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Last month we wrote about Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal’s efforts to put an end to high school rifle, trap and archery clubs in New York State. Scores of programs that include boys, girls and disabled students. Programs that exist far outside her west side Assembly district. As the Buffalo News’s Rod Watson writes,

It is anti-gun zealots like this who make life so easy for the National Rifle Association. Every time you’re tempted to think the NRA is crying wolf to gin up support when it suggests “they” want to take away everyone’s guns, along comes more proof that the organization might be right.

Bight be?

Ordinarily, this measure from Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal might be considered a classic “one-house bill” doomed to go no further. But with the very real possibility of Democrats also taking over the State Senate – depending on the whims of one mercurial senator – and Gov. Andrew Cuomo ever eager to ban any gun he can find, this threat to shooting sports is all too real.

Watson’s no fan of the NRA, but it’s hard to argue with them when he looks around the state at the never-ending push by anti-gun Democrats who’d like nothing more than to outlaw every gun in the state.

I used to consider the NRA’s warnings like the cover of Superman comic books, which invariably indicated the superhero was dead. But somehow, once you finished the edition, he was very much alive and you knew you had been duped just to get your money. The NRA often operates the same way: No matter which political party is in control, it’s the most perilous time in history for gun rights, so send money now.

But who can dismiss the NRA’s warnings after the SAFE Act, New York’s handgun recertification fiasco, and now this?

They’ll use any rationale — no matter how ridiculous — to justify each new restriction.

…Rosenthal has cited the fact that Nikolas Cruz, who killed 17 in Parkland, Fla., had participated in a school rifle program as justification for her ban.

But that makes about as much sense as getting rid of driver training classes because a madman drove a van onto sidewalks in Toronto a few weeks ago, killing 10. Or banning chemistry because those classes might have helped Pendleton’s Timothy McVeigh concoct the truck bomb that killed 168 people in Oklahoma City.

Looks like Watson’s eyes have been opened.

Gun culture?

I’m more worried about a political culture that chases cheap headlines by victimizing law-abiding shooters. But I guess that’s to be expected because bills like Rosenthal’s are so much easier to write than doing something to actually prevent crime.


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      • No, that’s why marketing gurus and warning labels use them almost exclusively.

        It says

        “L O O K H E R E”

        to your brain, and your brain reads it, and internalizes it, whether you are conscious of it or not.

        • I don’t know about you guys, but to me all caps, or no caps for that matter, scream: “Skip this post!”

        • You are most emphatically wrong, Sir.
          I don’t read any of your posts that scream at me. I see the mass of capital letters, and my mind says, “Don’t bother. This is a nutcase. He’s standing on a soapbox, screaming at the top of his lungs, unable to make a point without trying to drown out any opposition, trying to make his weak argument stronger by turning up the volume.”
          For example, I read your first post. The second? I’ll never know what you tried to say, because you tried to scream it in my ear (metaphorically, of course).
          People here have told you this before, and you just ignore them.
          That’s OK, because they ignore you in return–more so when you scream.
          Human interactions have rules of Etiquette for a reason. Feel free to ignore those rules, but understand that what we have, here, is ‘failure to communicate.’

        • If you even noticed that thete were capital letters a part of your brain thought it was important enough to read. The shouting is all in your head, READ MORE QUIETLY. Strangely, IF I USED ALL CAPS but in a font that looked negatively embossed or chiseled, like on a tombstone, or monument, you’d have to nearly read every letter to take it in and your brain would hold on to them as long. It is conversely true, as well, for raised lettering.

          Either way, I never use ALL CAPS as yelling without the proper punctuation, and I don’t think you’ve seen an exclamation point out of me in a long time. Further, I never do it to piss anyone off, and I sincerely apologize.

    • The Man Has One Point. Traditional, Hometown USA is under assault from all sides. Your Kids. F*ck them, lets get competition from China, India and the former Soviet Union to dilute their prospects. Your Car. F*ck That, Lets get Japanese and Now South Korean Models to dilute in the market. You:: F*ck Your White Privilege. Its Revenge Time.

  2. Reviewing efforts like this one makes me wonder if there’s any chance that when California falls into the Pacific, New York will slide into the Atlantic. We can only hope!
    (I’d throw Illinois into the mix but I don’t put much faith in Mother Nature dooming IL with the same fate!)

    • Don’t worry due to “global” warming. NYC and Long Island will be under water in your grand childrens lifetime.
      The rest of NY state is moderately sane and a good place to live. 2 very difffferent cultures. Maybe wishfully like Kalifornia is. Let the entire west coast of the state disappear and most of Kalifornia might be a decient place. But then again it is kalifornia so who knows??

      • Jay – Do you shop at Publix?

        You might not want to :

        Publix clarifies: We support Putnam, not the NRA

        “Florida grocery chain Publix took to Twitter on Tuesday to clarify to customers that the company’s backing of Republican Adam Putnam doesn’t mean it supports the National Rifle Association.

        The tweets came after the Tampa Bay Times reported that Publix, the heirs to its founder and its current and former leaders have donated $670,000 to Putnam in his gubernatorial race, a show of support that is unprecedented in the history of Florida’s largest private company.”

        • I read the story about Publix.
          I do but very little, basically just for lunch at work. A sandwich a few times a week.
          I boycotted Walmart for Xteen years. But the reality of Publix over charging by a lot here for the same foods has made me a Wally World consumer.
          The Publix in my shopping plaza is the 2nd highest grossing store in the chain.
          A $2.50 item at WW is about $3.45 at this West Boca store.
          Publix does its pricing according to the zip code the store is in.
          Im probably saving myself $15-20$ by going to Wally World.
          But I do like Adam Putnam too.
          I just wish I had a choice for the Senate here. Unfortunately we don’t.
          Its worse or pure crap,……………… I cant vote for Scott and wont vote for Nelson. Those 2 will be the choices. Any other vote might as well be a non vote. Mine.

      • It is only the big city Californians that are the problem, and many of us that live in the big suburb areas are pro 2nd. Cities on the coast like Santa Maria, Pismo Beach and some 40 miles from the coast like Bakersfield are pro gun and so are most of the people. The main problem here is we have so many immigrants from places that ban their subjects from owning guns, that they are scared of guns and vote the same way. We have way too many politicians that were not born here and want to make thier state like the country they left.

        • Faults in Arkansas? The two that immediately jump to my mind seed ticks and cottonmouths. Damn ticks are bad this year, just pulled one off my nut sack last nite, itching bastard.

    • TxRabbit,

      I have really good news for you: all we need to fix Illinois is for Chicago to slide into Lake Michigan!

  3. Well known is the fact hunting fees, gun taxes, and everything else shooters are fleeced for is used to fund anti gun efforts.
    It’s what the left does

  4. Sure to Hell with Ny and Calf. Although you’ll loose more gun owners then the entire populations of many “free”states ,so good luck when the fight hits there .

    • With the legislatures and governors in those places (and all other places steeped in POS (D)) disarming the populace, we could do Sherman’s March to the Sea unimpeded, only stopping along the way at the taken-over Federal Pens and other re-education camps to free the die-hards.

      I kinda look forward to it, I likes a challenge.

      • Joe, you’re not one of those people who thinks that because liberal legislators in certain states have imposed bad gun laws that guns in those states have suddenly disappeared, are you? Because that’s what the liberals think – gun control laws make guns disappear. You’re not a liberal, are you Joe?

        • I happen to be in the ‘firearms / ammunition’ business myself, and I happen to know a few ammunition manufacturers out there that have gone out of business due to legislation. You can own all the guns you want if you can’t feed them, you’re screwed. Do you load / reload ammo? Most users don’t, and if you can’t obtain the things needed to reload, and you can’t buy from your neighbor, you’re screwed.

          Further, I don’t have to beat CA. It’s beating itself. I just have to help it, and it’s overripe for that. Californians will kill each other with a small but pointed application of force, AND THAT FORCE IS PROMISED BY ITS GOVERNMENT.

      • There are probably a lot more guns on Long Island and the rest of NY than where most of you live.
        Everyone here seems to confuse NY with New York City.
        The unfortunate reality is that NYC and the liberal college towns dictate the politics for the entire state. If you looked at the past election map you would see why.
        Look at our two Senators. One was and is a total a__hole. The other one from up state was pro gun until she was elected and turned by Chuckie.
        So politically there is no hope but guns we have.

        • I’m originally from there, and, having moved to Oklahoma ~ some time ago, I can tell you, no. There is no way in hell you could fit enough firearms ON Long Island to match what is housed, neatly, just here in Tulsa.

          YES, your reps are jacked up.

          Further, your view of NY in terms of National importance is skewed by GOD knows what.

          NYC is a piss ant patch of property in a piss ant little state that doesn’t make the top 50 in land area. And you could pack another umpty-trillion illegal aliens within your borders and not represent another square inch of America, or its values. The rest of us don’t want to get dictated to by anyone, much less some broke (D)1<K dictators (and they really really are) from any evil house of blue.

          I moved out of there, it's your problem now. Fix it.

  5. I live in Illinois. Anywhere dominated by a leftard metropolis is in trouble. Like NY. “Things are tough all over”-Cheech & Chong

  6. I don’t much like California, but wishing it to slide into the ocean would certainly put a strain on produce. And if NY, Cali, Chiraq slides into the waters, all them peoples is going to take refuge in my State,. Don’t want that no thank you

  7. “you had been duped just to get your money. The NRA often operates the same way:”

    A perfect description for a fake gun rights organization like the NRA. I wonder how many donations they’d get if they had to admit they were responsible for banning a quarter of the population from buying a gun and tricked the President into signing a ban on the most common type of firearm in the world because their Glorious Leader Wayne LaPierre hated them?

    • Organizations that depend on donations do that. Since the NRA is an organization that depends on donations…

      In one sense, they are right. The people who want civilian disarmament may push harder at strategic moments, but they never stop pushing.

      As far as the NRA not taking a more consistent stand on gun ownership rights, I’m with you. Wish they would. I donate to the NRA, but also to other organizations with a more consistent track record.

  8. It’s not gun culture, it’s American culture and one of our most fundamental rights. Not splitting hairs, if we play a losing language game, were done.

    • Exactly right. The real fight is against individual liberty and the ideal of limited government. Many, perhaps the majority, of antis don’t understand that. But the people funding and pushing the civilian disarmament movement understand it. These individuals don’t hate guns. They hate guns in the hands of people who do not wish to submit to their rule.

  9. Joe R.
    I talked about the entire state. I didn’t say anything about national importance. I said look at the map because most of Long Island and the state is Red. (nothing to do with the national map)
    The population of Tulsa is about 400k the population of Long Island is over 7.5 million. The population of NY (state) is about 20 million. If only 10% of Long Islanders own a gun of some sorts that would make that number 750K. So I don’t think so.

  10. Don’t confuse the entire state of NY with NYC. Just because that city bears the name of the state, or vice versa, does not mean that everyone here is a Cuomo-loving leftwit. After the NYSAFE Act was put into place, NYS had the most NRA members of any state in the union, for all the good they did us.

    Unfortunately the NRA refuses to put the effort in to fight the gun grabbers DISTRICT BY DISTRICT, which is the only way you could possibly shift the balance of power in this state away from the leftwists. Many 2A supporters in NYS feel abandoned and cheated by the NRA, it almost seems like the NRA needs a few states like NY to exist as the legislative “boogeymen” in order to scare people in other states into paying their dues.

    We certainly can use some outside help/support from the firearm community. Too many people in our movement think that the challenge is simply too great to overcome. What we need is a creative and new approach. The very fact some schools in this state still have school-sanctioned shooting sports, and young people willing to join them, means that the our culture is holding on and could perhaps grow.


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