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Bob Irwin writes [via]: According to Tristate shortly before 10:30am one morning, Evansville, Indiana officers were dispatched to the corner of Michael Avenue and Frisse Avenue for a report of a shooting incident.

A couple had agreed to meet with the female half’s ex-boyfriend, who is the father of her child, in a shopping center parking lot. Upon meeting, an argument ensued which escalated into a minor physical fight. The ex-boyfriend then called his father to pick him up and take him home.

As the father and son arrived home, the couple who apparently had followed them, drove up behind the father and son and the argument continued. The male half of the couple then pulled out a revolver, fired four to five quick shots and fled on foot.

The shooter ran down an alleyway while the female drove the car away. At the same time, the son was dialing 911.

Responding Officers quickly apprehended the suspect and later also arrested his girlfriend. The shooter has been charged with attempted murder with a firearm and his girlfriend has been charged with one count of assisting a criminal.

The amazing part: the restraint displayed by the intended victim, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon and was armed with a semi-automatic pistol.

He said “When he (the shooter) took off running, I did not fire because he was not at the time jeopardizing my life.”

Police Captain Andy Chandler praised the restraint the alleged victim showed.

“It does appear that he used a lot of good, common sense and wisdom by choosing not to fire.”

The victim had just renewed his gun permit six months prior. Police believe the shooter ditched the gun in the area. If you happen to find it, police said you should not touch it and immediately call 911.

The victim now worries about retaliation. He did not want his name revealed or his face shown on camera.

So the idiot bad guy fires blindly, fortunately, hitting nothing. The Carry Permit holder, not having a clean target, does not shoot because he’s in an area full of families.

Some will fault this hero for risking his life by not engaging the shooter round for round but that was, as it worked out, the right choice. No one was hurt and the bad guy is in jail, PERFECT!

Training combined with incredible courage works.

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  1. Programming note: Indiana does not issue CCW permits. Indiana issues a License to Carry Handgun (LTCH).

      • 1. License, not permit (terminology, mainly)
        2. Carry, not *concealed* carry (Indiana licenses carry, period. Both concealed and open carry are included.)

        Basically, Indiana does not license concealed carry, per se, and does not have licensed concealed carriers. Indiana simply has licensed carriers.

        (We’re working on the licensing part, too. If Jim Lucas can get a bill through committee, we’ll have unlicensed, ie constitutional, carry.)

  2. Indiana doesn’t issue a “CCW”. They issue an LTCH (license to carry handgun). The manner of carry (concealed or open) isn’t specified.

  3. This just can’t be. Everyone knows that a legal concealed carrier will shoot blindly and mow down countless innocent people and then the gun will shoot him.

  4. Oh, you can NOT make this shit up! I am assuming the creature on the left actually chooses to appear in public looking like that? And with that name? I suspect the “victim” is acting very intelligently, he may want to move to another state. I might have shot that sucker on general principles, and while I suspect that he did *NOT* have a license for his handgun, I’d bet he will be out and about with another stolen gun in about a week, looking to erase witnesses.

  5. Kiyel Langley? Well yippee-yo-kiyel, Langley. Enjoy your all-too-brief vacation at public expense in the Graybar Hotel. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed their hospitality before. And will again.

  6. The victim needs to get his kid away from the white trash hag Amber Martin. She is clearly an unfit mother, and I think a decent lawyer should be able to help him.

    • Not quite: this Kiyel yo-yo is the ex-boyfriend and father of the licensed carriers girlfriend, thus the woman in the mugshot next to him is his girlfriend who helped him try to run.

      • That’s even better! Just get away from the entire operation, wish you never met any of them, shiver every time you even *think* about that murderous bitch.

      • Umm… That’s not what the article says. It says the ex boyfriend is the father of a baby with the woman, and that the current boyfriend in the mugshot did all the shooting.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but in the great state of Indiana you can get a lifetime liscense so there is never a renewal. Coincidentally I was at an Indiana gun shop today and put a Maverick 88(7+1) on layaway. Good on this guy. Sorry the babymomma is such a POS…

    • You are correct. Indiana does indeed have a lifetime LTCH that never needs renewing. Conversely, they also never made any provisions for what happens to your lifetime LTCH when you move out of state. So, I have a lifetime LTCH from Indiana in addition to a CCW from Arizona (my current state of residency). Not that I need one in Arizona since it’s a constitutional carry state, but it allows me to carry in states that have reciprocity.

  8. Given the violent and deadly attack, there is no guarantee that the attacker would not turn around and fire again. Would it not be justified to neutralize the threat beyond doubt at the first opportunity?

    • I did not see a claim that the carrier was not sighted in on azzwhole’s back, waiting for it to turn…

  9. “It does appear that he used a lot of good, common sense and wisdom by choosing not to fire.”

    When one of this police chief’s guys shoots some drug dealer in the back or kills a Jamoke who’s already cuffed, I want to hear how there was NO good, common sense, nor wisdom present in the choice of shooting the guy they were trying to arrest. The double standard and arrogance of police is what will ultimately make me sit out the quarter if they’re getting the worst of it in a firefight. This language, this attitude, is a foul-smelling load we have been force-fed for too long to pass up on a response.

    I am aggressive in this comment, and will back up the tone. Think for a second.

    “…revolver…fired four to five quick shots…”

    So this Andy Chandler guy is advocating that by not returning fire at someone who has shot at you multiple times, AND still has ammunition (unless this perp was using a lady-frame revolver/snubbie, AND shot 5, not 4, and had no reloads, none of which has been proved), the citizen is showing “good, common sense and wisdom” to refrain from neutralizing the threat, simply because the perp is engaging in a temporary retreat at that instant?

    Maybe Chandler would not say the converse of his statement out loud if things had gone differently, but I would bet good money he’s thinking it.

    When police shoot someone, there’s a lot of “officer felt threatened” talk, but never this kind of condescending tone. There is a whole separate standard for police, down to how the local regime manages the “narrative” in subtle ways such as verb choice and underhanded compliments, and not-so-subtle ways like covering up forensics.and witness statements that are damning to the regime.

    The correct statement is

    ” Today we arrested a suspect on the charge of attempted murder. After following Mr. ______ to his home, the suspect shot at Mr. ______ several times then fled on foot. Mr. _______ did not return fire at the suspect, and explained his decision by saying ‘When he (the shooter) took off running, I did not fire because he was not at the time jeopardizing my life.’ The suspect was very fortunate that Mr. _______ decided in this way. I have seen both citizens and law enforcement officers killed by follow-up shots fired immediately after such a retreat as Mr. _______ describes. Often a suspect turns to conceal the drawing of an additional weapon, or to reload covertly. When an attempting murderer turns away from a victim, this is not a definite cessation of violence, nor is it in and of itself an action that criminalizes a victim’s use of deadly force to end the threat. This is the case in Indiana law, and our own department policy. I am glad that Mr. _____ felt comfortable leaving the suspect to act upon his own direction, as Mr. ______ was by no means law-bound nor I believe morally-bound to exercise such restraint, as experience in this profession has taught me such a decision is not without significant personal risk.”

    Is this not a little more truthful? From what I can tell, the fact of this case is that Jamoke was lucky not to get ventilated, and this police chief is saying Thank-God this itchy trigger finger civie was able to keep control of himself and not make a big mistake.

    If this had happened to any of Chandler’s officers and they had shot the guy, he would defend them to the grave, and rightfully so. One only wishes that these employees of the public would remember who they work for without requiring a harsh lesson to drive the point home.

    • If only otherwise intelligent, conservative people didn’t fly into a Malcolm X style fit of recusations and absurdity when discussing this issue. As it is, police catch crap from all sides, every move is second guessed. It doesn’t help when non-scumbags get all huffy and puffy over their speeding tickets, and crusade against “police abuse” on the internet, like they were just hosed down and beaten in Selma.

      • In Austin TX they just now are putting together the case of a sheriff deputy or something like that who shot himself in the head and tried to frame his suicide as a murder. The guy radioed in that there were prowlers in his back yard. Police showed up several minutes later to find him shot. It took a little bit of forensics work to prove he shot himself and fabricated the whole thing radio story.

        Ok, that sucks, but no harm to the public right?

        Wrong. The Sheriff had to take his name off of the fallen officer wall, but they couldn’t give back all the time they wasted when they shut down IH-fucking-35 to get the suicide body back to the coroner while everyone in traffic who HADN’T lied waited and waited and waited…, not did I hear the slightest hint of an apology for assuming that their guy gets every benefit of the doubt because he works for the sheriff’s office. No apology for blocking the busiest interstate in the nation so an ambulance didn’t have to do the regular routine with everyone else. And that ambulance was carrying a stiff, not a live victim where minutes would make a difference.

        The most offensive piece was contained in the first article I read about this incident. They hadn’t got wind of the fraud yet, so some asshole was lecturing everyone on the foolishness of defending his own property by going outside if there are prowlers. I.E. if “Hutch” can get killed, then regular civies don’t stand a chance.

        “Hutch” shot himself, and never was the narrative bent back towards the facts. And it never will be. “Hutch” was just a useful example in the bullshit line to portray anyone who defends his home with a weapon as an incompetent who is lucky to survive until police arrive.

        It stinks of a deeply rotten service, bereft of any shred of honor or accountability. When “Oh SHIT! We screwed up! Sorry for the IH35 debacle and the lectures” isn’t said and instead we get another lecture about being too cheap to pay for mental health JUST ONE MORE TAX KK?, my patience and humanity regarding the police has run its course. The Sheriff has struck out, the constable has struck out, and the city police struck out years ago cause they get sued (pretty successfully) as a routine. They can all burn and we can start over. There is no loss in that.

        1 source regarding the sheriff office debacle. Search keywords and you will find everything eventually.f

        You opine because I can write well enough to preclude any allegation of ignorance, yet the spirit of my comments is at odds with what you and expect from someone posting on this website. If your “otherwise intelligent” people did not question the motives of the police, they would not be intelligent at all.

        I confess, I didn’t have such a harsh view of law enforcement until I dated a first responder for 2.5 years. She had worked on a constable’s election campaign, and I heard about that filthy business from the inside out. Sheriffs are no better, and police chiefs are worse because the city councils insulate them from consequences through corrupt settlement offers.

        The reason I said I would sit out a quarter when the police were getting hammered…I want both sides to lose, then men of conscience can mop up the stragglers with relatively little lost and institute a system where the sheriffs and constables can only enforce contract law, else face lethal consequences.

        I am far from a Malcolm X. The blacks were never able to make a strong economic case for what happened to them. I can run all day with current police corruption, and I’ll be right.

        • Men of conscience won’t be sitting on the sidelines while their nation burns. What you describe are the profiteers that will emerge from hiding if both sides exhaust themselves and attempt to form their own tyranny.

        • Maybe you’re right…I hope the recent riots are not an indication of how things are going to go. In Ferguson, the city DID burn, and a bunch of traitors in uniforms stood in lines for 8 hours while arson and murder reigned supreme.

  10. Unless our would-be murdered gets life in prison (for trying to murder somebody AND being incompetent), he’ll be out on the streets someday and will shoot somebody else. The police haven’t done his future victims any favors.

  11. IN issues a 4-year and for a few more dollars a lifetime. It used to be this flimsy pink sheet of paper that you had to get laminated and only recently did we finally get a hard plastic card.

  12. Eville residents do have SOME smarts… Even if the ex/father doesn’t get the idea of DSYDIC.
    And the EPD is actually a very professional and level-headed police department, all things considered.

  13. A couple had agreed to meet with the female half’s ex-boyfriend, who is the father of her child, in a shopping center parking lot.
    Father’s Day must be rather confusing.

  14. “…his girlfriend has been charged with one count of assisting a criminal.”

    That’s all? You telling me that stupid b!tch wasn’t encouraging her retarded boyfriend to murder her ex? She didn’t know he had a gun? Why do these chicks get off so easy?

  15. Well I have no idea what the situation was, but good on the guy for showing restraint and not making a bad thing worse.

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