Remington R1 Limited Double Stack 1911
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Remington’s line of R1 1911s has gotten high marks, especially when you compare features and performance for their price. See JWT’s review of the Carry Commander here and a reader evaluation of the Government model here. Their latest addition is a series of three R1 Limited Double Stack models in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Here’s the press release . . .

Huntsville, AL – Remington, building on two centuries of American ingenuity announced today that its line of 1911 R1 Limited Double Stack handguns are now shipping and available at retailers, dealers and distributors across the country.

The new Model 1911 R1 Limited Double Stack pistol series has been engineered end-to-end for championship performance. With its Ionbond PVD coating, the 5-inch match-grade stainless steel barrel, slide and frame deliver silky smooth operation in heavy use. The ambidextrous extended thumb safety makes for easy operation in either hand. Its fiber optic front sight and fully adjustable LPA target rear sight are built for rapid target acquisition and shaving split seconds off your score.

Features and Benefits:

  • 5″ barrel length — ramped, match-grade barrel – For superb accuracy
  • Wide Rear and Front Cocking Serrations – (Checkered front strap and mainspring housing) For positive grip regardless of field conditions
  • LPA Fully Adjustable Match Sights – (adjustable rear) For precision shooting
  • Fiber Optic Front Sight – For faster target acquisition
  • Extended Beavertail Grip Safety – For sure grip in the field
  • Adjustable Skeletonized Trigger and oversized magwell – For a clean crisp break
  • Tough PVD DLC Finish – For durability in all conditions
  • VZ G10 Grips – For solid hold while firing
  • Two Double-Stack Magazines (Stainless Steel)
  • Stainless Steel Frame and Slide (machined carbon steel slide and frame with a satin black oxide finish)

The new Remington 1911 R1 Limited Double Stack handguns are currently available in three models – Remington R1 Limited 19.9 – 9mm, Remington R1 Limited 18.40 – 40 S&W and Remington R1 Limited 15.45 – 45 Auto, an MSRP of $1,399. For further details on 1911 offerings click here.

Live Ready for Anything

guide rod upc nra semi-auto single action single stack wishlistRemington R1 Limited Double Stack 1911About Remington Arms Company, LLC

Remington Arms Company, LLC, (“Remington”) headquartered in Madison, N.C., designs, produces and sells sporting goods for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as solutions to the military, government and law enforcement markets. Founded in 1816 in upstate New York, the Company is the nation’s oldest continuously operating manufacturer and continues to manufacture in its original plant located in Ilion, NY. Remington is a privately-held manufacturer of firearms, silencers, and ammo products and one of the largest domestic producers of ammunition, shotguns, and rifles. The Remington family of companies has 12 locations across 9 states employing more than 3,500 people and distributes its products throughout the U.S. and in more than 55 foreign countries.

More information about the Company can be found at

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  1. Remington is on it’s last breath, record-shattering losses leaving them in the red and quality is below any other brand. Junk bonds at best with zero chance of coming out of it.

    It’s not because people are buying “fewer firearms” or else every manufacturer would be feeling the sting. It’s because the Remington brand has been making terrible choices and they’re paying dearly. They can’t even make a proper home-defense jhp round, their ultimate protection line has a 33% failure rate. Whenever I see the name Remington at a vendor website, I associate them with bad news and horrible quality.

    • Their 1911s are overwelmingly cited as one of their few products that haven’t been touched by their corporate incompetence.

      • That’s because it’s not a Remington at all. It’s a Para black ops with the Remington name slapped on the side of it. This isnt new at all. This gun has been on the market for a few years now under the Para name. Remington acquired Para and now can call the 1911 double stack they are known for a Remington. Pretty sad really. They can’t make anything of quality so they go out and use another brand 1911 and call it their own. Its not. Even when it was Para, the 1911s they made were never known for their superior high quality. They filled a niche that many others didn’t bother to fill. Which was a double stack 1911.

        • Just going to say, a lot of companies do that. “We don’t make that so we buy companies who do” is a pretty common corporate practice in nearly every sector of production.

          Finally, keep in mind somebody had to agree to sell out to begin with.

    • Except, how do they fit 16 rounds in a P14 magazine?

      We Para fans have been waiting for the double stacks to come back.
      It’ll be interesting to see how reliably the Remington versions feed.

    • Yup. Exactly. Remington is just sad. Using another 1911, slapping their name on it. At this point that is the only way anything with the Remington name on it has even passable quality. Remington is the laughing stock of the gun world. They have joined the world of the budget, poor quality firearms and are right there with Kel Tec, Hi point, Taurus, and a few others at the bottom of the barrel of the gun world. I honestly laugh out loud anytime anyone even mentions Remington. Anyone who thinks they are quality obviously doesn’t know any better or have never shot anything that is even marginal quality.

  2. Sorry Remington …. that gun is about 20-30 years too late!! I’m liking my Springfield XD 45 Tactical too much!

  3. “Remington Adds Three 1911 R1 Limited Double Stack Models Just in Time for Christmas”

    More lipstick on the pig(remington)

  4. I have one of those with the Para badge on it. It needed a little fine tuning at first but it’s run about 20,000 rds of 9mm now. Still going strong.

  5. Yeah I couldn’t care less about 1911s in general. And I sure as hell am not going to buy one from a company that can’t make any good guns anymore, thanks to their terrible Q&A. I might as well go buy another double stack Llama. And that gun was actually pretty good outside of a bad extractor. Never had a lick of trouble out of her side of that one issue.

  6. Remington? No thank you. They ain’t got the best reputation for quality lately even in their marquee lines like the 700 and 870.

    • The 1:10 is a 9mm, the other two are 40 and 45. Different calibers require different twists. These are guns built for USPSA and other action shooting sports. The 5 inch barrel is for enhanced accuracy.

  7. I see a whole bunch of Johnny come lately’s complaining about Remington. They have drunk deeply at the font of TTAG and others making a name for themselves attacking established American name brands. I doubt seriously that the people complaining about Rem have even bought a gun from them in the last 10 years. Just a bunch of people complaining about a gun they don’t own based on another person’s subjective experience. Why don’t you try something for yourself? My R1 has 2500 .45 acp rounds in it with nary a hiccup. I doubt seriously anyone will take my admittedly subjective experience seriously because they have drunk to deeply at the font of “interweb” knowledge. Have fun in this one time only life living vicariously through someone else’s experience.

    • I’m in my 60’s. My son bought two 870s before he gave up and went Mossberg. One of my hunting partners has an 870 that he, at least once a trip, has to bang the buttstock on the ground to free a stuck shell from the chamber. His model 700 has been back to the factory at least once.

      I wouldn’t buy a Remington on a dare these days. And I grew up around their product and trusted them for years. No more.

      • You often chime in with an Anti Remington post. My own experience is that they are accurate, reliable and well designed. I and many of my friends have bought them over the last 25 years. One an .870 was run over by a pickup hunting grouse in the mountains and quite literally had nothing wrong with it, another a model 700 shoots half inch groups with a cheap scope all day every day. I already mentioned my experience with an R1. My admittedly subjective experience seems to run rather contrary to the sometimes bs pushed here at Ttag. And no I don’t work for them. Remington is not perfect but they are also far from a company run by Mr. Burns.

        • “My own experience is that they are accurate, reliable and well designed.”

          My own experience is that they are pieces of shit.

        • I’ve had an R1, only parted with it for the $. Wish I had it back. Had an 870 before that, same story.

          The OP is about their 1911’s. Hard to really screw up one of them. Even a dbl stack.

        • I assume your assessment is probably right, most of the “bashers” aren’t recent customers. I own a few Remingtons, but nothing recent. Why? Mostly because of the lousy reports of those that have bought new Remington products. I suppose it could be unfair negative hype, but I’m not willing to spend the $$ find out first-hand.

          I was mildly interested in the R51 when it came out a few yrs ago. That was an admitted fiasco and none of their other products interest me right now.

        • Sorry bud. But its not just TTAG that slams Remington and gives them generally poor reviews. Literally every reputable gun tester on YouTube, countless articles from other sites and a plethora of gun store owners and employess say nothing but horrible things to say about Remington. Where have you been hiding for the last 5 years? It’s not just this site. They are universally known now as producing unfinished and poorly tested platforms that they rush to get on the shelves of stores. These have resulted in consistant failures, many recalls and gins having to be redone just to get it right. Even the venerable 870s and 700s are no where close to the quality they were even 10 years ago. All you have to do is pick one up and you can feel it instantly. The guns they produce now are sloppy and unfinished. Kudos to you for owning some that have not failed you. But do some reading and you will see your experience is not shared by many many many others.

        • “another a model 700 shoots half inch groups with a cheap scope all day every day”

          That’s yer problem right there. Put a good scope on it and those groups will open up to 3 inches.

  8. I wanted a “double stack” .45. Bought the XDM 5.25 Compatition and never looked back. Fantastic reliable pistol, no fiddling, no tuning just load and shoot. Upgraded to the 460 Rowland. Love it.

  9. Hmm 40 S&W ?

    Remington finally caters to people who likes ‘snappy’. I know I do. And with a double stack, it starts coming back around to a pretty darn good police service carry option.

    • The 40 S&W is popular with USPSA shooters because it meets major power factor but holds two more rounds than a 45 ACP. This gun is built to be an out of the box USPSA competition pistol. Minor in 9mm, major in 40 and 45.

      • Hate to say round count is that big a hang-up for me, but it is. I like the idea of a .40 S&W in a 1911, don’t believe that I’ve heard of any other one. I have other 40’s (see over for full fiery-boat-wreck-at-sea disclosure notice [SOFFFBWASDN]) and it would be good to be able to use the same ammo.

        • I’m not going to hold round count against you. If you want to shoot competition like USPSA two more rounds per mag can make all the difference in the number of reloads you have to do and the number of seconds you can shave off your time.

          In single stack, 40 isn’t that popular as you are limited to 8 rounds no matter what. In double stack 40 is very popular because it holds more.

          My R1 has been fantastic. I prefer single stack (I can use the same gun in USPSA and IDPA, there is no double stack 1911 division in IDPA) and it shoots great. I highly recommend it.

  10. Remington used to be good post freedom group 1911’s are hit or miss 870’s are garbage it’s really sad becasuse I’ve had great Remington’s now they are almost on taurus level

    • The Taurus PT1911 is (I have found a few to be) a better quality weapon than even some of their PT92 and some of those are really great.

  11. Came here to say its garbage but apparently I’m not alone.

    I’d trust my life to a Rock Island over the green corporate machine.

  12. Okay, look you weebs– hit up reddit /1911 and see what they think about them. i guarantee you there will be greater base of user experience than the fuds you’ll find here hating the flavor of the week. R51? Okay, you got that. 700s? No argument. But Remington 1911s are pretty well regarded.

    Stop making baseless guesses and looking like fools in the process.

    • I’ve been running an R1 Enhanced in IDPA CDP for the last year-and-a-half. It runs flawlessly and is very accurate. The only changes I made to it were a Wilson Combat Bullet Proof extended slide stop and thumb safety because they are easier to manipulate being so oversized. I couldn’t be happier with my gun.

      • I think the R1 Enhanced must be made [not to higher specs / standards] but by Remington’s ‘more experienced’ craftsmen. I think the R1’s are plenty worth the $ and the enhanced are worth the extra $$ for the threaded barrel / thread protector alone. The R1s new beat any original G.I. model quality NEW, and put many normal ‘production’ 1911 shops to shame. I won’t name names but I’ve seen some mid-range broken-parts ‘flingers’, a few high priced dogs (looks nice / feels nice / shoots . . . just as accurate as my Taurus with a replacement barrel that I hand fit myself, and fit a barrel link to, with some Micro Mesh). Seen a bunch that look nice / feel nice / shoot nice / CORN-HOLE EVERY DAMN PRIMER THEY ENCOUNTER, AND THE SLIDE RETURN SPRING WILL DO A MOONSHOT FOR YOU IF YOU FREEWHEEL THE BARREL BUSHING ON DIS-ASSEMBLY (YEAH I’M TALKING TO YOU KIMBER).

        • You got something against guns with character?

          What were you doing, taking that Kimber apart within a mile of a shag rug? Or was it outside, after sunset?


  13. Why would anyone who is remotely familiar with Remington buy anything from them at this point. They have fallen almost completely off the radar. They have multiple guns and models that are an absolute train wreck. In fact almost everything they make is garbage. Yes I’ve seen and even owned one of the 1911s they produce (R1 enhanced). And there is nothing spectacular or unique to the platform that you don’t get on many other models available. And those companies have a much better reputation for fit, finish, reliability, and overall performance than Remington will ever have. Honestly, the brand needs to be killed and put put to pasture. Remington has made it clear over the past few years that they have done away with any quality control and attention to detail completly. And that alone convinces me that I would never buy anything from them that wasn’t made before the mid 90s. Anything after that, your basically playing Russian roulette on if you going to get a him thst functions or one that fails on multiple levels. Remington is done. It’s time to officially cut the strings and do away with Remington forever.

    • That’s so nice of you to want to put a lot of people out of work, costing them their jobs and livelihoods because you have a bone to pick with upper management decisions. It’s not like there aren’t hundreds of people feeding their families from Remington paychecks. Naw, who cares about them.

  14. These are amazing guns, and use Para magazines (Remington custom follower though). The trigger is nicer than the Para P14 and you get +1 or +2 more rounds than in the Para P14 or any other double-stack 45acp on the market.

    Check out what the 1911 fanboys think of this Remington’s 1911 incarnation:

    Even their new plastic RP45 holds 15 (more than the Para, Rock, or STI etc.), and is using modified para magazines. But that’s neither here nor there. Andthe RP45 has a whole one single review online on youtube.

  15. I own an R1 doublestack “enhanced.” After 400 rounds and regular cleaning, it still fails to go fully into battery at least once on every magazine (randomly). Last round jams nose up, every time. I can’t get 15 rds in either mag. It says 15 on the mag, but I just can’t get that last round to fit. It has a nice trigger, nice sights, and it is accurate . . . when it fires. My SR1911 has never had a malfunction of any kind.

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