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“If gun violence feels like it’s become an everyday occurrence, that’s because it is. Every single day, nearly 100 lives are lost because of guns. But every time you hear news of another shooting, remind yourself that this level of gun violence is not normal. No other developed nation experiences this kind of daily heartbreak and horror.

“This is a problem we can solve, but first we need leaders who will fight for solutions. That’s why I’m doing everything I can to elect a new Congress with the courage to pass stronger gun laws. I urge every voter to stand with me. When we vote together, we will save lives.” – Gabrielle Giffords in a statement to the press, 9/20/2018

If it feels like a broken record, that’s because it is…suicide is not “gun violence.” Calling it gun violence is extremely dishonest. We can (and should) have serious conversations about suicide.

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    • You’d think the Dems would WANT to have more babies, to add to their political roster.

      They really just want life without consequences. Responsibility isn’t in their nature.

      • Babies can’t vote for 18 years, and might turn against their leftist parents.

        Illegals and criminals can vote RIGHT NOW and will vote blue every single time.

      • Why do you think they say it “Takes a village” to raise a kid? They are just not capable to handle responsibility on their own….They even need devices to remind them their babies are in the backseat of a car so they don’t forget.

    • Governor Le Petomane,

      And every day, doctors and nurses kill roughly 1,300 lives because of medical mistakes. That is on top of the 1,780 lives lost every day to abortion.

      Thus, we lose about 3,000 lives every day in total to medical clinics and hospitals — every one of which is preventable. Where is the outcry?

      • And according to death toll statistics death by firearm doesn’t even make the top 10 or even 20. How about the same effort as banning guns is put into those other causes first.

        • And only about 30 of those gun deaths are murders, most of which are gang related murders. Which means that your chances of being murdered by someone with a gun on any given day is less than 10,000,000 to 1. Thanks for the numbers Gabby.

    • Her husband is a disgrace to the uniform he once wore for taking advantage of her diminished capacities like he has. Truly he is a pathetic creature.

      • “Her husband is a disgrace to the uniform”

        More than you know.

        Kelly had already ridden the torch to the space station before his wife was shot. While she was still in early recovery, Kelly just had to get his second ride (meaning someone who had not been to the station at all had to wait). Even though the docs assured him that his wife would be OK, I just cannot imagine someone voluntarily being thousands of miles away and unable to respond should an emergency arise. That kind of selfishness is unfathomable.

        • “While she was still in early recovery, Kelly just had to get his second ride (meaning someone who had not been to the station at all had to wait)”

          Ordinarily, I’d agree with that. However –

          There are a few things to un-pack with that –

          At the time of the incident, he was active-duty Navy assigned to NASA. His wife knowingly married a military officer. She knew full well in advance about what military duty and the mission *means*.

          The mission comes *first*, before even your own family. A spaceflight isn’t something he can just drop and hand off to the backup. The training for each spaceflight mission is *highly* specialized and complex. A big part of mission success is operating as a unified team, where you practically know what the other team members are thinking, without you even having to ask.

          I don’t hold it against him for doing the flight considering the circumstance. And she would understand that…

        • “There are a few things to un-pack with that –”

          I admit, I did not see/read anything stating Kelly was so essential to the mission that it would be scrubbed if he didn’t fly.

          Doing “what if”, one wonders if Kelly would have been the true indispensable person had doctors informed him that his wife was touch and go, with unknown prognosis?

          Astronauts are special, can’t imagine that if Kelly’s wife had been on her deathbed, Kelly could have easily been substituted.

          Military? Been there, done that. I find Kelly’s actions indefensible.

        • As someone who works for NASA, I can most assuredly tell you that todays crop of astronauts (since about the late eighties to about today) are so far from the “right stuff” guys of my youth (yes, I was an Apollo youngster), it’s like comparing Jimi Hendrix to Justin Bieber and trying to figure out the similarities.

          There are a few exceptions, but those are few and far in-between.

    • And beds. Almost everyone dies in a bed. No beds, no deaths. Just like hospitals and old folks’ homes. Get rid of THOSE, and beds, and everyone will pretty much live forever. Oh, and guns. No guns, and instantly every homicidal maniac or Liberal Progressive will give up their violent ways and devote their lives to Social Justice and the Betterment of Personkind.

      No, really.

    • “Maybe we should ban old age. Pretty sure that’s 100% fatal.”

      Yeah, well…..

      Very few people die over the age of 100.

      • I’m sure! Brady did, remember, and I’m not certain I don’t agree with that, especially if we can keep the shooter in prison longer.

  1. Look at who is doing this killing! Thugs in Democrat Cities. Which all the bad ones are Democrat controlled. We need Democrat Control Not gun control! If did not have Gun they would kill with Knife, Hammer or other objects! There are more people killed with blunt objects than guns.
    How many people are killed each day in Abortion Clinics? But the Democrats approve of that!

    • From Mexico with love:

      All those California gun control laws for public safety apparently doesn’t stop powerful five shot revolvers from killing 6 people. I didn’t really see people talking about this mass gun violence rampage. I guess Mexican lives don’t matter.

      • You’re forgetting that half her brain was splattered out onto the sidewalk and she has seriously diminished mental capacity. Which is why she’s a great spokesperson for the anti-2A crowd.

        • I have scars on my leg, as well as minor function issues, from an accident involving an escalator. I do not hate escalators, though I am slightly nervous when entering one.

          Does Gabby still own guns? If so, I would not blame her for being a bit nervous when using them.
          But there is no justification for going to war against the document she previously swore to uphold.

        • I have scars on my legs too, but the difference between us and Giffords is that we (I presume you do too) have fully functioning brains.

        • I have scars on both my legs from surgery when I was 3 to stretch my Achilles tendons. Now 45 years on I have scar tissue build up which makes running painful.

          The cause was while in utero the then Federal department of agriculture allowed fruit spraying within 50m of houses (since restricted to 10x that distance) and this caused a lot of children to be born with the same condition.

        • I just went with the old, boring head on collision on a motorcycle at a combined closing speed of 85mph to get my scars. Sometimes if I’m bored I tell people it was a shark attack though.

    • What, you think she should be forgiven for saying crap like this? Her “perspective” plays a significant role in the destruction of an inalienable (and enumerated) right for countless millions of law abiding people and we’re supposed to be understanding and sensitive to that?

      • It’s easy for me to forgive Giffords. Like the Gov mentions above, she’s not all there. The woman is not responsible for her actions. She was a victim of a shooting once, and now is a victim of her handlers and caretakers every single day.
        This woman doesn’t deserve our scorn, only our pity.

        Also, your screen name is blasphemous. #mandoporvida

        • If you pay really close attention to my reviews, you’ll see a lot of hidden Imperial and Mandalorian stuff in there.
          Also, Yoda was a pedophile.

        • I think what’s most important is the effect her grandstanding has. If she were posting tweets like, “gunnn shooty pickles #good” …then I might be like, ok, I’ll give her a pass. But as far as I can tell, she makes coherent statements intended to throttle gun rights, and people do listen to her. Even if she’s almost literally a puppet, I still can’t pity her.

          Also, I’m not a huge Star Wars buff or anything. I mean, I love the movies, but no more than anyone else. No idea why I picked that screen name.

        • I have not seen her make a coherent statement about anything, just seen her quoted as “saying” something I assume was typed by her despicable husband for money. She would be making a lot more lengthy addresses if she could actually think and speak, it’s a fraud. Very much like Brady and his use by his wife, except he was actually *opposed* to any manner of gun control prior to the shooting, but the money was there with the Brady campaign, not the NRA. And he was unable to affect the choice. Giffords was a grabber when she was still alive, now that she’s dead she’s just more effective.

        • It is not her doing the grandstanding, its her handlers. She doesn’t even know what State she’s in.
          They have meetings for days to write the script and then they rehearse her for weeks until she can follow along. Then, the day of the event, they pull her string and point her at a podium, and she dances on cue. Just like an organ grinder’s monkey(that reference is really old, some might have to look it up). Too obscure? Then let’s say; “like Pavlov’s dogs”.

  2. The Sock Puppet also recently announced that she was backing Kwame Raoul to be the next Attorney General for Illinois. Raoul’s notable political achievements include being appointed to fill obozo’s seat in the Illinois senate and being the Chair of both the Finance and Judicial Committee, he’s done wonders for the state’s finances (sarc).

    Kwame is running on a platform of “increasing gun restrictions and reforming the criminal justice system. ” Kwame definitely has the answers to Illinois’ problems.

  3. Yeah, and of those roughly 65 were self inflicted (suicide) and 20 or so of the remaining 35 were ‘occuational hazzards’ of being a gang banger.
    The remaining 15 could be broken down further into justifiable homocides/self defense, accidents etc but, why bother. The first two are MORE than enough to prove there is no ‘gun problem’.

    What I don’t get is why there hasn’t been a MASSIVE push from our side to debunk the stupifying number of lies and partial truths these people keep spouting off. It can be done SOOOO easily with simple facts and credible statistics. Approaching it that way gives us the image of sensable, logical people and shows them for the manipulative liars they truly are.
    You want to know why the left is winning? Because they know VERY well how to get people on their side by utilizing every form of media available. Their tactics are downright disgusting but to Mr./Mrs. average uninformed citizen they look like the more caring/compassionate group while we look like raving loons clutching our guns and mumbling about conspiracies and communism.

    • VicRattleHead,

      You want to know why the left is winning?

      I am not convinced that the Left is actually winning. The previous Presidential election tends to dispute that premise.

      Be that as it may, the reason why the Left is as successful as they are is because they compose about 90% to 95% of the personnel in Academia, Technology, and legacy media (movies, television, newspapers, and news outlets/services). I see no simple solution for breaking their choke-hold on those segments of our society.

      Interesting note: all three of those segments primarily involve imagination, virtue, and theory rather than the real world. Is it any wonder that Leftists in those industries almost exclusively advocate for pie-in-the-sky approaches? After all, that is pretty much all they deal with day-in and day-out.

      • It sure doesn’t feel like they’re not winning. After all, how many people have you ever heard say they’re leaving their home state because it’s being over-ran by conservatives. Lol!

        To me, it just always seems like we’re playing defense.

  4. Everyday 330,000,000 lives are not lost due to guns. 100/330,000,000 = 0.0000003. 1-.0000003=0.9999997. There is a 99.99997% chance you won’t die from a gunshot today.
    (There is a similar chance that you won’t win the lottery today)

  5. it is my contention that being shot in the head didnt make her significantly more retarded

    shes a democrat

    she was already pretty retarded to begin with

    shes one of the most cognitively challenged people in the country and shes married to an astronaut

    go figure

    id love to be a fly on the wall at their house when he has to take time out from reading buzz aldrins doctoral thesis regarding line of sight guidance techniques for manned orbital rendezvous so he can help her put her shoes and socks on and brush her hair and teeth for the 1000th time so she can go vote on legislation in the us house of representatives

  6. I’m brain damaged, but my husband wrote this message for me, and you should take my word it’s true because I’m brain damaged.

  7. A serious honest conversation about guns with a libitard???? Not possible with people whos basic tenant in life is to lie lie lie. Distort the facts with made up statistics. Just isn’t possible.

  8. More on Pennsylvania proposed laws now up for vote ; HB 2060 + 2227.

    From , Firearm Owners Against Crime , Bill Text resource.

    ” We have done EVERYTHING we can to stop this freight train but are told that UNLESS YOU (gun owners) speak out and DEMAND leadership pull these bills they WILL PASS. We as a group (gun owners) have been silent TOO DAMN LONG!!

    NOW we are faced with House Leadership and SE Republicans and a ‘Host’ of anti-gun Democrats who think they can ignore citizens’ rights along with the reality of all the major gun groups rallying around these two gun bills that will severely damage the short and long term rights of all citizens to be treated fairly in the halls of justice.Below are just a FEW examples of the Flaws and Traps in these bills: PFA’s (Protection from Abuse Orders) are often “weaponized” or “tactical”. This means that a spouse decides to get a divorce and makes false accusations so as to kick their spouse out of the house and onto the street and take away their ability to have firearms for hunting, target shooting or protection. The kicked-out spouse is branded an abuser without trial and often discovers that bank accounts are drained and credit cards maxed out. The law is badly in need of reform to mandate investigation and prosecution of those who make false statements. This legislation does nothing to fix these abuses and encourages more abuses of the system. IF a PFA is issued on you and you don’t turn in ALL your firearms, other weapons ‘and’ ammunition within 24 hours you will go directly to jail for 6 months (HB 2060) Completely ELIMINATES your ability to go to court and use the 3rd Party process to ‘legally’ surrender your firearms to a ‘friend or family’ member to keep them for you until the PFA is terminated (HB 2060) Forces you to pay a storage fee on EACH gun kept at a gun dealer or ‘commercial armory’ for up to FIVE years (HB 2060) Buy a gun, get reported and have your gun seized without ‘due process’ THEN to challenge this you MUST spend thousands of dollars on an attorney to go to court and ‘prove’ your innocence (HB 2227) Lose your rights by being reported by even decades old acquaintances and your property seized ‘without due process’ and forced to spend thousands of dollars on an attorney to go to court and ‘prove’ your innocence (HB 2227)

  9. They tried to blame the Giffords shooting on everyone except the shooter. The local sheriff even tried to blame Rush Limbaugh. The shooter was a schizophrenic and my theory is that there was so much anti Sara Palin hype going on at the time that he thought he was shooting at Palin instead of Giffords.

  10. Some of those lives are violent offenders so not really “lost, per se. Abortion, opiods, meth, auto accidents, doctor error, hammers and fists kill waaaaay more than firearms. Also how many were justified police shootings? Think those will go away if law-abiding citizens lose their rights, they’ll likely increase.
    Go home Gabby, hands off my rights!

  11. Meanwhile, in today’s news, Baltimore has the highest murder rate among major metropolitan areas with populations greater than 500,000. Its 382 murders(I think that’s right, don’t have the paper here) returned a rate of 56 deaths per 100,000 people. The national rate is right around 4.3 per 100,000. In my neck of the woods, the rate is less than half the national rate, as I suppose it is in most rural or semi-rural communities.

  12. When someone uses this BS, don’t immediately explain it’s suicides. Instead point out it’s over twice the number of murders in the US.

  13. “No other developed nation”

    That’s a racist comment right there. We all know that by ‘developed’ you mean “white, socialist, European”, because compared to the entirety of the developed world we’re smack in the middle.

  14. And we are supposed to care what she says? She got shot in the head!!!
    Listen up Gabby and pay attention. These are the top killers in order.
    Chronic lower respiratory disease
    Influenza and pneumonia
    Kidney disease

    Those are the top killers. 7000+ people die every day in the USA. I recognize she got drilled through the head by a bullet and have a little bit of passion on the subject, but facts are facts.

  15. the suicide rates in gunless South Korea (about 20 per 100,000) and Japan (about 19 per 100,00 as of 2007) are equal to or higher than the US suicide rate (about 14 per 100,000) and murder rate (about 5 per 100,000) COMBINED.

    So her facts are total dissembling. Every day in gunless South Korea, carbon monoxide, bridges, ropes, and other forms of suicide kill far more people per capita than guns kill in the United States.

    Quick Gabby, ban bridges!

  16. “…Every single day, nearly 100 lives are lost because of guns.”

    Do Automobiles next!

    And then do Medical Malpractice!

    • Then substance abuse, starting with the legal stuff like tobacco and alcohol. Hell, why stop there? Do over the counter drugs too. We can even shift focus on deaths by obesity b/c over half the population of soda drinking fat fucks have serious health issues that will lead to their deaths. How about GMO deaths, or pesticides… lol… dun got me started…

  17. She just can’t help herself. She only has 1/2 a brain; and so does her puppetmaster husband. She is not worth getting upset over. Take her words with a grain of salt; and go buy another firearm everytime she embarrasses herself like this.

    • Like the “take a shot everytime…” game. Only with buying guns.

      If that were the case, we’d all be broke (well, we already are) and have so many guns even buying a hi-point would cross your mind.

  18. We are a Republic, not governed by the Crown as most other developed countries,
    we are a country of countries because of our immigration unlike other developed countries where immigration is few and far between.

    Easy for a 2,000 year old country to have citizens that obey each and every law,
    they are raised that way for centuries, the USA is a young Republic and we have many nationalities as citizens (and some ILLEGAL ALIENS) who will not obey all our laws.

    Oh, we also have our Constitution and our Bill of Rights that other developed countries do not have. MAGA RTKBA



    I don’t know. Tell me, Gabby. DO YOU?



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