K Rounds OWB Pancake Holster
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When I’m out and about, I carry a compact sidearm in an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster. When I’m at the range, I switch to an outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster, strapping-on my SIG SAUER P226R EE with a rail-mounted light. Truth be told . . .

I didn’t want to pony-up the cash for a new light. So I stole a flashlight out of my custom G20C backwoods kit and set about looking for a holster to accommodate the new configuration. My requirements: a sturdy KYDEX OWB holster with adjustable retention and two belt loops.

Having had nothing but great experiences with the folks at K Rounds, located just outside Seattle, I headed to their shop to discuss solutions. K Rounds is known for its custom work, and I tend to steer towards it most times. On this occasion I opted for an off-the-shelf product.

I chose the K Rounds OWB Pancake holster — a full-coverage holster with a slim profile with two wing-like side sections that wrap the holster to the carrier’s hip.

Initially, I was looking for a 15-degree cant holster. Considering the TLR-1 K light, K Rounds suggested a straight drop holster. Right answer; the Pancake provided a better fit to my body.

The holster’s matte black shell is lightly textured, removing any slipperiness and/or shiny-ness while still retaining a relatively smooth surface.

A lot of OWB holsters make you feel like you’re carrying a bottle of whisky in a wet cardboard box. Not this one. Fashioned from thick, high-quality KYDEX, the Pancake Holster strikes a confidence-boosting balance between flexibility, retention and rigidity.

K Rounds hand-assembles and finishes their holsters, ensuring smooth and even edges. While edges don’t have an impact on a holster’s functionality, the finish indicates the product’s overall quality of craftsmanship.

The K Rounds OWB Pancake holster is assembled with high-quality components that have held strong for me across multiple rigs. This particular holster had grey screws and with black female counterparts. The grey-on-black KYDEX is a nice look. That said, the grey will eventually scratch-off to reveal the black underneath.

The black rubber retention grommets are located appropriately at the trigger guard. They’re not too squishy, nor too hard. You can increase or decrease the tension with a standard #2 Phillips screwdriver.

Two of the three sets of screws on the holster secure a pair of injection molded belt loops. The loops are available in 1.5″ and 1.75″. Their slant helps pull the holster closer to the body at the sides, while the right-angled (but not sharp) edges minimize slippage (once mated with a belt).

When I slipped my SIG SAUER P226 into the K Rounds Pancake, the holster fit my TLR-1-equipped weapon like a proverbial glove. It was tight all-around; no sloppy spots. It connected with the frame of my pistol in the correct places. It didn’t impede, hang-up or otherwise engage the slide or mechanical controls. The light was well-protected and cleared the holster easily.

On my belt, the holster flexed in the right spots and curved to fit my narrow hip. The body of the shell, however, remained rigid.

Thinner shells will often flex outwards when pulled tight to one’s body. With its thicker shell and engineered flex points, the K Rounds OWB Pancake retains consistent form and contact with the weapon at all times.

Over the course of several months this fall and winter I put this holster through the paces. Sitting, driving, waking, running, jumping, climbing, crawling . . . got a real workout. It performed flawlessly at home, at the range and in the field.

No question: the K Rounds OWB Pancake holster is a workhorse. It doesn’t want to sit in your drawer. It wants to be in the thick of it, earning one well-deserved scar at a time. That said, the KYDEX is tough as nails. After more than a few bangs, bumps, drops, and kicks, I can report that it’s relatively averse to scarring.

The K Rounds Pancake holster’s solid fit and adjustable retention secure even the heaviest handgun, while allowing for a smooth, reliable draw/re-holster. The belt loops look boxy but they perform perfectly, keeping the holster positioned securely on the belt. And it’s comfortable. What else do you need?

Specifications: K Rounds OWN Pancake Holster (Straight Drop)

Price as reviewed: $74.99 ($64.99 base + $10.00 for TLR)
Features as reviewed: Right hand, straight drop, black, with TLR-1 rail-mounted light.

Ratings (out of five stars):

Design: * * * * *
The OWB Pancake holster conforms to the user’s hip and provides ideal, adjustable retention. The belt loop’s angled design keeps the holster (and accompanying pistol) securely in place on the belt.

Quality/Durability: * * * * *
Takes a licking and keeps on holding. Built for the long-haul.

Retention/Reliability: * * * * *
The molds used to create the OWB Pancake holster are true-to-form. Combined with the holster’s adjustable retention system, they create an extremely reliable piece of equipment.

Overall: * * * * *
K Rounds OWB pancake holster does everything you need a holster to do and nothing you don’t. It’s a bit pricey, but worth every penny.

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  1. I’ve used the K Rounds holster for my G17 as a summer woods carry/ cool weather concealed carry holster for over three years. Add another 5 star rating from someone who’s put it through it’s paces.

  2. Sliding a well made handgun into a Kydex holster is like fingernails on chalkboard. Just say NO.

    I have a custom made leather OWB that cost about $20 less than the one reviewed here and I can assure even after a year of daily use, it doesn’t feel like “a bottle of whiskey in a wet cardboard box”.


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