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Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga. (Bill Clark/Pool via AP)
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By Larry Keane

U.S. Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) won his nail-biter senate contest by campaigning in part on a message of gun control and “defund the police.” He called law enforcement “gangsters, thugs, bullies and a threat to children.” He demeaned law-abiding gun owners from his own pulpit.

But it turns out Rev. Warnock doesn’t practice what he preaches. He’s a true believer in the power of armed security. New records show he paid nearly $137,000 for private security for protection. Chalk up another tally on the “Security for me, not for thee” board of hypocritical antigun politicians.

Hypocritical Antigun Track Record.

The “defund the police” movement took rise over last summer at the same time destructive riots, business looting and community violence escalated. Firearm sales were reaching record highs as millions of Americans jumped off the fence to take their security into their own hands by purchasing their first firearm.

There were numerous examples of men and women lawfully taking up arms to ward off would-be looters and criminals. This included Atlanta, Georgia, where riots escalated right as the senate campaign between incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler and challenger Rev. Warnock became a senate majority-winning race.

When it comes to the rights of law-abiding Americans to purchase and possess firearms, one of the candidates was not like the other. Rev. Warnock uncharitably mocked the flock, chiding Georgia lawmakers for passing the Safe Carry Protection Act and church-going gun owners and their right-to-carry to a worship service.

“Somebody decided that they had a bright idea to pass a piece of legislation that will allow for guns and concealed weapons to be carried in churches,” he said. Churches were “the last place” firearms were needed and gun owners are “crazy people” who bring them.

“You’ve got politicians who go to church every Sunday morning and then walk into that capitol, stand under that gold dome, and come up with the dumbest legislation you can ever imagine,” he mocked. “Imagine all them people with guns.”

That “somebody” was the Georgia state legislature. Three months later, Jack Wilson, a concealed carry permit holder and volunteer security guard used his concealed firearm to stop a murderer from inflicting unthinkable violence on fellow churchgoers during a religious service at the West Freeway Church of Christ, in White Settlement, Texas.

Clown Company

Rev. Warnock isn’t alone in his antigun platform, private security hypocrisy. Antigun billionaire Michael Bloomberg used national TV to say the quiet part out loud during a 2020 presidential campaign town hall event on Fox News. A questioner asked Bloomberg about his staunch gun control platform while also paying for private security, inquiring “Does your life matter more than mine, or my family’s or these people’s?”

Bloomberg’s response landed like a ton of bricks. “Alright, look…I probably get forty or fifty threats every week…That just happens when you’re the mayor of New York City, or very wealthy, or campaigning for the president of the United States. You’re gonna get lots of threats,” he said.

They aren’t the only two. New reports show several gun control politicians are spending big dollars for private armed security protection while also advocating gun control on law-abiding Americans. U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) spent $44,000 on security protection, while also employing a Capitol Hill security detail. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) shelled out more than $45,000 on protection while previously tweeting gun control against Texas U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas).

Americans Voting with Their Wallets

Sen. Warnock, Reps. Swalwell and Ocasio-Cortez, Michael Bloomberg and others can spend all they want on gun control but Americans in historic numbers spent their hard-earned dollars too over the past 15 months. They voted by the millions for their right to purchase and possess firearms. For the one billion dollars Bloomberg spent trying to win legislative seats for more gun control, he lost badly and pro-Second Amendment candidates gained several seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

More than 21 million NICS background checks were run for the sale of a firearm in 2020 and this year’s first quarter has been another record-breaker. More than 8.4 million Americans purchased a gun for the first time last year and the demographics of the American gun owner are changing, dramatically.

Gun control efforts in Congress have largely stalled, forcing Joe Biden to issue executive orders. It’s likely consequential politicians who cast the votes in Washington, D.C., like Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, have recognized the changing calculus on gun ownership: voters have noted the hypocrisy from Sen. Warnock and others like him.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.


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  1. I’m shocked. SHOCKED! I tell you.

    In other news, Waters won’t be even be censured. Dems blocked that.

    And we’re getting the Chauvin verdicts too. Guilty on all charges.

    • Breaking: Chauvin GUILTY on all counts. Less looting or shooting?!? We’ll see…”Rev” Warlock er Warnock celebrates.

      • Celebratory looting.
        That’s the great thing about looting and rioting.
        You’re justified in good times and bad.
        Never not a good reason to riot.

        • This. And now there will be “let’s get MOAR justice!”.

          Plus, as the judge pointed out Maxine likely gave this guy a good shot at getting the conviction overturned and a new trial. So did this tamp down the fire or just put a lid on a pressure cooker?

        • “…Maxine likely gave this guy a good shot at getting the conviction overturned and a new trial.”

          With the very same evidence being presented in that trial, do you seriously believe the outcome of the new trial would be different?

        • I have no idea. I didn’t watch the trial. I honestly don’t care because the outcome of this trial or a new trial is immaterial to anyone other than the defendant at this point.

          It’s not gonna stop. There’s already a crowd growing in Cbus, Ohio over the cops shooting an “unarmed” black girl. The media’s fanning the flames and Crump’s Crumpin’. Her mom says she was “motherly” and “promoted peace”.

          Apparently one promotes peace by trying to stab someone:


          They’re not going to let any of this go. At all. They’re going to push, push, push.

  2. Derek Chauvin just found guilty on all counts. Against all facts and with a jury scared about riots. The big scapegoat to appease the Burn Loot Murder mob.
    And now the entire Minneapolis police should quit. Don’t just walk off the job, simply never come back. Ever. They want to defund the police? Give them the 100% discount on the entire police force. Texas and Florida are big on law&order and hiring.
    The city will burn anyways, you can’t appease or argue with the mob. So don’t run in harms way for people that hate you.

    • At this point if you are a police officer you are either stupid, or a tyrant. Most likely both. Same goes for the military, especially the guards. No more foreign wars necessary… the biggest fight for control is once again on our own soil, and those who seek it are using these enforcers against the people. Like it or not, that’s how it is. The sooner we acknowledge this the same way we acknowledge those short sighted SJW fools and their race baiting causes, the sooner we can destroy our government and free ALL people. I don’t know of a single war where cities have not been destroyed. It’s hell, but that’s the way it is. If you can’t fight or refuse to and think someone else will save you or worse – trust government or the “law” and “courts” to help you – then you either need to relocate or accept the outcome.

  3. Senator Dianne Feinstein still has at least one of her .38 caliber revolvers. The other she gave away in a public ceremony. Pretending to be anti-gun. Soon after she gave away that handgun, communist assassins tried to kill her twice. Once by blowing up her house and second by doing a drive-by shooting into her home.

    At that point she went to a local gun store. Probably Highbridge Arms that was later forced to close by the liberals that control the SF. She bought another .38 revolver. She’s claimed she doesn’t have it anymore. I don’t believe her for a second.

  4. The cop haters on TTAG should “celebrate” just like the rest of the mob. Chauvin was found guilty.

    • Yes it’s still illegal for the police to kill people in their custody. I know this is surprising news to a Statist such as yourself. While they did overcharged him he did deserve at least manslaughter.

      • You don’t need to be unarmed in police custody to be killed by the police. The “Insurrection” you as a liberal statist, call it, is where Air Force vet Ashley Babbitt, unarmed, was shot and killed by the police. Whose name we still do not have.

        Now the government has announced it will not prosecute the police officer for killing that unarmed and Military veteran. Who was peacefully practicing her first amendment civil rights.

        You are a left-wing hypocrite pig.

      • This Village Idiot wants to shoot rioters dead on site. And leave their dead bodies out on the streets. For 3 days for the cameras to take pictures of.

        As a village idiot I’m very dangerous to certain criminals with my guns.

        You’re just another left-wing excuse maker. You’re happy that the police are ordered to stand down. And allow innocent people to be murdered, raped, and their private property destroyed.

  5. “Gangsters, thugs, bullies, and a threat to children”?

    Heh. Okay. He’s not entirely wrong but that’s a conversation no ones ready for.

    Police should resign, get out of the way, and let the survival of the fittest begin. After that Chauvin trial, its clear making threats of violence and riots gets what you want.

    • Mao’s dictum: “Political power comes from the end of a gun”.

      Be careful of what you want because you might get it.

  6. R. Warnock is NO MORE a person of GOD then the DEVIL HIMSELF, time and time again his corruption has shown the path he follows and it’s not the work of OUR SAVIOR, FOR God doesn’t approve of false prophets, which Warnock has proved to be, lying, cheating, making false statements, accepted and stands with those who HE himself knows stole the election for him. Then praise them knowing IT is wrong.All I can say is THE choice he made to deny God and worship the ungodly and putting his Faith in the hands of corrupt unholy anti Christ, people is a abomination IN God’s eyes.

  7. This subject would be great for NRA television and radio advertising. Unfortunately the NRA is spending money on Wayne’s new suits and weddings for their staff members. Perhaps some other gun-rights group can pick up the ball and run with it?

  8. Wait — are you telling me that a political grifter is also a liar and a hypocrite?

    This is my shocked face.

  9. Most dems/leftists are probably fine with defunding the cops while being OK with their gang member family members keeping whatever they have…because white privilege, racing and woke culture…right?

  10. “Americans voting with their wallets” (by purchasing record numbers of firearms). Yet these anti-2nd Amendment, unpatriotic, lying, two-faced assholes still hold office, and will continue to get voted in. Seems to me that a lot of those “voting with their wallets” gun buyers might need to pull their heads out of their collective asses when it comes time to vote in these elections. Just sayin’.

  11. Garbage in, garbage out! Chaos is there way of controlling those that are to stupid to see their being used!

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