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There are some things I can’t write. So I’m not going to write them. OK?

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  1. I’d vote for Hillary… to go to prison. Anybody else notice how the email scandal has just withered away in the news since the blizzard at the end of January?

      • Except reports state that Fox News has had a 50% drop in viewers due to their War on Trump. So sure, they’re talking about it, but no one is watching.

        • War on Trump? Have some more kool-aid. Other than Kelly I’ve never seen so much cheerleading from a snooze media source. O’Reilly in particular can’t help hugging his buddy. All the Ted Cruz groups I frequent are boycotting Fox snooze…

      • Before the end of January, the story was gaining traction on a lot of news outlets up to and including MSDNC. Now it’s just Fox, which is preaching to the anti-Hillary choir. After Sanders won and almost won in New Hampshire and Iowa, I’m guessing the Clinton media lackeys figured they’d better wait until after she’s in the WH to get their “Clinton Scandal of the Week” ratings boost.

    • “Anybody else notice how the email scandal has just withered away in the news since the blizzard at the end of January?”

      A federal judge a few days ago ruled that her subordinates are to be questioned under oath on their handling of email.

      It isn’t the crime, it’s usually trying to cover it up that trips most people up.

      Huma and Cheryl Mills will likely do some time…

    • That is not a shock either. There are plenty of RINOs who would rather lose the election than to have Trump win.

      • I was okayish with Trump until he came out against Apple blocking the FBI (we’ll only use it once!) request to create a backdoor into phones. Those who give up Liberty for security and all that.

      • Count me among them, except for the RINO part. I’m conservative. The Republican Party itself is RINO. It’s Democrat-light. I disowned the GOP years ago.

        If Trump wins, the GOP wil cave into him in a way they never would for a Democrat, and that’s counting all the caving in they’ve done with Obama. With Trump, they’ll go full statism, under the guise of Republicanism. Include me out!

        I’d rather have liberalism laid bare with Hillary, whose presence would galvanize the opposition, rather than a NYC liberal like Trump, whom everyone fawns over while be screws the country over. Trump is worse than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s a wolf in wolf’s clothing. People are just too star struck and empty populism drunk to see it. With Hillary, they’ll see it clearly.

        • Well said. I don’t understand why so many people think a narcissist like Trump would ever be pro-liberty. He’ll be more statist than Dick Cheney!

        • EXACTLY.

          Trump isn’t going to govern with the slightest respect for the values most conservatives claim to hold. He’s very good at saying what people want to hear — to the point where it’s easy to tune out all the outright garbage.

          No way on God’s green earth would I ever vote for Hillary, but I’m not sure I could make myself vote for Trump, either. They’re two sides of the same coin.

  2. I’d say they don’t have half a brain between them, but some might take that the wrong way and I don’t blame the former Congress critter, she’s just doing what she is told to do.

  3. Now that her brother in law is back from space he can join her parade. As soon as he gets back from Russia

  4. Yeah, I would stand at least 50 feet back from this BS , so as not to get struck by lightning.

    Like the old saying goes, how can you tell they are lying, just look to see if their mouths are moving!

  5. For a blog that bans ad hominem attacks I wonder . . . what other purpose did Robert have for this topic? I don’t see any other use for it other than generating colorful and creative commentary that will simply be deleted.

    In other interesting news, my spell checker wants me to correct “hominem” and the only suggestion it gives me is “Eminem”.

    • I’m right there with you. I hear it every day. Wasted vote! Wasted vote! It’s the principle of the durn thing. How many more elections will people tell me to “just hold your nose and vote” before the rest of the country wakes up and realizes “hold your nose” voting isn’t acceptable?

      • So your principles are more important than the results of your actions? I hope enjoy that justification when Hitlary’s brownshirts kick down your door and confiscate your guns.

        We don’t vote FOR the GOP. We vote AGAINST Democrats. Why? Because voting third party just hands the election to the worst candidate for us.

        Do you know where you should vote for a Libertarian candidate? The GOP primaries.

        • Yes, my principles are more important than the results of my actions. I would think that message would resonate with this crowd. But, then again, many of you are single-issue voters. I have trouble voting for many Republican candidates, because I believe I should be able to live my life free from the confines of someone else’s religion and morality. I wasn’t alone in that belief – it’s right there in the Constitution. Twice actually. Republicans love to wave the Constitution around when it suits them. But they can conveniently forget about the parts they don’t like just as easily as the Dems. Neither side gives a rat’s ass for our freedom. Our government hasn’t served us for a long time. It just exists to feed itself and the special interests that fund it. That’s the one thing Bernie has right.

          So yeah, Libertarian. On principle. And I don’t feel bad about it.

        • >> Because voting third party just hands the election to the worst candidate for us.

          Only if everyone else doesn’t do it, because they’re all afraid that they will “waste their vote”.

          Look at all the people who are mad at the state of GOP today, just based on how much support Trump garners.

          Now imagine that all those people would have voted for a suitable third party candidate in one election.

          That candidate wouldn’t win that election, no. But with 25%, it would be considered a major new party by the time of the next elections, and the other two would have to re-justify their continued existence. One of them would, quite possibly, lose.

  6. Never in the history of politics could Democrats so beholden to cronyism, yield our nation to the premise she’ll be the first woman.

    Republicans are no better for engineering a voter splinter strategy to get another Bush in the White House. Now Trump only has to shit in Cruz’s & Rubio’s yard to give the RNC the finger.

  7. I’m willing to cut her a little slack since she took a bullet to the brain pan. Her Husband on the other hand has no excuse.

    • This. I feel bad for Giffords. Clinton is content with banning all guns and regulating their entire existence away. Kelly’s endorsement of this is despicable.

    • I too will yield to one shot by a madman. The concern is how one concludes a BG check prevents tragedies.

    • Isn’t her post-shooting gun control stance the same as it was pre-shooting? She’s a Democrat, after all.

      I’ve never bought into the myth of the “conservative, pro-gun Democrat.” Some may vote against their party on guns occasionally, but never when it actually makes a difference, only for political cover back home. And when’s the last time a Democrat sponsored a bill in Congress, with a realistic chance of passage, that expanded firearms freedom?

      I’m just not clear here on what’s changed that justifies giving this woman any slack. I get that she’s suffered from a massive brain injury. Still, she isn’t a vegetable. She knows what she’s doing when they trot her out and she recites the script.

  8. This is astounding! Next, Gifford will come out in favor of gun control!


  9. I’m uncomfortable with myself three ways with this:

    – I’m kind of disgusted by people who use someone who got shot in the head so hard as a prop that I think ill of the victim. (I already think ill of the prop-masters.) Manipulation through pathos just pisses me off, especially when people actually died in the same event. I’m uncomfortable with feeling this way.

    – Then again, she’s willingly letting herself be used in this way. Even with her brain injury she’s lucid and competent enough to be pretty much responsible for how she lets herself be used. I’m uncomfortable with my limited empathy.

    – I’m willing to call out the stupid self-indulgence of a public figure actively being stalked by a certified whack-job trolling around without protection, which contributed to the body-count. Her security choices got other people killed, as well as nearly killing her. I’m uncomfortable with my still assigning some responsibility to a victim, for being willfully stupid.

    Yes, I am a horrible person. I’m OK with that.

  10. Robert Farago,

    Sir, I don’t know why you would not want to make an express comment.
    Maybe you don’t want to say anything outside the normal bounds of decency.
    Maybe you just want to appear to be discrete and magnanimous.

    Maybe appearing to be Politically Incorrect would be bad strategy in the
    propaganda domain in this war.

    Sometimes silence speaks louder than words.

    But I allow me to make a few comments.

    I had a stroke a few years and lost part of my brain.

    So in a weird weird way I do sense some of kind connection with Mrs Giffords.
    I do sense a loss with her more than her husband can.

    That’s why I don’t want to appear to be insensitive to her.

    I was sorry that she resigned from her office, but I understand that it was
    for her therapy even though she will never be what she was before.

    Even though she and I are at totally opposite ends of the political spectrum I do feel
    her pain. [Please forgive the plagiarism ]

    It is my observation that that she would not be on this Anti-Gun campaign if it weren’t for her husband.
    It is her husband that is their driving force.

    In a similar way just after Sandy Hook and Columbine Anti-Gunners came out
    of the woodwork like roaches to start waving the “Bloody Flag” of the dead children.

    It’s quite apparent that Mr. Kelley is taking full advantage of his wife’s injury to wave the bloody flag.

    It’s quite apparent he is wearing his wife’s injury on his sleeve.

    He is actually glad she got shot.

    Yes, I said that.

    You have to call out those things wear they are.

    The bloody shirt gives them the bona fides to silence all opposition.

    To them, the bloody flag trumps everything.
    To them, the bloody flag trumps your right to defend YOUR own life.
    To them, the bloody flag even trumps your right to free speech.
    And if you say anything to criticize them then you are being insensitive and politically incorrect.
    It’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    Robert, don’t be silent, in your comments.

    Say something.

    Am I sorry she was shot?
    Am I sorry the children were killed in Sandy Hook?

    But NOTHING negates my right to keep and bear arms for my own self-defense
    and that is what they want to take away.

    Silence now may mean silence forever.

  11. I always joked that if I ever got shot in the head I might die if I’m lucky. If I wasn’t so lucky, my brain might get scrambled and become a fan of Hillary.

    However, I didn’t think it would happen to someone in real life.

  12. Gee…Mister Cosmonaut Buffalo Bob, will you teach me how to manipulate Howdy Doody? Sure thing Hooten Nanny Hlidebeastie!

  13. It is neither compassionate nor strategically smart to attack Gabrielle Giffords, a woman who suffers brain damage as the result of a deranged gunman. People may think it’s clever, but it doesn’t do the pro-Second Amendment rights movement any favors at all.

    Stay on message, but don’t let your message degenerate into ad hominem attacks.

  14. Seems that CAPT Kelly will stop at nothing to keep flogging his poor brain damaged wife out there,
    demanding that law abiding citizens give up their right to self-defense,
    because after she was shot by a brain-damaged by mental illness criminal.

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