Gun Review: Law Enforcement Trade-In GLOCK 22

My go-to FFL, Best Buy Surplus, has always had a steady supply of LE trade-in GLOCKs. Suffice it to say, they’re fans of the genre. Last month they received a shipment of over 300 of these pistols — mostly G22s (.40 S&W), but also a lot of G21s (.45 ACP) — and asked me if I wanted to […]

“Gang Gun” Explained

Unless you’re living in the midst of gun violence or charged with combatting it, is your number one stop for insight into what’s happening on the streets, and how it goes down. Strangely enough. The court briefs’ language is dispassionately illuminating. Case in point: PEOPLE v. RODRIGUEZ. Seems one Juan Ignacio Rodriguez was unhappy […]

Department of Education: Here’s Why We Need Shotguns (Pt. 2)

Earlier this month, commentator Mossberg500 (no bias there) was not happy to hear that the U.S. Department of Education was buying 27 shotguns. “Their first mistake was purchasing Remington shotguns when they could have gotten the Mossberg Persuader tactical pumps. (IDIOTS) I think they meant ‘No child left alive’ with their ass-bag mentality . […]