“Gang Gun” Explained

Unless you’re living in the midst of gun violence or charged with combatting it, leagle.com is your number one stop for insight into what’s happening on the streets, and how it goes down. Strangely enough. The court briefs’ language is dispassionately illuminating. Case in point: PEOPLE v. RODRIGUEZ. Seems one Juan Ignacio Rodriguez was unhappy when the judge imposed a 15-year “gang enhancement” to his sentence for attempted murder—despite the obvious fact that the shooting was gang-related and Mr. Rodriguez was/is a member of the Brook Street Gang. The appeal refers to testimony from Detective Matthew McLeod, a gang expert. He explained the role and function of a “gang gun,” in this case a Glock .22 . . .

The investigator on the case, Detective Matthew McLeod, testified as a gang expert. He opined defendants committed the crime in association with the Brook Street gang, and the shooting benefitted, promoted and furthered the gang because it garnered respect for Brook Street, and instilled fear in rival Bishop Street and community members. McLeod explained guns are a prominent and vital feature in the gang subculture. He defined a gang gun as a weapon that all members are “free to use.” He also explained that in a confrontation with a rival gang, everyone in the group will know who has possession of the gun so others may quickly recover the weapon should the person holding the weapon “go down for some reason.” Those who recovered the gun would have the option of using it against their adversaries or removing it from the scene.

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