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What’s Next for Cody Wilson?

What do you guys think? . . .

Tuesday, a controversial gun rights advocate is expected to speak about sexual assault charges he’s facing.

30-year-old Cody Wilson, well known for trying to post 3D printable gun blueprints online, was extradited from Taiwan after Austin police filed an arrest warrant against him.

Officers said Wilson paid a 16-year-old girl he met on an adult website to have sex with him. After they collected evidence, including surveillance video of him with the teen, police filed an arrest warrant for Wilson, but Wilson was not in the country.

He had flown to Taiwan on September 6, for what reason officers can’t be sure, but they said Wilson was tipped off by a friend of the victim that he was under investigation.

Commander Troy Officer said this on Wednesday, “We also know that Mr. Wilson missed a scheduled flight back to the United States.”

Letter to the Editor: Gun Rights in Danger if Tedra Cobb Wins Election

He’s right, you know. (Check out the video above. YES, that’s Tedra Cobb speaking in the video.)

I am deeply disturbed and upset. I have recently seen the coverage about Tedra Cobb’s advocacy for a gun ban. As a responsible gun owner, I believe there is room for sensible gun reform. However, taking away my guns when I have done nothing wrong is way over the line.

I know that many people throughout the north country hunt in order to put food on the table for their families. Surely, Tedra must know this, which is why she couldn’t say it publicly. A vote for her would be a vote against our north country values and way of life.

Colion Noir Living a Life You Broke MFers Never Could

For funsies…

It’s narrated in that velvety Colion Noir voice, sprinkled with jokes, music references and various other esoteric references as you would expect.

I’ve decided two things after watching the video… 1) I’m going to check if the NRA is hiring / delete past blog posts and tweets where I no doubt cooked them 😂… and 2) I’m going to keep telling myself owning multiple vehicles is too much of a pain in the ass with all the care they require if they you actually drive them a lot.  I’m going to completely ignore the fact that if you’re not a broke boi like myself you just have the dealership arrange a flatbed guy to come pick up the car and take it in for maintenance, and when it needs a wash every couple days (to keep looking extra glossy just to constantly let these hoes know) you have the man with the mobile detail van just stop by the high rise… have the concierge buzz him into your private parking and he does his thing while you’re asleep. Some of you are probably asking yourselves “I don’t get that flatbed to dealership thing…”, and my answer to that is when you’re ultra rich you obviously don’t have the time to waste on stupid shit like oil changes, preventative maintenance, warranty recalls etc… so they just come and pick up the DB11 and you drive your Range Rover Velar that day.

courtesy Omaha Outdoors

Opinion: Ammo Control Will Fail Spectactularly

From blogger Andrew Tuohy over at Omaha Outdoors…

Recently, the New York Times published an article about California’s latest attempt to crack down on gun owners: ammo control. Certain California cities have long required dealers keep records of ammunition, and next year that will be a statewide rule, along with background checks for ammunition purchases. California is also pushing for microstamping, a requirement that firearms create tiny imprints on fired cases which would identify from which gun they were fired.

With a near-total focus on the anti-gun side of the debate, the Times reporter made the effort out to be a no-brainer. After all, isn’t it working already? California law enforcement has arrested felons and seized guns based on records from ammunition purchases!

Politicians have pushed for massive taxes on ammunition – and comedians have, too.

Like all well-intentioned yet ill-thought-out laws, these attempts ignore one very important factor: demand. If people want ammunition, other people are going to find ways to sell it to them.

courtesy Fox News

Minnesota Vikings Defender Griffen Threatened Hotel Shooting

Well, that’s one way to react to your NFC North standing…

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen was reportedly detained and taken to a hospital for an evaluation after he allegedly threatened to shoot up a Minneapolis hotel.

Griffen, a three-time Pro Bowler, made threats about “shooting up” the Hotel Ivy on Saturday, law enforcement sources told FOX9. Griffen was seen pacing around the lobby of the hotel and a dispatcher said the suspect warned he would shoot someone if staff didn’t let him into his room, KSTP-TV reported.

Griffen agreed to leave the hotel after police arrived and no weapon was ever brandished, according to multiple reports. He was briefly detained, but never arrested.

courtesy NBC News

Drejka, Man Involved in Florida Stand Your Ground Shooting, Released on Bond

The trial should be interesting…

As the Florida man at the center of a fatal “stand your ground” shooting in July was freed on bond Monday, hundreds of pages of sheriff’s documents were released — shedding light on his mindset during the tragic encounter.

According to the documents, one witness told a detective that the gunman, Michael Drejka, appeared “more angry” than remorseful and immediately justified the shooting to those who watched what unfolded at the Circle A convenience store in Clearwater.

Bystander Robert Castelly said Drejka was muttering to himself: “‘I just shot someone. What’d you think was gonna happen? He shouldn’t have ran up on me.'”

Another witness, Vicki Conrad, said that she didn’t hear Drejka say he shot someone, but that after the incident she was struck by his behavior, according to the sheriff’s department documents.

“His demeanor was, you know, uh, like, proud,” she said in a transcript with a detective.

“I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but like didn’t care? Is that what you mean?” the detective asked.

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  1. Cars. The most that I’ve owned at one go was 5. And yes, they are a great pain in the ass and wallet. As I got older I realized that getting from point a to b did not have to involve my ego or my young and foolish notions of manhood. Now I got one and my wife has one.

    As for CA ammo laws. I stocked and bought before the new laws. Haven’t bought a round since and won’t til I either leave the state or die. Not buying any more guns while I live here.

      • If we move it will be Utah after my wife retires. It’s what happens when you marry a younger woman. You gotta stand around and wait for her to retire.

        • From the US census bureau Utah is ranked 13th highest median income. From the Council on Community and Economic Research Utah ranks 23rd in cost of living. All 12 states with a higher median income than Utah have much, much higher costs of living, with the exception of Virginia which is only moderately higher in cost of living. It is easy to shit on Utah, but it is a great place to live if you can put up with the Mormons.

        • Hehe, is she a mormon from Utah? There is a massive difference between Utah mormons and out-of-state mormons. I have both in my family and the difference is striking indeed.

    • Anyone who knows anything about competitive shooting knows how to get around ammunition purchase laws. I won’t bother mentioning it in case the antis are watching but we all know what to do. I haven’t bought factory ammunition in over a decade.

    • Same on the ammo. I banked up after the ‘Great Ammo Drought’ during the Obama administration, keeping a minimum balance and buying additionally what I needed to shoot. What I have stored will carry me until we leave California in 2020. Nevada or Idaho, here we come. It’s not just the gun laws although that’s a huge factor, it’s the upcoming shoe-in for governor, Newsom, the ¾ of a trillion unfunded retirement liability for Calpers, the upcoming water wars, the insane legislature and the rotting infrastructure. One big earthquake and this is ground zero for the zombpocalypse. I’m going to let younger men fight for this state’s gun rights. As for us, we will live out the remainder of our lives in a free one. This state is on the edge.

      • Before you set you sights on Nevada, I sincerely hope you know how blue the state is becoming.

        Should Sisolak win the Governorship this year, with the current blue legislature, it is all but written that an AWB, Magazine ban, suppressor ban, risk-restraining order, and other PRC-style laws will be following shortly behind. Liberal Clark County, combined with purple Reno, now have enough votes to override every other county in the state.

  2. “…but that after the incident she was struck by his [Drejka’s] behavior,”

    So he is not only being judged on shooting someone but he is also being judged on how he was perceived to be acting after the shoot? He is being judged on what someone else thinks about how he should have been acting?

    I can’t even….. that’s not…. god I hate modern media!

    • What the suspect says immediately after an incident is not just evidence, it’s critical evidence, so important that such spontaneous utterances are an exception to the hearsay rule.

      The perception of witnesses is not hearsay and is admissible, but can be cross-examined like a crazy.

      • It’s really simple actually.
        1-Call 911 and tell them you have been the victim of a crime and where you are.
        2-Call the number on the back of your carry guard or law shield card
        3-When the cops show up tell them you have a lawyer on the way.
        4-Do not say another word, ever, to the cops.

        • In a case like Drejka’s, there would be little to lose by saying nothing to the police beyond, “He came out of nowhere and knocked me flat. I thought he was going to beat me to death.” If there is physical evidence that could be lost or witnesses who could walk away, it’s worth pointing them out. After citing your assailant’s weapon as justification for defending yourself, you don’t want to hear, “Weapon? We didn’t find any weapon.”

    • Why wouldn’t it be relevant? There is no question as to whether or not he shot someone; the question is whether he perceived a reasonable threat at the time. Intent and state of mind come into play. It may be relevant how he acted afterwards. Like, for example, if he said “did you see that MFer talk to me that way? I showed him who’s boss!”

      • Intent has to be built from raw information. The fact that the investigator said: “”I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but like didn’t care? Is that what you mean?” the detective asked.”…. could mean that the cops already formulated a state of mind for the shooter. In a case like this (murder) there are very strict rules and a leading questing like that could get that witness’ testimony thrown out in an MTS hearing before it even goes to trial.

      • “…Why wouldn’t it be relevant? ”

        His actions and demeanor after the shoot are relevant.

        The witnesses opinions of how he was acting are what I find so incredibly rage-inducing. The media reporting the opinions as if they were fact is what I find so incredibly rage-inducing.

        The witness should report what they saw and/or heard. What ‘strikes’ them about the behavior of anyone directly involved is not important. What ‘strikes’ me about the situation is how much judgement is going on outside of courtrooms and with so little information.

    • STFU applies after an incident. In this case he has history which will hurt him and statements they will use against him. I predict he will be acquitted since the dead guy was no angel but it’s going to cost him tens of thousands of dollars and probably his job.
      If he bets this he needs to move somewhere and keep a lower profile than George Zimmerman.

      • He was screaming at a lady who parked in a handicapped parking spot with the engine running waiting for her boyfried to come out of the quik-e-mart. He also ran his mouth, unsolicited, after he shot said boyfriend…. he strikes me as insecure, ego driven, and self righteous; IOW: the kind of guy who has a hard time keeping a low profile.

        • Probably not screaming. Look at his body language in the video – slouching, relaxed, and inclined away from the car. Furthermore, while the dude is supposedly ‘screaming’ at her, the woman gets out of the car. Most women, when getting screamed at, do not try to elevate the confrontation. Witness testimony? Every single one of them will be made to look like fools by the defense attourney. Trials are largely decided on ‘objective’ evidence, and the only ‘objective’ evidence seems to be the video. He’ll be found innocent.

  3. “Ammo Control Will Fail Spectactularly”

    I don’t know what “Spectactularly” means, since it isn’t actual English.

    However, I do know that ammo control will fail spectacularly if we keep on buying ammo by the ton before the Dims can cut off the supply. I have, and I’ll continue.

      • “Unconstitutional” is up to a judge, ask anyone living in the 9th Circuit. That’s why Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh are so important.

    • I’m pretty sure agreeing to a “narrative” where ammo is compared to crack, meth, pot, booze, where it can’t be controlled so just ignore it, is NOT where we want to go.

      The issue is the CONSTITUTION,

      WTF is a Tedra?

  4. Gee I think the Floriduh shooting was justified. He was violently assaulted. But damn he’s an idiot…

    • Gee I think the Floriduh shooting was justified.

      Don’t tell the kids that. We don’t want them thinking it’s okay to bring a firearm to school to shoot people that shove them.

      I remember there was many shoving matches and fights at school. Then people would get jumped after school for beating up one of the homeboys. Sometimes they would get the bigger family member or homie to beat on the smaller guys. Eventually the culture deteriorated to where kids would shoot you at the LAN center, pool hall, Jack in the Box, etc, because you shoved them or hit them at some point (as if the country is another Brazil, Mexico or Russia). Now kids bring ARs to school to shoot people that hurt their feelings.

      Even police are angry they can’t just shoot someone dead in every situation they want like they used to do for most of their existence. They get pissed if the governed decide to change how government is to operate. Cops like to be able to freely shoot someone dead if they get shoved or punched regardless of the circumstances.

      Punches, throws hands in the air, stands still, takes a round, remains in that position until two more kill him:

      And those local Americans were okay with that shooting. That’s not the case everywhere. Where the culture is heading is uncertain.

      • “Shove”? Is that something like a big ass thug THROWS a much smaller guy on the ground? Then advances as if to stomp his ass?

        Is it OK with you if a kid defends himself, or others, from a bully (a REAL physically attacking bully not a MSM mental BS “bully). Or is the kid supposed to run and find a lawyer and pshrink while on the way to Dr Phil’s TV show?

        • Size isn’t everything:

          He wasn’t thrown on the ground, he was shoved while he wasn’t paying attention. That black guy wasn’t no Hulk. The black guy also wasn’t advancing, he was retreating.

          I don’t advocate kids shoot a bully because he shoved you or punched you; same applies for cops. I have seen some progress away from the 90s culture in most places. I don’t want the entire country to revert back to the culture of the 80-90s:

        • It was far from clear whether the guy was retreating at the time the victim drew. From the video I’ve always thought the perp looked like he was setting his stance up to stomp the victim. If he did retreat after the victim pulled the gun it wasn’t soon enough. It takes time for a person to recognize that the threat is over.

    • Drejka’s verdict will turn on two factors:
      (1) Did he have good reason to fear a followup attack by McGlockton that would do him serious or fatal injury? For example, a kick to the head or ribs.
      (2) Did McGlockton back off far enough to persuade a reasonable person that he wasn’t going to attack again?

      People who behave badly don’t like to be corrected for it. They respond with physical force rather than, “Mind your own business.” Some won’t tolerate it even from police. I don’t know if this is a recent escalation or if it’s always been this way and I wasn’t paying attention. Before speaking up, consider that you might have to fight for your life. Is the misbehavior worth the risk?

      • Yep. Or, if you want to keep it simple, perhaps we can distill it down to this very easily repeatable mantra:

        Retaliation is not self defense. — Defending yourself or others from immediate, imminent harm is self defense. Just because someone wronged you, does not necessarily mean it is right to retaliate. Be the bigger person. Let them know it is not happening again, or they will be shot. Diffuse the situation. And move on with your life. Retaliation is not self defense.

        I am reasonably sure this defendant did not enjoy being shoved to the ground by a large, angry, scary black guy. It probably hurt, both physically, and to his pride and sense of righteousness. Doesn’t mean you get to shoot and/or kill an offending person because they wounded you. It’s easy for all of us to QB the scenario (and useful, so we can learn…), solely based on what we saw, but right now it’s up to the legal teams, the judge, and the jury to parse all the facts, claims, and perspectives we can’t know outside the “obvious” video. But, at least superficially, it sure looked like hasty retaliation, and now the man is gambling with his life and freedom… not to mention, he took a human being’s life, over an argument about a parking space at a convenient store. Seriously. On what planet is this not a total failure of sound judgment and good sense, by both parties, all around?

        Retaliation is not self defense.

        Be safe.

    • The idea of rape as punishment in prison is a little overplayed by the media. Or a lot overplayed. But the antipathy towards someone who is perceived as a child molester can manifest itself in other physical ways.

      In other words, I’d be a lot more worried about a shiv going in me if I went to prison with a charge like that than something else.

      • There’s a little guy on my shoulder with horns on his head whispering that it would be ironic if The Cos’ gets the treatment.

      • Don’t think it is overplayed. A white man, who has no gang affiliations, is a fish. He will be tried and soon forced to pay up. The only way to make it in prison is to have backup and that means joining a gang or at least going along with said gang. That is with luck – many people never get released because they were murdered inside.
        Cody Wilson had a problem, he had prostitutes visit him. The powers that be knew this and set him up. Sooner or later an underaged girl(who has been working for a while) will show up. Since they do not have their birthday tattooed on their backside, it is pretty hard to tell the difference between 16 and 20.

        • Hm. Not a bad plan. How about it, mandatory birthday tats on da but, at birth, or else forget age related prosecutions.

  5. If you criticize Noir for being a NRA shill, like Yankee Marshal does, will you also be called a racist?

    Why does anyone still think the NRA is on the people’s side? Fools. The NRA is on the side of their bank account.

    • The NRA gets stuff done.
      They, like super PAC’s, bribe the right senators and congress critters. That buys the votes to get a yay or a naye vote in our favor.
      Sometimes it works, sometimes (manchin & toomy) it doesn’t.

        • Do you still own a gun?
          If the answer is “yes,” then it’s working.
          Maybe not as well as we’d like, but it is working.

        • It definitely seemed to be working in 2013, when the leftists were calling for gun bans in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. That was probably the closest we’ve gotten to having substantial new federal gun control shoved on us in a while, and it was looking pretty bleak. Pushback from the NRA and other gun rights organizations managed to stop that push.

          More importantly, though, the NRA is a lightning rod. While they’re out in front taking all the heat from the anti-gun hysterics, the smaller orgs like SAF are in the courtroom, winning cases without the distraction of having to deal with Demanding Moms and high-school tyrants.

    • They more or less admitted it with their endorsement in the Georgia Governor’s primary this year. Deeply anti-2A canidate got their endorsement because he punished a company for taking money away from the NRA.

    • Some will blame Concussions Syndrome others the drugs (prescribed and recreational) and others still he’s a moron.

      • Some might even read more than the some of the lazy, shitty work being done around these parts since RF sold it and recognize that what you’re talking about in Everson Griffen is a guy clearly suffering from mental illness. There’s a ton out there about this story, and it’s far more than just another NFL thug (yes, I know they exist) behaving badly. Griffen is a broken person, and the whole story is really kind of sad.

  6. You got to see things from Liberal perspective.

    Ammo Control will WIN because it will keep most people from ever owning a gun.
    If you don’t use the right, you lose the right.

    They know their game, do you? You have to call them out on their agenda, not just how their tactics will not stop crime.

    • talking to a demoncrap about gun control is like talking to a wild cat about dog control,useless. they have their communist way of screwing you out of your rights and running every aspect of your life while doing anything that they deem fair and balanced for them to take-over the worlds money supply. and governments. the kavenaugh hearing is a very good example of their way of doing anything that works to keep them in power. lie cheat make up crazy stores about anyone that dosn’t fit their agenda ..

      • Yeah, but do they yet understand that when they think their agenda has been accomplished, and begin their move, we will still be massively armed, because we are *ignoring* their crap, and we only need to be a little bit armed, taking their arms and ammo will keep us supplied for a hundred years after they are all dead. When the enormous punishments for ignoring their crap starts, it is time for the killing to begin. Otherwise, just ignore them.

  7. Cars. My hunting buddy has the dealership pick up his pick up from his office, when he wants it washed or needs an oil change . It was part of the “ deal” he made , bought a car and truck with cash for the business, and that was part of negotiations.

  8. Fast cars are for slamming into light poles and careening through ditches. If you aren’t doing one of those things, you’re doing it wrong. If you think you’re rich because you own a high dollar vehicle, and you aren’t willing to trash it doing what it was made to do, you’re still just another broke ass MF.

    • I can, and have, trashed a beater camry, beetle, rambler, pontiac and many more just as easily and with just as many shits and giggles as I can a new Lambo.

      And because I recognized the fun was there with the cheap beaters I am not a broke ass mf.

      My problems now is that I don’t heal as fast as I used to and finding a beater car with a little life left in it is getting harder. The used car market sucks these days. Especially if you’re buying just to tear it up.

  9. In the eyes of this witness, guilty no matter what.

    Take your pick:
    1) He was proud to have murdered the victim
    2) He was ashamed to have murdered the victim

  10. “Cody Wilson, well known for *trying* to post 3D printable gun blueprints online”

    They are trying so hard to push a narrative. They want us to think that the glorious state saved us pitiful citizens by blocking evil guns from shooting out of 3D printers. The “trying” was totally on the government; 21 states were trying to stop the signal after it had already been released to the public.
    The blueprints are online. Deal with it, American media. Don’t try to flip the story backwards.

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