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There’s a reason so many robberies take place in gun-free zones. The last thing stick-up men want to encounter is armed resistance. Most of them just want to get in, get the cash, and get out. But if that’s the goal, maybe it would be a good idea to be sure that the clerk you’re holding up isn’t a Marine. They tend to shoot at people who point firearms at them.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of Chip’s Quik Stop market on Whites Creek Pike just after 11:30 p.m. Thursday.

According to police, 58-year-old Zane Friend was outside taking a break when the armed men reportedly started running at him.

That’s an unusual tactic.

Friend was armed with a pistol. He told police one of the suspects pointed a gun at him, so he shot the suspect in the stomach.

The two other suspects reportedly ditched their friend who had just been shot.

No surprise there. There isn’t a lot of honor among thieves when the bullets start to fly. Mr. Friend, for his part, did his best to keep 18-year-old Gabriel Gonzales alive until help could arrive.

According to police, Friend then ran inside, grabbed towels and tried to help the man who had just tried to rob him. Friend said he performed CPR on the suspect and called 911.

WSMV News 4

Gonzales is in critical condition. Police are looking to for the other two. And Mr. Friend is alive and well and still at the gas station where he’s worked for 19 years. Oh, and here’s a real shocker:

According to police, Gonzales and his accomplices may be behind several other recent robberies in the Middle Tennessee area.



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  1. Huh,
    Friend was there and it was his decision to make, but I’m not sure I’d have tried to help the perp. First aid and CPR tends to requires lot of focus and I’d be afraid of the would-be robber’s friends coming back around and catch me with my back turned.

    • “Friend was there and it was his decision to make, but I’m not sure I’d have tried to help the perp.”

      I have to admit I agree, but there are jurisdictions that take a dim view on lethal force self-defense where it may be your best interest to at least to attempt to render aid.

      So, know the legal ‘lay of the land’ where you happen to be…

      • I followed the link. The bad guy had his own personal Shōgun with him. Who needs a gun if you have a Japanese military overlord?

        “Police said Gonzales had a shogun with him that was reported stolen in Clarksville last month.”

  2. Good on that Marine for doing a great job. That station will now be on a “don’t go there” list for robberies. It’ll also be added to the “that’s a great place to support” list for regular folks.

    • True story, too bad it’s nowhere near where I live. I’d go spend money there if it was closer. Not so sure I woulda wasted the S.O.B. but hey, that jarhead is a little more civilized than this one.

  3. Always love to see the good guy win. Most especially if he’s not a paid professional. The antis hate it.

  4. Good for Mr Friend and company.
    I highly doubt Id render any assistance to a criminal. Especially if I was the one who shot him.
    Id probably stand there with my foot on his throat. Until I see the cops eventually showing up.

  5. So it is true that there are no “Ex-Marines”?

    Something, something~~every marine a rifleman ~~something something?

  6. 3 attackers. Fire a shot and the 2 that are still mobile beat feat. Outside of hollywood action movie the bad guys run. Period.

    Mind set beats tacticool every time.

  7. Training & practice, practice, practice. Should have been a Mozambique drill. However this young man did the right thing, eliminate the threat and then render aid. You won’t see this on CNN.

  8. I wonder though…was the CPR stomping on his chest and then giving two blasts from the tire air pump?:p It’s technically CPR

  9. “Every Marine is, first and foremost, a rifleman. All other conditions are secondary.”

    General Alfred M Gray USMC (Ret)

    There are many instances over the years when all the cooks, drivers, office poges and everyone else they can scrape up are put in the trenches to fight the enemy….successfully I might add.

    Semper Fi !

    • Excellent shoot, although he is taking unnecessary risks by trying to help the wounded. It could be argued that by trying to help, he had a guilty mind.

      Then again, helping others is kind of something that goes hand in hand with retired USMC.

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