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Have questions about firearm silencers and the silencer industry? Check out this great interview with industry titans Mike Pappas (who gives great back rubs) and Gary Hughes. The uncut interview is above, but new YouTube channel Shooter Opinions has also broken it down into chapters, which are linked below:

1 of 10: Sound metering

2 of 10: Balancing weight, strength ect…

3 of 10: What is a full auto rating

4 of 10: Suppressor materials

5 of 10: Point Of Impact shift

6 of 10: Suppressor push

7 of 10: First round pop

8 of 10: Advice for first time buyers

9 of 10: How a suppressor works

10 of 10: What if HPA passes

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  1. So, when are we going to wake up and realize that the weakest link in the NFA is the SBR rule, and work to unwind that? You can’t justify a ban on SBRs in a society that allows handgun ownership. Get something done instead of pipe dreaming about suppressors and ending up getting nothing done.

    • Agreed, I am all for removing SBR as well. Why should a 14.5″ barrel be treated as a dangerous threat but not 16″? And all the AR/AK and PCC “pistols” and now arm braces show how silly this all is. Prosecute actually criminals committing actual crimes, don’t make up crimes to bust someone who put a vertical grip on a pistol or threw a stock on a skorp pistol. Extra silly – I can legally own some AR SBR lowers along with standard ones and pistol lowers, but if I swap my legal short upper onto a standard lower I would suddenly make an illegal weapon. Even though there exact same upper on a pistol or SBR lower would be ok.

    • I don’t agree with you on much but you’re exactly correct. The SBR portion of the NFA is downright silly and impossible to defend.

    • “You can’t justify a ban on SBRs in a society that allows handgun ownership.”

      Oh, yes they can, and they have done so very recently, after the Vegas attack.

      They claimed SBRs were particularly lethal, as they had the “power of a rifle, and could be concealed as easily as a handgun”.

      I agree SBRs are bullshit, but that’s how they are planning to fight us deregulating them…

  2. My perspective is that our elected representatives had no clue of the safety aspect. They still don’t.

    I agree – When suppressors are removed from the NFA roster, manufacturers won’t be able to make them fast enough.

    It’s criminal, that a safety device is restricted in this country!

  3. FYI this video appears really weird on the front page. It’s kind of stretched incorrectly for this style of video. Like some idiot that doesn’t know to use their smartphone right by holding it up instead of sideways.

    Once again, TTAGs doesn’t know how to make a web page right. Again. Still.

  4. It’s all bullshit. When them goodie two shoes wrote those laws to protect ‘ THEM’ they didn’t have 21 shot 9 mm pistols. In their brilliance they’d rather be hit by 15 9mm 124 gr projectiles then six-7 at lower velocity weighing less from a sawed off shotgun. O h silencer Are just away to shove they’re power around, it’s all it is. I don’t like silencers, suppressors whatever you wanna call em, FUDD s be damned, if ” they” don’t want you to have a rock, get three in case you miss use the next to bash them to the ground and a third one to finish it off. ” They” push pussie countries around their afraid to unleash a bunch of football playing asskicking soldiers loose, we we taught to win,,, HELlO, ,we don’t know how to loose,,,,god I’m a on a rAnT lol

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