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Most serious shooters are already familiar with the Caldwell brand. I’ve got at least half a dozen of their shooting bags sitting out at my range, a few more in the gun room and one in my truck. I use any number of them for just about every gun review I do.

I’ve had one of their Lead Sled rests for as long as I can remember. and it’s used regularly in many of my rifle reviews. Many, but not all…that’s because neither it, nor my MTM rest will fit an AR or AK rifle due to the length of standard 30-round magazines. I have some five-round mags that will let me get an AR in the other rests, but I don’t have any shorties for the AK. With the new Caldwell Stinger Shooting rest, that problem is solved.

Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest rear(image courtesy of JWT for

The Stinger covers all the bases. First, and most importantly, it holds the rifle still with 31-inch long, rigid steel tube construction. The Stinger’s three feet are covered in soft non-marring rubber so you can shoot off your dining room table if your wife will let you get away with that.

The rest has two solid points of contact that are far enough apart for plenty of stability. There’s little to no movement from recoil, and I never had to readjust the rifle after firing a rifle. The rear support is an adjustable monopod. Just turn the large plastic knob to raise and lower the rear of the base as much as one inch of elevation.

Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest front (image courtesy of JWT for
Particularly useful is the adjustable front rest. The Stinger’s two-rail construction allow the front support to move fore and aft for a perfect fit for your long gun. Two sturdy clamps lock the front rest down in position firmly holding your firearm in place.

Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest elevation(image courtesy of JWT for

Also much appreciated is the amount of front rest elevation you can dial in. The spring-loaded elevation knob moves easily with a turn of your hand giving you three inches of adjustment. Sitting behind the gun, it’s an easy job to keep my cheek-stock weld while moving the front of the gun up and down. I never have to take my face off the gun, or my eye away from the sights.

The Stinger comes from the factory in pieces so you’ll have to put yours together before launching any lead. When it comes to “some assembly required,” I’m functionally mentally challenged. It still only took me about 15 minutes with the supplied tools to complete the rest, so you’ll probably git ‘er done in half that time.

I tried several different long guns with the Stinger rest. I used a Ruger 77 Hawkeye, a Remington 870 shotgun, an AR15 and two different AK47s, one with a fixed stock and one an underfolder. With every single gun I was able to adjust the rest to get a solid, repeatable foundation for firing.

Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest with AK47 (image courtesy of JWT for

The best part: full-length magazines are no longer a problem. AR or AK, the Stinger lets you mount your rifle with a standard magazine.

The Caldwell Stinger does everything you need a shooting rest to do and does it for virtually any rifle at a very reasonable price.

Specifications: Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest

Dimensions: 31 x 8 x 7.8 inches
Weight: 11 pounds
MSRP: $119.00

Ratings (out of five stars):

Ease of Assembly * * * * *
If I could do it, you won’t have any problem at all.

Stability * * * * *
Rock solid. Period.

Overall * * * * *
The Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest gave me a solid platform for my long guns, it adjusts fully and quickly, and is surprisingly inexpensive for the quality of the product. This is my new range rest.

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  1. I need a rest and this looks good. And it’s not as expensive as a bolt rifle, some of the products out there are exorbinate

  2. I have this and the only flaw is shown in your first picture, the length is almost as long as the width of those plastic fold up tables, so you have to be careful not to slide it off front or back or setup the table lengthwise. Otherwise it is excellent.

  3. Any idea how it would hold up to a larger or magnum caliber rifle? (308/300 win mag/338 lapua?) With an extended overall length… I don’t see any trays on the bottom for sandbags. Maybe you could place them on top of the frame. Was this designed for small rifle calibers only? Seems like it would work if it held a 12 ga shotgun…Forgive my ignorance I don’t own any Caldwell products – yet.

    • In a rifle without a long magazine, you can load the rest up with bags on that bottom rung. But with your body behind the rest, I don’t think it’s going to be an issue.

  4. I’ve never understood the reason for these products. If you can’t hold and fire a rifle properly then go do something else like model railroading. The ones with a plate on the back to hold the butt of the stock are a joke. If the gun can’t recoil freely where do think all that force is going ? Straight to the weakest part of the stock….. the wrist. With a wooden stock you could end up with an unintended two piece stock as in broken.

    • The reason for these products is money. I started out with a single shot H&R Topper tacticooled that bitch up with 1,200 dollars worth of stuff, took it to the pawn shop and got $75 for it. What a deal

    • Did you write the Mack Davis song, “Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble when you are perfect in everyway”? I am a Vietnam Veteran. I have shot thousands of rounds in real combat while being shot at. I am old. I have had rotators surgeries on both shoulders. I need a little help enjoying my hobby. And oh by the way, I can most likely out shoot your ego!

  5. Tough crowd today, Mr. Taylor.

    Looks like a nice rest for lever guns — no lifting the rifle to chamber the next round.

  6. Thank you for the review and giving the weight for the Stinger. I’ve looked at it on numerous sites and none that I’ve found would give the weight. I don’t think Caldwell or the dealers are trying to dodge it, they just didn’t list it in the specs.

  7. Great article,
    Just as I hoped Caldwell makes great products. its obvious that they do good market research and as an older shooter ,this will help me continue way after I can crawl down in the prone position !! thanks for the article!


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