Galco is now offering holsters for the Ruger EC9s.
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If you’re one of the many fans of the Ruger EC9s you’ll be happy to hear Galco is coming out with a selection of holsters for the pistol. (For those who don’t know, I’ll save you the Google search: the EC9s is a compact, striker-fired pistol chambered in 9mm with integral sights and a 7 +1 capacity.)

As for Galco Gunleather, they’ve been manufacturing good-quality holsters since 1969 and have a well-deserved solid reputation in the industry. When the company first started it was known as “the Jackass Leather Company” because it offered horsehide holsters (sidenote: Galco’s Jackass shoulder system was used repeatedly for the  1980’s TV series Miami Vice). Today the make holsters with leather and synthetics for more handguns than I can easily list.

The new Galco EC9s holsters are as follows: the Ankle Lite and Cop Ankle Band, the Combat Master, TacSlide, and Stinger belt holsters, the KingTuk, Waistband, and WalkAbout IWB holsters, and the Classic Lite shoulder holster. In addition they’re offering a variety of magazine pouches and Defense Planners, the latter of which I had to look at to see for myself.

Apparently the Defense Planner is exactly what it sounds like, a leather notebook resembling a day planner made to hold a pistol and spare magazine. Although it is off-body carry, which I try to avoid, I admit to being somewhat intrigued. Holster handbags are also available (my two cents: do not carry your handgun in your purse).

The Combat Master Belt Holster is one of the models being made by Galco for the Ruger EC9s.

I’ve used quite a few Galco holsters over the years including the aforementioned KingTuk and Ankle Lite (among others). As with any holsters their performance depends on your specific needs and body type; for me, they’ve worked well. As well all end up learning, it takes some trial and error to find the right holster, but the process tends to be easier if you’re trying quality holsters to begin with. If you have a Ruger EC9s and are looking for a well-made holster, consider checking these out at

What has your experience with Galco Gunleather been?

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    • As far as I can see it is…if I’m going Galco I’ll spring for 40 bucks more😄

  1. This is not new. Somebody at Galco just had to add EC9s to the existing list of guns for the LC9s/LC9. A slight variation in sites and finish don’t necessitate different holsters.

  2. Yeah… that Walkabout IWB looks suspiciously like the exact same holster I have been using for about five years now (…it’s even the same color, although mine was originally tan…). It fits the Ruger LC9S just peachy… but carries an itty bitty Kahr most days.

    Quality gear, no doubt… admirably withstanding the Arizona desert sweat gauntlet. I would buy it again. Perhaps the only “flaw” is that the mag pouch is tension secured, not friction (as in NO friction)– it relies on your glorious fatness pushing one way and your belt pushing the other way, to sandwich it. This makes the mag slide out very easy… but, it also makes the mag slide out very easy. So, not necessarily a good holster for jungle gym recreational time or when your partner is twirling you above his head at the figure skating rink.

    Be safe.

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