Las Vegas Shooting hookah party
Las Vegas police investigate at Manny's Glow Ultra Lounge & Restaurant, after a shooting in Las Vegas. (Chitose Suzuki/Las Vegas Review-Journal via AP)
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From the AP . . .

Fourteen people were shot during a party at a Las Vegas hookah lounge early Saturday, including one man who was killed and two others who were critically wounded.

The shooting happened about 3:15 a.m. and preliminary information indicated there was a party during which two people got into an altercation and exchanged gunfire, said police Capt. Dori Koren.

Koren told reporters no arrests have been made and no suspect descriptions were immediately available but that authorities did not believe there was any danger to the general public.

Police went to the hookah bar identified by the Las Vegas Review-Journal as Manny’s Glow Ultra Lounge & Restaurant after receiving multiple 911 calls, Koren said.

Officers secured the scene and rendered aid, including applying tourniquets and administering CPR, Koren said.

Investigators were trying to determine the types of gun or guns used in the shooting.

”It’s a fairly large scene so it’s going so take some time to go through the entire scene,” he said. “We’re not really sure exactly what kind of weapon was used, or exactly if there were two shooters. We believe there was an exchange of gunfire, but we’re still looking into all of information.”

The medical aid provided to victims by the officers who initially responded “definitely made a significance in this case,” Koren said.

Hours after the shooting, much of shopping plaza where the shooting occurred remained cordoned off by police tape as officers looked for stray bullets and other evidence.

“My thoughts are with the victim, their loved ones, and all those injured in last night’s senseless shooting at a hookah lounge,” U.S. Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev., said on Twitter. “We must do more to end gun violence.”

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    • A place to smoke hookah. You should try it. Very relaxing and a big cultural “cup of coffee” in most middle eastern countries.

      • “Cup o coffee” huh?….. I think you need you switch the weeds your smoking in that hu hookah to marijuana….. then maybe the middle eastern countries might learn how to coexist…..
        No telling what that crap is their smoking in that BONG…..

      • 14 wounded and one dead. I don’t know from hookah bars, but it sounds like what we call a “gun and knife” club around here. If you don’t have a gun or knife, you’ll be loaned one at the door.

      • T, I was being facetious. I know what a hookah bar is. I’m wondering just how relaxing they are with everybody getting shot to shit.

    • Not my world either; nor are any of the settings in which gun violence seems to typically occur.

      Which is why I can never comprehend how (being a law abiding gun owner/CPL holder) any of this is supposed to be my fault or responsibility (as gun control groups and politicians exhort us to believe)

      • William…Never mind the law abiding gun owner/CPL because neither are effective against Gun Control. Seeing you using “gun violence” makes it easy to see why you do not comprehend. “Gun Violence” was a Gun Control bone thrown to you and instead of rejecting it you picked it up and carried it around for other gullible people to pick up and pass along.

        Violence does not start with a firearm or any other object. Violence is Violence and it always originates between the perp’s ears and flows out pf control from their mouth, their hands, their feet, etc.

        To help you comprehend Gun Control schemes I am going to break it down below. Study and investigate each line until you are confident people like me won’t have to assist you any longer…

        1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

        2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

        3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

        • I don’t know why you think you have to explain any of this to me except that you decided to go ballistic on the phrase “gun violence.”

          Instead try to recognize that I’m not your problem either and resist the urge to wax pedantic, m’kay?

        • William, Debbie is usually thoughtful and even keeled, I don’t know why she went ballistic on your comment.

        • Thanks; it happens and I am no more perfect than the next guy or gal. Let’s all remember that we’re on the same side of this issue (except for the “50 centers” of course) and most importantly we have the same goals.

    • On my 1st “trip” to Kuwait on Uncle’s nickel hookahs were a popular accessory for the packing crate porches most folks built outside their tents – those porches weren’t just a bit of Western cultural ”comfort food”, they served the practical purpose of stomping off the sand/mud which is fairly important when a bunch of people share a tent, so of course porches were summarily banned once the active duty garrison mentality displaced the “get the job done” expeditionary mindset. I’m not a smoker but sitting around the hookah with your buddies drinking a cold Coke after a 14 hour shift was as good a way to unwind as we could achieve – what goes on in Vegas at a hookah “parlor” isn’t likely to be near as wholesome 😎

  1. You hang around places like this and your asking for trouble. the first thing the left will do is blame the gun instead of the city of sin.

    • Nasty. Not as bad as an image of our idiot manchild up north though. Unless that image involves intense humiliation or outright violence being visited on his pandering, lying, thieving, cowardly ass. If you reside farther east than I do in the queens colonies then perhaps whisper this into the ear of his fake, rainbow farting unicorn: “Run Trudy, run”.

  2. Attention darcydodo…It appears at least 15 people were not “safer” in a hookah without a gun just like the people of America and Ukraine and everywhere there are criminals are not “safer” in their homes without a gun. Apologize for trying to mislead law abiding people right now you little Gun Control democRat weenie.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      I can’t wait to see Trump personally administering your COVID vaxxine (and booster) via gunpoint.

      Take your medicine, little boy.

      (Very little, I’ll bet! 🙂 )

    • My wise Irish Grandmother always said, “Nothing goo happens after midnight.”

      A relative of mine who was a criminal defense attorney thought that bar hours in Kallyfornicadia should end at midnight. He said everybody is as drunk as they should be at midnight. After that they are just throwing alcohol on the fire. He should know a majority of his clients were DUI arrestees and other assorted misdemeanors and felonies usually associated with too much alcohol and or drugs or both.

  3. Let’s see, out of the four “stupids,” I think we have 100%! Stupid place: hookah lounge. Stupid time: wee hours of the morning. Stupid people: those who frequent hookah lounge. Stupid things: smoking a hookah.


  5. A wise old Master Sargent told me when I was a young man that nothing good happens after midnight. While I can think of a couple exceptions to that rule, in general he was right.
    Early morning, in Vegas at a Hookah Bar. Very good chance neither of the shooters had a CCP or had Purchased their weapons legally. And an equally good chance they chased each other around the room, slinging bullets around, but neither 1 hit their intended target.
    Chances are the Hookah bar was, or is a gun free zone as well.
    Just speculation on my part, but just from what was in the article, I’m likely right.
    Even in Vegas, I think I could find a better place to be at 3 something in the morning. Like in bed with my wife.

  6. How come you can get hundreds of rednecks together at a mud rally with plenty of beer and a gun in every truck, and nobody gets shot? Yet, put three ni**ers in a room together and they have a shootout? I don’t think it’s a ‘gun’ problem…………

  7. The whole situation as regards Gun Crime in the USA is far too important for any kind of bloody levity.
    The HOOKAH is the Islamic worlds equivalent of a Night Out with the Boys and/ or the chance of a bit a of Rumble Bumble to boot!! I tried it out a long long time ago in CYPRUS whilst in the RAF [not I a might add the rumble bumble bit] and from what I remember there were many and various ‘perfumes’ added to the tobacco like ROSE PETAL. JASMINE and CITRUS etc.. Bet you did not know that the TOBACCo that Sir FRnacis Drake introduced to Europe was NOT the same stuff that the Native Americans used in their Communal Pipes. The Native Americans used a mildly HALLUCIOGENIC version. That’s why they called it a Peace [‘man’ ] Pipe I suspect Yeah man’

    • “… bloody levity.” Was that a subtle play on words there, Albert? An attempt at levity yourself? Have you surrendered all your pointy stabby things to the ‘proper authorities’ yet, Albert? Remember, Albert: “only cowards carry”. You aren’t a coward, are you, Albert? I hope those chains don’t impede the licking of the hands that feed you, Albert.


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