island, they didn’t even CARE to maintain any civilian readiness, well . . . Darwin had an answer for that. If the ungrateful “subjects” who populate Britain get their tit in the wringer AGAIN (which they likely will), they pull their OWN chestnuts out of the fire. They’ve had enough chances, and STILL won’t take responsibility for their own well-being and safety. When the Muslim population in Britain reaches critical mass, don’t come whining to me.

        • Of course I don’t mind. After all, we hate filled chicken hawks need to stick together ❤️.

        • Gadsden,

          First of all, it ain’t original with me, so “steal” away. (Literally NOTHING in English prose is original; Shakespeare stole the plots for most of his plays.) Second, I am flattered that you gave me credit for that, but even if it WAS mine, you’d be free to use it.

          It is a basic truth – when the government tells you you don’t need them, you KNOW you need them, and that right quick.

  11. The euro trash are pissing themselves. They suddenly realized that without their big brother, the US, they are nothing but lunch meat for Putin.

    And with the current occupant of the oval office they know they do not have a reliable ally. But it’s ok. They’ll have free health care until the occupation begins.

      • Dude,

        And EVERYONE will get free bread.

        Of course what they fail to tell you is that the free bread “loaves” will be the size of a dinner role and you only get one “loaf” a week.

      • “they’ll get free bread’

        Yes. The lines should only be a few blocks long too.

        Many atheists will find “God” in those lines. Many anti-gunners will see the err in their ways too.

        It’s no secret where God is. Ask any atheist who’s been in a trench with bullets flying overhead, or a person who got to watch a loved one perish due to starvation or disease.

        Every atheist is a “baller” until they realize their total lack of control over major life shattering situations.

        Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan……..until they get punched in the f’in’ mouth” 🤔

        • Bullshit. The day I start crying out for some (quite literally) fantastically ridiculous notion of a super being to save my utterly insignificant ass will be the day I’ve truly taken leave of my senses. You cannot and nor should you speak for others or have pretensions of knowing their reactions or that those reactions would fall in line with your own superstitions. And you started it, as the religious always, always do. You just can’t help yourselves in your conceited arrogance. How very Christian of you.

        • That’s about the biggest compliment you could ever pay a person like me… Beverly.

        • Okay, James. I guess then, we have nothing to worry about when Putin announces that ‘god’ came to him in a dream and told him to end all this Ukrainian sinfulness once and for all with cluster and thermobaric bombs?

    • Now that we’ve suffered the nonsensical rantings of Mr. ‘I love Hitler’ jwm, can we hear from someone who isn’t an intellectually deficient white supremicist?

      • No, nameless, brainless troll, but apparently we get to hear from a nameless, brainless troll of an idiot Leftist/fascist. Go micturate up the cable, idiot, and when you’re done with that, go pound salt in your @$$. You have permission to skip your daily circle jerk with dacian the stupid and MinorIQ to make the time for this.

        • Oh hey Lamp, I forgot you were there. You may go now.

          I’d also like to add that if you really went to college (doubtful), you should ask for a refund 🖕🤡.

        • nameless, brainless troll,

          Hey, are you trying to pretend, once again, that ANYONE on this forum gives a wet fart what you say or do??? Pretend to relevance?? THAT’S SO CUTE!!

          F*** off, troll. Go joing your daily Leftist/fascist circle jerk with MinorIQ and dacian the stupid.

  12. Are we sure this just wasn’t HK holding things up because they are worried about one of their products ending up in the hands of the filthy poors?

      • Well, Cato, I do love HKs, but you can’t deny that they are absurdly expensive (I would argue overpriced). And I prefer, when possible, to by U.S. made. Wouldn’t turn down another HK USP .45, though!

        • Prob the best plastic framed, semi auto handgun ever mass produced. Mine, If new, would only cost $300ca more than the G41 I recently purchased and the build quality and materials used over this glock is immediately apparent, even more so when you get into them. It’s the glock that is ‘overpriced’.

        • Rider/Shooter What you know about anything let alone GLOCK’s could not cover the bottom of a thimble.

  13. Meanwhile; Putin is deploying these:

    2S4 Tyulpan.

    Putin’s reiteration of his threat to go nuclear is to deter NATO from interfering when he starts flattening Ukrainian cuties.

    • Well, Elmer, if I were a Russian grunt, I’d personally be a little leery about popping off nuke rounds from a tube that has a MAXIMUM range of about 10K. That’s a little closer to a nuke blast than I’d care to be (which was the reason the US discontinued that POS “nuclear howitzer” abomination we developed early in the Cold War). A much bigger threat are Russia’s IRBMs and shorter-range tactical nukes, but . . . yeah, Russia’s got nukes short of ICBMs which it COULD deploy, if Vlad is crazy enough. I don’t THINK he is, but with a psycho fascist, who knows????

    • I do hope that if Russia orders extermination actions such as lobbing 130 Kg precision munitions from the giant mobile mortars at hundreds per minute into city blocks, some brave men will turn their guns.


        • Man, you’re really just all that and then some on multiple levels. I gave you a well deserved dig before because you constantly come across as an insufferable prig; a righteous know it all with a starched collar, possibly a family trust fund and definitely a stick up his ass. Now I see you are also possessed of zero nuance and limited comprehension. I have an excellent grasp of the English language including the spelling of the words commonly employed within, certainly more so than you, as many of your posts demonstrate. But thanks for the tip… Beverly.

        • Rider/Shooter Speaking of insufferable, you have the mind of a two year old along with constipation. If I knew nothing, I would know ten times what you know. There is no “family trust” here. I am retired law enforcement. 6 yrs as a police officer and 25 in corrections retiring as a sergeant. If your post above is an example of your “grasp of the English language”, you could use a remedial course at BOCES.

        • Well thanks for clearing that up for me there, Beverly. Good to know, and unsurprising in the least, to find that I’m dealing with a career Gestapo and a devoutly religious one at that. It explains much. Was beginning to think you were just some barely literate 13yr old. At best.

        • Alright Troops, FALL IN! Due to unforeseen intense combat supply shortages, we are now rationing our weekly underwear change allocation to a bi-monthly exercise. It will behoove all enlisted personnel to maintain proper military ass-wipe SOP.
          On the Count…Platoon,
          ONE: Pants DOWN!
          TWO: Underwear OFF!
          Beverly, You Change with Rider, Dacian with 49er, Lamp with JWM, Gadston with Neiowa, and so on…

        • Riderless/Shootoff I am glad you are so happy with my response. Any time, little fella. Gestapo? ROFLMAO! Keep trying, eventually you will come up with a good one. (Doubtful but keep on trying).

        • Riderless/ShootOff Again, I suggest a remedial English language course, one that stresses capitalization, punctuation, grammar and SPELLING! 😁😂🤣

  15. When the wall fell in 1989, NATO and the German military also fell. Everyone in NATO wanted the peace dividend. Putin had other plans when he came to power. Over the last 20 yrs, Putin has been planning for this while the U.S. and Europe was slumbering on that peace dividend. Just read Rebekah Koffler book “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America” you will see. Rebekah Koffler was on the Steve Bannon show the War Room this weekend, if you want to see what she says and other shows. But, I knew Putin was doing this because he has publicly stated this was his plan to reconstitute the former East Block countries almost every year since he took power in Russia. Even last year he said it plainly for everyone to here and the U.S. and NATO did not take notice. Putin only understands straight talk and strength, not that diplomatic speak that the U.S. and NATO countries have peddled since the wall fell in Germany. The German military is such bad shape they can not defend themselves or help with NATO Title V duties if they had to do it. We saw this coming, but our leaders put their heads in the sand and ignored it. Our U.S. presidents were briefed on Putin’s plans from Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden over the last 20 yrs.

    Here is a timeline of the U.S. and NATO doing nothing.
    1. The Russian backs the eastern break away area of Moldova, Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR), which happened in 1990.
    2. Russia withdrawals from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) of 1990 in 2007 and fully in 2015, which limits how many tanks, personnel carriers, and other weapons Russia and NATO can have. NATO did not withdraw from CFE and continues to uphold to the treaty agreement.
    3. The Russian invades Georgia in 2008 were Russia support 2 break away areas.
    4. The Russian invades Crimea peninsula of Ukraine and the Russian supported parts of the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions broke away in 2014.
    5.Vladimir Zhirinovsky video spills the beans by stating that on Feb. 22, 2022 the Ukraine invasion would start.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky – Wait for 22.02.2022 04:00

    German army chief ‘fed up’ with neglect of country’s military

    • Why should Russia weaken itself when asked to by a coalition of national ‘leaders’ who both mistrust them and are intimidated by them? Would the USA? Would any country other than those in that coalition? Of course not.

    • Did not put in Chechnya, but it is complicated historical tale. This is a short history and not the full story.

      The Checheno-Ingush ASSR sought independence from the former USSR after the collapse in 1991. Chechnya broke into 2 parts in 1991, Republic of Ingushetia and the Chechen Republic, also known as the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. There were 3 distinct conflicts, which were the 1992 Ossetian-Ingush conflict, the First Chechen War from 1994-1996 and the Second Chechen War of 1999–2000 that involved Russian forces fighting against the Chechen Republic. During the Second Chechen War, Russia was able to force the the 2 parts under one rule as the Chechen Republic, but fighting has continued.

  16. I’m out of date on manpad vs jammer cat and mouse, I’m curious if anyone out there can fill us in. I mean what is the hit probability against say helo at 500’ and fast (like we see on the news), with the expected manpads in use vs expected countermeasure on the aircraft.
    Years back I was talking to a missile guy who told me the best kill strategy when all you had was manpad instead of big stuff, in a high intensity conflict, was to fire up cheap and plentiful dummy rockets (fireworks) and this would trigger the aircraft’s detectors, then flare and chaff launch. After the aircraft has ran out of its maybe 60 flares, SOP is to typically to climb to 10,000’ where it no longer can perform much of its mission, or gets hit by a real manpad.

  17. I had a boss, Mr . Alex Hesketh, who told me of when he was ordered just after the war while he was in the Royal Navy, to take a barge out filled with handguns and pitch them in the sea.

  18. Well, he did admit to pocketing one revolver. A Webley. I told him he should have taken a proper Luger.
    Interestingly he was later posted to what became Pakistan and watched huge massacres accomplished with edged weapons. I asked him why they didn’t use guns. He said to me, “ oh they had a fair number of guns but somehow they wanted to chop each other up”. He was ordered to stand down and get out of the way, and was very traumatized by it all. So much for “guns kill people”.

      • Yeah, in his shoes I think I might have committed an act of piracy “save the children” and sailed them to safety. The thought of dumping thousands of WW2 handguns in the sea too much for me to bear. Alex did save one.

        • Truly. And respectfully, your buddy should have saved his concsience and refused the ‘duty’, instead of a single gun. I have no idea how any self respecting individual could partake in that. As long as people like your friend continue to enable tyranny it will be hanging over our heads. “Good men doing nothing… ” kind of thing.

        • What was the Nuremberg defense again? “Ein befehl ist eine befehl”
          (An order is an order).

          Burn the Village! Umm, Sarge I’m uncomfortable with that order. Throw the guns overboard! Here’s a life vest Sarge, swim that direction 🤣

        • Yes, the “just following orders” and “just doing my job” defense (I’m missing your ‘sarge’ reference though; a movie?). I think, or at least hope, that the world might soon be widely reacquainted with that whole concept and just how insidious it is. The enablers are the problem, without them the tyrants and their greedy, power mongering ways would never see the light of day, never dare to even peek out their curtains. We go to war over water, territory, policy, religion and insult and I fear we must soon go to war over plain old right from wrong, which may be the only thing truly worth waging war over. Violence, at this point, is likely all that will stop those who currently believe themselves untouchable. Signing petitions to beg them for their benevolence just doesn’t seem to have the same effect as a buttstroke to the forehead from an M1A. Can’t imagine why.

  19. Back around 1993 I was speaking with a man who dealt in obsolete collectible arms.
    He told me he had been consulted by the Germans on the value of millions of surplus AK type former East German rifles. He did due diligence and informed them of the market value – $19 with accessories for new or near new weapon. They did not try to sell.
    He believed they were going to destroy a large portion but store a still vast quantity as reserve weapons. These would be in 7.62 x 39.
    A few years later I watched in horror a film on a German ammo factory that was recycling a vast quantity of 7.62 x39, the powder was fertilizer, the metals melted.
    Hopefully the Germans can still get small arms out to help.

  20. Some EU countries have announced they can donate parts for Stinger missiles, and some launchers that are no longer working. The USA has announced it will send in specialists to get them working!

    But we should be sending them lots of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles ourselves.

  21. I see Canada was shamed two days ago into reluctantly sending “soon” “lethal weapons including hand pistols”, quantity symbolic, as in a few hundred.
    After more shame, they will finally send 100 Carl Gustav anti tank rifles.
    Trudeau is so immersed in his dogma “guns just cause violence” he still only allowed symbolic quantities. Just surrender and call 911 and the government will help you! I’m hoping the large numbers of Canadians with Ukrainian heritage will remember how he put his ideals ahead of lives.

    • I’m german/irish and I most certainly remember. End of March 2022 is the end of the “amnesty” period the idiot manchild has granted us common criminals. Soon after that it is a certainty I will receive a knock on the door (Registration™, don’cha know) just as it is a certainty I will not comply. May we live in interesting times… (so be sure to give your buddy Alex my regards for helping enable my early death at the hands of the state).

    • I wonder if Trudeau will begin to dehumanize gun collectors as “racist misogynistic, Nazi sympathizers” then seize bank accounts (as he did to the Truckers)? Will it be enough to make them homeless or will it be necessary to establish a more final solution? I think Trudeau has zero chance now of getting any cushy UN job. Maybe he can get a job in Russia? I think Putin is impressed.

      • I have maybe a different opinion of Putin than most here; I’ve listened to him speak quite often and I find myself nodding in agreement with what he is saying far more often than not, certainly to an order of magnitude more than any other current ‘leader’ in the ongoing clownshow we continue to vote for, like window licking idiots. My take is more that Putin is taking out the neighbours trash as it’s beginning to stink up the whole area. Sucks for the innocent commoner and I’m sure its not that simple (NATO encroachment, Crimea/port access, 2014, regional ethnicity, etc) but this I’m quite sure of: Putin thinks of the idiot manchild exactly as I do; a lying, spoiled little rich kid whose been handed the keys to the sandcastle and knows all the other kids hate his guts. I’ve watched that assclown for decades and he hasn’t matured or changed one bit. He would happily see all gun owners incarcerated, or worse, just out of spite (it’s who he is) and the UN would be happy to have the pliable fool aboard, although the idiot manchild no longer needs a lucrative position with the hundreds of millions he has undoubtedly stolen from us. Never thought I could actually hate someone but I believe I’d end him if opportunity ever presented itself. And millions of us feel the same. Sorry to ramble, cheers.

        • Honesty is appreciated- it helps us understand another’s true nature.

          This is quite telling: “I find myself nodding in agreement with what he is saying far more often than not” describing someone you recognize as “taking out the neighbours trash as it’s beginning to stink up the whole area. Sucks for the innocent commoner…”

          So, you empathize with a sociopath and trivialize the slaughter of innocents by condoning the act of forcibly entering a neighbor’s house under the guise of removing their presupposed “trash”.

          Very good to know.

          Don’t mind the corpses of the blameless neighbor’s wife and children as you graciously remove their garbage. Taking out the trash is a messy (but neighborly) duty- ain’t it?

          Cheers, neighbour. (your spelling and word choice duly noted)

        • Peter, please see my (overly long) reply further below, somehow misplaced as a reply to the op. Thank you.

  22. Several observatiuons her
    One, what the hell has the German descision to start supplying arms to Ukraine got to do with AMERICAN Gun Control issues,
    Two. The European Union has absolutely NOTHING to do with NATO.
    Three It’s about bloody time that Germany paid it’s dues to NATO anyway. At present only THREE NATO member States other than the USA pay the agreed 2% of GDP on Defence the UK, Greece and ESTONIA and the USA dedicates only about 1% of it’s GDP [out of around 3.5%] to purely NATO issues though that’s still a lot considering the size of the US economy. The UK has already stated that it intends tio increase that to 2.5% and both France and Poland and have indicated that they are prepared to exceed that 2% and now so too has Germany. But the fact is that we have ALL got to ”stand too our Cannons and sail to the sound of the Guns’ as they used to say in the Royal Navy.
    AS things stand in purely strategic terms the RUSSIANs have been suckered into FIBUA [Fighting in Built Up Areas] the Most wasteful type of warfare on a huge scale. Just ask the Allies about Iraq and Afghanistan. Cities can be rebuilt. But if the Russians think the bombing of cities will break moral they should look to WW2. Bombing Cities broke neither the moral of the British OR the Germans in WW2. If Russia does not prevail within two weeks -or one month at most] it really is in big, big trouble the REPERATION bill will break Russia for a generation and the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY does have the authority to enforce reperations.
    Much is being made of the fact that this war is not the responsibility of the RUSSIAN PEOPLE, It bloody well is because it IS they that have allowed PUTIN and his mob to flourish. There is an old but none-the-less truea political adage that applies here :-
    ”Most people, most of the time mostly deserve the Government they mostly bloody well deserve”
    PUTIN has been well and truly misled by his YES MEN and by the miscalculation of the resistance the Ukrainians are capable of. That much is for sure.
    Meanwhile the USA and Germany between them can more than replace the ARMOUR lost to Ukraine in days Germany alone can buy back NOW 500 tanks [LEOPARD TWO’S] from Greece and the USA probably another two or three hundred ABRAMS. In fact the West generally can re-supply Ukraine indefinitely if it get’s it’s COLLECTIVE act together.

    • One; what the hell does the opinion of a Brit have to do with “American gun control issues” ? Two; the UK has nothing to do with North America. Three; it’s about bloody well time you bunch of subjects over there stopped with the hand licking and chain wearing and asserted your naturally endowed, fundamental rights instead of letting women and others like them control your personal fate. Or do you truly believe that those professional grifters possess such authority? Rhetorical question as from your posts it’s obvious you do. Shame on you, Hall. Shame on you. Baaa. Baaa.

    • Albert Hall, Socialist-extraordinaire. What is a Brit doing here on an issue which solely has to do with the USA , I.e.: Guns in the USA. Don’t you Brits have enough of your own problems?

  23. Peter, yes, good points and I feel all those things as well. To clarify; I meant it is Putin who feels he is taking out the neighbors trash (I’m good with either spelling, thank you) but I’m also well aware of Ukraine’s govs ongoing history of corruption and collusion. And no, I don’t think he should be killing people over it but of course it’s never that simple is it? Many factors are undoubtedly involved and we have only our esteemed media to inform us of wtf is up, right? A media whose opinions seem to now suddenly go unquestioned by yourself and others here. Should our cultures have pushed the North American Indian to the very edge? No. But I dare say you yourself may very well have enthusiastically saddled up at the time as, prob, would have I in our ignorance and our rationalizing. And does Vietnam ring a bell? Korea? The Falklands? I mean, pick one of many. And no, Mr Gunn, I don’t trivialize fuckall, and don’t you dare presume to label me as doing so. Don’t you dare. And yes, it does suck for the average Joe, as it always has, everywhere and likely always will. You’ve misread my words/intent but I can see how it happened, so my bad, sorta. And sociopath, psychopath or whateverpath, the guy echoes much (very much) of the stance I see in these very comments regarding NWO, wokeness, corruption, etc. So yeah, I nodded my head in agreement, tell me honestly that you wouldn’t have also (remember, this was from earlier days). As regards “good to know, neighbour…” ; I might find myself way up here but make no mistake; I live, eat, sh!t and breath your/the Second Amendment and bleed Red, White and Blue, possibly even more than you. I would fight against Russia for the humanitarian reasons you state but I have my questions as to what is really happening over there. Shouldn’t you? All is not as presented to us. And in 2025 when Trump invades Canada to help remove a now intolerably corrupt liberal communist regime festering on your very border and you are cheering him on as some of us unavoidably perish from his necessary actions (with my absolute approval), then remember this conversation. So don’t sanctimoniously label me as some kind of ghoul. Again, don’t you dare. Cheers, Peter (sincerely).


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