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George Zimmerman’s father Robert appeared on tonight’s Hannity show. Mr. Zimmerman is not the most eloquent of speakers and Sean Hannity is not the most probing of questioners. But the father of the man who shot Trayvon Martin made it clear that he believes his son did nothing to directly antagonize the African American teen, save surveillance. Robert Zimmerman says his son was walking back to his car (after searching for a house number to report his location to the police) when Martin approached him. “You got a problem?” Martin allegedly asked George Zimmerman. “No,”  the neighborhood watch captain supposedly replied. “Well you do now,” Martin said, according to Robert Zimmerman. And then . . .

Trayvon Martin punched George Zimmerman in the nose, beginning the assault that led to Martin’s death at the business end of George Zimmerman’s KelTec PF9. In other words, Robert Zimmerman insists that his son George did not initiate the fight—a critical component for any self-defense legal defense.

The Zimmerman family lawyers also confirmed reports that George had tutored African American children on the weekends, for what that’s worth. Given the race baiting that’s propelled the Martin shooting onto the national stage, and the media’s desire to flame the fires of race hatred, nothing much.

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  1. Unless GZ’s father witnessed the shooting, he knows about as much as the “pundits” on TTAG who want to string Zimmerman up by his heels. In other words, he also don’t know sh!t.

    • Bullshorts. He’s spoken to his son. He probably knows more than anyone outside his family does. Are you saying the father’s a liar? Or that George is?

      • From a legal perspective, he don’t know shizzle. It’s hearsay. I think that is Ralph’s point. Same with the girlfriend’s call, the girlfriend has not been deposed she just spoke to her boyfriend’s lawyer. Not saying she’s lying, just that from a legal perspective her words carry the same heft as a classified ad in your local fishwrap.

        • I wasn’t talking about what’s been reviewed in court and found truthful. I was talking about what the truth is.

        • There is a story about a Sufi Judge who patiently listened to two lawyers give completely opposite presentations on a case and after each one the Judge replied; “that’s true that’s true”. The Clerk of Court thereupon jumped up and said to the Judge that both opposing stories can’t be true. The Sufi Judge then replied; “that’s true that’s true.”

      • Well, at least you get the elder Zimmerman take on the matter, which is interesting, after the media fawning over Martin.

  2. I don’t think race was at the root of the confrontation. I do think Zimmerman made a really bad decision getting out of his car and following someone (playing policeman) while armed.
    I also think that Trayvon was well in his rights to be upset, even scared, at being followed by a stranger.
    If Trayvon swung at him like that, then Tray was without a doubt in the wrong. I just wonder, once on the ground, did Zimmerman even try to fight him off by hand, or did he immediately start to go for his IWB holster. Was it right for an aggravated assault to be responded to with gunfire? Would Martin have really been able to kill him? Zimmerman had 80-100 pounds on the kid, and he appears to be pretty physically fit in the police station vid, not a wimpy fat guy.

    All that is assuming that Zimmerman’s version of the story is 100 percent true. Some things just don’t add up… Like the assertion that Trayvon saw the gun and went for it before Zimmerman drew it? A little tiny PF-9? In his waistband? At night, in the rain? And Trayvon saw it before it was drawn? I dunno.

    My take on the struggle: Trayvon is hitting him, Zimmerman does a crappy job holding him off because hes only using one hand, while the other is going for his gun… Thats when I think he sustained the head wound, or in the initial fall.
    Maybe Zimmerman was in shock from getting his nose broken, so then went for the gun immediately?
    Like Ralph keeps reminding us, none of us knows shit about what really happened except for Zimmerman and Trayvon’s ghost.. and maybe some investigators.
    I’ll end it with this… if Zimmerman had not had a gun that night, would he have ended up dead on the sidewalk? Or would he have maybe even kicked the kid’s ass, or just fought him off… If he had not had a gun, would he have felt brave/foolish enough to get out of his vehicle and pursue?
    However this all turns out, I’ve learned alot about how much of a responsibility it is to be an armed citizen. Vigilance isn’t just about whats going on around you, its also about knowing/controlling your own state of mind and actions.

    • Josh, your statements prove that you have not looked at all of the facts of the case and your questions and assumptions contradict themselves.

    • Zimmerman did nothing wrong by doing the observe & report thing while he was carrying a pistol. The problem came when he let Trayvon get into his Tueller Bubble AND he was armed. If Zimmerman had maintained a 20′ distance, Treyvon probably wouldn’t have put a hand on him and he wouldn’t have had to fire his weapon. Granted, that’s not always possible in the dark and in an area with buildings and trees where someone can come at you from an unexpected angle, but if someone is suspicious, use the advantage you have with a firearm and maintain your distance. Distance = time, and time = opportunities to make better decisions.

      • @Darren,
        Mr. Zimmerman screwed the pooch so badly on his following of Trayvon it isn’t even funny.
        Since we don’t have official statements form Trayvon’s Girl friend and we haven’t been able to read any statements made by Mr. Z I will only assume his situational awareness level sucked, but then gain he was never trained in anything, or even part of any official neighborhood watch group, which by the way requires training. He closed the gap on Trayvon way to soon, which he shouldn’t have done at all.
        He should have never have gotten more than a half a block from Trayvon ever. His surveillance technique was pathetic.
        I don’t know how this plays out in regard to the SYG law or what the official reports will finally conclude for the truth but I can be certain in knowing Mr. Z was guilty of stupidity if nothing else.

        • Agreed. Like I said, if you’re armed, observe the Tueller Bubble and place yourself accordingly. Giving ground so you have time to draw and fire if need be is also a way of de-escalating a conflict, it’s a two-fer. “Officer, I tried to retreat, I walked all the way across the street but that man followed me and threatened to kill me with the crowbar he was holding.”

          I’m sure Mas Ayoob will have an article out within a couple of months after the trial/no bill/whatever, but the first and best lesson to draw from this is that if you are armed, don’t let anyone “suspicious” get into a 20′ bubble around you.

          Despite this tactical failing, displaying bad situational awareness while armed is not a crime. Neither is self-defense when someone is beating your head against the ground and trying to take your gun away from you. There is no WHERE to retreat to, whether FL had a SYG law or not it’s questionable whether Zimmerman would have been arrested. Either he, after having his head banged on the ground came up with a completely believable cover story taking into account the multiple witnesses and recorded 911 tapes he somehow knew were being made then waited around to tell the police so he could murder someone and get away with it, or he was telling the truth. Statistically, he’s probably not a James Bond-class master criminal or Keyser Soze, so I’m thinking it went down about the way he said it did until I have evidence otherwise. In part I think that because the people who investigate and prosecute crimes for a living think that, and they have evidence I do not.

      • Of course it is. Thats my point… we really don’t know what happened, but the last set of questions still applies.

    • So why didn’t he proceed to his father’s, or call the police? We know he has a cell phone.

      That is a lie propagated by the MFM. Zimmerman’s weight was 170. Trayvon’s was 160. Zimmerman was 5’9″ vs Trayvon’s 6’3″. In a fist fight, that extra reach makes a huge difference.

      You can tell that from a few seconds tape, with him fully dressed? Very perceptive of you.

      We know from the available reports that Zimm’s head was being bashed on the pavement. Clearly, the resort to the gun came after ample evidence had shown him that he was in danger of great bodily harm.

      Source? I’ve seen that as a speculation, but not seen it in police reports. Who was doing the assertion?

      Is based on ignorance. Zimm was on his back before he drew.

      How many times do you have to have your head bashed on the sidewalk before you suffer irreparable harm? The strength of the skull is nothing like it’s portrayed by Hollywood. In other words, “quite possibly.”

      There’s quite a difference between “pursue” and “shadow.” How do you know he was pursuing?

      I certainly hope you aren’t, based on your loose grasp on reality.

      • Dang. That was some skillfully screwed up html. Please consider Troll Josh has having been artfully flensed.

        • Not a troll. Contrarian.
          It must be unpleasant to read opinions that differ from your own, but thats what stops this blog from being a circle jerk and allows it to be an open forum for legitimate discussion. Notice that I didn’t say either party was guilty.

    • Apparently you’re still dealing with outdated “facts.”

      Look at the police station video. You point out he looks fit. Do you also happen to note that he doesn’t look like he is 240 lbs? (His height is known, 5’9″.)

      Sooooo, if he looks fit in the police video, that means he’s probably around 170-180lbs and outweighed Mr. Martin by MAYBE 20 pounds. With a height disadvantage.

      • Fair enough. I’m not going to cling to any opinion… You have a good point about his weight being much lower than reported.
        Regardless of what went down in terms of the confrontation, I think its wrong to shadow/follow/etc someone, while armed, in a neighborhood watch capacity when you aren’t LEO. I also strongly believe that this is not murder. It could be manslaughter, depending on what facts come out.
        His father’s word means nothing though because he also heard everything second hand from his son.

    • I’m with you on this one. Zimmerman has an obvious motive to lie, and his version of events boils down to Martin, alone and unarmed, taking it upon himself to attack a stranger 100 lbs above his weight class with his bare hands for reasons unknown.

  3. I’d be interested to know if any of the forensic evidence backs that up. For instance, was there powder stippling on Trayvon’s clothes. Frankly, I think this version is REALLY going to fall apart. If what Zimmerman is saying was true how come the medical examiner said there was NO indication Trayvon had been in a fight? No bruising on his hands whatever. The 9-11 call from Zimmerman had “These assholes they always get away” and with enhanced audio it can clearly be heard, Zimmeman said “f**king coon.” It looks like Zimmerman was determined that he wasn’t going to “get away” this time. He probably confronted Trayvon with his gun out and possibly Trayvon in fear for his life tried to defend himself. For all Trayvon knew he was going to be robbed or killed.

        • Maybe. I go to liberal MSNBC daily to see what the latest bs is that they are telling the sheeple. I do not go to any big conservative sites such as Fox or WND. I would assume that if MSNBC could get away with it they would headline such an inflammatory racist comment.

    • The ME’s report has not been issued. The report was from a funeral home director. Me, I’ll stick with the ME’s opinion. The fact that Treyvon’s heart was stopped within a few minutes at most of throwing the first punch should tell you that unless he broke the skin on his knuckles (e.g, caught a tooth) the swelling the bruising the might have occurred did not have time to show up.

      The “enhanced audio” is unintelligible, you hear what you want to hear. For an example, here’s some audio where Mickey Kantor was supposed to have said “worthless white n****r”. Listen to the audio with the cues and you can clearly hear how the phrase changes and how susceptible even you yourself can be to hearing things that aren’t there. It’s educational, try it.

    • Not too bright of Zimmerman to use racial slang in a recorded call to the police, and I believe he has had many calls and dealings with them. That just doesn’t make sense.

  4. I’ve not heard much mention on TTAG of the evidence that it was very, very likely Martin screaming for help in the background of that 911 call by a neighbor, before the shot. Let’s be sure to throw that on the bonfire of wild speculation.

    • Well for one these experts are hacks.

      Ed Primeau shows no proof for what he is saying, he just says I think its a kid screaming for help after he goes on basically listing everything you can read on a race baiting outlet as proof of what he is saying.

      He even says he said the c word, when people with no expertise can show clearly that where he is supposed to say the c word, he uses to plosive constants. The first one sounding like a p, but the second plosive constant nearly matching the the /k/ in f’ing indicating he beyond any doubt said punks and the oo sound people are hearing is clipping from the wind.

      I posted a comment on his commenting about how he is promoting it was the c word even though hes claiming to be a audio expert, but it needs approval, but clearly if you read his blog post, he wouldn’t be allowed to testify in court about this, he clearly shows a bias against Zimmerman.

      Not to mention, you don’t have to be an audio expert to identify a person screaming in distress, because anyone in the biological identification of voices will tell you that people in distress trying to project their voice are trying to be loud, not to control the sound of their voice like we all subconsciously. A lot of people if you listen, talk to family members differently then they talk to strangers and don’t even realize it.

    • What evidence is that? The only evidence that I know of comes from the eyewitness refered to as “John.” “John” was interviewd on a local TV station the day after the incident (video available on youtube) which is well before this became a national controversy. “John” called 911 to report the fight between Martin and Zimmerman going on right on his front lawn. “John” described the scene as Martin on top giving Zimmerman a thorough beating while Zimmerman called for help. So are you saying there is a third 911 call that we don’t about or are you relying on the MSNBC “acoustic expert” who claims the voice is Martin’s?

      If Zimmerman goes to trial which side do you think is going to call “John” — the Prosecutiion or the Defense? If comes down to the “acoustic expert” or the eyewitness which one do you think the jury is going to believe?

      • You are correct about who the jury will believe. But numerous studies have shown that eyewitnesses are very unreliable. Many innocent men and women are sitting in jail because of mistakes made by eyewitnesses. I am not taking a side here–just pointing out a problem.

        • When based on memory recall that is correct but “John” was a real time observer describing events to the 911 operator.

  5. I will choose to ignore statements from Robert Zimmerman, Trayvon’s girl friend and any other lawyer or politician.
    Once the medical examiners report is complete, and the crime lab has established more detailed fact, then and only then will I come to judgments about this case.
    Both people involved here screwed up. I lean more fault of stupidity towards Mr. Zimmerman only because he was armed, and could have kept a much father distance or not followed at all. I put myself in both shoes, and things would have been handled so differently. Hind site is 20 20.

  6. Here’s what I see-based on Zimmerman’s own admissions/statements AND the 911 call’s transcript…

    Zimmerman followed this kid, which would be legit, if he were actually part of a Neighbourhood Watch group. He followed him, lost track of him for five minutes, hunted until he found him, and initiated a confrontation.

    Where I come from, you initiate a confrontation, that ain’t self defense. That’s picking a fight-so if Tray DID knock him down, per the Law, in Florida, mind, Trayvon was in the right-he was standing his ground against a thug who was bigger, and older, than himself, in a public place, after being pursued and harassed.

    Said thug was armed, so there’s Assault with a DEADLY WEAPON there-and simple assault is classed as a violent crime in most jurisdictions, stand-your-ground means you’re not obligated to submit, or flee, and the indicator is that Tray tried to flee first, but was pursued.

    Zimmerman’s the worst kind of Gun-owner, the kind that make the rest of us look BAD. He wanted to be “Dirty Harry” and got his chance to try out his handgun, and now he’s trying to get away with it. That kid had every right to be on a sidewalk in public, ‘kay? no indication of criminal intent, no prior indications of violence or criminality on this kid beyond the norm for sixteen to seventeen year old boys of all races and in most places.

    But, just do a thought experiment for a minute…

    What if you replace Trayvon Martin, a six-foot black male, with Melissa X, a five-nine blonde female? Would Zimmerman still be out of jail under identical circumstances if his bullet went into a teenage girl, instead of a teenage boy?

    Picking a fight, doesn’t give you the option of killing the other guy when you’re losing.

    • You said that Z was armed, and “so there’s Assault with a DEADLY WEAPON”. What’s assault with a deadly weapon? Is talking to someone while you have a gun in a holster on your waist an assault with a deadly weapon? Is punching someone with your fist while you have a gun in a holster on your waist assault with a deadly weapon? You didn’t really make it clear what you were talking about. I don’t have any legal training, but it seems to me that unless and until Z brought out the gun and used it to threaten or injure someone that the gun isn’t really a factor. You seem pretty fired up, maybe if you calmed down a little bit and tried it again it’d make more sense to me.

      • According to my CHL class, it’s not assault with a deadly weapon until you, you know, HAVE the deadly weapon in view. I can tell you that I am going to punch your lights out and ball up my fist, which is assault, but if I have a knife in my pocket that’s not assault with a deadly weapon. I didn’t threaten you with a deadly weapon.

        Furthermore, watching someone to see what they’re doing, and even walking after them while looking at them is not assault. It most likely does not meet the definition of stalking under the law as it was not protracted, it really becomes stalking when the stalker is told to quit but does not.

        If Martin threw the first punch after nothing more than words between them, that has nothing to do with SYG, that’s assault & battery. If Martin called after Zimmerman and called him back into an altercation, then there is no SYG argument on Martin’s part.

        So far, Zimmerman’s side has claimed:

        1) that he was punched in the face in the initial act of the fight. Not Verified.

        2) He (Zimmerman) screamed for help. Police reports overhearing him saying that he “screamed for help but nobody came” after he was cuffed. Audio forensics is doubtful as no sample of Zimmerman screaming for his life has been produced for comparison.

        3) Zimmerman’s nose was broken. Bleeding from the nose was documented in the police report. Further medical documentation from SFD paramedic notes and treatment received by Zimmerman the next day at the hospital are pending.

        4) Zimmerman’s head was bashed on the pavement. Injuries consistent with this are documented in the police report and in video.

        5) Zimmerman and Martin fought for the gun and Zimmerman fired. The condition of the gun, with a fired, unejected round in the chamber and a full magazine supports a struggle for the weapon at the time it was discharged. It is possible that fingerprint evidence can place Martin’s hand on the gun, this either does not exist or has not been produced.

        Either Zimmerman made up his story after being on the losing end of a fist fight very quickly and has stuck to it, with no contrary evidence yet produced that challenges his version of events, or he’s told the truth all along and it was a legit DGU.

        More evidence is pending, but for everyone who thinks Trayvon Martin is Emmett Till, the evidence so far suggests it is far more likely that George Zimmerman is Richard Jewell.

  7. I offer no facts and I haven’t played a doctor/lawyer on TV and I didn’t stay at a (famous hotel that rhymes with Hollerdae Ihn) last night… Disclaimers out of the way here I’ll just throw out that many years ago in my athletic prime (hah!) I caught a rut in the ice with my skate and fell backwards while warming up during ice hockey. I hit my head on the ice and even with a helmet on and not going that fast I laid there for a minute and saw stars and thought I was going to pass out, was sick to my stomach, etc. If I’d been fighting at the time in a high stress situation I don’t know what decisions I’d have made after that? Would I have thought I was done for if I took another hit to the head? I wasn’t right in the head for the next week and I didn’t even think of it at the time but my guess is I suffered a slight concussion (some like my wife would say I haven’t been right since then – but she didn’t stay at that same hotel chain last night either so what does she know?) I’m not saying that is what happened to GZ, I’m just offering it as another point to ponder in the myriad scenarios we’ve all played out with this case. Maybe I have a fragile lead crystal brain too so who knows…

  8. Robert,
    I hate to call you on this, but I read the articles on this site daily. I have followed the TM/GZ story pretty close on here and other news agency’s. There are a lot of comments posted here and other places that say the MSM is trying to make this a racial thing.
    If we are going to walk the walk we had better talk the talk. You made a comment in this article that was very racial, I believe unwittingly, but all the same the comment is there.

    “But the father of the man who shot Trayvon Martin made it clear that he believes his son did nothing to directly antagonize the African American teen, save surveillance.”

    If TM was white how would you have phrased this line? Would you have called TM a Caucasian teen, if he was Hispanic would you have said Hispanic teen? I am not calling anyone a racist but the words we choose to use can be racial.
    As for the rest of the issues covered in this article, I will continue read awaiting the result of the Grand Jury and then the result of the Civil Case.
    Hope I didn’t step on your toes Robert just thought it needed mentioning

  9. This site is advocating neutrality in this case and pointing out anti-Zimmerman bias wherever it pops up.
    But some of its editors aren’t staying neutral, and falling victim to the same selection bias as the MSM folks who are out to get Zimmerman. The site, IMO, has become a rather vocal defender of Zimmerman, and has lost its neutrality and objectivity on the issue.
    I think this happened because some pretty shady anti-gun groups and individuals started using this incident to advance their agenda, so Tribal instincts took over and folks here decided to take the other side.
    Now, I can’t even speculate about what happened that night without being called a “concern troll.” And yeah, I was skeptical of Zimmerman from the start, mainly because of my biases as a CCW holder and a reader of Massad Ayoob. Everything I read and learned advocated against his initial actions that night. I think thats why alot of folks on this site immediately went against him without knowing all the facts.
    But, alot of folks on here are right to point out that he was acting lawfully doing what he did initially. I’ll do my best to maintain objectivity, hopefully TTAG will as well.

    • I understand your concern. And appreciate your participation on this blog. I am equally concerned with the mainstream media’s decision to portray Martin’s killing as a pro or anti Zimmerman left right deal.

      To wit: a Fox News talking head asked some professional agitator (on the right) why the killing had people on the left lining-up behind Martin and people on the right lining-up behind Zimmerman. He answered the question despite the false premise.

      I believe that the vast majority of commentators on this site, the vast majority of Americans who know about this case, are NOT pro-Zimmerman. Or anti-Zimmerman. They are pro the rule of law. Due process. Innocent until proven guilty. That sort of thing.

      Contemplating this tragedy from an “if > then” perspective—as most of our readers are—is no bad thing. It’s a good thing. It makes us question our own potential actions in a defensive gun use.

      But as for the foundational idea (on the left) that this case involves race, which has driven virtually ALL of the coverage, I simply don’t see it. Maybe that’s because I’m a racist (however subconsciously). Maybe not.

      • Agree 100% with you. Especially on the race thing. If Zimmerman is racist, then so am I.
        As far as Sanford’s PD and DA response? I honestly can’t tell the difference between deliberate inaction, typical judicial slowness, or honest to goodness belief that there wasn’t a case.

        • “As far as Sanford’s PD and DA response? I honestly can’t tell the difference between deliberate inaction, typical judicial slowness, or honest to goodness belief that there wasn’t a case.”
          +10. This may be the most accurate statement regarding this entire affair.

        • I agree completely. The problem is that many African-Americans have had experiences (1st, 2nd, 3rd hand?) with the judicial system that make them likely to accept “deliberate inaction” over the other two possibilities.

        • Ha, I had an old boss who always said “count on incompetence”… that phrase rang in my ears so many times since then….

      • I’m truly not a racist, but I definitely stereo type people, I do it on a daily basis to people I’ve never met. That’s what happened the night of the incident, two people stereo typing, it’s human nature.

  10. Mr. Zimmerman was a rejected Police candidate, with an incident of domestic violence and resisting arrest in his past that was dropped for whatever reason ( Father is a Judge ). Mr. Martin was caught with stolen jewelry that the police couldn’t prove he stole, Mr. Martin said he got the jewelry from some guy ( Yeah right ). A wanna be Cop and a kid that has no problem possessing stolen property. Two people that have very little regard for the law or other people meet up and this is the result. I’m a CCW holder and the NRA instructor made it very clear that my weapon is not to be drawn unless I’m involved in an unprovoked attack.

    • That’s fine, but what you said has nothing to do with this case. How do you know Zimmerman has total disregard for the law? You met him, you know him? BTW he was never convicted of either charge, they were both dropped and neither one involved violence (another media rumor – look it up). And he wasn’t a police reject, he never applied to be a cop, at least not up to this point. Don’t take MSM news as fact, look it up and verify first. And there is currently NO PROOF that GZ continued to follow TM after the 911 operator told him not to when he said “ok.” There is no evidence that he didn’t start walking back to his car like he claimed. And if GZ did keep following TM, then how did the fight and TM body end up and the other end of the block from TM lived? Which is also on the way back to GZ car.

  11. Also, if you take the time too look it up because you won’t see it on biased MSM, before TM’s Twitter account was edited then deactivated there were several interesting things there. Not the photos of the gold teeth and flashing gang signals, not all of the tweets of him and his customers setting up drug deals (I could care less about either) or his bag of jewelry, wedding rings and “burglary kit” not my words – his schools words.

    The thing that really caught my attention was the many Tweets (one was from his older brother – the same brother who has been telling the media lately that TM was the most wholesome and gentle human being and has never been in a fight in his life and never could have hit GZ because he never punched or fought a person in his entire life)
    congratulating TM on his “one-punch knockout” of his cracker school bus driver. If you look at the tweets congratulating TM on knocking out his white (cracker – not my words) you’ll notice they all occur several days before his suspension for the “empty baggies

  12. Also, if you take the time to look it up because you won’t see it on biased MSM, before TM’s Twitter account was edited then deactivated there were several interesting things there. Not the photos of the gold teeth and flashing gang signals, not all of the tweets of him and his customers setting up drug deals (I could care less about either) or his bag of jewelry, wedding rings and “burglary kit” not my words – his schools words.

    The thing that really caught my attention was the many Tweets (one was from his older brother – the same brother who has been telling the media lately that TM was the most wholesome and gentle human being and has never been in a fight in his life and never could have hit GZ because he never punched or fought a person in his entire life)
    congratulating TM on his “one-punch knockout” of his cracker school bus driver. If you look at the tweets congratulating TM on knocking out his white (cracker – not my words) you’ll notice they all occur several days before his suspension for the “empty baggies.” I’m not saying that he was really suspended for knocking out his bus driver, but many people have thought that a two week suspension for an empty zip lock bag seems extreme. Being suspended two weeks for tardiness seems unusually long as well. However we have no proof that he was suspended for anything other than the story they told us, because since he was/is a minor the school cannot legally tell us the reason. It is interesting that someone immediately removed some photos and many tweets after TM passed away, but they missed the bus driver tweets at first, then removed them. But even though they were removed you can still see some if them if you Google it.

    I’m not saying TM is guilty or did ANYTHING wrong, I don’t know, none of us do. But if he did knockout his school bus driver less than two weeks before the incident took place, it then could possibly show a potential pattern of behavior and show he is capable of punching someone (and punching them hard – must punch hard to knock out a grown man). I would love to see an interviewer ask his brother about that tweet the next time he is on TV saying his brother TM could never ever hit anyone and never has. “If that’s true then how come you tweeted him congratulating him on knocking out his school bus driver?” I would love to see someone ask him that question but nobody ever will, it goes against their political narrative. 

    Like I said this doesn’t prove anything about what happened that night, doesn’t show guilt or innocence on either side, but it at least raises some questions to the story that I think we would all like to hear the answers to. Just because someone sucker punched and initiated an attack knocking someone out, doesn’t mean that person did the same thing two weeks later. But if it is proven that he did do it, it at least shows he is CAPABLE of it, not that he necessarily did it. It is important because his family is saying he wasn’t even capable of punching someone.  


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